Tattoo clock - a symbol of eternity and inevitability, what else it will tell

Tattoo tightly entered the everyday life of most modern and young men. Most often the choice falls on the sketches of representatives of flora and fauna, all kinds of symbols and objects. A popular option today is the tattoo of the clock on the hand, made in both realistic and stylized style.

To understand what the tattoo of the clock means, it will be enough to decide on the sketch and place of application on the body, as well as to dig a little into history and past eras. Also, the meaning for men will largely depend on what, in addition to the clock, is present in the sketch, in what style and color scheme the work will be performed. You will learn more about everything from the article.

Tattoo watch for men. What options are available

Regardless of what sketches you will consider as an idea for a tattoo, the clock will always talk about the transience of human life and time. But in order to get a detailed answer, it is worth considering several options for execution by a master, such as:

A clock showing the time in a real performance - A reminder of an important event in life that divided a person's life into "before" and "after". It is the numbers that will be that important date.

Without arrows and numbers - Symbolizes the absence of important meaning and events in the life of the owner.

Sand . - Time is not subject to man, it flows quickly, and thus should appreciate every moment lived.

Of precious stones - Symbolizes puzzlement man in search of the meaning of life and his own destiny.

A complex mechanism - a man is ready for different situations and circumstances in life, to set up life in the right way.

Expert Opinion

Viola Madison

Master of tattoo, 8 years experience

When choosing any sketch with a clock for tattoo a man agrees with the fact that not he rules over time, but time controls him. Not every man has a kind of fatalism that comes from such tattoos, so often such a tattoo creates dissonance between himself and the wearer.

The meaning of the symbol

In its general meaning, the symbol indicates the the transience of human life.. The symbol is a reminder that life is short. But, at the same time should not be afraid of this fact, and live every moment. This tattoo is often applied as a talisman. Not without reason, it is especially popular in biker circles. Skull, as a non-removable symbol of death, reminds the owner that all men are mortal, and the only question is how rich life we live.

The meaning of the symbol can be summarized as follows:

  • Chaos
  • of the transience of our lives
  • death
  • truth
  • rebirth

For men the skull signifies determination and courage in action. Sometimes the symbol signifies a dismissive and chauvinistic attitude toward women.

The skull with the snake. If a snake is added to the sketch, climbing out of the eye socket of the skull, the symbol changes the meaning to immortality and wisdom. The symbol indicates that knowledge and wisdom will remain even after physical death.

Skull and snake tattoo options.

Skull with a crown - A symbol of power, or the desire for power. In Mexico, a different meaning: in the next life will be luckier.

Skull with wings - Freedom and carelessness. Equally easygoing attitude to both life and death.

Tattoo skull with a clock Has the meaning of reminding the owner of the finitude of life. Symbolizes the need for development in each current moment.

Indian skull in tattoo culture means unity with nature and super knowledge.

The meaning of the tattoo skull of a bull Depends on the style of execution. Celtic tattoo style is suitable for fighters, such a symbol adorned his body real warriors of antiquity. Infographics: on what place most often do the skull tattoo? Style tribal is suitable for those who believe in a connection with spirits. Such works use the color red to emphasize the motif of ancient shamanic rituals. The bull skull can be used as a symbol of the zodiac sign "Taurus". Such a sketch will suit you, in case the horoscope is not an empty set of random facts that fit any situation, any person. If in the sketch there are tongues of flame the symbol means aggression and stern temper of the owner of such a tattoo.

Sugar skull., its correct name "Calavera". The meaning of the symbol is an unchangeable cycle of life. Eternity of existence of human souls. The symbol was first used in Mexico at the Day of the Dead celebration. Calavera is the goddess of the dead, a beautiful girl with a skull instead of a face. It is believed that on this day the souls of the dead come down to earth. And Mexicans greet them with joyful dancing and dancing.

Tattoo swallows with skulls means one end for all living people.

The skull and the crossed bonesLocated at its base is the jolly Roger. An invariable symbol that was depicted on the flag of real pirates.

