Boxer Boyka Yuri: biography, personal life, victories and fights

Boyka Yuri is actually an American actor, who played the corresponding character in the movie "Undisputed". This is the most real master of martial arts. Boyka Yuri in the movie is considered a professional of his craft. And the reason for that is daily training. Boyka Yuri is not afraid to fight alone against several people, understanding that this is the only way to get stronger, constantly building up his fighting potential. There's something about this man's character. For many guys Boyka Yuri has become a real idol.

Yuri Boyka: fight biography

The first time Yuri Boika appears before us near numerous icons, praying to God for victory in the next fight. This immediately draws attention to his person. In fact, a few seconds later the fighter removes his hood, and before us appears a stern man with numerous scars, mohawk and tattoos. The combination of extraordinary cruelty, hatred and piety all allow Yuri to firmly establish himself in the mind of every viewer. There is hardly anyone who will not appreciate the charisma of this man, who, being in the most perilous place of the country (and even more so - the planet), does not lose his image. On the contrary, the hero constantly improves it.


For most of his life, Yuri Boyka, whose fight biography will be given in this article, is in the Russian prison Black Hills, where the country's most dangerous criminals are held. The gray walls and the never ending snow outside the windows is Yuri's atmosphere. The walls of the prison have long been shabby, and water is constantly dripping from the ceiling. All around are rotten rubbish, looking at which you realize what a sad state you are in.

However, Yuri had no intention of giving up. In a short time he made the whole prison respect him, from the inmates to the superiors. He has free movement within its walls. Neither prisoners nor guards try to get in his way. Every day he trains hard in a designated room, which has become his personal cell.

During his walks, the fighter constantly visits the prison church, spending a lot of time in prayer. His entourage, on the other hand, dutifully stands at the entrance and waits for him. Once a week, the man who used to stand at the icons and read the prayers with a peaceful look on his face beats another soldier sent for his soul. At the same time, the outcome of the battle sometimes ends in death for Yuri's opponent.


Traditional cuisine consists of recipes that have been kept in families for centuries, and modern dishes. A characteristic feature of Boyk cuisine: the use of a limited set of products for cooking. The living conditions influenced the simplicity of gastronomic traditions and uncomplicated food processing. The main foodstuffs the Boyk eat include cabbage, cornmeal, mushrooms, beans, potatoes, and dairy products. Among cereals, they prefer oats for first and second courses, drinks. The territory of Boykivschyna is even called oat land.

Oats are used to bake pluck bread, which is sometimes topped with boiled potatoes. Before Christmas they bake bread called "kerechun", also called "buckwheat bread" or "gerejan". It is a symbol of prosperity in the house, it protects the family. On Easter, they make a huge kulich from barley or rye flour. On holidays, dumplings, which are called "pies", pies filled with sauerkraut, are cooked. The dumplings are made with cottage cheese, potato, mushroom, and blueberry stuffing. On Lent, they are smeared with linseed oil, and on modest days, they are topped with greaves or lard. Bakery products are used to make zakruteliky, kalachi, pies, cheesecakes, baba, honey, makovitsy, pampuhi, cakes, cakes.

Potatoes are used to prepare a variety of dishes. The roots are called different names: kartoshka, magdiburka, bulmana. Potatoes are on people's table every day, served with cabbage, mushrooms, milk, cracklings, beans. Meat dishes are not very common. Pork is eaten only on major holidays, from ancient times it was prepared for Easter and Christmas sausages, fried bacon, salted meat and bacon, smoked meat in the chimney. Onions, dill seeds, garlic, lobster, quinoa, dandelion leaves, parsnip, parsley, and bay leaf were used as spices for meals.

Goat and sheep milk are used. They make a special bryndza from it that can be stored without a fridge for a whole year. At the same time it does not get moldy, does not spoil, does not lose its taste. Other types of cheese are also made from milk:

  • salamaha
  • cream cheese
  • gomulki
  • mandryk
  • hard cheese
  • vurda

Guests are treated to a drink made of oat flour (chir). Its consistency is similar to kissel. Sometimes chir is boiled with milk, during Lent, water is used to make the drink. Also people drink hot vodka with butter and honey, the local drink called "kriivka", beer, malt, booze. As for soft drinks, people drink kissel, mur, cabbage brine, khumula, kvass. It is noteworthy that the Boikas boiled flint and drank flint water, considering it useful and healing.

Of the traditional dishes, the following are popular:

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All the food of the boyks is good-quality, hearty, tasty and at the same time simple and unpretentious. They cook casseroles, jelly, pickled vegetables.

Boyack's style

Even if we assume that Yuri Boyka is a fighter without rules, it would be impossible to say anything about his extraordinary fighting style. After all, in the ring he demonstrates both conventional stand-up fighting and a variety of ground-breaks in the parterre. In addition, his style includes numerous elements from triking, an extreme sport consisting of a variety of jumps (somersaults, etc.). Many people say: "Boxer Yuri Boyka". In fact, that's not true. Yuri Boyka is more of a mixed style fighter.

