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So another request to draw skull and rosesWhich are entwined with it. Let's try to make a really beautiful tattoo from this picture tattoo. The skull will be on the side, which has not been done in class for a long time, and thanks to the roses, it will be a real beauty. Sweet and mysterious. Already I can say that this is one of the most successful variants of such drawings and I really like it. When I saw the sketch, I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be too difficult for others to replicate easily, so I tried to keep the design as simple but accurate as possible. There really won't be many complicated details to draw the skull and roses, and the best advice I can give is, you take your time and you'll get it right. So this would be an interesting body art or tattoo option for you. Thanks guys for the requests, especially if I can handle them, and please be sure to rate, comment and write about your drawings. Send them to me in contact. Good luck to all!

How to draw a tattoo of a skull and roses

Drawing on the cells

To draw a head bone on the cells, you need to stock up on patience and a clean sheet of paper. The pencil needs to be sharpened.

First, you need to position the sheet of paper so that you can start drawing on the top side of the sheet.

In a horizontal position it is necessary to draw a long line.

Its size depends on how big a skull drawing the illustrator is going to make. If he is going to depict a small skull, it will be enough to draw a line of three cells.

On the sides of the sketch it is necessary to put vertical dashes of the length that the whole skull should be.

Next, these dashes should be connected by an oval line.

The second step of sketching the skull is to draw the eyes inside the image of the head.

After these operations it is necessary to draw one straight line on the underside.

On this straight line we begin to draw the teeth.

When the silhouettes of the eyes will be painted, and the teeth will be outlined, the drawing can be considered complete.

Front View

Now the front view will be. Materials are the same, but you may need a compass or round object to draw a circle.

How to Draw a Skull

  1. A circle is drawn. You can do it by hand, or you can use additional tools.
  2. Two main lines, horizontal and vertical, are drawn through the center of the circle, using a ruler.
  3. Now in the lower quarters of the circle are drawn quadrangles with rounded corners - eye sockets.
  4. The nasal cavity along the horizontal line is marked.
  5. Side bones of the skull - malar and nasal shells are drawn.
  6. Then along the horizontal line the upper teeth are drawn.
  7. It is necessary to draw the outline of the lower jaw. The lower jaw should be narrower than the upper part of the skull.
  8. Now it is time for the lower teeth. They should look smaller compared to the upper teeth.

In the same way, additional lines are erased, and shading is done, as in the previous version - first the dark spaces, and then the other places are filled.

Types of skull tattoo sketches

  • "Candy", in the Mexican style. El Dia de los Muertos(Spanish, day of the dead) is a popular festival in Mexico in which skulls play a central role. People gather as families to honor their deceased loved ones. During the celebration, skulls are made of sweets. Hence the execution of the sketch with flowers and jewels, which is often chosen by girls.
  • Men's tattoo. A brutal sketch will demonstrate to those around him that his master is not afraid of death or recognizes that the outcome is inevitable.
  • Women's tattoo. Skull tattoo is not just for brutal guys. Girls choose the tattoo for the same reasons. The sketch can be made more feminine by the colors, jewels and bright colors.
  • Pirate tattoo. Do you consider yourself a pirate? Skull and crossed bones are great for people who live by their own rules, regardless of society's opinion.
  • Skull and Roses. Done in honor of a friend or loved one. Looks contrasting, bright and stylish.
  • Animal skull tattoo. Means balance of life and death, the transition from the physical to the spiritual. Another meaning is longevity.

How to beautifully draw a full-length human figure of a girl in pencil step by step for beginners and children? how to draw the body, arms, legs of a human girl in clothes? how to draw a human girl in sideways, moving pencil?

The process of drawing a human skull

Drawing the base of the skull

Composition and drawing the base of the human skull

When drawing complex shapes, you must first break them down into simpler shapes. Then the simplified shapes are crushed until the detailing is as acceptable as possible. Any rounded shape can be inscribed in a cube or parallelepiped. Skull is a rounded shape, so first let's build its base - a vertical rectangular parallelepiped in perspective.

Composition of the brain and visceral skull

Composition of the brain and visceral skull of a human being in drawing

In the previously drawn parallelepiped we inscribe the compositional arrangement and . The area of the cerebral skull is marked by a horizontal oval in the upper part of the parallelepiped, and the visceral skull by a vertical oval in the front part of the parallelepiped. At the same time, the oval of the cerebral skull overlaps the oval of the visceral skull with its front part. At the place of their intersection will be located , eye sockets and .

Drawing the main construction lines

Drawing the main lines of the human skull structure

Find the midline of the frontal part of the skull. Determine the position of the largest areas of the skull: eye sockets, nose, cheekbones, boundaries of the lower jaw, visible outlines of the occipital part of the skull.

Clarification of large details

Clarification of large details.

Clarify the contours of the largest details. Try to keep the principle of planar construction of forms. Schematically applied minimal tone to indicate the darkest areas.

Crushing large shapes into small shapes

Fractionation of large shapes into small ones

We break the previously outlined contours of the skull into separate smaller planar areas. Determine perspective directions of the fragmented areas. We outline their degree of illumination. Strengthen shadows. Adhere to the principle of plane image.

Complication of shapes.

Complication of shapes.

Further breaking down large shapes into small ones to obtain an acceptable level of detail. Linearly and tonally unite small forms into a single whole. Outline the surrounding area.

