Tattoo Intimate - meanings and designs for girls and men

According to scientific data, the first tattoos appeared during the primitive communal system. These drawings on the body indicated belonging to a family, had a magical power.

Female tattoos were of great importance in the history of mankind. They usually provided information about the endurance and fertility of girls. In the Atoll archipelago, children born to non-tattooed mothers were killed (but this is not certain). In Japan, the drawings on the lips, cheeks and eyelids revealed a woman's marital status.

Since the 18th century, "exhibitions" of tattooed people became popular in Europe and America. The twentieth century gave us perhaps the most beautiful tattooed woman in the world - Ethel Martin Wangi, known as Lady Viola. Six American presidents and other famous personalities were depicted on her body.

After the advent of tattoo machines and the modernization of tattooing methods in the second half of the twentieth century, women began to turn to tattoos more often.

Tattoos with girls: meaning, styles, place for application

Historically, the first images of girls on the body date back to the 18th and 19th century, when sailors began to adorn themselves with original tattoos in a style today called old skool. The bright and seductive maidens reminded of feminine beauty and pleasures. Similar meanings were invested in the female image by other men who were involuntarily away from their beloved - prisoners, soldiers. Today, the tattoo with a girl is common, in civilized ordinary people, men and women. It has acquired a deeper symbolism in some cases, but more often plays the role of an aesthetically beautiful art object.

Tools of ancient tattoo masters3

There is a version that the history of tattoos began completely by accident. People noticed that the earth or soot that got into a fresh wound later as if ingrown into the skin, forming spots and vague patterns. This is how the primitive technique of tattooing was born: cuts were made on the body and covered with soot, earth or known dyes.


For many centuries, the tools were quite primitive and, at times, improvised materials:

  • A split bamboo stick in Thailand;
  • Native American hammers;
  • Sharpened teeth of fish or animals;
  • Bones of fish or animals;
  • Fragments of stones.

Only with the development of metallurgy did iron needles begin to appear, which made the process of tattooing less traumatic. As for the dyes that were injected under the skin, they were quite varied and depended on geographical features:

  • Charcoal and soot in Polynesia;
  • Ash from the Slavs;
  • Colored clay;
  • Plant juice;
  • Mollusc secretions;
  • Cinnabar;
  • Henna.

Japanese tattoos

Let us note the technique of the ancient Slavic craftsmen. They used pintaderas in their work. Peculiar seals, with the pattern applied, allowed to cover the body with a continuous pattern, which was necessary in magical ceremonies. With the advent of Christianity, pagan rituals were eradicated and the secret of ancient craftsmanship was irrevocably lost.

The meaning of drawings with the figure and face of a girl

The female image in painting and body art is universal and everyone likes it. In Moscow and the region expressive tattoo with a girl on the arm can qualitatively perform only experienced masters. The meaning of drawings is strictly individual. Someone will want to make a portrait of his beloved or spouse, to stuff a famous actress, singer, who is an idol.

Fact: Such pictures are chosen by people who are confident, strong-willed. They know what they need and are not afraid of new things. This demonstrates spiritual strength.

The meaning of the tattoo with a girl on the forearm, leg or back changes depending on the additional symbols and can say a lot about the owner:

  • Woman and Satan - characteristic meaning on the zone, marks a love affair that led to a crime.
  • Maiden with wings - good luck, a reference to angelic symbolism. Also found in the zone.
  • The lady on the horse is not necessarily Lady Godiva. If she's holding a torch - in "thief" parlance, it means that the man will not forgive treason.
  • A beautiful woman holding a sword with hearts pecked on it means a womanizer or a woman with a heart, a picture suitable for both men and women.
  • Fairy - the freedom and beauty of nature.
  • Pin-up style - sexuality and playfulness.
  • The lady with the glass, the cards, the dice speaks of the owner's inclinations.

