Actual ideas for wolf tattoos for guys and girls

Since ancient times, humans have had a respectful attitude toward wolves. Brave warriors and hunters wore the skins of the predator, emphasizing that defeating the wolf, they took away his strength and courage to themselves. Now people express their inner world, stuffing tattoos on different parts of the body, but the sacramental meaning of wolf images remains the same as it was. For men and women, this symbol has different meanings, in addition to courage, aggression and strength, wolves in the animal world are distinguished by loyalty and preservation of family values.

Tattoo wolf - Meaning

The wolf is a proud and noble animal, with which many legends, beliefs and omens are associated. Wolves have a dual character: the wolf can be both loyal and independent loner, both cautious and aggressive. These traits make the wolf tattoo popular and in demand.

Tattoo wolf - Tattoo wolf - Tattoo wolf meanings and sketches

Tattoo wolf is a A symbol of courage, intelligence, fortitude, strength of character.

. Since ancient times, people of different peoples and cultures have treated wolves with respect.

Loyalty to their fellows. One partner throughout life and a willingness to endure all difficulties for the well-being of his pack - bring this predator closer to a man who is willing to make himself a wolf tattoo.

Tattoo Wolf - Tattoo Wolf Meaning - Tattoo Wolf Meaning and Sketches

The wolf tattoo can have many meanings and different interpretations, however, the person who chose it should understand that the wolf tattoo does not harmonize with the soft, slow and docile character.

Tattoo Wolf - Tattoo Wolf Meaning - Tattoo Wolf Meaning and Sketches

Wolves in mythology

Wolf tattoos are often mentioned in myths. There is a legend that Genghis Khan was born to a wolf with gray-blue hair. One day she descended from heaven to earth and gave birth to this great warrior. Another legend has it that the she-wolf protected the only survivor of the Turkish warrior in the battle.

Surely many have heard the myth of the Roman founders, Remus and Romulus. The brothers had a direct blood relationship with the warlike god Mars. The little brothers' nurse was a she-wolf.

A tattoo of a carnivore in ancient Roman times had the meaning of glory and victory. If the warriors happened to meet a wolf before battle, they took it as a good omen, promising success.

In Scandinavia, these animals were considered messengers of the god Odin, who endowed his pets glorious strength and endurance.

Tattooing the Wolf - Subtlety of the Wolf Tattoo

Each of the variations of the wolf tattoo has its own details and subtleties.

For example, the tattoo Wolf howling at the moon

- A symbol of a lonely person who has experienced loss or betrayal, as well as a connection to the other world.

Tattoo wolf - Subtlety of wolf tattoo - Wolf howling at the moon

Tattoo White wolf

- A bright unconventional personality, capable of going against the rules. It is a brave lone warrior.

Tattoo wolf - Subtlety of wolf tattoo - White wolf tattoo

Tattoo Wolf and she-wolf

Is a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness to his partner. Family values.

Tattoo wolf - Subtlety of wolf tattoo - Tattoo wolf and she-wolf

Tattoo Wolf family

or wolf pack tattoo, applied to the body, indicates the strong-willed qualities of man, his patronage and desire to protect people who are important to him.


(especially next to the wolf cubs) is a symbol of loyalty, devotion, care and support.

Tattoo wolf - Subtlety of tattoo with wolf - Tattoo female wolf - Tattoo female wolf with cubs

Tattoo Wolf's grin

Symbolizes cruelty, fury and fearlessness in all situations. Fighting for life and its aspirations, firmness in intentions, moral principles. If the mouth of the wolf is ajar, it means that the person with this tattoo is ready to attack first. The wolf tattoo with a closed mouth symbolizes that the owner of the tattoo is a strong and dangerous man, but will never attack first (before the enemy jumps).

Tattoo wolf - Subtlety of wolf tattoo - Wolf grin tattoo - Wolf grin tattoo meaning

Tattoo Paw wolf

Means power and steadfastness of the bearer of the tattoo.

Tattoo Wolf - Subtlety of Wolf Tattoo - Wolf Paw Tattoo - Wolf Paw Tattoo

Tattoo Dreamcatcher with a wolf

. The dream catcher is a Native American amulet against the interference of evil spirits in a person's life during sleep. The dreamcatcher, combined with the wolf tattoo, embodies protection from evil spirits and communicates that the bearer of the tattoo believes in mystical powers.

