Singer Nargiz Zakirova: biography, creative path. Personal life, family, children

Nargiz Zakirova is a Russian singer, who became famous for her extraordinary appearance. The singer really has a lot of tattoos, and it is explained by the fact that she worked in a tattoo - salon in New York in her youth.

Each tattoo of Nargiz has a sacred meaning and a message that will help us to understand a little bit about her amazing and unusual personality. There are tattoos almost all over the musician's body. As the singer said herself, in her native Uzbekistan, she already wanted to decorate her body, and when she came to American New - York she immediately began to fulfill her dream. She tattooed it whenever she had free time, when her clients were away.

The first tattoo appeared on the left arm in 1996 in the form of the omkar sign. This tattoo symbolizes the balance of good and evil in this world.

Early years

Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography is so interesting to fans of the singer, was born in Uzbekistan in 1970. All of Nargiz family is associated with musical art: her grandfather was an opera singer, grandmother performed folk songs, mother and father were also musicians.

nargiz zakirova biography
Singer Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography is full of unexpected twists and turns, probably knew only one thing from her childhood - that she wanted to be a singer. At the age of 4, Zakirova made her first appearance on stage and hasn't parted from it since. After school, she graduated from the variety vocal department at the Tashkent Circus School.

From her childhood Nargiz was distinguished by her freedom-loving disposition and desire for self-expression. For the orthodox Uzbek culture, the girl's colorful hair (she was not yet shaved naked at the time) and revealing outfits were a shock therapy. The singer repeatedly admitted that she had a hard time in her homeland and was often insulted because of her appearance. And when an opportunity arose to leave, Nargiz did it.


The phoenix adorns the singer's right leg. The mythical bird is associated with eternal life, as well as rebirth.

Nargiz's left leg is decorated with a sugar skull. The tattoo symbolizes the deceased and is closely related to the Mexican holiday of the same name, "Day of the Deceased". In honor of the holiday, Mexicans decorate their homes with various sweet dishes and skulls in honor of the dead. This tattoo is dedicated to a close friend of the singer.

Also on her left leg is a bracelet, on which sits a spider. The interpretation of this tattoo is unknown.

Immigration to the United States

At the age of 25, Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography and personal life did not develop in the best way, immigrated to the United States with her parents. At that time, the girl had a young daughter from her first unsuccessful marriage, and she was also pregnant by her second husband.

nrgiz zakirova biography personal life
Things did not go smoothly for Uzbek immigrants in the United States. Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography did not promise anything good in those years, was left in an unfamiliar country with two children in her arms (her second husband soon crashed his car). The singer could not find a decent job because of her poor language skills: at first she worked in a store, then in a pizzeria, but most of all in a video store. Nargiz did not make music at that time.

However, everything changed dramatically when the young woman met a singer of Italian origin - Phil - in one of the restaurants in New York. Her new friend got her a job as a vocalist at the same place where he was performing, and after a while he proposed to her. Things slowly began to get better.

Participation in the show

The "Voice" project was conceived as a platform for the performance of different vocalists. Participants could perform in different genres and in any language. The show runs in several stages. Nargiz had planned to participate back in the first season, but her father fell seriously ill.

The Voice project

Pulat was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in April 2013. Zakirova took the loss hard, but she decided to return to her dream.. The singer decided to participate in the second season of the show "The Voice". At the same time, the woman went through three qualifying stages for the American program X-factor, but in the end the choice was made in favor of the Russian project.

At the "Blind Audition" Nargiz performed the song Scorpions Still Loving You. The members of the jury were captivated by her performance. The singer chose Leonid Agutin's team. Zakirova's number gathered a lot of views. Pelageya suggested the contestant to sing together in ethnic style, but Nargiz had difficulties remembering Russian.

At the "Duel" stage, Zakirova performed the song "Castle of Rain" together with Anna Alexandrova. The singer was helped not only by her good vocal skills, but also by her charisma and artistry. Each stage of "The Voice" show made her more and more popular. In the finals, she was second only to Sergei Volochkov.

Nargiz herself considers second place a complete victory. She signed a contract with Max Fadeev. In 2021, Zakirova's third album "Heart Noise" was released. Several music videos were released.

Fans like the performance of Nargiz songs. She attracts with her openness, honesty, artistry. Zakirova rarely travels to the U.S. because her work takes up a lot of her time. Her family and children are sympathetic to this.

The woman is not afraid to experiment. She recorded a musical composition with the rapper Basta "Goodbye, beloved city". The work was posted on Youtube and garnered several million views.

A drastic change of image

Nargiz confessed in one of her interviews that she didn't get tattoos in Uzbekistan only because she didn't want to aggravate her relationship with her compatriots. When the young woman found herself in New York, she felt the desired freedom, so she went to a salon and immediately got her first tattoo - a sign of freedom. Then Nargiz just could not stop.

singer nergiz zakirova biography
To date, the singer has forty percent of her body covered in tattoos. After taking part in the fateful show "The Voice" Zakirova had a fresh tattoo on her arm in memory of this event.

As for the extravagant hairstyle, for a long time Zakirova limited herself to dyeing her hair in different colors. One day she wanted to just shave off some of the hair on her head, so she went and did it. And she stopped the remaining ponytail into dreadlocks. The singer's mother, of course, was shocked, but has long since learned to accept her daughter for who she is.


Nargiz has a real work of art on her back. The tattoo contains: an embryo surrounded by peaks and hieroglyphs. As the singer herself says, the tattoo refers to our planet. The hieroglyph is dedicated to a very important man in the artist's life - Max Fadeev.

Another tattoo on her back is just below the embryo and is made in the form of a symmetrical patterned figure.

One of the singer's latest tattoos is on her left side and includes a skull in the form of a flower.