In his training, the man uses at least three people, who fly away from his blows, like pins in bowling. Various kicks, punches, jumps and parterre punches all fall on his sparring partners and opponents alike.

The road to success

To date, Mia has become famous thanks to her released album "Wild Lamba", her ability to sing in the "club style" that young people like so much, and her original and even flamboyant image. The girl has blue hair and extravagant costumes.

Since childhood, Mia wrote her own songs and music to them, which not every performer does. The girl first tried to announce her creativity on the Internet by herself. But, for obvious reasons, without a producer and assistants, too many people could not learn about new songs.

By chance... maybe because of Maria's passionate desire to perform and share her art with people.

In her life there was an interesting and important meeting with Alexander Tarasov, known as T - killah (Tequila). It was he who discerned in the young beauty a real talent and decided to become a producer of the project

Maria had to completely change her style and appearance. And now in the videos and at the performances we can see a harmonious new image that meets the requirements of fashion and time.

The first composition, which could be heard and appreciated by a large number of viewers, was "We are flying away". Mia performed it live on Strana FM 29 on January 10, 2019. She conquered both the audience with her decent vocal data and other artists with her charm and charisma.

The song was very well liked and quickly became popular. After a while, it could be heard again on the TNT channel in the show "Borodina vs. Then the music video for this song came out, which you could watch on Muz TV. From that moment, we can say that a new, so far, "star" on the Russian pop and "club" style scene was lit up.

First fight

In his first fight, Yuri fights the champion of another maximum security prison, Galich. The fight is short, but colorful. Boyka literally plays with his opponent, demonstrating his fighting potential. The many punches and tricks he performs in the ring leave no one bored in the audience. In addition, it is worth noting that each of his fights is accompanied by a sweepstakes. Lots of bets are directed exactly to him, and only few people, hoping for some force majeure, bet small amounts on his rivals, who are oversized. After all, it's obvious who will win.

Yuri brutally beats his opponent, leaving him no chance to win. A few minutes later, Galich lies defeated.


Having lost hope of winning back their money, the bookies (if you can call them that) begin to work out a way to defeat the champion. To do this, the main character's fight is scheduled against heavyweight boxing champion Chambers, who has heard about Yuri Boyka. According to bookmakers' predictions, the outcome of the fight should satisfy their requests and help to get back the money lost earlier.

Sad as it may be, the fight lives up to the bookies' expectations and Yuri loses it. It took a while for the American to succeed, as he initially suffered a number of setbacks. But at the end of the fight he manages to take Boyka in a clinch and break his leg.


After the fight with the American fighter, Yuri has to go through a long rehabilitation. An open leg fracture doesn't heal for long, so the fighter becomes a regular lame Black Hills dweller for a while. In addition, if before he had huge privileges in his prison, now his position would not be envied even by a prison rat. His spacious hall has been replaced by the rotten toilet room and other unpleasant places of the Black Hills, which Yuri Boyka has tolerated for some time. The best thing he can do for now is to wait. He has been denied parole several times, which would make anyone seriously desperate, but not him.

Every night Boyka works on his leg with a special machine he made himself out of a rope, a bucket, and the shackle of a prison bed. Every night he does not stop reciting prayers. One day he brazenly demands from his bosses to let him in the ring. He is refused, however, because he already has a new champion on him.

Musical career

Just a month after the first appearance on stage, Mia has another hit with all the clear name "Money" on February 15. It is especially liked by young people, which is quite understandable. From the very beginning it becomes clear that the girl's work is aimed primarily at young people.

On May 20, 2021 another music video "Wild Lamba" is released, which was filmed in nighttime Thailand, the place where at this time of the day life just begins. The image of the singer is both energetic and feminine at the same time. Also, the music video used quite a few locations, which made it mega cool.

Not much time has passed - and again there were new works, which aroused great interest among the younger generation.

  • July 22, 2021 - the song "Fake".
  • August 22, 2021 - the song "Mama Don't Know", made in collaboration with T-killah, and the music video for it. Shooting took place on a big yacht, the general atmosphere of the song is incendiary and exciting. Alexander Tarasov with his wife, Mikhail Litvin with his girlfriend, Suba and many other well-known personalities in the show business.
  • September 3, 2021 - the song "Pink Stars". Tracks "Anatomy", "Behind the Neon".

On July 20, Boyka took part in VK FEST, where she met already popular and established artists working in popular musical genres relevant to young people: Yegor Krid, Klava Koka and others.

Maria has pages in Instagram, V Kontakte, where the girl willingly communicates with her fans, advises and demonstrates her new works. Since the beginning of the year, the number of her fans has grown to 220 thousand subscribers, which is quite a lot.

