Tattoo grinning wolf, bear, tiger, lion - the value for men and girls, the place of application (on the shoulder, chest, back), sketches, photo

Tattoo on the shoulder, the photo from:
The Predator movie universe has given the world a tattoo pantheon of stylish and expressive images. Characters from all parts of the film, the comic book and the book novel fall under the category of images. Director John McTiernan managed to combine in the image of the alien hunter the features of a dangerous adversary and a proud warrior.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's character embodies the pride and valor of a true soldier. Each character has a rich potential that continues to push tattoo lovers to recreate pictures of the film on their skin.

Turning the pages of history

The emergence of tattoos is considered on a level with the appearance of cave painting (several tens of thousands of years ago). The geography of this phenomenon is quite extensive, and it originated on each continent independently.

Researchers of the origin of tattoos suggest that the bearers of the first drawings on the body were hunters, and the patterns are scabbed wounds from the traces of a fight with animals. Tattoos are not without social and magical aspects. The main admirers of this art were sailors, and it was they who favored a wide exchange of skills between tattooists from different continents.

In Europe, the Christian religion fought harshly against this action. As a result, until the 18th century, this culture was not even remembered. Almost a hundred years later, the tattoo revived again, and since the 1950s, the tattoo boom has declared itself in full force. The halo of mysticism is practically a thing of the past. Today, it is a way of decorating the human body as well as a method of demonstrating one's individuality.

There are about two dozen styles of tattoos. Each one has a specific meaning and carries certain information.

Final choice

Before you take up the tattoo needle, you need to answer three questions:

1Where will the picture be?

2How much body area are you willing to give to the image?

3What style of tattoo do you want?

Sketches for a tattoo

The image of the Chinese king of beasts is very convenient for tattoo artists, because you can choose any pose of the animal and make different scales:

  • It is possible to draw only the head;
  • The tiger can curl up in a ball;
  • There is an option to draw only the look of the beast on the skin;
  • A crouching tiger or frozen in a jump.

If you have not decided what your tattoo will look like, you can choose a drawing from the Internet or tell your wishes to your master artist.

Masters of tattoos with more trepidation and diligence will do their artistic work, rather than transferring the picture you brought.

History of the origin of the 'grin' tattoo

Such a drawing on the chest of a man in the ancient world meant complete worship of the depicted beast. The belief in the sacredness of a certain animal contributed to the drawing of his "portrait" on the body. It was believed to be a way of attracting grace.

Among the Slavs there was an opinion about the countless merits and features of exactly the grinning wild animal. They were the first to portray a symbolic picture on his torso.

Interpretation of the tattoo "grin".

Quite popular among tattoo lovers are silhouettes of animals. And for women, they are sweet and gentle animals, or members of the feline family (from kittens to tigresses and panthers). Predators are preferred by men.

These drawings are not just large wild animals, but their expressive grin. At first glance, it seems that such an outline is filled with aggressiveness, but this is not quite true, as the meaning of the image very often changes. In the real animal world, the grin of the beast tells those around it about the possibility of an attack, readiness to defend oneself, or it is simply a means to frighten the opposing party.

What you need to know! In the wild, if you accidentally meet a predator, by no means show your teeth to him, he may perceive it as a sign of danger, which may result in an attack. Do not tease the animal passing by. Most importantly, the grin tattoo (hard drawing) is not a means of protection against unpredictable situations.

Wolf tattoos for girls

Dreamcatcher with a wolf

The dreamcatcher was a symbol that the ancient Indians put up in their homes as a talisman against bad dreams in their children. The tattoo with this symbol is often applied by women, emphasizing the zealous attitude towards their family, which represents the highest value for them. Widespread tattoo on the hip, it can be concealed and show at the opportunity.





Wolf face

The calm wolf face, without a grin - this is quite a romantic symbol, which is worn on the body of both women and men. Wolf's muzzle in full-face or three-quarters speaks of the wisdom and spiritual development to which one aspires. A small drawing of a wolf is placed on a hand, for voluminous variants choose the thigh or the chest.

Irina Kostrova (Kiev)

Denis Arkhipov (Nikolaev/Odessa)

Alyona Ivannik (Dnipro)



A simple little tattoo with a wolf

The expression "The legs feed the wolf, and the legs feed the wolf" perfectly fits the description of this tattoo. It is primarily a female tattoo. Girls apply it to the hips, chest and shoulders, emphasizing the defiant character. Men prefer to wear a small wolf tattoo on the neck or wrist, as a symbol of loneliness and dedication to his "tribe.

Young Moon (Kiev)




Wolf with a rose

A wolf with a rose in its teeth means a tough and determined nature on the one hand, and a romantic and faithful one on the other. It is applied by both men and women to delicate areas of the skin, as if to emphasize that they are willing to endure pain in the name of love and beauty.




