Tattoo on the scapula - styles, meanings of different images, designs for girls and men (scorpion, wolf, dragon, birds, wings), funny photos

Tattoo helps to express their individuality and emphasize a special style. Not always men drawings on the visible parts of the body, for example, an original and non-trivial will look tattoo in the shoulder blades. From the choice of sketch, the drawing of artistic composition will directly depend on the value of the tattoo on the shoulder blade for men.

The emotional message will vary from the desired performance style and color scheme. Today, in the trend of different subjects and categories of images, ranging from concise mini ideas, monochrome and brutal options, ending with a bright 3d, kolornyami and symbolic images. The best suggestions from the masters with photos and tips will be in the article below.

Tattoos on the shoulder blade in men. The most popular pictures

Tattoos on the shoulder blades are an original addition to the image of a stylish modern man. But often the first difficulty is the choice of the sketch, due to the abundance of cool ideas of modern body art. We bring to your attention the most successful and fashionable suggestions of the current year:

Scorpio . - The choice of a strong-willed and strong leader who is not afraid of changes and difficulties. Such a sketch is perfect for men who often face risks and dangers, as a talisman and a source of courage.

Dragon - A symbol of a fearless romantic, as well as a man with an endless drive to realize themselves and their goals.

Skull - a symbol of man's absolute fearlessness, even death. It is a symbol of a strong person with a certain amount of sarcasm in his character. It is also considered that the skull can serve as a talisman against risks and dangers.

Wings - A person is not ready to accept the harshness of real life, he is endowed with eternal optimism and faith in a better future. This also indicates a desire to be under the patronage of higher forces.

Cross - religious motif speaks of man's faith in God and higher forces, the humility to bear his cross, recognizing only God as an authority. Sometimes the tattoo can indicate that a person is independent of anything in life.

Opinion of the expert

Viola Madison.

Master of Tattoo, 8 years experience

It is important to know that in the area between the shoulder blades is located the energy center, which is responsible for willpower, the male ego, desires, needs and temptations. This means that sacred drawings are appropriate here to enhance the good qualities of character, to pacify the dark side of the essence of man.

About the meaning

The meaning of the tattoo on the scapula, applied to the body, of course, depends only on what meaning you put into it. However, there are still common designations, which we will talk about next. If on the body there are depicted Slavic amulets, it means that the person is interested in the culture of the pagans and wants to protect himself from the influence of evil spirits.

Celtic wing pattern

The Celtic pattern is a symbol of the map of life's journey that a person must or can take. Men's patterns, unlike women's patterns, differ not only in their style, but also in their color scheme. Men give preference to black, contrast and a large amount of detail.

Scorpios in two styles, color and b&w. The scorpion is a symbol of death, but at the same time it can also indicate that the person had a relationship with the prison. Often in the zone, the scorpion tattoo means the owner's position: "Be careful, you touch - I'll attack".
The dragon tattoo symbolizes nobility, mystique, strength and magic, the ability to go beyond the possible, as well as perseverance, loyalty and beauty. They can be depicted in different ways, but it will certainly look cool. As for the tattoo on the left shoulder blade, it can call out to the Anahata chakra. That's the name of the heart center in Hinduism. Most often different amulets, symbols or runes or texts in Hebrew are depicted here.

Three-dimensional tattoo with dragon

Pair tattoos involve the image on the shoulder blades of partners or lovers of various hearts, the names of loved ones, as well as their date of birth.

Paired tattoos with wolves

Features of tattoos on the shoulder blade in men

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo on the shoulder blade, we suggest you think carefully about the decision, weighing all the pros and cons. The main advantages unambiguously include several points:

  • aesthetics - With the help of modern ideas and cool craftsmen, you can create an individual fashionable look;
  • camouflage - at this point, the work can easily be covered with clothes, which means that bold experiments will not interfere with building a career;
  • ease of execution - smooth surface and large space allows you to easily create spectacular pictures;
  • versatility - any sketches and styles of performance are available at such a place, there will be no limits and restrictions in front of the man and the master;
  • low wear and tear - regardless of age changes, weight gain or muscle mass, weight loss, on the shoulder blades the pattern will not be distorted;
  • sacred value - Here, various mystical and magical signs and symbols aimed at improving the quality of life will work perfectly.

The disadvantages are as follows:

  • bright and cool ideas will be relatively expensive, so it is better to prepare for the costs in advance;
  • The owner of the tattoo himself will not be able to regularly enjoy the aesthetics of the work, because it is on the back;
  • not always the drawing will be in the viewing area for the surroundings, for example, in the cold season, when the tattoo will be hidden by clothing.

For reference. In terms of caring for the healing area, it won't be entirely comfortable either. Cleaning and application of restorative products will require the help of another person. But overall, healing will be quick and hassle-free.

