Meaning of tattoo life for girls and men, photo tattoo tree of life

Mega-popular tattoo art amazes us today with its variety and creativity, complexity and technique at a very high level. Especially relevant in 2021 are tattoo-inscriptions with wise statements, messages from the owners of tattooed inscriptions to the surrounding society, aphorisms and quotations of famous people of all times and peoples. They can be executed in different languages of the world. The most popular languages of tattoo inscriptions 2021: English, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Hebrew and Latin.

Tattoo inscriptions for girls 2021

In tattoo inscriptions on women's bodies in 2021 there are more often beautiful and romantic statements about love experiences, figurative statements often combined with a refined and exquisite pattern or drawing. Often the place for inscriptions in the form of tattoos girls choose the most intimate and hidden corners of their bodies. The most popular zones for tattoos for girls: clavicle, upper and lower abdomen, rather intimate zone under breasts, wrists and legs.


Tattooing - the introduction of dyeing substances under the skin. The peculiarity of the structure of the skin allows the drawing to be fixed on the surface, without penetrating into other layers. That is why there is no allergy to the pigments. It is possible to reduce the risk of infection after tattooing only with the observance of hygienic rules by the master-professional. The sequence of actions when applying tattoos:

  • Selection of the image, its coordination with the master, or the creation of an individual sketch.
  • Translation of the sketch on tracing paper, then on the body.
  • Treatment of the skin with a special decontaminating solution.
  • Piercing the contour of the image.
  • Filling the contour with color or colors, applying shadows and highlights.
  • Treating the finished picture with an antiseptic solution, smearing the disturbed area with a healing composition, and applying a protective bandage.
  • Observance of the instructions for tattoo care will ensure the safety of the image, quick healing and exclude the risk of infiltration.

During tattooing the place of the image can be anesthetized.

The location of tattoos on the body is unlimited. From fingertips to eyes can be involved in tattooing. However, there are some of the most popular body parts to tattoo.

Tattoos in the form of inscriptions with meaning

Tattoo inscriptions come in a variety of content, but necessarily carry a certain meaning. For example, it can be a single word expressing the essence or meaning of the tattoo holder's life. It is also common to choose a tattoo in the form of the name of a loved one, a child or several children. Some couples get the same or paired tattoos, such as the words Mr. and Mrs. after marriage, each other's names. A common choice of tattoo fans is a few-word inscription with a wise statement, a clever thought, a life-affirming motto, a famous quote.

Tattoo variations in Russian

Modern tattoo inscriptions are represented by a wide range of varieties.

  • Quotes;
  • The names or dates of birth of loved ones;
  • Proverbs;
  • Excerpts from the Bible;
  • Patriotic slogans;
  • Magic phrases (lucky charms, spells to attract money, amulets);
  • Statements of scientific or cultural figures.

For a personal inscription choose both a laconic phrase and a long phrase (lines of a song, a poem, an epigram). The main thing is that Russian tattoos in the written version express a specific thought, idea or concept.

Latin Tattoo Inscriptions 2021

The most popular by frequency of choice of language for a tattoo in the form of an inscription remains Latin. Latin is one of the oldest languages of human culture and civilization, the great ancient philosophers and scientists stated their thoughts using this very language. No wonder that fans of tattoos, carrying the meaning more often Latin inscriptions about family and parents, about life and love, about religion and philosophy.

Women's life tattoos

The weaker half of humanity more often stops at miniature tattoos. Both pictures and texts are very neat. True, unlike men's, life tattoos for girls are more vivid, saturated.

Some ladies take the risk of stuffing large tattoos. There are usually reasons for this. For example, a girl has a lot to say about life. Sometimes it is not at all easy to get to the meaning of what is written or depicted. It is impossible to understand the meaning of the tattoo of life.

Women more often choose plant motifs. Writings on the body of girls abound with curls, peculiar lines. The tree of life tattoo is popular. Variants and modifications of this popular tattoo a great many. Variety contribute to a variety of performance styles and nail.

The picture can be monochrome or colored. That tree of life is equally suitable for women and men. The meaning of this symbol is just vital. Legends and myths of all cultures endow such a tree with special properties. Even in value equated to a living creature. The tattoo tree of life carries the meaning of infinity of life. Symbolizes the cyclicality of life, growth, development, immortality. As a tattoo of life and death.

There is also a tattoo of the flower of life, with a secret meaning. It occurs in all cultures. Flower is perceived as a symbol of life. Life originates in the center of the bud and continues indefinitely from the center and along the petals.

Of the frequently used tattoos are those dedicated to parents. These are words of gratitude for the gift of life. Such an inscription speaks of a man who loves and appreciates life, honoring his mother or both parents. Such a wish-inscription will be with the wearer until death. It means that the parents, the love and respect for them of the child, will also remain until the end.

