Skrudzhi (Eduard Vygranovsky) - Biography of the rapper, personal life, photos

Skrudzhi is a young talented artist who performs in the Black Star association. Thanks to his unique skills only he managed to perform in the big tour of Timati "Olympus".
Real nameEdward Vygranovsky
Alias Skrudzhi
Date and place of birth05.11.1992, Velikie Mosty, Ukraine
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Marital statusNot married
Children No
Height185 cm
Weight 79 kg
TicToc No

The young rapper stands out among the entire cast of Black Star Inc. for a reason. His low bassline speaks to the harsh realities of life. All his creative work is aimed at showing people in what exact light the world appears before them. Because of his unconventional approach to his creativity Skrudzhi quickly found a response among young people. His listeners appreciate the dark romance and undisguised drama most of all in his tracks.

The rapper loves the color black

Tattoo Scrooge on the Face

Tattoo on the face - A new trend that is especially popular in the rap community.

Above the eyebrow Scrooge (Scrooge biography) is the inscription, which speaks for itself - Not Guilty.Which translates to "innocent".

Just below the eyebrow is printed with a dollar sign with two tears, this tattoo looks like a traditional American gangster tattoo.

On the other side of the face. is tattooed with his own name, Edy.and next to it is a symbol that looks like a small cross with the wings of a dragon or bat.

Tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge - new tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge meaning

Childhood and Youth

Skrudzhi (real name Eduard Vygranovsky) was born on November 5, 1992 in a small Ukrainian town Velyki Mosty (Lviv region). Soon after the birth of a child, the Vygranovsky family moved to the town of Pervomaisk in the Mykolaiv region.

Scrooge as a child and now

Scrooge as a child and now

His childhood, according to the musician, was by no means rosy. His father left his mother, leaving her with two children (Edward has 1,5 years older brother), although he did not disappear from their lives completely - he saw his sons about once a month.

The young man did not see any prospects in the small town. The teenager had two outlets in life: debauches in the yard with alcohol and cigarettes and rap music, which Edward got interested in when he was 15, inspired by Waka Flocka Flamе and Lil Jon. In his youth he became friends with the rapper Zippo and, according to him, went on tour with him.

This is how the viewers of the Young Blood project remember Scrooge

This is how Scrooge is remembered by the viewers of the project "Young Blood".

Because of his broken lifestyle Scrooge (though his pseudonym at the time was Edos) studied poorly, changed two schools, skipped classes and could stay away from home for weeks. He started working early: he was a salesman, a merchandiser, a construction worker, worked at a sawmill in neighboring Poland. Lines were born in his head all the time: during the work shift, at home, with friends, rhymed by themselves and put into sharp, topical verses.

Tattoo Scrooge on his hands

On the hands Emblazoned with the word Hardcore. It is a reference to the environment, the rhythm of life, the way of work, put out on full. Some of the fans consider this tattoo as a dedication to the hard youth and the conditions in which the rapper had to start his way as an artist.

Also, Scrooge has the following tattoos on his hands. skull and bonesThey are symbols of life and death - everything in this world has a beginning and an end. It is worth noting that Skrudzhi has a lot of philosophical, a little gloomy tattoos that make you think about the meaning.

Tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge - new tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge meaning

On the hand of the musician the inscription Lucky Hand. This ironic tattoo was made by Scrooge after he had injured his hand several times. Since childhood the musician always broke or damaged his arm, but as we know, humor is the best medicine. It is on the unlucky hand Scrooge puts the inscription "lucky hand"!

On the elbow depicts a drawing of a spider web, which is considered a gangster and prison tattoo. However, the tattoo of a spider and a spider web can have meanings completely distant from the world of prisoners. For example, a spider web is a symbol of Wisdom, passion, and hard work..

Tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge - new tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge meaning

The abstraction on the rapper's forearms attracts the gaze of fans. Intricate drawings on the verge of post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk make you think of tattoo meanings. Also, Scrooge's forearm is stuffed with.

  • Eyeball, which is pierced by an arrow.
  • Gothic fonts and patterns.
  • The Statue of Liberty, representing the ultimate benchmark of freedom and the American dream.

