The signs of the Pentagrams were used by members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to explain the symbolic content of the resulting Pentagrams,
Why do girls get tattoos on their private parts? @anna.freimane Reasons why girls decide to
Yantra tattoo, also called Sak Yant (Sak Yant) - a type of tattoo practiced in
Nose wing care instructions after piercing
Caring for pierced cartilage - in this case, the wing of the nose - is very different from
The history of the origin of the Svarog square symbol is mentioned in the most ancient Slavic artifacts. It is known that the pattern decorated
Tattoo inscription
Modern design art is constantly evolving, opening up new horizons for the man in all spheres.
Finally, you got over yourself and decided to get a tattoo. It is a worthy decision, because little
Tattoo of a lion-stranger
People relate to tattoos in different ways. Some people get them to beautify their bodies,
Tattoo fish: meaning Fish is a symbol of fertility and transformation, which is ubiquitous in various
Tattoos with zodiac signs statistically more often become the first experience for beginners in body art.


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