Tattoo wolf - Subtlety of wolf tattoo - Dreamcatcher tattoo with wolf

Tattoo A wolf with feathers or a wolf Indian

Undoubtedly has a magical and sacred meaning. Such a tattoo, means harmony of inner strength and wisdom with the external corporeal power. As a rule, such tattoo depicts a calm placid animal, without the expression of aggressiveness.

Tattoo . The wolf and the raven

is a key figure in Native American lore. In this combination they can also mean cunning, wisdom, strategic thinking and the ability to keep secrets.

Tattoo wolf - Subtlety of wolf tattoo - Tattoo wolf and raven - Wolf and raven meaning

Tattoo Wolf
and a skull
symbolizes the understanding that life is not eternal. You are fearless in the face of death, just like the wolf.

Tattoo Wolf
and a rose
Means pure and only love for your partner.

Tattoo Wolf - Subtlety of Tattoo with Wolf - Tattoo Wolf and Rose

Tattoo Wolf
on the runor on the run
speaks of the readiness of the owner to overcome any obstacles, the love of risk and the possibility of revenge, if the circumstances lead to it.

Tattoo wolf - Subtlety of wolf tattoo - Tattoo wolf on the run - Running wolf tattoo

Tattoo Girl with a wolf on her head

wolf pelt
can suit the strong of spirit and mysterious people in whose life there is a mystic and mystery. The wolf in this combination is a patron. Soft, loving and caring person who puts on the skin of the animal at the right time, reincarnated into a wolf and endowed with his strength and power.

Tattoo wolf - Subtlety of Tattoo with Wolf - Tattoo Girl with Wolf on Her Head - Tattoo Wolf Skin

Tattoo Wolf in the woods

symbolizes maturity and independence. The owner of such a tattoo, shows leadership qualities and is well aware of what he's doing and what he aims for.

Tattoo wolf - Subtlety of wolf tattoo - Tattoo wolf in the woods

Tattoo Wolf-turned-wolf .

The image depicted after transformation or in the process of transformation, tells of the presence of the dark side of the host, which he knows, which he is trying to subdue.

Tattoo Wolf - Subtlety of Tattoo with Wolf - Tattoo Wolf Shifter - Tattoo Shifter

Tattoo Wolf in the fire or wolf with red eyes

The wolf tattoo, most often applied by those who identify themselves with the dark forces, unknowable and witchcraft. Ancient people believed that the wolf was endowed with the ability to be a guide to otherworldly worlds.

Tattoo Wolf - Subtlety of Tattoo with Wolf - Tattoo Wolf on Fire - Tattoo Wolf with Burning Eyes

The meaning of male tattoos

Guys often have a wolf tattoo with three eyes. This demonstrates the ability of its owner to see the essence of things and hidden meaning. And sometimes it has a mystical meaning - the ability to see the otherworld. Predator, tearing the victim - a sign of a strong and powerful nature.

For men, the wolf is perceived as a strong, resistant to hardship animal, capable of overcoming all obstacles in its path.

Tattoo wolf for girls

Tattoo wolf for girls represents loyalty to the loved one, love for children, guardianship, justice.

Girls often choose colorful bright wolf tattoos. Nano tattoo wolf in tandem with other elements, choosing a botanical.Tattoo wolf on the female body, looks good on the forearm, chest, leg, in the shoulder blade. Harmoniously and boldly looks symmetrical image of a wolf on his back.

Symbolism of wolves in different cultures

In ancient and tribal times, people came into contact with wild wolves much more often than now. For many cultures, these creatures were a constant threat to society.

Therefore, it is not surprising that wolves figure heavily in the mythology and symbolism of every culture that existed and shared their land with these animals.

Roman Mythology

Perhaps the most striking example of wolves in mythology is the story of the founding of Rome, in which a wolf raises the brothers who, according to legend, were the founders of Rome - Romulus and Remus.

Wolves often appeared in Roman art and on Roman coins because they symbolized the power of the Roman Empire. The wolf was also a sacred animal of the god Mars.

Greek Mythology

The wolves of ancient Greek mythology had so many meanings and implications that it would be impossible to cover them all here. Some of the most important roles of wolves in Greek mythology include the fact that the animal is associated with the gods Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, and Leto and acts as a divine messenger for the gods.

