Tattoo Pisces - meanings and designs for girls and men

Tattoos with a skeleton of fish can be met quite often, which is strange, because the very appearance of the skeleton causes quite controversial emotions. Many consider such an image intimidating and unpleasant. However, the meaning of the fish skeleton tattoo is very interesting.

The skeleton of a fish is one of the most ancient symbols in the history of tattoo culture. Of course, back then, any symbol on the skin had a specific definite meaning. And tattoo lovers, as a rule, lived near the seas, and therefore fish very often appeared in their body drawings.

First of all, the image of a fish skeleton with its head resembles an arrow, so this tattoo means the way, direction and purpose. The backbone itself represented the way, the head indicated the direction, and the bones on the backbone - the stages passed, life experience, time and years behind. Therefore, in our time, a tattoo with a fish skeleton will suit a purposeful person, who always knows in what direction to move. And vice versa, it will help to find his way to the one who has not yet determined in life.

The meaning of the fish skeleton tattoo also - the love of travel and continuous movement. In addition, in many cultures around the world, fish represent masculinity. And its skeleton as if symbolizes a man without masks and everything unnecessary, represents his gut, the real, what is inside. Of course, this pattern on the skin more often is applied to men. First, because of the masculine symbolism, and secondly, because of a very bold and provocative appearance. This tattoo will not choose a man weak-willed or cowardly. He is not afraid of judgment and oblique looks, on the contrary, he always has his own personal opinion and is not afraid to express it. That is why such a body drawing is applied to the open areas of the skin, as if a challenge to the stereotypes of society. Most often it is the forearm or shin, the boldest of all tattoos with a fish skeleton looks at the neck.

Another symbolism of such a tattoo is evolution. The skeletons of ancient fish remind us that we all "came out of the water", the times, before humanity. Such a drawing can choose a person interested in history and human evolution and science in general. Most often such tattoos are done in black and white. You can perform a tattoo in an interesting stylization, for example, in Dotvorok or in, fashionable in recent times, vipshading. You can look for an interesting idea in our catalog of tattoos with different skeletons.

Getting a tattoo has always been an important milestone in people's lives. Even in ancient times, drawings on the body performed a protective function or showed belonging to a certain class. And sometimes the meaning of the same tattoo is interpreted very differently.

For example, there is a different interpretation of the meaning of a fish skeleton tattoo. Even among tribal communities, a fish bone is interpreted as a representation of a path. The head is an arrow-pointer, in tandem with which the bones indicate the direction of the path. And the number of bones hides information about the time or path.

In the advent of Christianity, the image of a fish skeleton signified adherence to this faith - then the fish bones were depicted as the word ichthyos, which stands for Jesus Christ the Son of God the Savior.

But the very image of a skeleton, even a fish skeleton, has always frightened people. Therefore, it was believed that a person with a picture of a fish skeleton is not protected from failure in love. The symbolic meaning of a fish is the phallus, the masculine principle, so it is especially dangerous for men. But this, as you understand, is just silly superstition. Feel free to get this tattoo if you like it!

The skeleton of a fish: what does such a tattoo mean?

Interestingly, in general, the image of a skeleton is a peculiar illustration of eternal life, as well as the special value of this gift!

Pay attention to. A skeleton - any skeleton, not just a fish - is a unique reminder to a person of the importance of the moment of life. Because one must understand that one should live only now, enjoying the particular moment, not looking back at all the problems and difficulties encountered along the way. At the same time, don't forget about current affairs, don't put them off, and strive to do good to everyone!

If we talk about the interpretation of the tattoo, depicting the skeleton of a fish, it should be noted that long ago this picture was perceived as a direction of the path:

  • The head of a fish in such a drawing is a pointer;
  • The fish bone or backbone is the path itself;
  • number of branching bones - additional information about the length of the path, the time it takes to overcome it.

Later in the image of the skeleton of a fish was made additional meaning. This happened after the spread of Christianity. In particular, it is believed that the skeleton of the fish prefer to put on their bodies those who are supporters of Christianity.

This is due to the fact that originally the fish bones in the tattoo were "stuffed" on the human body so that the word "IHTIOS" was folded. This was an abbreviation of the phrase Jesus Christ the Son of God the Savior.

However, nowadays, the skeleton of a fish is also applied simply. For example, because a person likes such a drawing. Especially since there are many styles that allow you to depict the skeleton in different ways - realistically, volumetrically, schematically, etc..

Therefore, before finally choosing a particular variant of such a drawing, carefully study the "subject" - perhaps in another style of tattoos you will find a more attractive version of the image of a fish skeleton.