В bikers Skull is a symbol of good luck. Such a tattoo is more often perceived as a protective. Many believe that such a tattoo helps lovers of roads and their iron horses.

Skull with a rose Symbolizes simultaneous duality: love and hate, death and life.

Any plantPlaced at the base of the skull indicates the loss of a loved one.

A flower or another plant in teeth - The desire to live a life of pleasure, enjoying every moment of the fleeting human life.

The skull of the goat. - Peace and goodness. A great reserve of vitality.

The skull of the ram. - Persistence, persistence on the path to their goal.

Raven on the skull. - Destruction bearing death. If next to a bird to depict the nest, the meaning is almost the opposite. Such a symbol would mean longevity and wisdom.

Related symbols: related symbols are: rose, cross, raven, dragon, wolf, owl.

A collage of photos with male skull tattoos.

What does the watch tattoo give a man?

To understand where the fashion for a tattoo with the image of a clock came from, it will be enough to dig into history and mythology. In the latter case, all peoples and tribes were aware of the value of time, it was ruled by different deities. For example, the Greeks had Chronos in charge of time, the Egyptians had Nehebkau, the Romans had Saturn, etc.

The people of Babylon were the first to recognize the need to measure time by creating a sundial. After that, the Greeks created the clepsydra, thanks to which Plato was later able to design the alarm clock. Byzantine historians mention mechanical clocks as early as the 4th century AD. Later, the clock became an indispensable attribute of warriors and religious movements.

History of the symbol of the clock - what did the sign of the clock mean for all cultures and religions?

The history of the symbol can tell us a lot. In the views of the ancient peoples of the world, the symbol of the clock represented infinity, transience, moderate life, which can not be returned.

Often, this sign possessed ...a positive energy...which came from the gods. But, at the same time, it was associated with with the negative consequences of a person's life.

Let's consider how clocks were interpreted and what they were compared with in the ancient world:

  • In ancient Greece. The clock was considered a symbol of elusiveness, showing the irreversibility of time, proving the impossibility of reversing and changing some things that happened in the past.
  • In India, China and Japan. people believed in reincarnation, so for them the clock was a primitive device showing and fixing the date and time. These peoples did not attach much importance to this symbol.
  • It is believed that the first clocks were hourglasses and they were made in Asia. Then in Europe, too, began to use the hourglass.
  • The hourglass - is a symbol of moderate life, showing that time does not stop. The clock consists of two vessels reminding us of the alternation of life and death, of order and chaos.
  • In Europe in the Middle Ages the hourglass became a symbol of sailors and monks, as they constantly used this device.
  • In the myths of ancient peoples. it was mentioned that time was controlled by the gods.
  • The gods could grant immortality to selected heroes such as Perseus and Hercules. In the myths, the symbols of eternal, endless life were: living sacred water, magic nectar, manna of heaven, the herb of immortality, ambrosia, and many sacred trees such as the Nagasari tree.
  • In addition to immortality, if the gods were enraged, they could inflict eternal torments from hell on people. For example, Prometheus, nailed to a large rock, was tormented by an eagle that pecked out his liver. Endymion, who seduced Hera, the wife of Zeus, was condemned to eternal sleep.
  • In Christians. each prayer is recited at a specific hour. Together, these prayers form a divine service with a precise timetable.
  • In the Catholic religion. the divine service, too, is scheduled according to the hours of the day and consists of eight prayers.
  • In Renaissance artists. the winged clock was a sign of the fleetingness of time.
  • In Freemasonry. the clock and the skulls, bones and coffin signified the doom of existence, the inconstancy of time and death.
  • Pirates on their flags very often used the emblem of the hourglass. For example, in the hands of a skeleton or a man with a threatening look and a sword in the other hand. This flag denoted the deadly power of pirates.
  • In the New Age. hourglasses were replaced by tower clocks. Thus, the chimes of the Spasskaya Tower became the emblem of Moscow, and London is symbolized by the famous Big Ben.
  • Historians claim that the very first sundials and water clocks were invented in Babylon.
  • And mechanical clocks date back to the first century A.D. in Byzantium.
  • In the military. - is the embodiment of accuracy and order, as well as fidelity, specificity and punctuality. Since ancient times, the military army attached a sentry - a soldier who stands on the clock and watches over the order in the unit.

