Tattoo Scorpion - meanings and designs for girls and men

Few people like such a dangerous insect to humans as a scorpion. Nevertheless, many people like to draw a scorpion and other predatory and dangerous animals. In the enlarged drawing a scorpion looks like a cancer, only you need to draw a completely different shaped tail, where there is a poisonous sting, like a wasp. The scorpion, just like the crayfish, has claws and a shell, only missing the long "whiskers". Now let's make a drawing of a scorpion and try to to draw the scorpionstep by step with an ordinary simple pencil.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Scorpio

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Scorpio is one of the most controversial personalities in the astrological circle of Zodiac signs. They are strong, passionate and uncompromising nature, capable of simultaneously arousing feelings of admiration and hatred. Have a subtle intuition, devoid of fear and doubt, self-confident and sarcastic.

Differ philosophical perception of reality, always defending their views, are sharp with others and are not able to compromise.

General Description

Scorpio has the strongest meaning among the constellations, it is patronized by belligerent Mars and intellectual Pluto. Scorpio's time begins on October 24 and ends on November 22.

It is the only representative in the astral circle that possesses three symbols.

Symbols are rare in pure form, but one or the other qualities are inherent in all representatives of the Zodiac sign.

By date of birth

Depending on the date of birth, people belonging to the constellation have different characters, habits and talents:

In the first decade of Scorpio (October 24-November 2), natural leaders are born. They are patronized by militant Mars, which endows them with a rare memory, a high level of intelligence, courage, confidence, and foresight. Those born in this period are characterized by a rare sensitivity, the gift of foresight, and extrasensory abilities.

The second decade of the sign. (November 3-November 13) is the patron of the Sun. During this period, strong, highly moral personalities are born. They are endowed with rare qualities, capable of implementing the most daring plans, always bring things to an end, not stopping in the face of serious difficulties. They are natural leaders, politicians, military analysts and businessmen.

None of the signs can compete with Scorpio of the second decade, he seems to be patronized by the universe itself.

Third Decade Scorpions. (November 14-November 22) are under the patronage of Venus. They are characterized by a bright attractive appearance, sexuality and charisma. They are easily carried away, emotional, and prone to exaggerating events. Find self-expression in creativity, journalism, have rare acting abilities and vocal data.

Where to score

The scapula is considered a classic place for the application of sketches, and the image of Scorpio is no exception. Tattoo with Scorpio on this part of the body emphasizes the sexual energy of the symbol. The forearm and shoulder allow you to draw as a small picture, and create on this part of the body a large-scale tattoo in the form of a sleeve. Neat tattoo symbols look original on the neck, wrist, the rise of the foot, ankle and any part of the body.


Scorpions maximalists. They must control everything that happens around them, being in the center of common attention. Often they are atheists, indifferent to prejudices, folk omens and beliefs, but show interest in astronomy, chiromancy and numerology.

It is considered that the four, five, eight, nine, and ten are the lucky numbers of Scorpio. The mystical three sixes protect the representatives of this sign.

And ten, eleven and twenty-one are often found throughout life: in business, business, the numbers of signing important agreements and contracts, the numbers of cars, houses and apartments.

Numerologists believe that these numbers attract fortune, bring good luck, influence temperament and character.

Scorpios are so confident and pragmatic that they can create their lives with their own hands, influencing education, career, relationships. And do their best to have only their own energy as the driving force.

Work and career

There is no profession in the world that is beyond the power of this sign of the Zodiac. Can be managers or cleaners, but can not be invisible, showing aerobatics in their field of action.

Will be effective in any job that will make a difference in the world, and ambition and perseverance will ensure success in any venture. Anyone with a female Scorpio on her side has a powerful ally. Will remember the slightest kindness shown to her, will repay it with sincere generosity.

Shrewd enough to be an experienced psychiatrist, psychologist, police officer, detective, lawyer or social worker, and her analytical mindset is ideal for research and analytical positions, especially in medical and scientific fields.

Wonderfully supportive, develops the talents and resources of others, making her more than suitable for jobs in banking, talent search, insurance, agencies.

Thanks to innate ingenuity, cunning perfectly cope with all the logical complex tasks set.

Accustomed to leadership in life, rapidly climb the career ladder, soon reach the coveted leadership positions. Despite the tough, complex character, Scorpio women enjoy the respect and love of employees and colleagues.