There was also a cult dedicated to wolves in ancient Greece, centered in the region of Arcadia. Greek mythology and ancient Greek texts also indicate that humans and gods can turn into wolves, although this should not be confused with the modern notion of werewolves.

Scandinavian mythology.

The most notable reference to wolves in Scandinavian mythology is their role in the cosmology of that culture. Vkalli and Hati wolves were believed to be responsible for chasing the sun and moon across the sky, turning day into night and vice versa. At the end of the world, these wolves devour the sun and the moon, ending the cycle of day and night forever.

Interestingly, the mythical wolf Tianou plays a similar role in Chinese mythology - he drives the sun across the sky and devours it during the blackout.

Celtic mythology.

In a number of Irish and Welsh myths, wolves play the role of helpers and guides. The Celts had a legend somewhat similar to that of the founders of Rome - it was said that one of the Irish kings, Cormac Mac Ayrth, was raised by a wolf.

The goddess Morrigan was believed to sometimes appear in the form of a wolf.


Native American Mythology.

Wolves had a special meaning to Native Americans. Wolves have been seen to embody many values that people should aspire to, such as loyalty to family and group, the ability to cooperate while hunting, and a fierce defense of territory against outsiders.

Each Native American tribe had slightly different legends and meanings associated with wolves. In the Pawnee hand signs, the wolf sign matches the Pawnee sign, suggesting that the tribe strongly identified with the animals.


Wolf tattoo for men

A man with a wolf tattoo inspires reliability. This tattoo for a man means protection and courage. He is the leader of his pack. The wolf tattoo for men is most often performed as realistically as possible, using a single color. Men, as a rule, in such a tattoo tend to emphasize the strongest sides of the beast. With the help of shadows and highlights the picture is more realistic, and with the help of bright colors emphasize the eyes or other elements and subtleties to show the difference about which we wrote above.

Compositions with other elements

Tattoo Wolf unique in its semantic definition of the image and versatile enough to combine with other no less significant symbols, among which bright and constant companion of the beast is the moon. The moon, as well as all other elements of the plot has its own individual meaning, which can be read separately.

Often the raptor is combined with crows, decorated with a background in the form of its main habitat - the forest, consisting of conifers. Girls richly decorate the image of the wolf or wolfess with whole garlands of the most varied colors and intertwined exquisite patterns.

Rarely, but the wolf is even endowed with wings, turning a simple drawing into a deep philosophical subtext.

Wolf Tattoo - Tips from the Masters

If you want to give others a signal, or see your tattoo more often, a wolf tattoo is ideal for your arm. A wolf tattoo on your back will allow you and the master to tell your life story in a colorful performance. Will allow you to share your views and values, due to the ability to contain a huge amount of details and additional elements.

Tattoo Wolf - Signature and Sketches of Tattoo with Wolf - Wolf Tattoo Tips

Popular Trends

One of the most popular trends for tattooing with wolves is the style of realism. The picture is performed mainly in one color. Very effectively look such tattoos on the hand. On the male body they symbolize aggression and anger.

The images of the animal on the type of rock painting are very popular. On the hand such tattoos are performed purely symbolically, to create a more complete picture you need more space for creativity, for example, you can score a tattoo on the shoulder or back.

Tattoo wolf - Drafts of tattoo wolf

This is also important

The era of Romanticism and subsequent changes in culture made the meaning of the wolf radically different than before, which manifested itself in the tattoo:

  • The slightly open mouth communicates a willingness to always "strike first."
  • If it is closed - it speaks of magnanimity and caution, about giving the enemy the first chance;
  • the running wolf is an image of a risky person who loves to drive fast, gambling and emotional, in rare cases, vengeful;
  • the animal's leap symbolizes unwavering determination and the will to crush all obstacles in his path or circumvent them.

Placement and Palette

For a tattoo to look appropriate and attractive on the body, it is important not only to have "wolf" character traits, but also to choose the right place for the drawing.

The wolf on the shoulder blade

Most flattering of all tattoos looks on:

  • the side of the chest;
  • Side of the back (shoulder blade area);
  • shoulder;
  • forearm;
  • thigh.

In most cases, clients choose sketches in a realistic style with a monochrome palette. Black and gray are the key colors that most clearly convey the animal nature. But not bad look bright multicolor sketches. Tattoo artists often make images based on black combined with red, green, blue, gray or yellow.


For women

For men