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It is impossible for a person to possess wings. However, many people dream about wings and make themselves a body picture with the image of wings of angels, birds, butterflies, dragons and mythological creatures.

The symbol of the wing means, above all, freedom and elevation over the human world. That is why this tattoo became very popular.

Depending on the type of wings and their image on the body, the meaning of the symbol changes.

Let's figure out what the wings mean in a tattoo.

Tattoo of the wings meaning

In the ancient Chaldeans, Egyptians and Syrians, the drawing of eagles' wings, carrying the solar disk, meant the rebirth, the joy of life, the beginning of something new. In its meaning, this image was similar to the sun's symbolism, reminding of the infinite movement of the sun across the sky. Winged sun with plumage - such imagine a deity of light, descended from the sky and defeated the darkness.

In some aspects, the meaning of the wings tattoo implies the lightness that people who drew the bird's wings on their bodies wanted to acquire. The swift movement in the air of the feathered birds was the cause of dreams of flying. The wings, as attributes of weightlessness, were imagined by people as a magic sign that allowed them to rise above the perishable world.

A desire to belong to a community of supernatural beings - angels, air fairies, flying spirits - made medieval people adorn themselves with drawings of wings. Many people wanted to acquire the speed and impetuosity of the angels, the messengers of God.

Warriors believed that a tattoo with outspread wings would help gain the ability to never feel fatigue, easily overcome great distances. This symbol was considered a sign of the patronage of the supreme power, the heavenly shadow protecting from the scorching heat of the sun and drying wind.

A symbol of the wings was used by shamans, Oriental spiritual leaders, witches and sorcerers to mark their journey towards self-knowledge and the long, arduous and dangerous process of acquiring knowledge and skills. In Christian mythology, winged beings were wise, free and could easily communicate with both humans and God.

The meaning of the symbol of wings and their types in tattoos

There are varieties of wings. Their meaning is not always the same, and often does not coincide with the general interpretation of this sign. In tattoo salons (St. Petersburg) are turning to many people, but this is just not always they know the meaning of the desired tattoo.

To avoid mistakes, it is worth knowing the meaning of any of the wings, before you put on the body of a particular sketch.

The meaning of the tattoo wing

The general meaning of "wing" or "wings" is interpreted as:

  • Speed.
  • Freedom.
  • Aspiration.
  • Desire, dreams.
  • Exaltation, power.
  • Protection.
  • Tattoo angel wings

Angel wings - the most common tattoo symbols

Tattoos (Petersburg) with angel wings mean:

  • Protection (you are under the protection of your angel).
  • Enlightenment.
  • Spirituality.
  • Inspiration.
  • Kindness.

At this time there are a large number of options with which you can depict the wings of angels. Such images are very often combined with other tattoos.

The most common option is considered a tattoo that depicts a person's initials, with the wings of angels attached to them. Such tattoos are very often done in memory of those people who are not among the living.

First of all, it is very common to see angel wings depicted with an inscription, a heart or flowers.

The meaning of angel wings is often similar to the semantic meaning of the angel tattoo itself. For example, fallen angels with scorched, clipped, black wings are rarely depicted. They mean pain, disappointment, anger.

Tattoo of the wings of mythological creatures

Also popular are the wings of various creatures that existed in the myths and legends of ancient peoples. These are the wings of divine creatures, Gods, dragons, griffins, phoenixes, fairies, pegasi.

Embody such wings:

  • Magic.
  • The ability to reincarnate.
  • The natural elements of the four main elements-fire, earth, sky, wind.
  • Strength.
  • Speed.
  • Mind.

In tattoo salons St. Petersburg you can apply not only for the execution and creation of a tattoo, but also for consultation. A good, experienced master studio "Maruha" always tells what kind of wings will be best for you. And selected by the meaning of symbols and signs, as well as - according to your character.

You can compare the meanings of tattoos of a creature that has wings, which you so dream about, with the above-mentioned meanings of wings. For example, a dragon tattoo can have different meanings. By linking it with the symbol of wings, you will get new interpretations of the sketch.

Tattoo of insect wings

Insect wings are often used in tattoos. Girls adore butterfly wings. The meaning of such wings is interpreted as the symbol of the butterfly itself.

They represent:

  • Beauty.
  • Lightness.
  • Freedom.
  • Innocence, purity.
  • Tenderness.

The tattoo is also performed in the form of dragonfly wings. This image means not only lightness and freedom, but also mysticism, courage, endurance.

Tattoo with the wings of birds

The meaning of the tattoo (St. Petersburg) with the symbols of bird wings is directly related to the bird whose wings you dream to portray.

  • The wings of a dove are associated with peace, harmony, purity, innocence.
  • The wings of an eagle represent strength, power, masculinity.
  • Peacock wings are interpreted as beauty and vanity.
  • Raven's wings carry negative energy and attract bad luck.

For a tattoo to bring you joy and happiness, pay attention to the meaning.

In addition, by the tattoo of the wings of birds you can learn about the emotional state of a person. For example, flying feathers are associated with fatigue, worldly problems.

The meaning of the wings on the back

An ambiguous sign is the tattoo of wings on the back. The image is associated with the angelic beginning, and the colors and shades, the manner of execution of the drawing suggests what creature the owner has chosen - an innocent messenger of God or a sinful fallen angel.