Tip: Do not use someone else's ideas for tattoos. A picture like a celebrity's may not look as successful. It is better to think with the master of the tattoo over an individual sketch.

If the owner of the tattoo with a girl on his arm was not in prison, the meaning can be literal and not symbolize the prison subtext.

The most tattooed people on the planet10.

Those with a fantasy all too well made it to our next list. The most tattooed people on the planet - on their body is almost no empty space, and every millimeter is worth its weight in gold. For them, a tattoo is not just a way of life, but its meaning:

  • Maria Jose Cristerna. Back in 1998 she was an ordinary mother and wife, working as an assistant judge. Today, her lifestyle has changed dramatically. Maria owns a popular tattoo parlor, loves starring in TV shows and singing. Her tattoos helped her escape from her past life. With each new drawing she transformed both externally and internally. Today Maria is a successful and bright woman;

Maria Jose Cristerna

  • Tom Leppard. He is a former British serviceman. After retiring, came the realization - he is far from the world of ordinary people. Tom tattooed more than $10,000 worth of tattoos and escaped to the Isle of Skye. His entire body is covered with a tattoo imitating the skin of a leopard. He continues to live on a remote island and uses only a loincloth for clothing;

Tom Leppard

  • Tommy Wills. Quite an age old man is considered the most tattooed man in England. For 50 years, he covers his body with new drawings;

Tommy Wills

  • Etienne Dumont. Formerly an art critic from Switzerland. What prompted him to make such a powerful change is unknown. Today he looks like a monster: his body is completely covered in tattoos, he has circles in his nose, ears, and lower lip, and a horn-shaped silicone implant on his head;

Etienne Dumont

  • Gregory Paul McLaren. Had his first tattoo when he was 17 years old. It was the impact of his encounter with a prostitute. The image on his body gave the young man unprecedented confidence and helped change his mind. Since then, he has been traveling and continues to get tattoos. He spent a total of 48 days under the needle. McLaren broke Tom Leppard's record and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the most tattooed man;

Gregory Paul McLaren

  • Rick Genest (Zombie Boy). Known for the tattoo covering his body depicting a skeleton. Today, he is a media personality who participated in Lady Gaga's music video. And it all started at the age of 16 with a trivial scar on his arm, which he decided to hide under the tattoo;

Rick Geneste

  • Michelle Bomba McGee. Her body is decorated with vicious tattoos, and she herself is the epitome of vice: a neo-Nazi, a porn artist, a racist;

Bomba McGee

  • Julia Gnas. Tattoos were a forced measure for Julia: she was diagnosed with porphyria, a condition characterized by blisters that later cause terrible scars. Julia decided to hide them under tattoos. Today she has 95 percent of her body covered by tattoos, which landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most tattooed woman ever;

Julia Gnas

  • Dennis Avner, or Cat Man. Since childhood, he dreamed of being like a tiger and realized his dream: his body is covered in tattoos, his teeth are sharpened to look like fangs, and he has a mustache implanted in his face. After a long depression, Cat-Man ended his life by suicide;
  • Eric Sprague, or lizard man. His body is tattooed with reptilian scales, he has implants above his eyebrows that mimic the growths of a lizard, and his lips are painted dark green. He was the first to modify his teeth to look like fangs, and later he changed the shape of his tongue and stylized his nails.

That's how they are - the most tattooed people on the planet. For some, it was a challenge to themselves and the reality around them; for others, it was a defensive reaction that grew into a mania.

Popular styles of execution

What it means to tattoo with a girl on the wrist, scored sleeve - depends on the view of the owner himself. Depending on the emotion and semantic message, such styles are used:

  • Old school - a style reminiscent of comic books, allows the inclusion of lettering, nautical motifs are relevant.
  • Chicano - monochrome, with clear contours, the style of the 40s.
  • New school - even more bright than the previous one, combines with pin-ups.
  • Realistic - looks great, made in large size.
  • Blackwork - mostly dark colors, no color, black background.
  • Linework or engraving - a minimalist style, allows the inclusion of colored gouges.
  • Watercolor - a girl's favorite, reminiscent of a painting painted in loose strokes.
  • Dotwork - the image is composed of dots, mosaic-like.