Translation of tattoo inscriptions

When faced with the choice of a tattoo inscription in a foreign language, it is necessary to check the correctness of the translation, so as not to get into a ridiculous situation. Thanks to the latest technology that has permeated all areas of our lives, we can accurately translate the meaning of a statement or phrase from any world language. Also you can once again discuss and double-check the chosen inscription for tattooing with your tattoo artist, necessarily a professional.

What inscription to put on your arm?

The best method of making a statement to society is through tattoos on the arm. For men, inscriptions can be a tool of self-expression. Hands are a prominent place, so tattoos should be meaningful and speak as clearly as possible about the owner of the inscription.

Men's tattoos on the arm: inscriptions with translation, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

The inscription must be a clear description of the interests or goals, A kind of motto for life. For such people, the following phrase is ideal: "Destiny is in my hands, and happiness is always with me. You can put on your hand both a long text and a small word, the main thing is to choose the right location.

The hand may contain both a long text or a small word, the main thing is to choose the right location.

Men's tattoos on the arm: inscriptions with translation, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

Hands represent a huge variety of places for tattoos:

  • shoulders;
  • forearms;
  • wrists;
  • elbows;
  • fingers;
  • The back of the hand.

So, for example, a finger can fit a couple of words at most, but the forearm is a good place to stretch out. If there was a difficulty in choosing a tattoo, which in the future will be placed on the hand, you can come to the tattoo-master for a consultation, he will show sketches and offer his ideas.

Tattoo inscriptions on the leg

On different parts of the leg, you can place quite a large amount of characters of the word combination. Often the tattoo inscription is complemented by a pattern, drawing or individual elements. The most favorite for tattoo fans are: "He(she) walks in faith", "I will find the way or pave it myself", "The Holy Way", "Be brave, go where you feel good", "He(she) believes in his strength", "The road will take the walker".

In Latin.

  • Abiens, abi! - Going away, go away!
  • Ad futarum memoriam - For long memory.
  • Agnus Dei.
  • alis volat propriis - Flies on her own wings
  • Amor patriae - Love for the Motherland.
  • Arrectis auribus - Ears on my head
  • Ars amandi - The art of love
  • Ars sacra - Sacred art
  • Aut Caesar, aut nihil
  • Aut cum scuto, aut in scuto - Either with a shield or on a shield
  • Carpe diem - Live in the present.
  • Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero - Enjoy the moment, never trust the future.
  • Carthago delenda est - Carthage must be destroyed
  • Cogito ergo sum - I think, therefore I exist
  • Cognosce te ipsum! - Know thyself!
  • Concentia mille testes. - Conscience is a thousand witnesses.
  • Contra spem spero - Without hope.
  • Dicere non audeamus - Have the courage to say no.
  • Dictum factum, said is done.
  • Dum spiri, spero. - As long as I breathe, I hope!
  • Dum spiro, amo atque credo - As long as I breathe, I love and believe.
  • Ejusdem farinae - Of one dough.
  • Faber est suae quisque fortunae - Everyone is the smith of his own destiny.
  • Factum est factam - What is done is done (a fact is a fact).
  • Feminae naturam regere desperare est otium - When you think of humbling a woman's temper, say goodbye to peace!
  • Gloria victoribus - Glory to the victors
  • Gustus legibus non subiacet - Taste is not subject to laws
  • Hic sunt dracones - There are dragons here.
  • Hic sunt leones - There are lions here.
  • Homo homini lupus est - Man is a wolf to man.
  • Homo hominis amicus est - Man is a friend to man.
  • Homo liber - A free man.
  • Imago animi vultus est - The face is the mirror of the soul.
  • Imperare sibi maximum imperium est - Authority over oneself is the highest authority.
  • In Daemon Deus! - In Daemon God!
  • In dubio abstine - In doubt abstain.
  • In hac spe vivo - With this hope I live.
  • Injuria solvit amorem. - Love teaches offense.
  • Injuriam facilius facias guam feras - It is easy to offend, harder to endure.
  • Inter arma silent Musae - When guns talk, muses are silent.
  • Irreparabilium iprepara rabilium felix oblivio rerum - Happy is he who cannot regret the impossible
  • Juravi lingua, mentem injuratam gero - I swore by tongue, but not by thought.
  • Lassata viris necdum satiata recessit- Gone, weary of men, but still unsatisfied
  • Magna res est amor-Love is a great thing.
  • Malo mori quam foedari - Better death than dishonor.
  • Meliora spero - Hope for the best
  • Nomen est omen - A name is a sign.
  • Non progredi est regredi - Not to go forward is to go backward.
  • Non quae libri vita docet - Life teaches you things you don't read about in books.
  • nosce te ipsum - Know thyself
  • Nunc et semper te valde amabo - Now and always very much I love you
  • Odi et amo - Hate and love
  • Qui estis - Be what you are.
  • Qui sine peccato est - Who is without sin.
  • Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi - What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to bull.
  • Scio me multa nescere. - I know that I do not know much. (Socrates).
  • Si vis amari, ama - If you want to be loved, love.
  • Sine amore, nihil est vita - Life is meaningless without love.
  • Summum bonum - The highest bliss
  • Te amo est verum - I love you - that's the truth
  • Tecum vivere amem, tecum obeam libens - I want to live and die with you.
  • Ubi bene, ibi patria - Where there is good, there is homeland.
  • Ubi concordia, ibi victoria - Where there is concord, there is victory.
  • Ubi mel, ibi apes - Where there's honey, there's bees.
  • Vale et me ama - Farewell and love me.
  • Veni, vidi, vici - I came, I saw, I conquered.
  • Viam supervadet vadens - The road is for those who walk.
  • Vita brevis ars longa - Life is short, art is long.
  • Vivere est agere - To live is to act.
  • Vivere est cogitare. To live is to think!