On the shoulders pass wings from the back.. If you spread your arms, such a tattoo begins to move, as if the person is actually spreading his wings to fly.

Tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge - new tattoo Scrooge - tattoo Scrooge meaning


In 2015, the Black Star Inc. label held a "Young Blood" casting call. When Skrudzhi learned that his application was approved, he did not hesitate to quit his job at the sawmill and took off for Moscow. Among the 2,500 participants of the show the young man stood out for his determination, straightforwardness, and his style of presenting himself and his lyrics. The winners of the casting were Dana Sokolova and Klava Koka, but at the last stage of the contest Timati decided to conclude a contract with Skrudzhi as well.

Rapper Scrooge
Rapper Skrudzhi

The label takes care of all technical issues: a whole team of music video makers, sound directors and managers work for the artists. The artist's task remains creativity. The first professionally recorded track in Skrudzhi's biography was released in early 2021. "Into the chips" was made together with Timati, Mot and Sasha Chest. In the same year, a solo song "Skrudzhi - smooth road" and a music video for it were released. In the video the artist walks along the corridor looking back at the events in the rooms, but does not stop.

In June, the mini-album "From Where I Am" was released with seven songs, three of which were later illustrated with video clips. In the fall, the duo Scrooge and Christina Si record the track "Secret," and a month later the couple shoots a music video for it. "Secret" is a love story, romantic on the girl's part and a little raw on the guy's part. Unlike the love story everyone understands, the "HandFace" music video, released in the spring of 2017, was not accepted by all viewers.

This work was followed by a rude song "Explosion in the Dark," lavishly flavored with foul language. The video is in the traditional Scrooge color scheme with the addition of screaming red. Red symbolizes blood and boiling emotions, which are ready to tear to shreds the darkness surrounding the artist. Erotic scenes and violent fights illustrate the underside of the lyrical hero's life in the text.

That same year Skrudzhi sang "Indigo" in a duet with Dana Sokolova. The dark song "Gogol" was recorded, which became the title track in the mystical film "Gogol. The Beginning" directed by Yegor Baranov.

Scrooge on stage
Scrooge on Stage

The gloomy look on the life of the young rapper fitted well into the director's concept of reinterpreting the classic's biography. Cooperation with the label taught the artist a lot: changed the image and manner of performances, lost the desire to perform in battles.

Now Scrooge considers rap battles childish and does not accept challenges to bouts. But he considers suggestions about advertising and knows how to insert them unobtrusively into the clips. He has not yet managed to learn how to compose lyrics in a strictly defined time frame. The artist is still highly dependent on inspiration: if "does not get it," then you can not make rhyming lines out of your head. Anyway, the audience will not accept the songs written through force.

Tattoo Scrooge on the Neck

There are tattoos on his neck that resemble street art in style. Intricate, intricately woven graffiti and the inscription Breakin Bad.which translates to... "Breaking Bad.". The inscription can symbolize a desire to get the most out of life without giving in to trivialities.

tattoo scrooge - tattoo scrooge - new tattoo scrooge - tattoo scrooge meaning

Personal Life

The first girl who really got the brutal rapper was Lyudmila Topolnik, with whom the eighteen-year old youth met at the Ukrainian music convention. But the relationship with Luda was not the only love in Scrooge's life. Before leaving to conquer Moscow, the young man started dating Yana Nedelkova. In Moscow, working together on Black Star with Kristina Si (Kristina Sarkisian) led to a friendship that grew into mutual love.

Scrooge and Christina C
Skrudzhi and Kristina Si.

A year of romantic relationships inspired the couple to create together, but feelings cooled down and Skrudzhi returned to Yana again. The point in the personal life of the artist is not yet set, he still wants to do a lot of things. Before the age of 30, the rapper wants to stuff all the free space on his body with tattoos, fearing that as he grows older, the drive will go away. He plans to still bask in the glow of fame and get rich before he starts a family.