On our portal you can see the best works in this direction and among them find exactly what you like most.

The image of a skeleton in tattoos has long been considered the most popular of all the symbols of death. Bones at different times were represented in different religions as a symbol of power, and could simply serve as a decoration or amulet, in some tribes fish skeletons were a symbol of eternal life and immortality. Drawing a fish skeleton on a tattoo has always frightened people. But whatever the meaning behind the tattoo, the most important thing is the skill with which the tattoo is applied.

Tattoo Pisces for women: the meaning of popular designs

On a woman's body looks great bright tattoo with a fish, a symbol and constellation. Tattoo Pisces on women symbolize the natural grace, fluidity and femininity. The picture should be made in juicy shades, so it will give its owner vital energy, strength and perseverance.

Koi carps look beautiful on women. These fish symbolize the tireless pursuit of goals, courage, strong character.

Depending on the sketch, fish can have several interpretations:

  • goldfish - supremacy, grace and beauty
  • guppy- Pursuit of originality, desire to show their personality
  • fish skeleton - lost hope
  • pikefish - reveals in its owner a strong personality and a dangerous adversary

On the body of girls can be found a variety of tattoos. Everything is related to personal preferences, symbolism, which invests in the sketch of the owner of the tattoo herself. The most successful sketches for girls are considered fish with puffy developing tails. Also popular are miniature tattoos with fishes depicted as a Yin-Yang symbol.

The meaning of the tattoo for men

Men often choose the image of a fish skeleton as a tattoo. If you look at the images of death in the Tarot cards, you can see that it symbolizes the transformation of life the field of death. This approach can also be applied to the design of the sketch, which will be positive despite the seemingly gloomy connotation of fish skeleton tattoos. If we look at the historical roots, in a sense they are symbols of health, prosperity and protection, because in the past the most commonly used materials for jewelry were exactly fish bones. The main characteristic of this type of symbolism is that it is not always easy to get a good look at the body, but it is often considered a sign of well-being and protection. But men rarely believe in superstition, so a tattoo depicting a fish skeleton is given quite a lot of attention. In some parts of the world such a drawing symbolizes masculinity.

Colors for fish tattoos

Tattoo with fish should be noticeable, bright and impressive. It is recommended to use purple, purple, lilac shades. They emphasize the creative beginning of the person, his bright and open personality.

Tattoos with fishes look great in blue, green, blue shades. It is recommended to use juicy shades, clearly visible on the body. This will allow you to get rid of melancholy, to take control of yourself. Gloomy colors: gray, black and brown are prohibited.

The zodiac sign Pisces is very lucky, because they can use as a sketch a large variety of fish and other waterfowl, such as dolphins, sharks. On the male body looks great tattoos in the style of realism, on the female - the symbol and constellation of Pisces. We offer a large photo selection of designs with tattoos Pisces, which you can use to make your own tattoos.

The meaning of the tattoo for girls

Girls, not lagging behind the male sex, can be advised to use the image of a skeleton in a less aggressive nature, using in addition images of skeletons of other creatures, such as mermaids or cats, which can be intertwined in a complex drawing in the hips or on the hands.

For persons delicate who love minimalism, you can use sketches depicting the contours of a fish skeleton, a small tattoo looks both cute and witty.

Options, styles, compositions tattoo

The koi carp is the most popular tattoo character. High praise among admirers is associated with the Japanese yakuza tattoo - irezumi. The carp's appearance is so colorful that European tattoo connoisseurs have made it iconic among the other inhabitants of bodies of water. It is printed in the style of Japanese tattoo or oriental. Basically, the picture depicts a fish jumping out of the water or a free-floating carp.

The image of two fish is equated to the sign of the zodiac or yin-yang. It is popular with connoisseurs of Oriental philosophy. Guppies with puffy tails made in watercolor or graphic style look beautiful. The bright sultan of the tail is laid out in a flowing stream of lines and strokes of paint. This makes the composition light and airy.

Predatory fish are more often depicted in black and white technique, graphics, traditional and neo traditional. Blackwork and thrash polka are suitable for them. The image of goldfish is done in realism, watercolor and graphics. Drawing with a schematic representation of geometry or linework can complement the lotus as a symbol of spirit.

Where are fish tattoos done?

A small work is printed on the wrist, the tattoo will look elegant in fine lines or color. The graceful silhouette jutting out of the water is usually placed on the hand above the elbow.

Because this position is constantly in 1-2 planes. A small fish will decorate the wrist, subclavian area, neck and base of the neck. In this case, the hand is covered with color or black and white little detailed image.