List of songs:

  • Pineapple Adidas.
  • Ice and night
  • Wild Lamb
  • Anatomy
  • Pink stars
  • Against the Wind
  • Fake
  • We're flying away
  • Behind the neon
  • Money

Fighting Saikov.

Saikov comes across as a massive clumsy bear, mercilessly beating his opponents with rustic sprawling punches. His style does not include leg kicks or takedowns. He hardly ever works in the ground. That said, he manages to become a champion, although not for long.

As soon as Boyka enters the ring, he immediately throws a series of punches at Saikov, throwing him off balance. After that, a leaping kick literally knocks Yuri's opponent out of the ring. Thus, Boyka regains his status as Black Hills Prison Ultimate Fighting Champion.

Effective self-defense skills for girls basic fighting techniques and rules

Unfortunately, no woman, unless she is accompanied everywhere by a bodyguard, can feel completely safe. In case of a critical situation, when it is no longer possible to retreat, any girl should know what actions and techniques will help her escape from a potential offender.

Basic rules of fighting for girls

Rule 1: Suddenness and toughness.

Most often criminals do not expect serious resistance from women. Therefore only one or two painful receptions will allow you to put your opponent out of action for a few seconds, giving you time to run away or to call for help. The main thing is that the attack must be sharp, unexpected and tough.

Rule 2: Stability.

Your task is to stay on your feet and, if possible, to throw your opponent off balance. In order to keep the balance, spread your legs widely, not only to the sides, but also backwards. Try to shake the attacker's body so that he would fall down.

Rule 3. Scratch, bite, beat with the heels.

There are no "unfair" techniques for girls. If you are threatened, look for your opponent's vulnerable spots - the groin, solar plexus, wrists, inner thighs, face, eyes and nose. Drive your fingernails into the face with force - this can put the perpetrator in a state of shock. A strong kick of the heel on the instep or toes can temporarily incapacitate the assailant.

Rule 4: Use improvised objects.

Remember in the Old Testament, the frail young man David killed the powerful Goliath with a sling (it's something like a belt from which a cannonball was thrown)? So, the gentlest girl with a stone in her hand is not so defenseless anymore. A brick or a bottle picked up on the road can hit the enemy in the head. Keys can be a good stabbing weapon, and hairspray can be sprayed in the attacker's face.

Rule 5. Advance preparation.

Good physical shape and repeated studying of self-defense techniques will help you in case of attack, will give the sense of self-confidence - and, as we know, the majority of criminals attack just on the timid and unsure of themselves. Also, if you often have to go home late, it is worth buying a stun gun, pepper spray or a permit to carry a gun.

Self-defense techniques for girls

It is possible to disarm the enemy with a blow to the eyes. It is applied as follows: the bent thumbs, tending to clench into a fist, press on the eye sockets of the offender. The rest of the fingers should be firmly grasped by the lower jaw. Such a blow can even blind the opponent.

A powerful and simultaneous blow to the ears with two palms, slightly folded in a boat shape, leads to combat shock, sometimes - to the rupture of the eardrum. You can also grab the intruder by the ears and pull him toward you in a sharp helical motion, pulling him down and twisting his head.

For men it is very painful to be kicked or punched in the area of the reproductive organs. If the offender has sexual intentions, it is possible, by "agreeing", to lull his vigilance. When he exposes his genitals, you need to squeeze very tightly and sharply pull his scrotum on itself or a strong jerk movement to turn it sideways.

Ways to get rid of a grip

Grabbing by the hair.

In case the perpetrator grabbed you by the hair from behind, you can get rid of the grip in the following way: with both hands press the opponent's hand to your head and, tilting his head slightly, make a turn, while sharply twisting his hand and bending his wrist.


With a strangling grip from the front, it is necessary to strike the opponent's throat or face. To free yourself from such a grasp, pile your forearm and shoulder on the attacker's hand of the same name from the top down, using all your body weight.

Hand grip.

Step forward, then hang onto your arm, body weight shifting to the leg in front of you. Kick the opponent in the thigh with the other leg, and then in a U-turn with your free hand strike the attacker in the face.

Remember: the main thing that can help you is faith in your own strength, inner calmness and natural feminine cunning. A sober assessment of the situation and intuition will prompt the best way out of the situation.

Tournament in Georgian Prison

The Gorgons, a maximum-security prison located in Georgia, hosts a prison martial arts tournament, where the strongest fighters from all over the world come.

This is also where Boyka finds himself. On the border his convoy changes from Russian to Georgian, and then Yuri enters the prison walls. At the very beginning all the participants of the tournament are shown.

There are eight of them in total and they come from different parts of the world. There is a Croatian fighter and a Greek fighter, as well as fighters from France and North Korea. The capoeira-style fighter Silva attracts attention. But it is the American boxer, Turbo, who catches Bojka's eye the most. And no wonder, because he reminds him something of Chambers, the one after whom Yuri had to rehabilitate for a long time.

