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Highlight the most striking traits of character will help tattoo. Undoubtedly, almost all parts of the body are suitable for tattoos. However, one of the most popular options is the hips. Sketches of tattoos for girls on the hip are very diverse and cover all areas of life. For example, it can be an abstract ornament or a portrait of a favorite animal. In other words, the main one is the desire to create and decorate yourself and the world.

Features of the tattoo on the hip

Women's tattoos on the thigh look very attractive and original. The relatively large area and flat surface allows you to realize any dreams: to score a small picture or a large-scale drawing. Experiment with color, filling and volume. Some of the main features of the hip tattoo include:

  • The possibility of further development of the story. You can immediately develop a sketch in all the details and create an already completed story. And you can try to score a small size tattoo and then surround it with history. There is an opportunity to extend the picture to the stomach, buttocks or down the leg;
  • Accessibility. Applying a tattoo on the hip all care procedures can be carried out independently, without anybody's help, as it is required by the drawings, printed on the back or waist;
  • Universality. Over-the-shoulder tattoos are easy to hide under clothing at any time of the year. And also easy to open for public viewing. They can be intimate and intended only for the chosen one. In this case, the picture is applied at the very top, often stepping on the buttocks or the bikini zone. It is possible to choose a sketch with publicly available content. Such tattoos have a large area, occupying all the space up to the knee or up to the middle of the thigh;
  • Possibility to model a figure. Tattoo can become an excellent tool for visual correction of woman's figure. Thus, full-color images, made in the form of spheres or horizontally oriented ovals, will help to round hips visually and give them additional volume. But vertically elongated and monochrome drawings visually narrow the leg, making it slimmer and longer.

Also, choosing the thigh tattoo sketch, it is worth considering the age factor. The thighs are most affected by weight changes, stretch marks, cellulite and the like. Consequently, the image will also suffer in the process of natural "correction" of the surface. Therefore, ladies prone to obesity or not used to monitor the state of the body are better to refuse large-scale tattoos in favor of small drawings.

Peculiarities of a picture choice

There are some rules for the selection of tattoos:

  • When choosing a tattoo, you should think after a while whether it will have the meaning and relevance invested in it.
  • To understand which tattoos are considered feminine and which are universal, that is suitable for both sexes.
  • Over time, the skin in the thigh area has the property to change and stretch. The same applies to the body art. Large images are considered less resistant to distortion.

The plot tells you how you should choose a tattoo for yourself:

To assess your pain threshold, you should apply a small sketch, and then already draw a picture of impressive size.

Popular styles of women's tattoos on the hip

As for the style direction, it all depends on the personal preferences of the customer, her internal perception of the world and just taste preferences. Most of the fair sex are inclined to bright colored images, different realistic and detailed drawing. In the opinion of most girls such tattoos always attract attention and draw the eye to the most seductive part of the female body.

However, choosing a sketch in the style of 3D, realism or anime is important to choose an experienced and professional master. The more complex the work, the higher must be the qualifications and artistic skills of the builder, otherwise the picture will not have the desired effect and will only disfigure the body.

Popular dream catchers and lace garters are made in the techniques of dotwork or linework and involve the use of only one color (most often black). A favorite theme for women's tattoos on the hip is floral and vegetal images that look incredibly gentle in the technique of watercolor. Also the style of watercolor is suitable for the image of various fairies, animals or romantic landscapes.

Beautiful female tattoos on the hip are performed in a variety of styles. In addition to those already listed above, chicano, thrash polka, geometric, graphic and traditional tattoos look good on the thighs. From watercolor and realism these styles have more severe lines and, in some ways, aggressiveness. They are great for uncompromising ladies with a combative nature.

Styles of breech tattoos

  1. Watercolor. The peculiarity of the tattoo in this style is the absence of black and gray, mostly bright colors are used, with the effect of blurring.
  2. Anime. Images of Japanese cartoon characters, people or animals. Tattoos are bright and juicy.
  3. Graphics. Monochrome execution of the tattoo. Looks good, sophisticated and tasteful.
  4. Newschool. Features such tattoos as brightness, sometimes graffiti technique, the volume of the image, irony.
  5. Oldskul.In this style stands out black thick outline, simple colors, no transition of shades.
  6. Oriental.Tattoos have symbolism. Dragons, fish, and peonies are often depicted. The image can be both colored and monochrome.
  7. Realism.Tattoos made in this style look beautiful and aesthetic. Images can be varied, from portraits to landscapes. When choosing a realism style tattoo, it is important to find a professional tattoo artist. This is what will determine the quality of the work.