Popular or comfortable?

The scapula is undoubtedly one of the most popular spots for tattooing among both men and women. Why, you may ask? Because this place has a huge number of advantages, among which should be highlighted:

  1. Convenience. This factor is in the first place, because it depends on it how the tattoo will be stuffed. Masters do the tattoo on the scapula with joy, because the skin here is dense and during the session there are no problems. Convenience for the master is a guarantee that the drawing will be punched accurately, with the same amount of fine detail as on the sketch. Whether it is a drawing on the scapula of a guy or a girl - it does not matter, it will be hammered in the highest quality. By the way in such a place will also be convenient to make overlapping of the tattoo, which was made before, but not as successful as expected.

    Overlapping of the old tattoo

  2. Aesthetics and practicality. Undoubtedly, such a tattoo looks spectacular and cool and adds to the image of boldness and at the same time tenderness. It all depends on the figure that is painted on this part of the body. Among the beautiful women's tattoos should be highlighted drawings of butterflies, birds, flowers (lilies, roses, peonies, etc.).

    Beautiful female tattoos with butterflies

  3. Painlessness. This factor is very important for most people, because they decide to tattoo only if they will be 100% sure that it will not hurt. The skin here is quite dense, in addition, in this area there is a thick layer of fat, which separates the skin from the bone. All these conditions allow the session to take place painlessly, without giving the client any discomfort, much less pain.
  4. It is possible to put on an oversized pattern. The area of the back is big enough to allow the tattoo artist to score a large tattoo, be it a dandelion, a raven, or stars between the shoulder blades. Just give free rein to your imagination, choose a good sketch and give yourself into the hands of a master and believe me, you will not regret it.

    Tattoo of a dandelion between the shoulder blades

    Raven in the style of tribal and realism

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on my scapula?

In order to understand how painful the procedure of tattooing on the shoulder blade will be, it is worth knowing what factors predetermine the degree of sensitivity. This thickness of the skin, and the presence of fatty tissue, muscles, the number of nerve endings in this place, the proximity of blood vessels and bones.

In practice, most men note that the work of an experienced master will be relatively painless. Despite the different values of the pain threshold, rarely has anyone complained of pain, as the skin here is dense enough, there is a sufficient level of fat layer. The master of the work is given easily and quickly due to the absence of folds, wrinkles and pronounced relief.

Which style of tattoo is more to your taste: minimalism (M) or realism (R)?



If you have already thought about getting a tattoo on the scapula and have not decided on the sketch, here you can pick up a good sketch.

Sketch of a hummingbird

Soaring doves

Three-dimensional red roses


Heart-shaped skeleton


Lion, trayble


Bullfinch on a branch

Are there guidelines for getting a tattoo on a scapula?

Before heading to the master, it's important to think through a few important points:

  1. Sketch - It should not be someone else's idea, plagiarism, and the author's, previously prepared version.
  2. The meaning of the drawing - It should be clear to a man even before the moment of tattooing on the body.
  3. The size - An idea of how big a picture is going to be before the start of the work.
  4. The style - he chooses the man himself, the master can only give recommendations.
  5. Location - it can be a tattoo on the center of the shoulder blade, a paired version on two shoulder blades, an element of the composition on the entire back or on the shoulder.

It is necessary to think through and how much time will take to execute the idea of a master, how much for all have to pay. And only based on this information, you can go to the salon.

Color palette

The color palette can be varied, but for the male half of the population the choice falls on the black color and its gradations. Shades of gray give volume, enliven the image. Drawing in such tones is popular, looks beautiful and brutal.

Extraordinary personalities choose a sketch for a tattoo on the shoulder in bright color. Catchy image distinguishes a person from the crowd. The tattoo on this place can have a whole plot, what attracts.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

It is important to entrust the execution of the order to an experienced and highly qualified master. Such work in the salons, where:

  • involved modern equipment;
  • Use a professional dyeing substances;
  • Observe the norms of sterility and sanitation;
  • there is a website with a catalog of previous work and customer reviews.

Advice! Do not try to save money on tattoo, going to private individuals and untested masters. This may cause injuries, poor quality results, infections and allergic reactions.


A new and interesting photo review of tattoos on the scapula, here are the works of real professionals in different stylistics.