Girls prefer tattoos in the form of fluffy blond wings, as if growing out of the upper part of the back. This is a symbol of kindness, innocence, mercy - the qualities inherent in a gentle, feminine person. Small but widely-spread wings are chosen by people who do not like romance and empty dreams. Such people are sincere, far from stereotypical behavior and like to experiment.

For men, the image of wings on the back - a symbol of free flight, lack of attachment to earthly problems. The owners of the tattoo are often gifted creative people who can see the beauty in simple, ordinary things.

The wings of the omitted, broken into separate feathers, or dark-darkened express mental despondency, despair. Sometimes such a plot is a way to express remorse, to get rid of bad thoughts. A love drama experienced is also a reason to choose a tattoo with drooping wings.

Angel Wings Meditation. Version 2

In order to conduct a meditation session, you need to do the following steps.

  1. Sit or lie down on a comfortable surface, your back should be straight.
  2. Imagine that from your feet go the roots, which firmly connect you to the ground.
  3. Completely relax and disconnect from your surroundings. Concentrate on your breathing, discarding all unnecessary thoughts and inner dialogues. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position, and then begin to exhale intensely. Feel how peace and relaxation increase with each new exhalation.
  4. Imagine, as from a certain point of your spine the angel's wings are spread. Allow time for them to fully unfold.
  5. Feel the color of the wings, their shape, their light, their soft surface.
  6. Visualize the flapping of the wings, each subsequent flapping being lighter and lighter.
  7. Ask the Angels to take you by the hands and lift you into the sky. Have fun soaring through the air.
  8. When you're ready, leave the Angels and head for the distant stars on your own. Feel the freedom of your Angelic essence, the joy of being.
  9. Sprinkle your Angelic golden dust on needy people and desolate lands.
  10. Return to your own body, then sit in a relaxed state for 2-3 minutes.
  11. Feel how you are on the ground. Reach out, and then open your eyes.

Now you have the wings of angels!

Every day imagine letting your wings loose, letting them grow stronger and more powerful. Cover not only yourself, but also your loved ones with your wings. The first step in the meditation is to make your wings stronger and more attuned until you feel their presence behind you all the time.

angel wings symbol

Angel Wings Meditation. Version 1.

  1. Focus on your divine essence. Feel the love, resilience, strength, and unsurpassed beauty of the divine self. Do this exercise for as long as it is enough to fill you with divine energy.
  2. Feel the unity and inseparability between you and your divine self. You are that divinity. Forget for a while that you are an incarnation of man. Don't draw a line between the divine and the earthly, because for the moment it's all one.
  3. Imagine huge, luminous wings of bright white color opening up behind you. Fully immerse yourself in the imaginary wings, feel them on a physical level. They are so big that they can, like a blanket, completely wrap you up and protect you. Enjoy having them, knowing that wings can protect you from any negative subtle-level energy - from the thoughts of people negatively disposed toward you, lower-level beings, and other energies that must be avoided in order to achieve a calm, harmonious existence. Remember that these wings stay with you for life. If you find yourself in an unfavorable situation or find yourself under the negative influence of other people, the wings will unfold and protect you reliably. Feel the energy of the wings, their power and snow-white glowing color.
  4. Know that wings can heal your inner world. They are ways to transform your complexes, hatred, longing, guilt - any negative emotions that degrade the quality of your life. The wings envelop the body not only on the physical level, but also on the emotional and also on the mental level, and the aura absorbs their healing white light. Allow the divine light to transform into Light all the Dark emotions and experiences that you are experiencing. Observe the transformation while in a completely relaxed state.
  5. Angel's wings have the power to heal, sheltering your body for complete physical healing. Just relax and let them heal you. Everything in your body is interconnected, and all you have to do to heal a sore spot is to let the energy flows go in the right direction. Once the disturbed currents are restored, all wounds and burns will disappear.
  6. You can invoke angelic wings to activate and harmonize your chakras. Simply create a strong intention and call for the wings. After opening them, let everything that should happen happen happen. As if from the outside, watch the process without interfering in it.
  7. The angelic wings are capable of rejuvenating the body, slowing down the aging and fading of a person. For this purpose it is enough to create a corresponding intention and to call the light, power and strength of the wings.
  8. Wings are able to help not only you, but also your relatives and loved ones. Allow the wings to shelter your child or other loved one in need of help and protection.
  9. Angel wings can improve relationships with the people around you. As you communicate with them, surround yourself and the person you are communicating with with the wings. You can simply let the situation go and let the wings be behind you, which will make you more charismatic and attractive.
  10. Angel wings increase one's reserve of vitality and make one feel energetic. If you suffer from loss of energy and apathy, enlist their help.

How to Practice Meditation

Work with the wings should be at least half an hour every day. The duration of the practice is from 3 weeks to 3 months. As soon as the wings merge with you, they will begin to act on their own, noting all negative phenomena and changes. In the right circumstances, they will unfold without your intention, providing strong protection and healing. They will always support the positive vibrations of your energy and increase it.

Once the meditation is done, there is no need to fold the wings. Let them always remain with you, while you go about your usual duties.

For the first time it is recommended to remember your wings during the day.

Once the wings are merged with you, you should practice self-tuning once a month and then once a quarter. With each practice you will feel a merging with your divine essence. To get the best results, you should use the wings as often as possible.

In order to call upon the wings for help, it is enough to mentally call upon them and feel their power, light, try to feel them or visualize them.

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