Before you stop at a particular sketch, you should consider the above factors, the painfulness of the procedure, the possible age-related distortion of the tattoo in the future or with the change in weight. The choice of tattoo master also affects the quality of the future tattoo. But, undoubtedly, the drawing on the thigh of the girl looks interesting and sexy.

Sketches of female tattoos on the hip

Sketches of female tattoos on the thigh are very diverse. The main rule when choosing a sketch is to emphasize the natural beauty and seductive shape of the female thigh with the drawing. To imagine the final effect it is desirable to study in advance the photo tattoos on the hip and possible images. At the same time it is not necessary to copy the already tattooed pictures. Rich fantasy and skills of the master will allow from any blank to create a completely unique picture, echoing the inner world of the owner. Among the most popular subjects are:

  • Floral themes. Delicate, beautiful plants are ideal for emphasizing the subtlety and fluidity of a woman's body lines. Flowers assume the presence of bright colors, which immediately makes the tattoo as noticeable as possible. In addition, such tattoos have a deep meaning and the choice of flower is often the result of a long and painstaking work. Passionate natures prefer red roses, sensual - soft pink peonies. Enigmatic, spiritual personalities apply lotuses or sakura on the hip. White lilies or blue forget-me-nots emphasize purity and innocence;
  • Animal themes. This theme is chosen not only by girls, but also by men. However, while the latter are characterized by the application of grinning predators, girls prefer images of fluffy and cute faces. In addition to cats and dogs, thighs are often decorated with images of birds or fish. Look spectacular pictures of giant squids or jellyfish, whose tentacles smoothly descend on the leg down, or entangle the leg. Those who do not like the marine theme will approach the images of dominant lions or tigers. Girls who want to emphasize their independence and willingness to be alone will like images of wolves, foxes or snakes. Among the representatives of the feathered world, the most popular image is that of an owl, as a symbol of wisdom and life experience. Also, ladies often choose the perky hummingbird, as a symbol of inexhaustible energy.
  • Mythical creatures. Insanely popular theme among romantic natures. It can be dragons, unicorns or phoenixes. The phoenix often marks a new stage in a girl's life. The unicorn emphasizes the tendency to dreaminess. Dragons seem to be the most interesting, as they provide a huge number of variations in performance. As a totem symbol, the dragon means good luck and wisdom;
  • Miniature symbols. It is not necessary to have a large tattoo on the hips. It can be a simple symbol, made in a minimalist style and having an important semantic meaning for the girl. It is also possible to put small symmetrical images on the back of the thigh. For example, the same bows or hieroglyphs;
  • Patterns. Exclusively feminine tattoo on the hip are openwork garters, giving away the playful nature of the lady. Add passion to the image will help hide a gun behind the garter. This pattern is also printed in combination with red roses and skulls. Popular female patterns include mandalas. They not only adorn the thigh with ornate ornamentation, but also carry deep semantic meaning;
  • Inscriptions. Single thin inscriptions are more typical for the forearm or wrist. But on the hip will look good with three-dimensional texts. These can be excerpts from favorite books, famous lines of idols or your own poems. You can also depict a list of names of loved ones. To make sure that such a tattoo would not look banal, the names are encrypted in Latin. If desired, such inscriptions are decorated with additional symbolic drawings, vignettes, etc;
  • Portraits. One of the most controversial tattoos, which enjoys constant popularity. First of all, it is dangerous to draw portraits of your loved ones on your body. Because after a while the feelings can change, but the tattoo will remain forever. The same refers to portraits of celebrities. Over time, the world view changes, new details about the life of the idol are discovered. Perhaps in a couple of years, the idea of depicting his face on a hip will no longer seem so attractive. Another thing is the image of a pet, which will always remain in the memory as the most loyal and sweetest creature.

Another peculiarity of portrait tattoos is that you need to find a real pro, capable of accurately transferring the image of a face or a muzzle to the skin. Otherwise, the body will be decorated with a completely unknown personality. It is also worth thinking in advance about the possible deformation of the portrait with the appearance of age-related changes on the hips.


