Cool Big Tattoos! Large tattoos for women and men - photo

Today, many women and men express themselves by performing beautiful large tattoos on their bodies.

And although small tattoos are more fashionable through their neatness and versatility, large tattoos find their admirers among confident and brave men, determined and extraordinary women and girls who want to surprise with their uniqueness and interesting perception of beauty.

Large tattoos are, undoubtedly, a very brave decision, because, as you know, large tattoos occupy a large part of the body, they are very visible, and to remove them if necessary is very difficult.

But, nevertheless, large tattoos today are not something surprising. Beautiful tattoos allow men and women to express their thoughts, a special perception of the world, an unusual vision of symbolism and ornamentalism in the form of drawings on the body.

Cool big tattoos! Large tattoos for women and men - photo

If you like big tattoos and you are ready to do them, they will become an eternal symbol and amulet of your life and destiny.

We suggest you see the big tattoos 2021-2022 that the News ON Time team has chosen especially for you, presenting them in categories such as big tattoos for men, big tattoos for women and girls.

Beautiful large tattoos for women are presented in the form of colorful designs, and large tattoos for men will show chic ideas and tattoo designs with special meaning.

The big tattoos and tattoo trends of 2021-2022 further...

Large Engraved Tattoos

Cool Big Tattoos! Biggest tattoos for women and men - photo
Large print tattoos for men and women are performed using black and gray hues, a clear black outline of the design is preferred.
Large print tattoos are done with neat lines and strokes. Beautiful large tattoos have a huge number of options for both the fair sex and the powerful.

If you choose engraving large tattoos, the master can offer you sketches in the form of landscapes, animals, lovely images of female and male faces, coats of arms, frescoes, mythological images, things, movie characters, etc. .

Bioorganic and bio-mechanical big tattoos

Cool Big Tattoos! Biggest tattoos for women and men - photo
Large tattoos are also performed in the bio-organic style, which is very unusual and peculiar.
Such large tattoos are more often chosen by men, because they combine natural motifs and realistic drawings and abstractions.

Spectacular large tattoos in the form of torn skin, protruding bones, muscles will make contemplators of these masterpieces tremble.

As a rule, bio-organic large tattoos mix black and gray and color, have clear contours and play of shadows, are created with the help of freehandom.

And here are large tattoos in the style of biomechanics, in addition to images of skin, muscles, bones recreate mechanical details and elements.

Advantages and disadvantages of large tattoos, places of application in men and girls

As mentioned earlier, a large tattoo is a responsible step, because it is almost impossible to overlap or remove the volumetric image. Large tattoos can be unpredictable, because their quality depends on the professionalism of the master, as well as skin changes. At the same time it is necessary to remember that the sketch not always fully corresponds to the drawing on the body, therefore the expert in creating a tattoo must be able to improvise. In general, before applying a large tattoo on the body you need to think several times, realizing that it is for life.

At the same time, a large tattoo is a great decoration for the body, a huge scope for creativity, allowing you to create a spectacular and impressive composition. Large tattoos allow you to bring to life the most daring and original solutions by placing a detailed picture on your body, a sea or tank battle, a portrait of a loved one or character. When choosing a place on the body for a large tattoo, girls give preference to the following areas:

  • Stomach.
  • Arm.
  • Thigh.

As for men, they place large tattoos on such places:

  • Shoulder.
  • Forearm.
  • Back.
  • Chest.
  • "Arm.
  • Calves of the legs.
  • Ribs.

The most stylish large tattoos in the styles of minimalism and linework

Cool Big Tattoos! Biggest tattoos for women and men - photo
Most likely, large tattoos in minimalist and linework styles will be most appreciated by women, because despite their large size, they are concise, neat and feminine.
Minimalist large tattoos and linework tattoos are elegant. They will decorate your body with geometric lines, shapes, minimalist floral designs, exciting illustrations from books, etc.

Large linework tattoos are realized through flowing lines that model a light, concise pattern, pattern, ornament.

Tattoo options for girls

Most modern young ladies do not hide their passion for tattoos, and the choice of the sketch in this case depends not only on the taste preferences. The decision to decorate the body with this or that image is motivated by a desire to show to the world their individuality, peculiarity, vital principles and character traits. In this case the place of tattooing, size and symbolism can also be very diverse. Some ladies give preference to miniature and concise tattoos, which if desired can be successfully hidden under clothing. Others, on the contrary, stuff bright and large-scale drawings, which are always striking to the eye.

The main preferences - all kinds of vegetation and flowers, animals and portrait images. And also tattoo amulets, runes, inscriptions, zodiac signs in miniature, drawings in the style of mehendi, abstraction and many other ideas. In this case, the stylistics of the image is very diverse. This can be a modest outline drawings and colorful watercolor images, monochrome black tattoos and sketches in color.

