Svarog's square or the Star of Russia: meaning of the symbol and tattoo

One of the most powerful Slavic amulets through which a person patronizes Svarog and ancestors - the Star of Russia. Amulet reflects the power of many gods, is intended for the realization of many purposes, carries the knowledge of hundreds of generations. But its effect will be effective only after its activation and when worn correctly.

History and photo symbol Svarog Square

Legend claims that in the past our ancestors decided to create their own symbol. They wanted the sacred sign to store the age-old wisdom, experience and knowledge of their forebears.

As a result, the square of Svarog appeared. It also has other names. It is also called the Seal of Svarog or the Star of Russia.

There are sources that claim that the Star of Lada and the Star of Russia are the same symbol. But the researchers of Slavic mythology were able to prove that they are different signs. They are even dedicated to completely different deities.

The symbol is dedicated to the main deity - Svarog. It was this god who gave people fire and taught them how to farm. The life of the Slavs depended on these circumstances. Thanks to the knowledge they gained, they were able to raise children and continue their lineage. That is why the deity is so revered among the Slavic people.

Our ancestors used the symbolism as a talisman. Amulet empowered, purposefulness, attracted prosperity in the life of the owner.

Caring for the amulet

Esotericists say that such symbols do not have to be purchased in a store. Amulet, made by your own hands, will bring no less benefit. You can make them out of wood and metal. It is recommended to wear on natural linen or cotton threads.

Before beginning to use the talisman, it is necessary to carry out a cleansing ritual with the help of the four elements:

  • earth;
  • water;
  • Air;
  • Fire.

In the evening, you should bury the talisman in the ground and leave it till morning. Then wash the hammer with water. Hold over a lighted candle and lightly ignite.

If the symbol began to fade or blacken, then it is necessary to think about a large amount of negativity, which accumulated at the owner. You can get rid of unwanted emotions by another ritual of purification.

During the first 10 days, the hammer of the svarog must be kept close to the master to feel its energy and to recharge. You can not pass a sacred symbol in the wrong hands, give to try on, and all the more wear.

When the required time has elapsed, the amulet can be removed. It should be used when necessary, when you can not solve a pressing problem, or need additional protection. It is not recommended to wear the amulet with a cross.

The meaning and use of amulet - Star of Russia

Are you using this amulet?

Two eight-pointed stars symbolize three worlds:

  • One world (Prava). - The territory of the gods.
  • The second (Yavi) - The world where humans live.
  • The third world (Navi) - is the realm of the dead.

In addition, it is the embodiment of harmony between man and woman.

Experts say that the symbol also expresses the connection between the Higher Powers and the generations of the people. It is its culture, traditions, everyday life and knowledge. Everything that has been accumulated by ancestors is expressed in this symbol.

The owner of the amulet shows that he honors and respects the traditions of his family, his ancestors. Moreover, he has enough knowledge to pass it on to the descendants. The main duty of a true Slav - the continuation of the family. Holder of Kvadrat Svarog thereby expresses his readiness for it.

The amulet will help not to stray from the path, go to the intended goal. He will protect the owner from evil influences and give wisdom to cope with enemies.

Cross of Svarog

One of the most famous and recognizable symbols of the god Svarog is the Cross of Svarog. These days it can often be found on clothing with ethnic ornaments. Svarog's Cross has several other names: Alatyr, Star of Svarog. His meaning is intertwined knowledge of the foundation of the universe, it denotes the center of the world, its beginning and end.

Externally, the sign resembles a star with eight rays, in the center of which there are two crosses: one straight, and the second - oblique. Straight cross symbolizes the male origin, and the slant - the female. When the crosses merge together, they form an eight-rayed star, the number of rays of which had a sacred meaning for the ancient Slavs. The eight rays of Svarog's Star are a symbol of eternity of the world and infinity of motion. Not for nothing in the ancient Slavic calendar designated eight major religious festivals, and at the altar by tradition lit eight candles.

