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Hip-hop and rap are considered one of the popular directions of music. First of all, they are preferred by young people and teenagers. Today, the popularity has also come to the young performer Alexei Uzenyuk, who is better known under the stage name LJ. Most fans are delighted not only by his performance, but also by the tattoos located all over his body.

A young man with white eyes, dressed in a stylish "bomber" jacket and regularly organizing "explosions" in places of mass concentration of people - no, this is not a description of the portrait of a person detained on suspicion of committing a crime, but just the external stylistics of LJ. The young performer was born in 1994 in Novosibirsk. And today he is an idol not only of Russian fans, but also of many foreign fans.

Most people know LJ by his songs:

  • Minimal .
  • Pink Wine (Feduk).
  • Ripped Jeans.

He steadily occupies the niche of the main pop celebrity, who is listened to by both pop music fans and fans of hip-hop direction.

Elj - Allj, photos, songs, instagram, biography, tattoos, videos, youtube

Elj Official YouTube Channel has 196 thousand subscribers. As of 2021, Elj & Feduk's most popular video "Pink Wine" has 49 million views, followed by "Ripped Jeans" in second place with 19 million views, and "Ultramarine Dancing" in third place with 4 million views! In addition, many other video bloggers from Russia post his popular videos, reviews, facts about the singer and conflicts with Feduk.

LJ tries to do concerts in every city of Russia, where they recognize the rapper's creativity and are happy to see and hear him, as well as to take selfies with him if possible. The concert life of the singer is not limited to Russia, he also performs abroad.

Tattoos of LJ photo on the body

The meaning of tattoos for men

Young men usually get such a tattoo not to ask for help from the universe or other people. They themselves personify themselves with this lantern and let others know that they can rely on them. Such men are always ready to support others and help with advice. You can turn to them for help at any time of the day - they will never stand by if someone is in trouble.

The lantern for young men symbolizes deep awareness and wisdom. The owners of such a tattoo are always accountable for their actions, do not throw words to the wind and are responsible for their actions. They are self-confident and self-sufficient people, bearing full responsibility for the events in life.

LJ gives concerts in different cities in Russia and not only


Instagram page - LJ / Allj Sayonaraboy

On his page, LJ doesn't post much. The main information he posts are posts about his new music and videos, as well as photos in cool cars, with friends. The kind of atmosphere that prevails at his concerts, he dedicates videos to.

Instagram page - LJ / Allj Sayonaraboy

LJ / Allj biography

So, LJ is one of the young, talented rap singers who gained popularity in a short time. Young performers are increasingly making their way through the social network "Vkontakte" and become known through the maintenance of their groups in Vk and personal pages, where the stars put up video clips of their creative life. Each video is professionally shot in order to attract a young audience, and the video has gained a lot of views and comments from the audience. Each video shows the youth dance fashion as well as an exclusive selection of clothes for each dance participant, cool stylish hairstyles, hair color. In each video performer LJ in a new image and with a new hairstyle. Each video features young, beautiful, athletic, sexy girls with whom he embraces and dances, choosing different places to dance (in a nightclub, at home, on the street or in a group exercise room). In many of his videos, LJ wears glasses to be on trend. But recently, LJ has been starring in his music videos without glasses, because the image of the rap star has changed, and he started wearing clear lenses that don't show the color of his eyes. Many of his fans are thinking, "What's wrong with his eyes?" And this is just an image change to get fans' attention.

Lantern pole: meaning.

The lantern pole is designed to illuminate the streets at night. Tattoo with this symbol means lighting the way of life. Such a body drawing is suitable for people who listen too much to the opinion of other people and follow someone else's path. They do not hear their inner voice, and their life has turned into darkness.

The lantern serves as a talisman designed to shed light, to help a person get rid of mistaken beliefs and to find himself. A tattoo with this symbol will become a perpetual amulet that will no longer allow its wearer to go astray.

A lantern pole in a patterned cast iron frame looks very beautiful and mysterious. Such a drawing carries charm and mystery. Such a tattoo can be imposed solely for the sake of decoration. Also, it is applied by connoisseurs of historical architectural elements. In Russia in the 17th century street lamps were given special attention, and the most beautiful elements are in St. Petersburg.

The tattoo will suit a person who is in search of an answer to a vital question. It can be the mystery of his birth, finding his parents or exposing a lie. The lantern in this case will be an assistant in the search for the truth. With such a symbol the bearer of the tattoo fixes in his memory that he is not ready to put up with the situation and by all means will get to the truth.

On the other hand, the tattoo may symbolize an important life event, which with the help of a lantern the person wants to immortalize in his memory. In this case, the tattoo can be supplemented with various elements, depending on the nature of this event. If it is the birth of a child, a baby is depicted, and if the conclusion of a marriage, two rings, a swan or hearts.

If the lantern is depicted on the pole, the owner of the tattoo wants to attract new ideas and thoughts in his life. The symbol is a reflection of the inner desire to change the familiar world, to bring in new colors and to rock the foundations of life. Also, the body art can mean that the owner of the tattoo has pure and bright thoughts and has a consciousness. The tattoo symbolizes solid character, responsibility and high notions of morality.