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Tattoo with an inscription in the collarbone area

Sleek and subtle tattoo inscriptions in ornate and patterned lettering on a beautiful woman's neck are undoubtedly gorgeous. The inscriptions in this area can be flaunted or can be discreetly hidden under clothing. More often than not, tattoo inscriptions with the following content are chosen: "There is only room in my life for you alone", "What a girl wants - heaven wants", "Everything I want, will definitely come true!", "I came into this world to find happiness", "Everything happens as it is written from above".

Tattoo inscriptions on the neck

Girls, choosing a zone for a tattoo in the upper part of the body, stop at the neckline or collarbone, but men - all parts of the neck. On the side, just under the chin, on the back of the neck with the transition to the upper back - everywhere you can see the wise and clever tattoo phrases: "Life is short", "Listen to your heart", "My life - my rules", "You want peace - prepare for war", "Only God is my judge". A separate trend - the characters in the area of the neck, containing the knowledge of the Chinese sages.

Inscriptions for girls, translated from French

  • Aimer c'est avant tout prendre un risque - To love is to risk above all
  • Aimes-moi comme je t'aime et je t'aimerais comme tu m'aimes - Love me as I love you and will love you as you love me
  • C'est la vie - That's life
  • Ce qui ressemble a l'amour n'est que l'amour - What looks like love is love
  • Chaque jour je t'aime plus qu'hyer mais moins que demain - Every day I love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow
  • Croire à son etoile Believe in your star
  • Écoute ton coeur - Listen to your heart
  • Heureux ensemble. - Happy together.
  • J'aime ma maman I love my mother
  • Je préfère mourir dans tes bras que de vivre sans toi - Better to die in your arms than to live without you
  • Je vais au rêve - Going towards my dream
  • Jouis de chaque moment
  • Jouis de la vie, elle est livrée avec une date d`expiration - Enjoy life, it comes with an expiration date
  • L'amour est une sottise faite à deux. - Love is a foolishness created by two.
  • L'amour fou - Crazy love
  • L'argent ne fait pas le bonneur - It's not money that makes you happy
  • L'avenir d'un enfant est l'oeuvre de sa mère. - A child's future is the mother's concern.
  • L'espoir fait vivre - Hope sustains life
  • L'esprit cherche et c'est le coeur qui trouve. - The mind seeks, and only the heart finds.
  • L'amour fou. - Mad love.
  • Le baiser est la plus sûre façon de se taire en disant tout. - A kiss is the surest way to remain silent while talking about everything.
  • Le souvenir est le parfum de l'âme. - Le souvenir is the perfume of the soul.
  • Le temps c'est de l'argent - Time is money.
  • Le temps perdu ne se rattrape jamais
  • Les grands embrasements naissent de petites étincelles. - Les grands embrasements naissent de petites étincelles.
  • Les rêves se réalisent - Dreams come true
  • L'espoir fait vivre. - Hope keeps life alive.
  • Ma famille est toujours dans mon coeur - My family is always in my heart
  • Ma vie, mes règles - My life is my rules
  • Mieux vaut tard que jamais - Better late than never
  • Otez l'amour de votre vie, vous en ôtez les plaisirs
  • Que femme veut - Dieu le veut - What a woman wants, God wills.
  • Respecte le passé, crée le futur! - Respect the past, create the future!
  • Telle quelle - As it is.
  • Tendre. - Gentle.
  • Tous mes rêves se réalisent - All my dreams become reality
  • Tout le monde à mes pieds
  • Tout passe, tout casse, tout lasse Nothing lasts forever beneath the moon
  • Toute la vie est la lutte
  • Un amour, une vie One love, one life
  • Vivre et aimer

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Tattoos with inscriptions on the back.

If you are a fan of rather large body art, it is the back that is the most suitable base for their application. Often inscriptions on the back are finished with drawings or images of individual objects that are associated with the meaning of the statement. The most beloved options are: "Never give up", "I am Russian", "Life is beautiful", "My children are my wings", "Guardian Angel is always with me".

Tattooing is a very original, bold and unique way to show your individuality. Before you decide to get a tattoo as an inscription, weigh the pros and cons for yourself, decide on the content and professional master. Let your tattoo self-expression be harmonious and bring a sense of joy and satisfaction.


For women

For men