Tattoo Pegasus - a full description, meaning of tattoos for men and girls, fun sketches and photos

Strength and tenacity, self-confidence and poise - all these epithets describe the mythical creature called a Pegasus. Pegasus is a stunningly beautiful and exciting symbol.

Nothing to do with the meaning of the horse tattoo he has. There are many tattoos and very few meaningful images, the pegasus is just the embodiment of meaningfulness.

Do you want to decorate your body wisely? The most ancient mythical Pegasus will create a unique image and give a touch of mystery.

Pegasus Tattoo Meaning

The mythical meaning of the tattoo with a magical horse Pegasus

The horse Pegasus is one of the most popular divine creatures of Greek mythology. The mysterious winged creature is the fruit of the bond between Medusa Gorgon and the sea god Poseidon. The horse was born as a result of a duel between the Gorgon and Perseus.

The drops of blood from the head of the slain gorgon gave birth to Poseidon's two children: the giant Chrysaurus and the winged horse Pegasus. Because the horse was born at the source of the ocean, he was called Pegasus, which in Greek "pegasus" means "turbulent current."

According to legend, the horse Pegasus was endowed with the gift of immortality. The Muses worshipped the magical creature, and the ancient Greek heroes dreamed of possessing him. Only one agile rider, Bellerophonte, managed to curb the swift horse with wings. However, because of his envy, the Great Zeus cunningly made the horse throw its owner from a great height. Subsequently, Pegasus delivered lightning bolts made by Hephaestus to Zeus.

Pegasus tattoo is a symbol of creative inspiration as well as knowledge and science. It is a pure and sacred animal. Pegasus tattoo symbolizes incredible speed, strength and endurance.

For coats of arms and emblems

In many centuries, the pegasus periodically appeared on a variety of coats of arms and emblems due to its temperament and abilities.

For example, during the Middle Ages in old Europe, great thinkers took the symbol of the pegasus as their patron. And the British Airborne Forces, even during the fierce battles of World War II, recognized the pegasus as "their". By the way, the British military have kept this creature on the emblem to this day.

Despite its speed, Pegasus can be caught, but it requires not just skill or some knowledge, but also a golden bridle. Perhaps it is because of the similarity between the speed of the winged horse and the speed of his thoughts that he patronizes musicians and artists.

Whose flight of mind can be so elusive, if not that of the creators of beauty? There is even a phrase "to ride a Pegasus," meaning "to become a creator.

The meaning of the Pegasus horse tattoo in men

During World War II, men of the British air force used the image of Pegasus on military emblems. It symbolized the speed of flight, good luck in heavenly battles and the absence of obstacles in the way of pilots.

Now Pegasus tattoo is chosen by men with a strong and enduring character. The drawing of Pegasus on the body tells about the wisdom of a man.

The image with the winged horse Pegasus also means other special traits of the male character, such as:

  • Love of fame;
  • A healthy ambition;
  • Out-of-the-box thinking.

For men, the image of Pegasus on the body has only positive meaning. A tattoo with a flying horse will remind the owner of the goals that are set. And also help in the search for inspiration for the implementation of all set tasks.

The symbolic meaning of birds

Often in the area of the neck girls like to stuff birds. They not only emphasize the tenderness, lightness of the owner, but also have a deep sacred meaning. Swans, doves, swallows are associated with love and other warm feelings.

A bird on the neck

1Swan is considered a sign of devotion and eternal love. It will reflect a girl's desire for a lifelong love relationship. This bird is associated not only with family values, but also with harmony, virgin purity.

2Pigeons Are traditionally associated with peacefulness, faithfulness soft-heartedness. A pair of these birds will express a commitment to loyalty in friendship and love. Swallows are harbingers of spring, prosperity and good news.

3The exotic flamingo - will tell about the outstanding mind, extravagance and vulnerable feelings of a girl. Other tropical bird - a hummingbird, will be a reflection of cheerfulness, refined taste, freedom. Especially, small colored hummingbirds like to portray on their bodies young girls.

Other species of birds will reveal their inner maturity. These include:

4Raven - Relates to rebirth of the soul, magic, and the realm of the mysterious and unknowable. Suitable for a searching for the meaning of life, self-sufficient person.

5Owl - Helps to develop wisdom and judgment. Sign of the desire for knowledge, comprehension of reality.

6Eagle will talk about striving for freedom, gaining power, purposefulness.

Often, instead of birds are depicted with wings alone. Angelic - Associated with light energy, the pursuit of perfection. Demonic .Wings of a bat, for example, attracted to the life of the owner of the tattoo of the dark mystical forces.

Tattoo in the form of wings.