Types of amulets

There are two varieties of the Cross of Svarog:

  1. Star. In this case, all the rays of the sign are directed exclusively upwards or downwards.
  2. Shield. In this symbol the rays are directed evenly up and down.

The star amulet symbolizes the feminine and masculine and reminds people of their origins. The male "side" of the symbol carries strength, fearlessness and endurance. The feminine side of the sign is responsible for intuition and self-realization. Svarog's cross in the form of a star, applied to clothing, was often used by witches. It was believed that such a symbol would help them find the hidden knowledge and wisdom of the ancestors.

Svarog's cross in the form of a shield symbolizes enlightenment, which one gets "from above". Such a symbol protected the person wearing it from evil thoughts and actions. People who used the sign became closer to God by living by his commandments. The shield helps a person find his place in life and gain wisdom. Another important property of the shield is protection from evil and enemies.

Star of Russia in the Sun

The Star of Russia is an amazing amulet. Its symbolism is deep and significant. Inside the star is depicted a kolovrat. He embodies the masculine beginning. The symbol of the Sun is the symbol of Svarog. The constant motion of the luminary ensures life on the planet.

The visible circle is a feminine sign. This way, the amulet contains the unity of masculinity and femininity on the principle of Chinese Yin and Yang.

You can see that all the elements in the picture are strongly intertwined. This is a confirmation of the power of the Slavic people.

How does the amulet hammer work?

It is believed that this amulet brings positive changes in the life of its owner: inspires self-confidence, helps to strengthen family relationships, achieve certain goals, as well as heights in the career, chases away heavy thoughts and adjusts to the positive.

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Wearing a talisman hammer Svarog conducts in the life of the carrier wisdom of previous generations and contributes to the preservation of traditions in the family, which the Slavs attached special importance.

CUSTOMS! In addition to personal protection, the amulet can protect the entire family from various troubles: from diseases to the evil eye.

Who and how can wear this amulet

This is a very powerful talisman. Wearing it to people who are weak in spirit is not recommended. They may not cope with the energy of the amulet. Therefore, children and teenagers are contraindicated to wear it.

In the beginning, a person must stand firmly on his or her feet, reach a mature age. Esotericists do not even recommend wearing clothes with the Star of Russia depicted.

The Svarog square is recommended:

  1. Male warriors. Amulet will make the defender of the Fatherland invulnerable, invincible.
  2. People who are on duty to solve important issues, to make decisions when other people's lives depend on them. The talisman will prompt the right path.
  3. Workers who are engaged in heavy physical labor, particularly farmers, harvesters.
  4. Women who seek tranquility and comfort at home.
  5. Historians and philosophers who study their native culture. The amulet will help them understand the traditions of their ancestors.
  6. Managers and politicians. Svarog square will give wisdom, will unite the team (the people).

Important! Amulet will not help villains who want to use the power of the symbol to achieve selfish ends.

The Star of Russia is usually worn as a tattoo or as jewelry (pendants, rings). Before using, the talisman should be cleansed of negative energy and activated.

The amulet is cleansed just before you start wearing it. To remove the negative, you can hold the amulet over a candle flame or under a stream of running water. The power of the elements will eliminate all negative energy.

Activate the Star of Russia with your own breath or with ancient prayers.

Damaged talisman can not be worn. If there are any scratches or chips on the amulet, you should get rid of it. A suitable solution is to bury it in a deserted place. It is important to thank the serving amulet for its work.

Significance for a man

Svarog is a god who owns the secrets of blacksmithing. His symbol is fire. You can discern the petals of flame on the sign. Svarog square will be useful to men associated with the military, blacksmithing. Also, it is suitable for the males who are concerned about the continuation of their bloodline. Amulet will help to acquire an heir and preserve the traditions of the dynasty.

The owner of the amulet will bestow intuition and wisdom. These qualities will help a man to go the way intended, to achieve his goals, to make the necessary and correct decisions.