Tattoo with a crown and initials

Phoenix Bird

A girl with a wolf pelt

Mandala between the shoulder blades

Rabbit from the fairy tale Alice

Red poppies

Asterisks from the neck to the shoulder blade

Swallow in a trash polka dot style

Nice fox tattoo with plants

Colorful cartoon cat

3D Snake

Hyper realistic rose

Hummingbird with patterns

Butterfly with shadow

Abstract tattoo of a lantern and skull

Peacock feather

Polygon style shark

Small tattoo with butterflies


Gorgeous flowers

Flock of birds

Girl with a bow in watercolor style

Stunning wings

Realistic owl

Cross on the left scapula

Flying swallow

Abstract style fox

Realistic monkey tattoo

Big tattoo of a tiger

Steering wheel in watercolor style

Pocket watch with blue roses

Floral pattern

Arrow between the shoulder blades

Nice tattoo mask

Pattern on right shoulder blade


Examples of tattoos on the shoulder blade that are not recommended

What is definitely worth rejecting? In the top of the worst ideas for tattooing got the following options:

  • Satanic symbols - Satanic symbols are negative and life threatening;
  • prison motives - repel, create the wrong impression about the owner;
  • subculture signs - can cause conflict;
  • names - will lose their meaning over time;
  • love motives - there may be several girls and wives in a man's life, and the tattoo will be forever.

A win-win option - a drawing that is in complete harmony with the image and image of the man, which even over the years will not cease to be relevant.

Tips for sketches

In working on the sketches, the master must take into account the body constitution of the future owner. Skinny young men are not recommended to perform large isolated fragments. And vice versa, full men need additional volume with a transition to the shoulder line.

The sketch must meet the requirements:

  • aesthetics;
  • not overloaded composition;
  • a harmonious combination of colors and tones;
  • a clear symmetry;
  • the logic of the composition.

A successful pattern on a man's shoulder blade is considered a pattern that creates a sense of strength and stability. The images are embedded in the lines of the shoulder, shoulder blade, spine muscles. This will help maintain the beauty of the pattern, even if the body changes over the years.

To find a drawing with a successful composition, choose several images and contact an experienced master. He will realign the design to your body features, allowing you to achieve the desired effect.

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What do the images of different birds mean?

So, what do the different birds symbolize?

  • The meaning of the tattoo with the image of a swallow was associated with the sea and sailors, who considered such a bird as a messenger of the approaching land. And that is why it is often associated with hope. In today's world, the swallow is often personified with devotion to home and family, loyalty, constancy.
  • A whole flock of flying birds symbolizes life, its continuous flow, change, the desire for something higher and greater, the overcoming of obstacles, as well as the possibility of choosing the right path. In addition, birds in flight can represent the freedom of the mind and soul.
  • The dove is one of the most positive birds, which has always been associated with loyalty, devotion and freedom. It is also considered a symbol of peace and reconciliation, good news and positive thoughts. In addition, the dove can symbolize hope, especially if it carries a twig in its beak.
  • Crimson has always been associated with the beginning of spring, the revival and rebirth of nature, the arrival of warmth, renewal. Such a tattoo can mean change or finding happiness after struggling and overcoming difficulties.
  • Crane is a symbol of longevity, happy and carefree life.
  • The mystical phoenix is a symbol of rebirth or even resurrection, immortality of the soul. In addition, this tattoo will help its owner to cope with difficulties, will give strength and bring good luck. This image can be considered as an independent and very strong amulet
  • The Firebird, which is a kind of prototype of the phoenix, brings good luck, wealth and happiness. And some also believe that such an image is capable of prolonging a person's life.
  • The eagle at all times was considered the real king of the sky, so the tattoo with the image of this bird is associated with power, majesty, greatness. And an eagle with claws and outspread wings can be used for protection and to say that the bearer of the tattoo should not try to offend.
  • The seagull is a symbol of the sea. For many it is associated with freedom, wanderings, travel, dreams, new emotions, the fulfillment of desires.
  • Everyone knows how faithful and loyal to the other half swans are. This bird is considered a symbol of high and sincere feelings, loyalty, nobility and sincerity.
  • The owl and owl are the most intelligent birds, so they are associated with wisdom, agility, intelligence. In the past, owls were endowed with magical powers, so they can bring good luck and help to overcome difficulties. And also owl will help to avoid mistakes or correct them.
  • Falcon and hawk symbolize fearlessness, courage, bravery, power, strength of body and spirit.
  • Flamingo is associated with fragility, tenderness, elegance, femininity, romance and a certain sweet naivety.
  • In many cultures, the raven is considered an ominous and mystical bird, a messenger of death and a personification of loss and loss. But if you put a different meaning in the tattoo, it can bring longevity, wisdom and strength.
  • Peacock in many cultures is considered a symbol of sun and beauty. Such a bird can be associated with royalty, grace, romance, happiness, grandeur, glory and versatility of personality. And also the peacock can mean longevity or immortality, because the sun has been shining for a long time and is not going to go out. This is also the meaning of a peacock feather.
  • The hummingbird not only looks bright and stylish, but also symbolizes intuition, freedom, beauty, and change for the better.
  • Sparrow in some people considered the guardian of the soul, so it can be used as a talisman.


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