Large tattoos in the styles of realism, oriental, chicano

Cool Big Tattoos! Biggest tattoos for women and men - photo
A characteristic feature of realism, oriental, chicano styles is the depiction of human faces and very realistic images.
Large oriental tattoos present trends of oriental drawing, realizing on the body of men and women stylish large tattoos in the form of snakes, dragons, fish, warriors, etc.

Unusual large chikano style tattoos are quite peculiar, because they are symbols for the groups, which allowed the members of the groups to recognize their own.

Variants of tattoos are realized in black ink through the application of religious characters and canonical symbols.

The most beautiful tattoos for women: "Old school" and "New school"

The most fashionable tattoos in the world are hieroglyphs and various inscriptions, "Old school". In 30-s in America appeared "Оld school" - the old school, mainly tattoos were given to sailors, gamblers and people with a broken heart. This style is primitive because its adherents had no art education. All kinds of anchors, roses, skulls, swallows were depicted. "Treble came to us from Oceania. These are mostly tribal tattoos made as a talisman and amulet, performed in black ink. "Biomechanics" - this style appeared, relatively recently, thanks to the artist Gigen. It combines mechanisms with the human body. Using this style, fans of the movie "Terminator" can become similar to their favorite actors.

"Oriental" is an oriental tattoo style. Characteristic themes for this style are dragons, skulls, images of the elements, carp, flowers. "Neo-tradition" - this is a more complicated kind of style "traditional", the main difference from its predecessor are: clear lines and an understandable drawing for everyone. This style allows for coloring in one tone or several at the same time. "New school" - appeared about forty years ago, which defines it in a fairly young tattoo style. The new school has no rigid restrictions, it is more philosophical, carrying a secret meaning.

What just does not invent a woman to be unique and irresistible, one of the ways of transformation is a tattoo, which, more and more often, can be seen on the body of the fairer sex, thereby making it even more vivid and individual.

Fashionable large tattoos tribal, dotwork, polynesia, ornamental, ethnica

Cool big tattoos! Biggest tattoos for women and men - photo
Beautiful large tattoos in the style of tribal, Dotwork, Polynesia, ornamental, ethnica will be to the taste of most men, however, sometimes women are ready to create such masterpieces on his body.
Large tattoos in the above styles are most often done in black and gray colors, but also use sometimes other shades of colors that customers like.

The named tattoo styles represent not just large tattoos, but symbolic drawings, ornaments and geometric patterns, dots.

Such symbolic large tattoos came to modern tattoo art from ancient civilizations, the Polynesian tribes and the Maya, keeping secrets about courage and male strength in extraordinary body designs.

Paint and pigments for great tattoos

In order to score a tattoo on the body a special machine with a needle is used. The quality of the tattoo depends directly on how experienced the master is, as well as what quality the paint used has. Paint for tattooing is a pigment that gets under the skin acquires the desired color. Assortment of paints on the market is amazing; by combining some shades you can create a unique color that allows to realize creative ideas and ideas of a customer.

To produce the paint used in the art of tattooing use only high quality equipment. Not so long ago the paint material underwent quality purification because the raw material did not always meet the requirements. If the products were not of high quality, it was possible to get an allergic reaction, but now the paints are made from materials that are safe for human health, with pigments that promote rapid healing.

Original tattoo of large size 2021-2022: photo, sketches, examples, other styles

Cool Big Tattoos! Biggest tattoos for women and men - photo

In addition to the above listed tattoos, on the body of women and men can appear large tattoos in the styles old skool, traditional, blackwork, neo-tradition, sketch style, watercolor, graphics, Japanese and black and white tattoo, each of which will delight with its features and specificity of the figure.

Beautiful and voluminous large size tattoos can be placed on the back, hip, leg, and shoulder, causing admiration from contemplators of these masterpieces.

Examples and sketches of tattoos will now appear before you, and perhaps you can find a successful tattoo for yourself.

The most beautiful tattoos: popular location on the body

Fashion affects not only the tattoo design, but also the location on the body. Popular female locations for tattoos are the neck, collarbones and wrists. Next in popularity are the shoulders and shoulder blades. The lumbar area has lost its popularity among girls, tattoos in this place try to hide. For more visibility, modern girls place tattoos on the ankles. The tattoo itself can be any size. For the most courageous we can advise to put a tattoo on the intimate area, it will add you spiciness. Until 2018, this trend was not in particular demand, but now the situation has changed in the opposite direction. Every girl should have her own hidden feature. You can also do a tattoo in the face area, but it will not suit everyone, but rather informal people. More defiantly look tattoo sleeves. Not that it is subtle and feminine, but that is the fashion in 2021. Very beautiful and sexy look tattoos on the hips of girls - often there stuffed stocking straps, mythical creatures or bows.


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