Girls with a tattoo in the shape of a winged horse Pegasus

First of all, girls of a creative mind attach great importance to the tattoo with a winged horse. For women of original professions the picture of Pegasus is a source of inexhaustible inspiration. In addition, the image of Pegasus on the body increases intuition and expands the fantasy of the owner.

Also, the magical horse will be loved by dreamy natures, who can find beauty in everything that surrounds them. Female artists and poets mighty creature helps to replenish the reserves of fantasy and imagination.

Some girls who are fond of astrology equate the sign of Pegasus with other zodiac symbols. Owners of tattoos in the form of Pegasus have a bright character and easily find contact in communication with others of all sex and age.

Often girls invest in a tattoo with Pegasus meaning showing their spiritual and physical purity.

Popular inscriptions for tattoos on women's necks

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On the neck there is not much space to depict large subjects, so tattoos applied to this area are always medium and small in size. But if you want something catchy and substantial, the pattern can be extended, passing into the decollete area or on the shoulder blades.

Bright tattoo on a woman's neck

Particularly popular among women use Small inscriptions, hieroglyphs, and symbolic signs. The inscription is placed on the back, most often vertically, on the side, less often around the neck. What is the customary inscription:

  • Name: one's lover or child, one's own, God's holy name.
  • Phrases in foreign languages with a meaning closely related to their owner.
  • Individual syllables in Sanskrit, such as the OM sound.
  • Japanese, Arabic, Indian, Chinese characters.
  • Quotes, excerpts from favorite songs, books, poems.

Among the signs, there are Religious symbols, ancient writings, runes, musical notes. The signs of the zodiac are also very common. zodiac signs. They are not only beautiful, but also reflect the hidden meaning, a certain interpretation.

Tattoo on the neck hieroglyphs

For example, notes indicate that the girl melomaniac, music occupies a significant place in her life. Less common is a set of numbersLess common is a set of numbers that mark an important date, an event in the life of the owner. Most often it is the birthday of a loved one, an important event that changed the destiny for the better.

When choosing runes or other ancient symbols, it is necessary to know exactly what they mean. Sacred symbols contain a powerful energy, it can be both positive and negative to the person.

Options for performing the Pegasus tattoo

The choice of style of execution of the tattoo in the form of a horse Pegasus is very wide. The sketch of the future tattoo can be as close as possible to the real image of the mythical creature, and can be supplemented with fantastic details.

Before you decide on the future of the image on the body, it is worth to contact a professional salon, where a good master will prompt, what image will look better and on what part of the body. Approach the choice of the sketch should be responsible, because the tattoo will be permanent, not a temporary detail of the image.

Tattoo with Pegasus, whether it is small or large - will look majestic. Men most often give preference to drawings with fearsome horses surrounded by warriors or knights.

Girls prefer to depict miniature ponies or graceful horses with white wings, in some cases complemented by a magic horn.


Wrist drawing in the form of Pegasus is often the choice for men and women. Such a tattoo always looks beautiful and therefore attracts the attention of others. Unlike an ordinary horse, this image has its own special meaning.

Such a body image will signify creativity, ability and desire to fantasize, as well as magical power, endurance and speed. One of the most common meanings of the body art is inspiration. For this reason, such a tattoo in the first place will be able to suit artistic natures, namely poets, musicians and painters.

Where to make a tattoo with Pegasus

In order to show all the splendor of these creatures, the masters depict a horse in a jump with wings widely spread. For this image is most often applied to:

  • the back;
  • chest;
  • arm;
  • shoulder;
  • hip.

A large image is better applied to a large area of the body, such as the chest or back. Then the image of a Pegasus horse will be drawn in the smallest detail: the muscles, mane and wings will be drawn in detail. For a large tattoo better suit realistic sketches made in watercolor drawing.

If the future tattoo with Pegasus will be small, then it is worth choosing a place on the body of a smaller diameter, such as the neck, wrist or ankle. For a small image is suitable execution in:

  • geometric style;
  • minimalist style;
  • Black and white graphics.

There are few good tattoo ideas that can compete with its beauty and mysterious depth of meaning with a tattoo in the form of Pegasus. The winged horse is a positive character that carries only goodness and positive emotions. The owner of the tattoo with the image on his body will demonstrate his zeal for spiritual growth and self-realization.

What is the best style to do such a tattoo

Pegasus tattoo looks great in realism. The bright colors of the background can emphasize the snow-white mast of the horse*. If Pegasus is depicted in a different color, the picture is given depth by the play of light and shadow. The black and white technique also successfully conveys the essence of the drawing. It looks expressive and allows the philosophical meaning of the message.