Drawing generalization

Drawing generalization.

At the same time we continue to detail and generalize the skull form. Through even greater detailing, we isolate important and noticeable details. Make less important details less noticeable by generalizing.

Increasing the spatiality of the drawing

Increase the spatiality of the drawing

To give a feeling of space and airiness to the drawing, we strengthen the background

Pay attention to the places where the skull touches the background. Find appropriate contrasts for each area where the skull meets the background

Use light and shade contrasts to enhance details that are important and close to the viewer. Soften the tone in the distant and less illuminated areas.

Completing the drawing

Drawing of the human skull

Reconcile the final proportions of the skull and, if necessary, make adjustments. We add more gradations of light shading and develop the important details as much as possible to get a finished drawing.

Hooded Drawing.

One common gothic skull image can be considered a hooded skull drawing. This image often illustrates dark forces in many comic magazines. The hooded skull drawing should begin with a drawing of the shape of the nose. On the sides of the nose you need to draw the hollows of the eyes. Next, it is necessary to outline the border of the head under the hood.

It is important to competently outline the cheekbones of the skull. From the cheekbones the jaw is outlined. The teeth inside the skull mouth can be uniform, or they can be uneven. Sometimes gaps in the teeth line are left on purpose. Often artists resort to this to create an extravagant look. This is especially applicable in creating drawings for creative magazines.

The entire skeleton can also be drawn to the skull. If required by the creative idea, you can add clothing and other elements to the image. There are many drawings of skulls and skeletons on the Internet. The imagination of the artist is limitless when it comes to human anatomy.

The image of the skull as a sacred symbol is found in the religions of many peoples. Tribes in Africa and the Americas use the skull as an accessory or utensil. According to beliefs, the skull is an amulet that protects its wearer from negative energy and contributes to the successful completion of cases. In more civilized countries, the image of the skull is stitched on the skin. Watch variations of such a drawing can be freely accessed on the Internet.

How to draw a skull? Step by step instructions

How to draw a skull with a pencil. Step-by-step guide

Today we will talk about how to draw a skull. This is a very common symbol, the source of the origin of which were ancient superstitions. Many people love this reminder of imminent death, they are wondering how to draw a skull by hand. Need help? Let's figure out how to draw a skull. I'm sure many people will like the image of a skull with roses. It's quite symbolic - black romance, or love to the grave. Let's learn together how to draw a skull step by step.

Let's get down to business. Step one

We start with the simplest, depicting the form - a kind of sketch of the head. In the future we will reproduce our skull with roses. Quite a simple way that everyone can do.

how to draw a skull

Step two

Now we outline the lines of the future skull, drawing a sharp curve of the eyebrow. Yes, by the way, we draw it in profile.

how to draw a skull step by step

Step three

Now we trace the nose line in profile. We draw the chin on auxiliary lines, up to the temporal part. Drawing the jaw, use wavy lines to show the mouth. Paint over the areas of the nose and jaw a little, then go to step four.

how to draw a skull with pencil

Step four

The next step is to draw the outline of the eye socket and paint the eye. In the temporal area depict the indentation and give it color. We proceed to portray the teeth. Draw a row of sharp teeth in the shape of small arches. Draw a thick line around the temple, forehead and jaw.

how to draw a skull

Step five

We can say that most of the work we have already done with you - the skull is almost ready. Let's start depicting roses, and it's best to do it from the top. The easiest way is to start drawing flowers with the shape of a cup, the image of which is later complemented by bent petals. If you are not satisfied with roses, you can draw any other flower.

how to draw a skull

Stage six

Continue sketching our rose. Add petals, overlapping them.

how to draw a skull

Step seven

Now moving on to the long stem of the flower. Sketch the offshoots to represent a few leaves on a thin stem.

how to draw a skull

Step Eight

Our drawing is almost done. We've finished drawing one rose, let's finish it off with another one on the side, because the belief is that it is two roses that are carried to the cemetery. Now you can erase all the auxiliary lines and trace the resulting image.

how to draw a skull

Step nine

We have erased all the auxiliary lines, and now our drawing is ready. We have a real masterpiece! The only thing left is to paint it. But this is at your discretion.

Conclusion .

Here we have finished our hard work. I hope that now you know how to draw a skull in profile with two roses, and that you can draw it for your friends if they ask you. It was easy to draw, wasn't it? Thanks for devoting a little attention to our humble step-by-step skull drawing guide! Good luck in your endeavors!

The structure of the skull is important

Familiarity with the structure of the skull and its construction, will add to your knowledge of anatomy. And this will help well in drawing, not only for professional artists, but also for beginning creators.

How to draw the skull

The structure of the skull certainly affects the appearance of the human face. Knowing how to draw the skull correctly can greatly help in expressing emotion and facial characteristics in people. Skulls are not the same.

How to draw the skull

They all have a different shape and their physiological personality. For example, a woman's skull is different from a man's skull. So you need to know some important nuances to draw a quality portrait.

How to draw the skull

This article will break down the basic concepts and details. Such a master class will be a good start for beginners. So, how to draw a skull simply and beautifully?

How to draw the skull

Such work requires a lot of patience and effort, but this tutorial will try to show the simplest possible drawing technique. This tutorial will show how to draw a work in pencil step by step.

How to draw the skull

Before you start, it is worth preparing the workplace, free the table and prepare materials for the process.

How to draw the skull


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