Scorpio - one of the most extravagant, temperamental signs. It is the embodiment of fierce love and imminent death. He has a bright appearance and inimitable creativity. Likes to stand out from the crowd, to be the center of attention. These people are beyond competition, ready for exploits for the sake of the feat.

Representatives of this sign have a sharp temper, animal instincts, rare sensitivity and dual nature. They are lovable, drama-prone personalities and loyal to their cause. Sometimes under the mask of calmness and infantilism there is a storm of emotions. In moments of aggression it is better not to get under the hot hand. They can sizzle with a glance, wipe out, overthrow the most worthy competitor.

Have an irrepressible thirst for life, capable of organizing. This is a competent, exacting boss and responsible subordinate. As a partner choose those people who listen to him and unconditionally share his point of view.

They do not tolerate prejudice and despise flattery and hypocrisy. Prefer a good war to a bad peace.

Do not submit to public opinion, can influence others.

Have a unique magnetism, have from the first minutes of communication, affect a rare sense of humor, education, and intelligence. If the object of attention surrender without a fight, Scorpios lose interest in it. But what is obtained with difficulty, requires imagination, skill and time, can permanently catch the attention of ambitious Scorpio.


For Scorpio women, money is a tool to be used for investing, saving or spending.

Able to earn, easy on the finances, but unpredictable!

Can save for a long time and then suddenly become wasteful. Will enjoy money. May be addicted to expensive accessories such as shoes or luxury leather bags.

Will accept a smaller income if it guarantees that she will be her own mistress and can achieve power in the future. Scorpio woman likes power, she will sacrifice a lot for it.

But she is too proud to live in squalid surroundings forever, she will become displeased if she is forced to do it for an unreasonably long time. Either will try to change the fate of the family after a certain period, or will gradually retreat into the dark world of the gray lizard, outwardly accepting, but inwardly experiencing intense bitterness.

Will not flaunt wealth, preferring to keep a secret how much money she has.


Scorpios have pronounced, memorable facial features, a broad chin and a pronounced sensual lip outline. The piercing gaze, bushy eyebrows are the first thing that catches your eye when you meet them, and the Scorpio's long eyelashes and dark eyes leave an unforgettable impression.

Scorpios have an athletic figure, with a well-formed chest and a short, broad neck. Men are distinguished by broad shoulders and well-defined vegetation on the arms. High stature and thinness are rare for the representatives of this sign. Often they are stocky, dense-bodied, athletic people.

The appearance of the Scorpio man is reminiscent of a mighty bear lurking in anticipation of prey. And the prey can be of a different nature: a woman you like, a business partner, a subordinate. Externally, he looks 100%, and sports turn the man into a mountain of muscles, ambition and desire to demonstrate his perfection.


Scorpios are endowed with excellent health, they are resilient and endure illnesses. They are rarely ill, recover quickly and return to the usual active life. Scorpio sign is responsible for the lower part of the body, it corresponds to the urinary and cardiovascular systems.

These organs are the weak points and require constant attention from the representatives of the sign.

Among Scorpios there are rarely obese people. This is due to the fact that they have an accelerated metabolism and a high metabolism. Often specialists are approached with problems of the cardiovascular system, as well as diseases of the respiratory organs. Are susceptible to osteochondrosis, habitual sprains, sprains of ligaments and muscles.

If an illness catches Scorpio in the midst of an important transaction or business project, it cannot take them out of balance. They patiently endure pain, high fever, malaise, and only after finishing important business do they go to the doctors. But before that, they pay special attention to gathering information about their problem, study the symptoms, the clinic, types of examinations and treatment.

Throughout life, they remain faithful to unconventional therapy, prefer herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage and more. Pay great attention to their health, nutrition, prevention of acute and chronic diseases.

Scorpios are the most industrious signs of the Zodiac. Often, working too hard causes many physical ailments, psycho-emotional stress, depression, and insomnia. They should not ignore the first signs of fatigue. If Scorpio will take measures in time, organize the regime of rest and work, then they can significantly improve the level of endurance and ability to work.

Scorpios should control their emotional state. Learn to deal with emotions, shortcomings, habits and discharge negative energy in neutral territory. For this purpose, the gym, mountain skiing, fishing, and anything that will help "let off steam" without harming your health will be suitable.