Drawing looks favorably with watercolor and graphic techniques. Strengthen the unique features and bring the novelty will combine geometry with realism or watercolor.

*The classic Pegasus is a snow-white horse with golden feathers. If the color changes, the overall picture becomes more menacing and brutal.

Ideas and meanings of tattoos for girls

As a rule, girls prefer to score a tattoo on the back of the neck. But female tattoos on the neck are also found on the side and on the front.

Tattoo on the back of the neck in girls can be found if they want to periodically hide it behind the hair. Drawing on the front or on the side will be more difficult to hide.

The place of application is chosen based on the idea of the tattoo and the preferences of the representative of the fair sex.

Each tattoo on the neck has a certain meaning for a girl. In order to choose a suitable sketch for themselves, it is necessary to know what the future tattoo will mean.

Flowers and different figures

The image of any flower on the neck is a symbol of reverent femininity. Each flower will represent femininity, awe and sensitivity.


The rose always means the connection of both the feminine and the masculine. Such a tattoo, as a rule, choose a strong, independent personality.

If the rose without thorns, it will symbolize femininity and purity. Belief in the best and only good intentions.

The meaning of such a pattern can change depending on the color scheme:

  • red - love, passion, temptation;
  • Pink - youth, romance;
  • white - innocence, modesty;
  • Purple - desire for changes, adventurism;
  • Blue - rebelliousness, desire to go against the rules;
  • Black - sorrow, anxiety, sadness.

It is not necessary to choose one color. The sketch can be saturated with different colors, each of which will contribute a certain shade of meaning.

Tattoo on the back of girls neck


If the lotus is chosen as a sketch, the tattoo will denote the spiritual enlightenment of the girl.

The lotus is a very unusual flower. Its owner should have only pure thoughts and bright thoughts.

Lotus flowers and leaves can be different colors.

Which will denote different shades:

  • Pink petals - chastity and striving for the ideal;
  • White - spiritual growth and philosophical outlook on life;
  • Blue - maturity and wisdom;

Choosing a multicolored lotus will indicate an epathetic personality and her desire to attract the attention of others.

Tattoos on the back of a girl's neck


The three-leaf clover signifies the three sides of the human essence: the inner spirit, body and soul.

What meanings the clover carries:

  • repentance;
  • hope;
  • Faith in a bright future.

The image of a clover with four petals denotes good luck and striving for it. Such a drawing will attract success to the girl.

Tattoo on girls neck (main key)

Hieroglyphs and various inscriptions

Choose for a tattoo sketch containing various inscriptions and hieroglyphs should be carefully.

It often happens that the translation is done poorly. It is better to double-check the statement several times in several sources.

Among the inscriptions, the most popular are quotations in English and Latin.

For example:

  • you are my life (you are my soul);
  • There's no arguing about tastes;
  • through thorns to the stars;
  • "When you go, go;
  • seize the moment.

There are a lot of hieroglyphs. Among them, each girl will be able to find the one that will be to her liking. Very often such words as "beauty", "success", "good luck", "love", etc. are chosen.

Tattoo on the back of a girl's neck

Dragon .

The image of the dragon is more popular among men, but recently, fragile girls also dare to stuff it.

This is due to the fact that the dragon means strength, courage and power. Such qualities can possess not only a man, but also a confident woman.

Tattoos on the back of a girl's neck


Tattoos depicting butterflies, scorpions and other insects are very popular among girls, as they denote ease and relaxedness. And these qualities are characteristic for all representatives of the weaker sex.

Girls who choose the scorpion most likely consider themselves to be very fair and vindictive. Scorpio carries in itself the meaning of killing, destruction. But at the same time - the simultaneous healing.

The butterfly is the sign of resurrection and liberation. It is characterized by its lightness, craving for change, and beauty.

The spider always means diligence and desire to achieve goals. The image of the spider can be found among creative, secretive and vengeful individuals.

Tattoos on girls neck


All birds carry the meaning of relaxed, carefree and independent. Light and subtle birds will help make the image more feminine and delicate.

The most popular tattoos:

  1. Owl. This bird means a deep inner peace, wisdom and desire for knowledge. Such tattoos choose girls who seek to learn about themselves and the world.
  2. Swallow. Swallow has always meant hope, freedom and independence.
  3. Eagle. The eagle is associated with power, pride and courage. Such girls undoubtedly prefer to be leaders in their environment.
  4. Raven. Such a tattoo can have both positive and negative interpretations. On the one hand, the raven symbolizes reliability, longevity and loyalty. But on the other hand, it is a sign of death and hopelessness.

By choosing a tattoo with a bird, a girl can emphasize the brightest side of her personality.