Wolf with butterflies

A simple drawing of a wolf on a butterfly background is chosen when wishing to emphasize a romantic nature that is not inclined to give up in the face of failure. Only a person with a strong core can combine the dynamics of a wolf and the abstraction of a butterfly. As a rule, a small size tattoo is printed on the forearm - here it can be seen by the owner as well as by others.


Wolf with flowers

Another romantic version of the wolf, intertwined with floral patterns. It is as if the author wants to emphasize that a human being is powerful, brave and gentle at the same time with the desire to love and give. The tattoo on his leg creates an allusion to the wolf peeking out of the flower bushes.

Slava Pekhterev (Odessa)






Common types of grin tattoos

  1. The style of realism is recognized as the most difficult option in terms of execution technique. A specialist who performs tattoos in this style is a highly skilled master. The figure, performed by him, is distinguished by the ability to live and breathe. An example can be images of animals.
  2. Neo-tradishinl is new in the range of styles. Popular pieces are images of rather aggressive animals.
  3. The Greywash genre appeared on the tattoo market quite recently. It represents a drawing in pencil using sets of shadows, half-shadows, strokes, shades of gray. It is based on black pigments with the addition of colored spots. Only a true professional can do this.
  4. Graphics (etching style). Common images in this form are animals.

You can also call such styles and sketches as 3D, New Style, Surrealism to fulfill your desires. Choose a unique option will help you the widest assortment of photos on special sites.

Before you decide to perform an animal grin tattoo, weigh the pros and cons, pay attention to the study of the meaning of a particular silhouette, try to understand its impact on your life in the future.

Tattoo of such a plan should be performed by a professional master, because the more realistic picture, the greater the impression he is able to make.

Styles and colors

The eye of the tiger, photo of permanent drawings of which can be found on the pages of fashionable publications about tattoo, masters do in several styles. In addition, the animals can be both colored and executed in dark ink.

Name of techniqueFeatures
TradischinalDrawing is executed in black ink, and each outline is outlined with a bold dark line
GeometryGeometric shapes are used to form an animal, and the lines are drawn in black ink
Blackworka large surface of the skin is covered in black, and the animal is formed from white gaps
Old skoolcolor picture with bold black outline lines
Realismcolor or black and white drawing, with a vivid effect
Japanesecolor oriental tiger from legends in the design of folk ornaments or other characters from myths

If the tattoo is applied to a woman's body, the master may use the "Watercolor" technique, in which the colored strokes often extend beyond the outline of the design.

There are many options for performing the snarling beast of prey, but the top 3 customer choices include:

  1. Growling Tiger with Paw Raised.
  2. A beast bursting through the skin.
  3. A predator with a bird in the background.

Tiger grin. Photo, meaning, on the shoulder, chest, arm, leg

The sketches listed can be either colored or done in dark colors.

Growling tiger with paw.

On the back, chest or shoulder blade you can find an image of a tiger grinning his teeth and raising a clawed paw. Tattoo makes a strong impression and some people may cause fear and reluctance to communicate with its owner.

In most cases, the picture is created in color, using the Japanese technique or a realistic style. On the tattoo a lot of yellow and orange hues, and the snout of the animal expresses aggression and willingness to attack. The eyes, fangs and claws of the predator are drawn clearly.

Tiger's grin. Photo, meaning, on the shoulder, sternum, arm, leg

For more intimidation, the tiger is sometimes surrounded by sparkling lightning bolts or drops of blood and thorn branches. Also found in the picture are roses or tall grass.

The beast bursting through the skin

On men's bodies you can find a drawing where a monochrome or colored beast bursts through the skin and wants to jump free. The tattoo is done in the "Old School" or "Realism" style.

Tiger's grin. Photo, meaning, on the shoulder, sternum, arm, leg

Special attention, except for the muzzle of the beast, the artist pays special attention to the edges of the torn flesh. The picture is usually applied to the forearm in the area of the biceps or on the back of the palm.

Tiger with a bird

There are sketches where the grinning predator is depicted with a bird in the background. Such works are done in color, using the "Realism", "Old School" or "Japanese" technique.

Tiger's grin. Photo, meaning, on the shoulder, sternum, arm, leg

As a permanent companion of the tiger they usually draw a raven or an eagle. Tattoos in this theme can be found on the scapula, chest or forearm.

Wolf's grin

This beautiful beast is associated primarily with strength, loyalty, and courage. It is the image favored by most members of the stronger sex. The execution area of this sketch is the shoulders or back of a man. The wolf's grin means the following:

  • complete disregard for morals, authority, established rules (in the prison world);
  • a reliable protection against supernatural phenomena and evil spirits;
  • unmistakable protection against the evil eye;
  • loyalty, devotion, desire to protect loved ones;
  • instability and diversity of human qualities;
  • leadership.