The Gorgons' champion is a member of the Colombian cartel, Dollor. In addition, he turns out to be a drug addict, injecting himself with stimulants every day, which allows him to reach heights in the ring.

How to trim

Before you start creating a new hairstyle, you need to decide on the length of the strands in the front and back. As a result, visually you should get an oval.

Therefore, girls with different features of the appearance should choose a different length of strands. Behind they can be very short and open the neck, and can be a little longer. The technique of hairstyles with strands longer in the face and shorter at the nape of the neck is as follows:

  1. Moisten the hair with water from a sprayer;
  2. Make a straight parting;
  3. Start with the back strands, trimming them short, and gradually increase the length to the front strands.

Also the slope from the back to the front strands must be perfectly straight. The angle of the bevel can be different, but the best option is an angle that coincides with the angle of the cheekbones.

Unequal odds

However, the prison authorities have already calculated everything, and a series of fights will take place with an outcome already predetermined by them. In order to achieve their goals, they send their fighters to grueling stone mining operations every day. They count on the fact that the exhausted prisoners will not be able to train fully and thus defeat Dollor, who is at the same time on a high mountain under an umbrella and reading a book.

But while this gradually breaks the rest of the fighters down, for Boyka the works don't become a barrier to training. Every night he practices punches and pulls iron. On top of everything else, the American boxer Turbo joins him. His bosses are getting worried, and they make new plans.

What she does now

Now Mia Boyka is actively engaged in music, leading and promoting her social networks. The girl is open to cooperation, as indicated on her Instagram and Vkontakte page.

The girl's career skyrocketed to unprecedented heights almost immediately, this puts a certain amount of pressure. However, Mia is not going to stop there and is constantly working hard. The girl admits that she does not want to let her fans down and is ready to work hard for the release of her new musical works.

The singer with Alexander Tarasov, performing under the pseudonym T-Killah

At the beginning of October this year, Mia Boyka presented a new track "Pineapple Adidas" on her official YouTube channel. While the long-awaited composition is gaining views, the girl is giving concerts with the performer T-Killah in major cities of the country.


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Friendship with Turbo

After a few conflicts, Yuri and Turbo become comrades and train together. They develop new techniques based on those provided to them by the prison authorities in order to wear them down. But all of this proves to be irrelevant to them. The stone gorge, where they are obliged to crush stone, becomes a gym for them, where they come up with new and new exercises. They train for both strength and speed. With the help of huge cobblestones they practice lunges, throwing them at a distance, and the hammer helps to develop a strong blow.

And it doesn't go unnoticed by the prison authorities. And no wonder, since there's a lot of money on Dollor, and the Colombian fighter can't be allowed to lose. So the prison guards beat Turbo, which prevents him from continuing to fight in the tournament.

It also becomes known that all losing fighters do not make it home, but are shot on the outskirts of town. Realizing that his American friend will not be able to participate in the tournament, Yuri helps him escape. Naturally, he doesn't get away with it, and his superiors beat Yuri and then throw him in the ring to Dollor.

Additional Procedures

To protect the horse's mane from mechanical damage, it is often braided. The owner should check the braids every day and re-braid them at least once a week.

If horses nibble each other's manes, a special spray can be used. It consists of natural ingredients and often includes pepper. Animals do not like the taste of such a product, so they stop gnawing their congeners.

How to trim a horse's mane

Manes can be trimmed in a variety of ways, making different lengths and shapes of hairstyles. The most popular patterns are checkers, zigzags, hearts and hedgehogs.

The haircutting of horse hair takes place without restricting the freedom of movement of the animal: the horse can be secured partially with a chomber. If you shear your pet after exercise, the pores dilated after physical activity will make it less painful for the horse to accidentally pull out hairs.

The haircut begins with moistening the strands, moving gradually from the nape of the neck to the withers. It is better not to trim the horses in winter to keep the animals warm.

Fighting without rules. Yury Boyka. The final fight.

Dollor, being under the influence of stimulant drugs, shows extraordinary dexterity in his techniques. He has tremendous speed, stamina and literally can't feel Yuri's punches. Various jumps, punches and kicks toss Yuri around the ring. One of them throws the Russian fighter out of the ring. To make matters worse, his old wound opens up. Blood is gushing from his leg.

Fortunately there's a mop with a wet rag on the floor nearby. This allows Yuri to make a bandage and get up again. Once in the ring, the fighter switches places with Dollor. Remembering who the true champion of prison fights is, the audience cheers Boyka on with their screams.

After a minute, Dollor is in a crying state, and he lunges at Yuri with the last of his strength, trying to kick him. To which Boyka does a counterpunch, breaking the Colombian's leg.


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