Tattoo on the neck for girls (main key)


Such tattoos are divided into two types. One is the drawing of real animals (tigers, wolves, cats, etc.). Others embody imaginary creatures (unicorns, centaurs, etc.).

Psychologists argue that padding an animal on the body means the desire to get rid of the traits that are inherent in them.

Types of such tattoos:

  • Snake. The snake is one of the most mysterious animals. Its owner, as a rule, is very cunning and graceful.
  • Wolf. Wolf is the embodiment of courage and leadership. Jumping wolf means that the girl will never stop on the way to her goal. A wolf in a pack is a symbol of leadership and the ability to be better than others. A wolf howling at the moon denotes reclusiveness and disobedience to the existing social order.
  • Cat. Girls who choose a cat tattoo are usually coquettish and mysterious. Such sketches can symbolize the defenselessness or independence of the owner.
  • Tiger. This animal is highly revered in many countries. That is why it symbolizes strength, power, agility and the respect of others.

Fictional beings embody the dreaminess and detachment of their bearer. As a rule, such girls live in dreams and always believe in the best.

girls neck tattoos

Stars .

There are many interpretations of such a tattoo.

For a girl, the star on the neck will carry the meaning of unattainability and extraordinary power.

women's neck tattoos

Cross, chain

In the past, the cross had nothing to do with Orthodoxy. This symbol meant execution and sacrifice. Such shades of meaning persist to this day.

Now the cross and chain mean faith and repentance.

The broken chain is a symbol of rebellion and independence, an unwillingness to accept reality.

Tattoo on the neck for girls (main key)

The Crown

The crown is a sign of power and determination.

Meanings that can be carried by the crown:

  • With a turtle - longevity;
  • With a heart - loyalty in love;
  • above the head of a lion - leadership;
  • above the palms of the hands - faithful friendship.

Leaders and strong personalities, ready to move forward to their goals, decorate their bodies with such an image.

Tattoos on the neck for girls


If a person feels the ability to fly and be above the world, then the image of wings is perfect for him.

Wings signify lightness, carefreeness and perfection.

These can be the wings of birds, angels, demons or butterflies. Everything will depend on the nature of the bearer of the tattoo.

female neck tattoos


Such a tattoo may not carry absolutely any meaning, and serve simply as a decoration for the girl.

But some of the fair sex use such designs to show that they lack male attention, warmth and affection.

Tattoos on the neck for girls


The loop on the throat is quite a rare tattoo for a girl. Such a drawing is applied after encountering difficult situations in life. It is also popular among people with a prison experience.

The meanings that the noose carries in itself:

  • fidelity;
  • strength;
  • loyalty;
  • desperation.

This tattoo is suitable for a person who, despite life's difficulties, has found the strength to move on.

Tattoo on the back of a girl's neck

Pegasus - the favorite of the Muses, the helper of the heroes

The beautiful winged horse immediately became the favorite of the Muses. He flew freely through the sky, becoming a cherished dream of many hunters. Many people dreamed of capturing Pegasus, trapping him and turning him into a riding animal.

But the skittish Pegasus was not as simple as it seemed. He deliberately let the hunter get closer and closer to him. At the moment when a hunter's hand touched his soft wool Pegasus suddenly jumped up and flew away.

The sky was his home. Even today, among the stars you can see the constellation of the same name, which in people's imagination resembled the outlines of a horse.

In the myths Pegasus often appears as a minor character, but his help to the main characters is simply invaluable. For example, it was Pegasus who helped Perseus rescue Andromeda. The winged horse obeyed Bellerophonte, who was able to defeat him on the advice of Athena Pallada.

Only thanks to the help of Pegasus, Bellerophonte was able to defeat the horrible monster, the Chimera, which was a nightmare for the inhabitants of a region of Greece. Except that I want to point out that Bellerophonte's sense of Pegasus's patron saint led to irreparable mistakes.

The hero, who felt himself equal to the gods, decided to climb Mount Olympus. Moreover, he could well do it, because he had a faithful winged horse. The flight was very successful, but the gods themselves decided that no mortal would dare to challenge them.

The Olympians created a gadfly that flew to the horse and bit it. Feeling the pain, Pegasus sprang to his haunches and threw Bellerophonte to the ground. Mutilated and blind, the cripple was abandoned by the gods. Later Pegasus is mentioned in the myths of Eos, the goddess of dawn. Beautiful and young, she rides him across the sky, alerting people of the imminent dawn.

Peter Paul Rubens Perseus frees Andromeda
Peter Paul Rubens, "Perseus frees Andromeda," ca. 1622 Location: Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia The painting was acquired from the collection of Count G. Bruhl in Dresden


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