Pisces tattoo on his shin
Tattoo of an angler on the shin, photo by:

A koi carp is tattooed on the chest, back, ribs, and shoulder. The forearm is used to create a yin-yang composition. It is believed to balance the currents of vital energy in the human body. A carp jumping out of the water can help enhance one's capabilities. For this purpose, it can be beaten on the thigh, shin, and calf.

On what part of the body and in what style to make a tattoo?

The skeleton of a fish can be most often found among men's tattoos. Aggressive, executed in black color tattoos are well suited for application on the hands, emphasizing the strength and masculinity of its owner. Large tattoo looks good on the shoulders, on them you can depict small expressive details, as well as perform a drawing in color. Less often you can see a tattoo on the back, however, and this option is not an exception. A small tattoo will look good on the ankle or wrist.

To date, when the meaning of the tattoo depends only on its owner, the main criterion must be the style, because it will help to make the meaning of the sketch, add character and symbolism. Fish skeletons tattoos look good in the style of dotwork. It can also be a magical Polynesian fish skeleton, or abstract, with elements of thrash polka, which not only emphasize the aggression, but also add color to the tattoo. You can choose a painstakingly realistic style of a fish skeleton, which will furrow the space of your skin, serving as a talisman and protector.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you can safely choose a tattoo sketch with the image of a fish skeleton, this option will be appreciated by others. Also the image of a skeleton can choose those who are serious about life and their way of life, thinking about the future and reflecting on the past.

The skeleton tattoo carries several meanings. The drawing takes its roots in ancient myths and many faiths. The image has a strong energy. In ancient times, to wear the image of a skeleton on the body could only the elected, the conductors to the otherworld and shamans.

Now the tattoo is very popular in all age categories. The image attracts attention and causes resentment, sometimes condemnation from others. But the drawing of a skeleton does not carry a negative meaning. They put a tattoo on themselves to protect them from death. The idea for the sketch is not a problem to take on the resources of the Internet.

Who suits a tattoo of a skeleton

The skeleton tattoo is suitable for people with a philosophical attitude towards death. This is a person who is not afraid to leave the world. They appreciate life, enjoy the moment "now". The owners of the tattoo have developed spatial thinking, they are creative people.

The perception of the world, events and phenomena of people with a skeleton tattoo is characterized by depth and insight. Often these are people with a sparkling sense of humor. Such a person is able to have a good laugh at their mistakes and blunders.

It can be said that by fitting in with death, the owners of the tattoo get a happy ticket without expiration. Images of skeletons are part of the traditional sets of culture bikers, punk and rock trends. The skeleton is applied to the skin of people involved in the occult and divination practices.

What a skeleton tattoo means

In the old skool, human bones came from the symbolism of sailors. It was thought to be a kind of contract symbol with death extending life. The tattoo got new meanings with the development of the symbol.

It is an image of renunciation, a rejection of the fear of death and a symbol of social equality. One of the readings "in death all are one".

Tattoo skeleton meaning:

  • immortality;
  • the transience of life;
  • secrecy;
  • dashing character;
  • asceticism;
  • rebirth of the soul;
  • freedom from social dogma;
  • fate, omen.

Tattoo wearers are philosophical about worldly wealth. They are respectfully disposed to labor and receiving rewards for their efforts. However, they are not fixated on hoarding and acquiring worldly goods.

Skeleton, tattoo and watch, forearm
Nothing lasts forever under the moon.

As a consequence, they are people who do not need money, because they have enough money for their needs. In the value system, tattoo owners put spiritual potential in the first place.

Meaning of tattoos for men and women

Images of bones have thousands of variations of execution. The owners of the tattoo see beauty in the structure of the skeleton. According to the manner of execution, men more often have aggressive pictures or compositions in a humorous way. For men, the skeleton tattoo has a philosophical meaning.

It means firmness and steadfastness even in the face of death. The dancing skeleton is taken from medieval engravings, it expresses the meaning of the joy of life in all its manifestations. The skull and bones are considered a sign of eternal life, the ability to withstand hardship.

The interpretation of tattoos is different for the beautiful half of humanity. On the shoulder of a girl you can find paired skeletons in a frame. This is an allegory for the expression: "Till death do us part". In a new reading, their meanings change to: "Even in death we are inseparable."

For women, wearing a skeleton on their skin serves as a reflection of their outlook. They live in the here and now, not wasting time on meaningless worries about old age or death. Tattoo owners strive to be helpful helpers and take responsibility for their responsibilities.