Depending on the style changes and the impression produced by the tattoo.

Such different countries and such different attitudes to tattoos11

Attitudes toward tattoos are mixed. People are divided in their opinions: some accept this way of self-expression, some sharply condemn it. Interestingly, the attitude towards body art is related to our mentality. This is confirmed by the fact that representatives of different countries, due to social and cultural peculiarities, have different attitudes towards this art.

Italy ranks first in the number of residents who have tattoos. 48%, or in other words every second inhabitant of this country has at least one drawing on the body. The Swedes and Americans are also trying to keep up. They are in second and third place in the ranking: 47 and 46 percent respectively. If to complicate statistics and to conduct calculation not by quantity of tattooed people, but by volume of tattooed body, then Sweden and the USA will definitely overtake Italians, preferring to put on one or two tattoos.

In fourth and fifth places are shared by Australia and Argentina - 43% of residents of these countries have tattoos, 42% in Spain, 41% in Denmark and 40% in Great Britain. For residents of the Foggy Albion tattoos have an ancient tradition and they are empowered even today.

full girl with a tattoo

In ninth place is Brazil and its 37% of the tattooed population. The French are at the bottom of the ten with 36%.

Along with the countries-lovers of tattoos, there are countries strongly condemning and even banning such art. In Japan, a negative attitude towards body art is enshrined by law. A person with a tattoo will not be able to work in public institutions and visit public places in Japanese hotels.

Going to Sri Lanka is worth knowing that if there are images of Buddha on the body, then because of religious beliefs you will not be allowed into the country. Many states have banned the use of swastikas or other Nazi symbols in the tattoo. Countries that live by the laws of the Koran prohibit putting any patterns on the body, because it is against religion: the body, created by the creator, is a priori perfect.

If you love travel and can't live without it, you should think carefully before getting a tattoo. Sometimes, an innocent, in our opinion, drawing on the body can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Differences between female and male body art

The nature of the picture and the place of placement have gender peculiarities. Men more often choose the upper back, shoulder and side. Female tattoos of girls can be often found on the wrist, coccyx, forearm and decollete area. The girdle is especially popular among the ladies as the skin does not sag there and the design remains beautiful for a long time. The portrait of a girl framed in an interesting pattern, for example, in the style of tribal, looks effective and sexy.

Also the pictures differ in theme. Guys will choose rather an aggressive picture that symbolizes something important - a character trait or a desired way of life. The fair sex often applies a picture for aesthetic reasons, using body art not only for self-expression, but also for body decoration.

Intimate tattoos: 25 hot and erotic options that turn men on

Tattoos! How much attention has been paid to them lately. Girls get tattoos even in the most intimate places. This emphasizes their individuality and even turns many men on. The love for tattoos originated long ago among both sexes. However, the female sex approaches their creation more creatively. There are a number of areas for tattoos that can be considered erotic. We present you the possible options.


Thighs, as an area for tattoos, can be classed as a truly intimate place. Take a look at this example. Floral motifs have always enjoyed great popularity among girls. There is no denying the effectiveness of such tattoos. It looks very realistic.

And it is impossible to deny that quite interesting look drawings in the area of the buttocks. As, for example, in this case. All of them here are represented by different pictures. However, one large tattoo on the thigh, passing into the zone of the buttocks looks much more spectacular.

The front side of the thigh

No less relevant is the area for a tattoo on the outer side of the thigh. Girls use a variety of sketches to create an unusual, creative drawing. The snake is a symbol of infinity, wisdom and eternal movement. In general, it has many more meanings. This symbol is quite ancient, so it is possible to judge its true meaning indefinitely.