Nargiz Zakirova: biography, photos. The "Voice" contest

At a certain point Nargiz Zakirova realized that she needed to move forward professionally and decided to go to the first season of "The Voice" project. But at that moment her father became seriously ill, and participation in the contest had to be postponed.

nergiz zakirova biography photo
Unfortunately, Pulat Mordukhaev (Nargiz's father) passed away in 2013 from cancer. To take her mind off her worries, Zakirova went to the American show "X Factor". She passed several qualifying rounds, but she never waited for a call from the producers. Then the girl packed her bags and came to Moscow for "Voice 2."

All four members of the jury turned to Nargiz at the first audition. Zakirova chose Leonid Agutin as her mentor and reached the finals with him. However, Sergey Volchkov knocked the victory out of the flamboyant woman's hands. While Volchkova is just waiting to record her debut album, Zakirova signed a contract with Maxim Fadeev and has already released two music videos for her own songs. So who actually turned out to be the winner, time will tell.

Symbolism of the images

All of Nargiz Zakirova's tattoos can be seen in her photos. They cover every part of the body. Living in Uzbekistan, she was already drawn to body art, but did not have the opportunity to do it. Upon arriving in America, she immediately fulfilled her dream. Tattoos appeared on her body in her native salon in her spare time when there were no clients and the artists created their masterpieces on each other.

The first tattoo appeared on Nargiz Zakirova's body was of the omkar sign. This symbol symbolizes the harmony of good and evil. The tattoo was made in 1996 on the left arm.

The singer's head is decorated with a Buddhist tattoo. It was made during a period of fascination with this magical philosophy. Later, Nargiz turned her gaze to paganism.

On the chest is an image of a black heart in the form of a spiral made in honor of Marilyn Manson, the artist's favorite singer. It was on the album with the song "Heart-Shaped Glasses", only in red.

Nargiz Zakirova's right leg is adorned with a large-scale tattoo of a phoenix bird. It symbolizes the absence of death, eternal rebirth.

Nargiz Zakirova has a sugar skull tattoo on her left arm, dedicated to the memory of a close friend. The meaning is that the deceased do not want to see us suffer. In Mexico and Spain, there is an amazing holiday - the Day of the Deceased. On this day, everyone decorates their homes with skulls and sweets and makes a procession to please the loved ones watching over us from above.

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The outer side of the left arm is covered with a drawing with a tree inside, which was dedicated to the artist by a familiar master. The sketch was created especially for her.

On the belly of the singer there are bats, symbolizing success, material prosperity, fertility.

There are many illustrations of stars on the artist's body - on her hands, stomach, fingers. They symbolize overcoming obstacles, victory. The pentagram's placement is important so as not to distort its meaning. In addition to this magical symbol, she has three sixes, hieroglyphs, spiders.

The singer's lower back is decorated with a symmetrical pattern.

In honor of her participation in the "Voice" project, Nargiz made a tattoo on her right arm in the form of the name of the show, made in gothic font.

The photo of Nargiz Zakirova's latest tattoo on her back is striking and mesmerizing. According to her, it depicts an embryo surrounded by amulets of pikes. It symbolizes the globe. The hieroglyphs represent the initials of a dear man who believed in her and gave her a start in show business - Max Fadeev.

On the left side there is a skull in the form of a flower.

On the right shoulder there is a colorful and bright lizard tattoo.

On her left leg is a patterned bracelet with a spider.

The flamboyant singer is very harmonious in her image. She opens her inner world this way, she expresses herself. What each tattoo of Nargiz Zakirova means to the end is unknown to anyone. She only opens up the veil over a part of her story, leaving behind the most personal and intimate things.

Collaboration with Maxim Fadeev

Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography turned into a star story only by the age of 40, is currently working closely with Maxim Fadeev.

nergiz zakirova biography family
The singer tried to get acquainted with him in 2005. When Nargiz won second place in the show "The Voice", Fadeev found her and offered her his song for free. Soon Fadeev and Zakirova signed a contract, and she officially became his artist.

According to Nargiz, Fadeev has organized a fabulous life for her: he has set up her life in Moscow, provided her with a car and loyally organizes touring tours. The singer is also delighted with the songs the producer writes for her. At the moment, two music videos for the hits "You are my tenderness" and "I am not your war" were shot.

Nargiz also voiced a cartoon character - a gypsy from the cartoon "The Three Bogatyrs. The Way of the Horse" and also took part in an episode of the show "Battle of the Psychics".

Plans for the future

Singer Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography is finally developing on a positive scenario, today has a busy touring schedule. Literally every day she has a concert planned, and for several months in advance.

In addition, fans and journalists tortured the performer with questions about the music album. In 2014. Zakirova calmed her fans by admitting that the work on the debut album is in full swing. But since the singer wants to give it a special sound, it will take quite a long time to record the material.


The last, hopefully not the last, tattoo of Nargiz is located on the singer's stomach. The bats symbolize the achievement of goals and material well-being.

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Nargiz Zakirova: biography, family

Officially Nargiz has been married three times. The singer admits that in addition to this she had many other hobbies, which is normal for a creative person.

Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography, personal life at the initial stages resembled hell, has three children from different marriages. The singer's first choice was an Uzbek rock musician, by whom her daughter Sabina was born. However, dreams of a happy family life crumbled even when Nargiz was pregnant: in the first tour of her husband went to all sorts of trouble. Zakirova split up with her husband and is still not in touch with him.

Roughly the same story happened with her second husband. Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography and children arouse public interest, gave birth to a son from her second lover. But she filed for divorce shortly before her husband tragically died.

nergiz zakirova biography children
The singer's third marriage lasted almost 15 years. She claims that she is absolutely happy and finally found out what real love is. To her third husband, Zakirova also gave birth to a child - a girl Leila.


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