A person wearing a wolf grin tattoo can be characterized as a person with his own opinion, which is very difficult to change his mind. In contrast to the imposition of others' views, he will show his teeth. For a man with a fickle character (in any sphere) such a tattoo is absolutely not suitable.

Symbolism of the image

Tattoo with a tiger symbolizes the following:

  1. Protection and patronage. In China there were guardian gods who rode on raptors.
  2. Power, pride, nobility. Such associations arise because of the arrogant appearance of the beast, its confident gait and regal posture.
  3. Authority and wealth. Previously, people to emphasize their social status, decorated their homes and clothing with tiger skins. Nowadays tattoos are used for this purpose.

The presence of the tattoo indicates the imitation of the character of the animal. The bearer of such an image is always ready to fight back a detractor.

Color and placement

The most attractive view of the grinning wolf will look on such areas of the human body:

  • thigh;
  • forearm, shoulder;
  • chest;
  • shoulder blade.

Prefer a realistic style with no more than two colors. Sketches in black and white and color are great.

Image features and body parts

Crouching tiger on his back

In order to convey the power of the king of the jungle, the picture must be large. By choosing a small image size, the intimidating predator can turn into a cute kitten.

Options for tattoo placement:

1On the back. If you decide to give under the picture the whole back - it will look impressive, and with a professional master even grandiose;

2On the chest. A muzzle of an animal will look beautiful. Tattoos in this zone have a sacred meaning, because they are located close to the heart;

3On the shoulder. This place demonstrates masculinity. Aesthetically, tattoos look beautiful on the shoulder with the relief muscles. Classic tattoos are performed with a tiger's head;

4On the arm. It's convenient to place the sneaking four-legged creature at full length;

5On a hip. This option is more often chosen by women;

6On a leg More often they draw a caged predator, symbolizing self-control and restraint;

7On the wrist A small drawing with the head of a wild animal or a small tiger cub can be placed on the wrist.

Tiger grin on the wrist

Lion grin tattoo

The king of all beasts is quite often in tattoos denoted by a grin. The lion tattoo represents honor, authority, ambition, and power. If a lion is depicted with a grin, it is a very angry king. In this character perfectly coexist courage and fortitude, predatory habits and impartiality, self-confidence and wisdom.

The meaning of the tattoo lion with a grin

A lion, fiercely opening its mouth, does not mean a demonstration of aggression. In this case, it is a symbol of a balanced human temper, not brought to the point of impatience.

It is only in the case, when he will be driven out of his mind, that all his brutish, animal nature will be revealed. The lion's grin is a sign of the struggle for justice, an emblem of protection of weak individuals, an indicator of the lack of humility and obedience to man and destiny.

A man with such a tattoo is able to demonstrate his dark power only in extraordinary situations. The tattoo of this plan looks stylish and organic on the arm or shoulder. The arms of the strong half of mankind show strength, the main quality of the king of beasts, so this picture is very appropriate on this part of the body.

The tattoo on the shoulder is a characteristic of a confident leader. Wherever the picture was performed, it will always mean faith in yourself and freedom of spirit. If the picture combines a lion and books - in front of us quite a wise man. The goggle of the lion on the chest is interpreted in prison symbolism by the unconditional power of authority.

The Meaning of the Tiger in Different Cultures

The first to apply drawings with tigers on the body were the Chinese and Japanese. There tattoo originally meant passion and sensuality. In China, the beast is a protector from evil spirits. In the past, they used to hang pictures of the predator on the walls in the room of a pregnant woman to protect the child from the influence of evil spirits. In Asia, the king of beasts is not a lion or bear, but a tiger.

Not everywhere is the predator associated with positive traits. Since it belongs to the cat family and sees well in the dark, in some cultures it is associated with the world of death. In Hinduism, the tiger often sides with demons. The gods of destruction and death Shiva and Kali are often portrayed riding the beast. At the same time, the predator was associated with the warrior caste and rulers. In this case, he represented dignity, courage, valor, strength and power.

In ancient Greece, Dionysus, the god of fertility and winemaking, was depicted riding in a chariot with a lynx, a panther and a tiger. His cult was associated with a lack of prejudice, free expression of emotion and eroticism.

A tiger showing his teeth

Rigid people who do not rely on the opinion of others choose a tattoo with this kind of image. The majestic, proud, extraordinarily beautiful, yet extremely dangerous animal is associated with a person with typical characteristics.

Only an experienced professional can draw the perfect sketch.

A tiger with a grinning mouth is a sign of danger, a man with a tiger grin tattoo demonstrates his openness. Despicable actions are not about him. In terms of its popularity, the tattoo, which carries deep meaning and many meanings, is no less than the sketch with the grin of a wolf.