The talisman will give the wearer courage and bravery. These qualities are necessary for a real defender, continuator of the family. In addition, the abilities and talents of men wearing the Star of Russia will develop and reach unprecedented heights.

Kvadrat Svarog recommended to wear and those who found themselves before the choice and can not make it. Star of Russia protects the wearer from laziness, idleness, and debauchery. Also amulet protects against evil spirits.

Wear the Star of Russia is allowed only on reaching a mature age.

Men usually wear the Svarog Square in the form of a tattoo or jewelry. In the latter case, a good solution would be a pendant or ring with printed symbolism. The skillful men can make the amulet on their own. You can carve or burn the symbol on wood, and skilled craftsmen at home even make pendants or rings with the image of the Star of Russia.

Can the amulet be worn by women

The atmosphere in the house depends on the woman. She gives coziness to the inhabitants. Therefore, it is important for every representative of the fair sex to have purely feminine qualities of character: kindness, cordiality, wisdom and calmness. And they are what will give the amulet its mistress.

Disputes over whether women are allowed to wear the amulet did not arise by chance. Many esotericists believe that the Svarog square is a masculine symbol. But we must not forget that in the sign there is also the embodiment of the feminine beginning - the circle. Wear this talisman as a talisman for women. It will endow them with the best qualities that a true guardian of family values should have.

The Star of Russia will bestow upon its owner:

  • Tranquility and confidence in the future.
  • Prosperity and harmony.
  • Wisdom and prudence.
  • Health.

All these gifts will be distributed not only on a representative of the fair sex, but also on her children. This amulet will help only a woman who honors the memory of her ancestors and respects the traditions of her family.

Women can wear the Star of Russia as jewelry: a pendant or a ring. Embroidery on clothing will be a successful option. It is better to decorate a dress or blouse in such a place that the sign is not conspicuous (on the wrong side, for example). Independently made amulet has even greater power.

Hammer Svarog

Amulet Hammer Svarog externally resembles a hammer smith. On its beater on one side is applied Svarog Square, which endows the owner of the mascot power and wisdom of the ancestors. On the reverse side of the beater depicts rune Az, which is also called Alatyr. Talisman helps to learn new professions and develop inherent human talents and abilities. With its help, you can not only become a master of his craft, but also to gain confidence and determination.

A person wearing the amulet must restructure his life and live by "God's laws". He must cleanse his thoughts from negativity and his heart from evil and hatred. Such a talisman is also suitable for home use. Placed in the house, the Hammer of Svarog will help unite the family and establish relations between representatives of different generations.

Tattoo of the Square of Svarog and its meaning for the owner

Widespread tattoo in the form of the Square of Svarog. The figure is often used by men. It is important to apply the figure to those parts of the body that are hidden from the eyes by clothing.

You can choose areas of the shoulders, back, chest. Demonstration of the symbol is not allowed. It is worth remembering that this sign is not suitable for all people. He has a powerful energy, with which not every person can cope.

The meaning of the tattoo is the same as that of a talisman made in the form of a pendant, a ring. The symbolism gives the bearer strength and fortitude, strengthens intuition, develops creativity.

Star of Russia is suitable people, confused in life. Tattoo will help make the right choice to return to the right path.

In no case can not apply the tattoo to persons under the age of majority. This is a sign that has a powerful energy. The bearer may not be able to cope with the influence of the symbol. As a result, aggressive behavior will appear.

Question to the expert

How do I know if this tattoo is suitable for me?

Magicians recommend that a temporary tattoo be done first. If the bearer will feel uncomfortable or negative qualities of character will begin to manifest, increase, it is better to refuse from the tattoo.

What does the tattoo mean?

The Svarog Square tattoo is not so much protective as it helps the wearer to realize and reveal talents. The runic sign applied to the body makes a person industrious, striving for self-development. It eliminates all obstacles that prevent professional and personal growth, gain experience and craft skills.