Scrooge and Yana Nedelkova
Skrudzhi and Yana Nedelkova

Skrudzhi quit smoking and abusing alcohol long ago. He gets his thrills in sports: he likes boxing, especially sparring, high-speed downhill skateboarding and snowboarding, the familiar from his youth basketball. The rapper remembers that he dreamed of becoming a designer, and plans to create his own clothing line. Eduard's older brother, who is the closest and closest to him, is also involved in design.

Scrooge tattoo on his back

Tattooed on Scrooge's back wingssymbolizing flight, the sublimity, creativity. Birds and wings have always associated people with an unattainable ability to soar over the world. However, creative people have this ability, albeit in terms of metaphor. Making music or writing lyrics can be compared to free flight.

tattoo scrooge - tattoo scrooge - new tattoo scrooge - tattoo scrooge meaning

How he became famous

At one point, the guy attracted the attention of rapper ZippO, who invited him to join his tour. Joining the performer, Eduard performed under the name "EDOS". Together they managed to visit 25 cities. The musician was always on the lookout for work and didn't know what a break was. With time, he stumbled upon the "Young Blood" project, which was created to find young talented performers. Skrudzhi became one of its participants. Although he did not manage to win the contest, he announced himself. A little later he was noticed by Timati himself.

A guy has tattoos all over his body.

That's interesting! According to the rapper, he doesn't think about the lyrics at all, as the words themselves splash out on paper.

Exactly one year later, Eduard appears in one of Timati's music videos "In the chips". Thanks to such mass PR, the young man is noticed by his future fans. A little later, he worked with Timati again and even performed a small verse in the track "Intercom". In the middle of the same year, Skrudzhi released a music video, "Smooth Road," which was received somewhat ambiguously. Nevertheless, it further attracted the attention of fans of dark rap.

Scrooge's tattoo on his chest

On his chest, the musician has a drawing with horns, which is stylistically very similar to the tattoo on his forearms. The deer's skull is framed with patterns in a sophisticated style.

scrooge tattoo - scrooge tattoos - new scrooge tattoo - scrooge tattoo meaning

Latest news

In early 2021, a "Montana" music video appeared on YouTube, where Scrooge talked about his desire to "get his own." In mid-spring the album "hearse" is released, as well as tracks with unconventional titles "ILL", "Ong-Bak", etc. All details are regularly published on his social networks. On his new label channel, the artist promises to post only clear information with photos.

Skrudzhi often attends public events

In 2021, the mini-album "From Where I Am" was released, and a little later, Kristina and Scrooge's work "Secret." The composition "Fleece" featured such show business stars as Natasha Rudova, Garik Martirosyan and Prigozhin. As the performer himself states, he filled his track "Not everyone is lucky" with his own experiences, so you can learn about Ed's personal life in it.

The rapper in his own studio

Today Scrooge knows almost every teenager. The guy is quite a notable personality, as he has an albeit controversial, but unique style. Eduard and now continues to delight fans with unusual and interesting music videos. Now the viewer only has to follow the latest news in anticipation of new tracks.

Scrooge tattoo on his ear

On the ear of the rapper tattooed the number 13.One of the most controversial numbers with a negative reputation. However, many people, including celebrities, consider 13 as their lucky number.

scrooge tattoo - scrooge tattoos - new scrooge tattoo - scrooge tattoo meaning

Project "Young Blood.

Russian reality show "Young Blood" from the creators of the label Black Star was launched in order to find new participants for the projects of the famous company. Preliminary casting of all applications has identified 2,500 potential candidates, of which during the second round was to remain 10 people. Imagine the surprise of the workers, who worked together with a young man from Ukraine somewhere in a Polish sawmill, when it turned out that their Ukrainian mercenary was selected for the final round. It was 22-year-old Edward Vyhranovsky, who had already taken a new nickname Scroodgee.

Rapper Scroogie photo

The young musician was well aware of his chances. In the harsh Russian capital, which does not believe in tears, to win among the candidates who have a good rear, a simple rapper from the street will only get a miracle. But the desire for a goal was stronger than any argument. Grabbing all his savings, in the cold fall of 2015 Scroo went straight to Moscow to conquer the producers of Black Star in the last tour of "Young Blood."


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