The main interpretation is that these are qualities such as aggression, anger, and indignation. However, they are interpreted in two ways: protection from trouble and thirst for power. The tiger's goggle is quite a significant symbol in male tattoos, and is characterized by great rigidity.

Almost always this silhouette is applied on the chest, shoulder or back. A person with such a drawing can be characterized as a courageous, capable of standing up for himself, possessing aggressive strength. That is who absolutely should not be crossed or crossed.

Such a body image is quite a strong amulet, talisman, amulet. Such a tattoo looks great in a realistic style in any variant (black and white or color).

General recommendations for tattooing with a tiger

The tattoo should reflect the character of the bearer and correspond to him. It is necessary to choose in advance the main character of the image, the composition and style. It is desirable to get acquainted with the meaning of the tiger tattoo, taking into account additional details, so as not to get into an awkward situation. In the sketch it is desirable to make adjustments. This will make the image unique.

In order not to spoil the appearance of the tattoo, you should choose an experienced master and a suitable place for the drawing.

The following options are possible:

  1. Shin, calf, sleeve, back, chest. Here you can place a large tattoo that depicts the whole animal. Details, shadows, complex geometry, etc. are welcome. If desired, bright colors are added. The leg can depict a tiger running upward.
  2. Forearm, shoulder, neck, thigh, shoulder blade. Medium-sized images without much detail are appropriate. Guys prefer to put images on the front or side of the neck and girls on the back.
  3. Fingers on the hand, wrist, hand. These are small areas on which you should not place full-length images. Even if it succeeds, those around will not be able to see the silhouette. Reduced drawing implies a lack of detail. It is better to initially apply small tattoos to these areas. It can be a muzzle, paws or eyes of a predator.

When choosing, you should take into account whether you want to demonstrate the tattoo in the form of a tiger to those around you. If the answer is yes, you should prefer the exposed areas: the neck, arms, and legs. Otherwise, choose an area that is easy to hide under clothing. Try not to touch the areas where the joints join. They often bend and unbend, so the tattoo will be deformed by the movements.

The most common styles applied to a tiger tattoo are realism, old-school, and watercolor. Geometric patterns and tribal are less common.

Before choosing the pose, placement, and details, you should familiarize yourself with the interpretation of the image. For example, the grinning tiger has a criminal meaning for men. It is a sign of protest against the law and authority. Such an image on the chest indicates that the wearer has authority in the criminal sphere. A tattoo on the shoulder is an open challenge, a symbol of contempt for the environment. Such tattoos can be misunderstood by other people, so it is better to avoid applying them.

Bear with a grin

If you wish to defeat any opponent in battle, to emphasize your not atrocious strength, to frighten the enemy - a tattoo with a grinning beast will suit you. Showing teeth with an implied snarl represents the characteristic strength of spirit. Men with strong character qualities, or wishing to acquire them, prefer to be impaled on his torso is the grin of a bear.

It should be noted that most often this grinning predator is depicted in the style of realism, Celtic or Polynesian patterns, abstraction, black and white tattoo and some other types. The image area of the patriotic symbol: shoulder and forearm, chest, back, shoulder blade and thigh. It largely depends on the size of the picture.

The most important thing in tattooing is to work with an experienced tattoo artist with quality sketches. Numerous videos showing both the process of applying a tattoo by this or that master and numerous finished works and customer reviews can help you in this.

Once you get a tattoo, it becomes a part of you. The decision to get a tattoo should be approached particularly carefully, thoughtfully. To get rid of it, of course, it is possible, but it will cost you a certain unpleasantness: pain, additional loss of finances.

Sketches for inspiration

A selection of male and female sketches with photos will help determine the choice of images for tattoos.

Men's variations

Men are well suited for the following variations:

  1. Another tattoo with a tiger.
    Tiger and compass. Such a combination indicates purposefulness and seriousness of intentions. At the same time, it indicates loyalty, fidelity and willingness to take care of loved ones.

  2. Tiger and the skull with the grin. This is an aggressive combination that means mortal danger. The bearer of the tattoo demonstrates confidence in his strength and challenges those around him. This image will suit aggressive thrill seekers.
  3. Tiger man. The picture is divided into two halves. A good option for those who feel a certain kinship with the majestic beast.

What Women Stamp.

The following images are suitable for women:

  1. White tiger and space. This combination can be called good: it reeks not of aggression, but of calmness and mystery.
  2. A tiger in combination with green vegetation. The tattoo symbolizes prosperity, life and optimism.
  3. An adult tiger and a tiger cub. It is a sign of care, protection and patronage. For the bearer, family comes first among the priorities.

Women often get a predator tattoo with flowers. Such an image looks elegant and majestic. Most often it is applied to the thigh.


For women

For men