Square Svarog meaning is strong, the tattoo should not be done hastily. It is necessary to think carefully before choosing the Svarog's Square as a sketch to be applied to the body. The tattoo, having a magical effect, can overturn the usual course of life, with what not everyone can morally cope.

The best places for tattoos are the chest and shoulders. The closer the image to the heart, the stronger it affects the bearer.

Interesting video on the subject

With other interpretations of the symbolism of the Svarog Square can be found in the video source:

From the video get to know what the sign meant to our ancestors, and what they associated it with. The author reveals the meaning of the symbol, talks about who is suitable for this talisman, and how to wear it correctly.

The square of Svarog is an exceptional Slavic symbol that will serve as a powerful amulet and will be the protector of the owner for life. The twofold attitude to the sign only adds to its mystery and makes it even more popular. The strong energy of the Star of Russia will not allow to own an amulet to a person who is spineless and has no connection with ancestors. Only true admirers of family values can confidently claim the right to become the owner of the Svarog Square.


Among the many pagan deities of our ancestors, the great god Svarog occupies a special place. In translation from the language of the Aryans, "Svarog" literally means "walking in the sky. The names Father Heavenly or simply God can also be applied to him. According to the beliefs of the ancient Slavs, Svarog is a blacksmith god, whose hammer is still considered a powerful talisman.

Our ancestors spoke of him as the creator of all things in the universe and the ancestor of the first gods - Svarozhich. Svarog was the spouse of the goddess Lada, and his son, Dazhdbog, became one of the main Slavic gods - the patron of fertility and sunlight. Everyone knows Perun, the second son of Svarog, the great and formidable God-Thunderer, and his third son, Semargl, ruled over fire.

There is a legend of how Svarog threw into the Great Ocean sacred stone Alatyr, after which the Earth's surface was formed. In ancient Slavic mythology, Svarog is the lord of fire, which gives the life force to all life on Earth. In contrast to the god Veles, Svarog creates everything not by magic but with his hands, and that is why he is considered a symbol of labor. It is believed that Svarog taught people to make cottage cheese and cheese from cow's milk. The ancient Slavs considered these products sacred and regarded them as a gift from the gods.

Svarozhi circle, which is an alternative to the well-known zodiacal circle, is associated with the name of the god. Svarog Circle is divided into 16 parts - the chambers. Each attribute has its own patron god and endows the person born under it with a set of certain qualities. Svarog Circle is a whole philosophy, which is not easy for a modern person to understand.

Our ancestors imagined Svarog as a bogatyr in the prime of life. His clothes were depicted differently depending on the circumstances. In peacetime Svarog was dressed in a simple linen shirt. In such an image in the hands of the god is often depicted hammer, with which he "forged the world. In times of war and unrest, the god wore fiery armor, but in the hands of him held a two-edged sword, which killed the enemies of the race.

How to choose a hammer amulet

"Proper" amulet in the form of a hammer is made of wood or metal. In this case, it is necessary to take into account that the wood must be of a certain species.

Because the hammer in the sense is endowed with masculine energy, it means that the material for making it must correspond to its purpose. Such "masculine" trees are considered, for example, cedar or oak.

If an amulet is made of metal (less often than of wood), usually the choice is made in favor of silver. This material enhances the protective properties and helps to banish negative energy.

Choose this amulet can be chosen only if the carrier is truthful and sincere. Otherwise, the amulet will only interfere in his life.

Not just a tool

The tattoo of the hammer on the bodies of girls and guys equally refers to ancient mythology, to the Scandinavian in the first place. It symbolizes moments such as:

  • creation (but also destruction too);
  • creative activity;
  • divine creation;
  • omnipotence;
  • supreme power.

Pictures with a hammer on their bodies have been painted for centuries by those who wanted to accentuate their courage, their ability to fight the most difficult situations vividly and convincingly. It was believed that such a plot would be a reliable barrier to ailments, would facilitate a fair decision in an ambiguous situation.


For women

For men