The meaning of tattoos in the form of insects for the weaker half of the population:

  • Scorpio speaks of justice, loneliness and self-confidence. Duality of nature, nobility and loyal feelings are also associated with this image.
  • Spider associated with inconspicuousness, accuracy, precision and practicality. A spider web denotes entanglement in life, intricacy, certainty of purpose, and difficult choices.
  • Dragonfly expresses the active position in life, the rapidity and aspiration to learn new things. It bestows its wearer such qualities as vulnerability and wisdom, as well as confidence in their own abilities.
  • The butterfly is one of the most popular insects and symbolizes immortality and rebirth, femininity and sensitivity, creativity and an easy approach to life. The picture of a white moth means the spirit of a dead person, invisibly present.
  • The ladybug. alludes to merriment and endless summer.
  • The ant is a symbol of a hard-working and purposeful person.
  • Grasshopper embodies the youthfulness and independence.

The wasp represents anger and danger.

Should I get a tattoo on my hip?

In addition to the aesthetic component, there are quite tangible reasons to think about a tattoo on the hip - the pain sensation. Many masters assert that on a thigh sensitivity is much lower than other parts of a body because of more dense subcutaneous layer, that is quite justified at performance of man's tattoos on a thigh. However, women's thin skin is much more sensitive than men's and thigh tattoos cause no less discomfort than tattoos on the back or shoulders.

Another peculiarity is the scale of the tattoo. Large scale implies long work of the master and multiple continuous damage of epidermis, which leads to painfulness even in the most insensitive places. This is particularly acute for people with a low pain threshold. The optimal solution in this case would be the use of quality anesthetics and splitting long sessions into several separate procedures.

The meaning of the skull tattoo

Since ancient times, the skull has symbolized death, decay, impermanence and the movement of time. In ancient times, people were close to nature and observed that everything dies and is born again. Winter replaces summer, time passes in a circle, and life continues in the world in spite of death. It is this process, of cycling, rather than dying, that most people put into the skull tattoo.

Tattoo skull - Meaning of Skull tattoo - Skull tattoo

In every culture, in every era, people have sought answers to eternal questions. They have tried to look beyond, to touch the mysteries and understand the unexplored.

In the Christian tradition, the skull means forgiveness, atonement for the sins of mankind.

Often, a tattoo with a skull is supplemented with flowers for contrast, reminding themselves that life and its flower is not eternal and you need to appreciate every day.

In American Indian tradition and in biker subculture, the skull serves as a talisman against danger and destruction.

Tattoo skull - Meaning of skull tattoo - Skull tattoo

Care of a tattoo on the hip

Female color tattoos on the hip, as well as monochrome ones, require the same serious attitude and careful care. About the care of a tattoo in the first days the master will tell right after the session. As a rule, it's regular treatment with sparing detergents and moisturizing of your skin with special creams with healing effect.

The first couple of days you should regularly make wraps to protect the damaged skin from contamination and refuse to wear tight-fitting clothes. Since friction can cause pain, irritation and increase the healing time.

Once the skin has fully recovered, tattoo care comes down to UV protection. Prolonged exposure to the sun without sunscreen will lead to premature fading of the pigment. And once every five to seven years you should visit a tattoo parlor to restore the faded areas and make the tattoo look fresh.

Mexican Skull Tattoos

Mexican tattoos with skulls are a favorite subject for tattoos around the world. They are notable for their brightness and are similar in style to ethnic ornaments.

Skull Tattoo - Mexican Skull Tattoo - Skull Tattoo Mexico

Tattoo skull - Skull tattoo for men

Most men associate the skull tattoo with the biker tradition: complete freedom, faith in destiny and their own strength. Such tattoos give self-confidence, masculinity and strength. He can express his feelings about his true mission, about the time he was meant to live his life with meaning.

Small tattoos with a skull

It is worth noting that not everyone is ready for a large skull tattoo. If you like the meaning of the skull tattoo, you can choose a small sketch.

Animal and bird skulls tattoos

Skulls of animals and birds in all historical periods were considered amulets and endowed with magical powers. A tattoo with an animal skull can also be a talisman.

Tattoo skull - Tattoo of animals and birds - Skull tattoo


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