Scorpios can hone the beauty of his body for years, purposefully achieving the desired results. In an atmosphere of healthy competition - they many times improve the results of their achievements.

Scorpio talismans

For each sign of the Zodiac corresponds its own amulets, amulets and talismans. This can be precious and semi-precious stones, images of plants and trees.

It is believed that a talisman can protect its owner from imminent trouble, misfortune and worldly problems.

As for Scorpio, it is easy to choose a talisman for him. It is enough to study its character, astrological description of the sign and determine its purpose:

Trees patrons


He attracts good luck, luck, promotes career growth and creative development.

Stones talismans

Stones - talismans Scorpios should have a wide range of action. On the one hand, to relax and soothe, and on the other, to evoke a readiness for active action.

Among the precious stones, the garnet is the patron of scorpions. It is considered the embodiment of spiritual energy, inexhaustible physical strength and concentration. The owners of this stone arouse respect, interest, and attract the attention of the opposite sex.


Scorpio is one of the strongest and most intellectual signs of the astrological circle. It is not easy for him to find a worthy match. With equal signs he will fight for supremacy, and weak opponents for him are not interested.

Characteristics of the horoscope compatibility will help to determine a partner capable of creating a harmonious union with Scorpio:

In tandem are able to develop their best qualities, abilities and creative talents.

In this pair there may be conflicts on the basis of the struggle for primacy and assertion of their positions at all costs. But despite this, it is possible to create partnerships, joint business, developing strategies for the project. Their life is deprived of peace, but all quarrels are an occasion for sweet reconciliation. Bright, full of experiments, intimate life keeps love-loving signs of cheating and intrigue on the side.

None of the partners under any circumstances will not concede the right to supremacy, sacrificing personal happiness.

This throws him off-balance, deprives him of peace and can serve as a reason for parting.

Styles and colors that are popular for a scorpion tattoo

There are many tattoo designs depicting a scorpion. These are colored and black and white drawings, the perception of which can vary quite significantly:

tattoo of a scorpion

  • Realistic images are made from photographs. As a result, the scorpion looks "as if alive". Images with a 3D effect look especially spectacular. Correctly applied shadows, as well as white highlights give volume and expressiveness to the picture.
  • The techniques "Tribal", "Polynesia", "Celtic pattern" give the image a resemblance to the tattoos of ancient tribes. Such sketches are chosen by people interested in esoterics and magical practices.
  • The techniques "Thresh Polka", "Geometry", "Blackwork" are designed to emphasize the aggressiveness and brutality of the figure.

To clarify the meaning of the "Scorpion" tattoo, additional objects are introduced into the composition. Thus, in women's tattoos a frequent addition is a rose, and combat veterans prefer to depict this dangerous arthropod crawling against a background of mountains. Tattoos with Oriental motifs introduce hieroglyphs. These additions help to better understand the meaning of the drawing and can tell more about the character of the wearer.

Interesting facts about Scorpions

According to the legends of ancient Greece, when the glorious hunter Orion angered the pure Artemis, she woke the deadly Scorpion in anger, and ordered to destroy the unwanted mortal.

Since ancient times the heroes of ancient myths and legends have found eternal life in the black velvet of the night sky.

Centuries later, astrologers of ancient Rome began to refer to one of Scorpio's claws as the constellation Libra. In this stellar combination, Scorpius belongs to the legs and the deadly sting. According to some sources, it symbolizes the lizard's tail.

Scorpio has a huge energy potential, causes admiration and envy, but at the same time is able to create an atmosphere of confidence and calm around him. When meeting a person who belongs to the constellation of Scorpio, there is a double impression.

Tattoo with inscriptions

The inscription in Latin "Scorpio" can decorate any part of the body and have a completely different size of letters. Among the finished works and sketches of drawings you can find both small and neat tattoos, measuring only a few centimeters, and impressive inscriptions that occupy larger areas. Due to the variety of font variations, the inscription can be applied on the body as an independent decoration, or additionally combined with a symbol, planets, a constellation against the background of the night sky or the image of Scorpio itself. It is also not uncommon for a tattoo to be accompanied by Roman numerals indicating the date of birth of the owner, the initial capital letters of the name or the name itself.


For women

For men