In tattoos for girls there is often an image of a skeleton with a heart inside the chest. The figure is deciphered as a fervent heart, a passionate nature and a giver of joy. In life, such girls sow around themselves an aura of fun.

The symbolism and meaning of the skeleton

The skeleton symbolism does not have anything in common with death. On the contrary, it is the embodiment of life. This is due to the fact that the bones - neuroyanno a solid substance that can not be decomposed. Scientists who study alchemy believe that the drawing of the skeleton symbolizes rebirth.

In Mexican culture, the skeleton, like the skull, refers to the holiday of the Day of the Dead. On this holiday they pay homage to their deceased ancestors and relatives and make offerings to Mictlancihuatl, the goddess of death. Also Mexicans keep real bones or skeletal moulage in their homes, images decorate the walls.

The meaning of the tattoo for men

In ancient times, among warriors, the image of a skeleton on the body was very common. They believed. That the picture gives an indication of death, it was already here. Thereby themselves were protected. Pirates and sailors wore a skeleton tattoo.

Such are the qualities of the owners of the tattoo:

  1. Humility
  2. Strength of will
  3. Acceptance of new things
  4. Courage
  5. Determination

Drawing on the body of a man indicates his reverence for the higher forces. He is not selfish and spiritually advanced person, trusting fate.

The meaning of tattoos for women

The tattoo is suitable for girls and women who live reality. The image means respect for the universal laws. The owners of the tattoo are well developed intuitive thinking. They are able to assess things soberly and objectively.

  1. Respect for life
  2. Objectivity
  3. Developed intuition
  4. Protection and help of ancestors
  5. Philosophical attitude to life

Tattoo of a fish skeleton. Meaning

The fish skeleton tattoo is popular in the world. The image has the character of a reference point. The head shows the right direction, the spine acts as a guide on the way, and the fins prompt the necessary information. Suitable tattoo for a man who hesitates in the correctness of his choice or hard to make decisions.

There is another interpretation of the tattoo. The image of a fish skeleton is similar to the male reproductive organ. Guys put it on their body, believing that the picture will emphasize attractiveness and strength. Some tend to believe that tattoos can bring bad luck in love.

Tattoo - the zodiac sign "fish.

Tattoo - the symbol of the fish is perfect for people born in the days from February 19 to March 20. For them, it is a protective sign, akin to an amulet. At the same time, it emphasizes the best qualities of the bearers according to the zodiacal circle :

  • wisdom,
  • compassion,
  • sensitivity to the feelings of others,
  • great intuition,
  • psychic abilities,
  • artistic talent.

For a woman born in the period when the water element reigns, the fish tattoo means a happy life in love. For men - that he found his "flow", his life path, on which he intends to go. So, the romanticism, artistry, poetic nature of zodiacal fish is translated in the corresponding tattoo. However, it is important to note that the fish, as the last element of the zodiacal circle, also become a symbol of fading, death, and at the same time, indicate the infinity of existence.

Styles and Places for Tattooing

Tattoo owners tend to stuff the image of a skeleton in the old-school, new-school, traditional and realistic styles. Choose different locations for the tattoo. Some people put the bone pattern on the fingers or completely on the outside of the brush, which looks good and original.

The appearance of the brush from afar resembles a skeleton. Since the image has an elongated shape, the hand, forearm or shoulder are good places to apply it. On the calf on the leg image of the skeleton looks advantageous. The military wear a skull tattoo on the shoulder or on the shoulder blade, which can be seen in life and in many photos.

In many people the image of a skeleton causes a repulsive feeling. All because the bones are the remains of a formerly living creature. And someone in general thinks that this is the devil's symbolism. Do not pay attention to prejudice. If indeed the image is to your liking, the character traits are appropriate and the symbolism of the figure is close, then making such a tattoo on the body will benefit the future owner.

For girls.

It is not uncommon to see a tattoo in the form of a fish in a girl, which basically means immersion in his inner world, sometimes withdrawn. The fish also has a meaning as fertility. The tattoo may be of a lowly nature, encapsulating anger and fear, the bright fish represents light, cheerfulness. Very often you can see two fish on opposite sides, which means harmony.

Among girls, a very common goldfish tattoo. Which means, the desire for beauty, grace, wealth, longevity.

Girls, graceful and laconic, apply to themselves these fish, emphasizing their inner world, and complementing it with a veil of femininity of the goldfish.

Thanks to its appearance, it has another meaning as a fiery fish, the attraction of opposites. It is very important when applying, to convey all the beauty, this excellent fish, often even using gold paint.


For women

For Men