The lower abdomen is another intimate place to create a beautiful tattoo. In the navel area they look quite erotic, sexy. Once again, we have a seductive floral print in front of us. However, it differs from the previous one in a variety of colors. Both look quite spectacular. Some people prefer to do colored tattoos, while others prefer black and white images.

The center of the abdomen

The main advantage of this zone is the possibility of creating a volumetric tattoo. In front of you is a large tattoo, which took many hours, and most likely even days. This is quite a bold option, because the pattern not only takes up most of the abdomen, but also flows smoothly into the more intimate area.

For the more daring personalities, tattoos in the bikini area are suggested.

Breast area

Women's breasts are one of the sexiest areas. Tattoos in the breast area are very common.

Animalistic tattoos

Images with animals and birds have always been relevant. Each of them has its own meaning. For example, the butterfly, judging from the East, symbolizes joy, grace and femininity. Today, there are several other definitions. But any girl with such a tattoo for herself finds the true meaning.

And here is another proof of the effectiveness of volumetric tattoos. The tiger, as a symbol of valor, is rarely seen on tattoos on girls. He is characteristic of confident, persistent people who are accustomed to always achieve their own goals.

The variety of tattoos

Often it is necessary to meet girls who are far from limited to one tattoo. Pay attention to the following photo. A girl with several tattoos, most of which are located mostly in erotic places.

Reasons for a tattoo in an intimate place

There may be several reasons. First, girls love to decorate their bodies. Secondly, intimate tattoos give an image of mystery, passion and sexuality. Sometimes creating a tattoo is associated with hiding scars. Yes, sometimes it happens. Having a tattoo is not at all an indicator of love for them.

In conclusion.

Those who are all lovers of the art, it is worth saying, to do the tattoo or not - only your decision, as well as what it will be. However, it does not hurt to consult with your chosen one.

What kind of tattoo did you like? Share your opinion in comments!

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The technical side and preparation of the master13

For the master, your tattoo is a regular job. However, this does not mean that the master does not prepare for it.

The working area is treated every time before the next client comes in. Basic preparation includes:

  • Sterilization of equipment;
  • Packing items not subject to sterilization in the film;
  • Laying out inventory - a good craftsman always has all instruments on hand;
  • Immediately before the procedure, needles are removed from sterile, sealed bags;
  • Machine and cords are covered with protective covers;
  • Caps are filled with fresh dyes.

girl with a tattoo

Work on the body begins with the contours of the future tattoo: the printed sketch is transferred to transfer paper and trimmed. The sketch is firmly attached to the pre-treated, cleaned from hair and disinfected skin. Thanks to a special compound figure is imprinted on it, leaving its contours, less often the entire picture. The needle of the tattoo machine is dipped into the paint and the process of transferring the drawing from the paper to your skin begins.

The process is painful, but tolerable. Anesthesia is applied in some cases, as it can affect the quality of color. The pigment is injected into the subcutaneous layers, which helps avoid allergic reactions. Deeper the contours are inserted - the stage is considered the most painful when applying a tattoo. The machine with each stroke of the needle is slightly delayed in the skin, allowing the paint to spread and fill the skin area evenly. After the end of the next step, the machine changes the needle and the dye.

The technique of tattooing is quite simple and requires only careful handling and observance of safety rules. But the most important thing is the necessary dedication of the master. Only by choosing a good specialist, relating to his work as to art, not just for making money you will get a unique and priceless for you tattoo.

Tips for application.

In order for portraits of girls to look natural and not distorted it is worth to apply them to places on the body with a flat surface. If you want a full-length girl, it is better to put her on the arm or leg. Portraits and large compositions look more organic on the back and ribs. If there are a couple of women in the composition, for example, one is an angel and the other is a demon, it is advisable to depict them on the shoulder blades or collarbones.

And remember that before you score a portrait of the girl you love (not even your wife), think carefully. Love can pass, but the tattoo will remain and it will have to be removed.


For women

For men