The lantern tattoo in the form of a pumpkin is stuffed as a protective amulet. Such a drawing protects its owner from the negative impact and influence of the dark forces. Also, the tattoo helps a person to be resistant to harmful addictions. The image of a pumpkin scares away evil spirits that feed on a person's energy by imposing bad habits on them. Such a tattoo creates protection for its owner, attracts good luck and prudence.

Since the lamppost can be stuffed with people who need support. Sometimes the element symbolizes a specific patron on whom the owner of the tattoo relies. Then there may be an inscription of the person's name next to the lantern. The message that comes from such a tattoo is "you are my light."

If a burning candle is depicted inside the lantern, the tattoo communicates that its wearer feels protected from trouble and misfortune. The candle fire symbolizes human life. It can be easily extinguished by a gust of wind. But the lantern has special glasses that prevent such a phenomenon. The fire will go out on its own when its time comes, not under the influence of external factors. An extinguished candle, from which smoke comes, symbolizes the loss of an important person in life, grief and loss.

Popular songs by Alex Uzenyuk (LJ Allj)

Elj explodes the charts with his tracks on both radio and television. The lyrics are easy to understand, so you can listen and hum along. Almost every nightclub plays his tracks in remix as well as in the original. The popularity grows with each passing day.

Popular songs Alexey Uzenyuk (Elj Allj), videos of many of the songs can be seen below:

  • Minimal
  • Densim
  • Hey, Guys
  • Ecstasy 2.0 (CVPELLV Remix)
  • Pink Wine (feat. Feduk)
  • Ultramarine dance
  • ZEF
  • Ecstasy
  • Ultraviolet Lamp
  • Mamá
  • Top top
  • Ripped jeans
  • FckuDJ
  • Tic-tac
  • Bounce
  • What happened to my eyes?
  • Nowhere to run (Kongrezz Remix)
  • FckuDJ (prod. Zest & Meroshi)
  • Flying home (prod. DJ Cave)
  • 143
  • UFO
  • Major Lazer
  • Hello Kitty (Remix)
  • Sayonara
  • No promises
  • Disconnect (feat. Kravts)
  • Valentino (feat. Enrage)
  • Ragamuffin
  • Disconnect
  • Music by ft. MiyaGi & Endshpil
  • There's nowhere to run (feat. Oleg Smith)

Before he became famous.

Alexey was born in 1994 in Novosibirsk, from childhood he was drawn to music, the boy attended vocal class, was engaged in creativity. After school he entered a medical school, starts working at the same time. But the zeal to become a musician takes its toll and LJ leaves routine occupations and devotes himself to music, as you see, not in vain.

Early creativity

The way of LJ's rapper began, oddly enough, with battles. There were rap battles in his hometown, and Alexei happened to attend one of them. Impressed by this phenomenon, he realized that he could do better than the guys who performed there. At the age of 13-15 he even took part in both offline and online battles, winning many of them.

In 2013, Allj releases his first studio album together with the rapper "Mal``om".

In terms of sound, it sounds like "driveway lyrics", underground, that is not at all the style in which we are used to hearing LJ now.

In 2014, Alexey's second album is released with the title "Heads Smoking.". The audience accepted the album "with flying colors", the sounding became better and the music more interesting. And the main song of the album, with the same name, sounded from every car. For the sake of it they even put a subwoofer to impress the weaker sex. It was the performer's first success, but not the last.

In 2015, Allj released the album "Cannon" and began to travel around the country with concerts. This way he expands his audience even more.

In 2016, he publishes a solo album "Catacombs", in which he wants to mention a fairly hit track "Music", recorded together with the performers MiyaGi & Endshpil. It already feels a new sound, a departure from the old style.


The turning point in the work of Eljay can be noted in September 2016, that's when the joint track with Kravts "Disconnect" is released. He instantly "shoots", occupies the first places in all the charts and becomes a hit of all parties.

On the hands.

This is where a huge number of the musician's body art is stuffed. For example, on the phalanges of the fingers paints a bullet, symbolizing marksmanship, the desire to achieve the set goal, speed and at the same time danger.

A smiley face looks out from the wrist, and the wrist is decorated with a barbed wire bracelet.

On the side are the letters "ZEF", carrying philosophical meaning and the ability to dress in inexpensive clothes, but still look stylish, and be above this need.

On his forearm you can consider a pole with wires and a lantern, and his hands are also decorated with various small compositions, one of which is called a "sleeve".

Not so long ago, Alexei together with his girlfriend Nastya Ivleeva made paired tattoos. These are 2 rings in the form of an infinity sign on the outer side of the palm. By the way, we also wrote an article about Nastya Ivleeva's tattoos, anyone interested - read it.

In summary, we can say that his concert performances gather a mass of fans, his videos are viewed by millions, and his personal life is constantly under the scrutiny of irrepressible journalists and photo reporters.

But LJ is firmly holding his punches, showing everyone only what he thinks is necessary. Everything else is his little secret, which for many will remain unsolved.


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