Unusual geometric patterns, portraits, symbols and whole works of art - all about one
Tattoo - a modern type of body art, with which men and women decorate their
What can stop a person who decided to do a tattoo? Certainly not anxiety about
Tattoo today is a kind of body art, thanks to which everyone can not only decorate the body,
How many sessions do you need
Artisanal tattoos require fewer procedures; Small drawings are reduced in a short time, with
Salvador Dali
Photo: UGC If you want to know the essence of surrealism, then get acquainted with a bright representative of this trend
Lettering: the artist's freedom of speech
"Art is always modern." With this statement of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, the great Russian writer, it is impossible not to
Sac Yant tattoos: history, meaning, technology, masters
Sak Yant is considered a magical tattoo, which is characterized by a particular sacredness. They are made mainly in Thailand.
In this article, we will consider how you can do a temporary tattoo yourself. The big plus of temporary
So, you got a tattoo. Your new tattoo was shiny and mesmerizing under the film, but it's gone


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