On what places men most often apply a tattoo with a clock

The place on the body is an important indicator, which also predetermines the characteristics and designation of the tattoo. The most common options for the image are arms, chest and back, and legs. And each area carries a certain emotional and semantic message.


The main designation of the tattoo with on the shoulder is the motley colors of the world. That is, the man is aware and appreciates his life and the world, the circumstances in which he is. They will look ideal in a realistic or fantasy design and in bright colors.


The clock on the forearm also has a literal interpretation - a man's heart is not in the fetters of time, but free and independent of the cycles of life. Such a tattoo can refer to matters of the heart and personal life.

Tattoo on the wrist

The tattoo of this type on the wrist is a symbol of the fact that a man in his youth made a lot of stupid reckless actions and regrets about it. And now the owner of the tattoo with special meaning and value refers to life and time.

Tattoos on the palm, hand and fingers

Original and bold looks tattoo on the palm. A detailed designation in this case - not afraid of blows of fate, ready for them. On the hands usually this kind of tattoo serves as a reminder of important events in a person's life.

Tattoo sleeve

A sleeve is a large-scale tattoo, occupying the entire space of a man's hand. If it is a clock, in this case the meaning is assumed to be as follows - the value of life passing, the awareness of its transience.


Similar drawings on the neck are more a demonstration of his extravagance and special taste. Man relates with protest to all imposed stereotypes and patterns, wants to stand out from the crowd, showing originality.


Nakolka on the chest provides a personal and non-trivial character. Also, its meaning could refer to the man's strong desire for harmony and balance. Much depends on what color and style is executed in this subject.


The watch on the side is another non-trivial tattoo option for men. The watch shows that the man has let go of the past, ready to rush forward in step with the times to achieve his goals.


On the thighs, a thigh tattoo is rarely a man's choice. If a man has a tattoo in this place, its meaning will be about personal life, losses, important life events captured by the dial.


The tattoo on the back can denote the man's life position to certain events, the readiness to take any occurrence as a given. Many men get a tattoo in the above options to adopt humility and tolerance from the symbol.


In the area of the shoulder blades is the energy center responsible for ambition, the needs of the male ego. The composition in this place can be a restraining symbol, bringing deep meaning, spirituality and rationality to life.


A tattoo with a clock on the leg is interpreted as movement faster than time. It is also a symbol of the traveler, that is, a man who wants to enjoy the beauties of the world.

Clocks and roses, pyramids, broken chronometers and other subjects for tattoos

The subjects and combinations of objects on the tattoo can be very diverse. The vivid image of a clock combined with roses and butterflies embodies the phrase "happy people don't watch the clock". The raven reinforces the sad subject of the clock, which speaks of the frailty of existence. The wise bird calls for a philosophical attitude.

Broken clock has an unkind energy of doom. Most often, it is chosen by individuals who are in a difficult state of mind or even depressed.

Hourglass is similar in its meaning to other chronometers. It is a symbol of fatalism. The possessor of this plot believes in the predestination of existence. In his opinion, all events of destiny are preordained. Man has no control over the passage of time, he is unable to change anything and must accept the inevitability of the finitude of life. The nearness of death is another meaning of the hourglass. The inexorable passage of time brings each of us closer to death every day. Surprisingly, there are people who wish to have a reminder of this fact on their bodies. Most brightly it is emphasized by tattoos, where the clock is adjacent to the skull. It is better to make such drawings monochrome.

The combination in one image of a clock and a sakura branch means decay and sadness for the passing days. One symbol reinforces the meaning of the other, as their interpretations converge. Those who adorn themselves with the clock design are aware that every minute that passes cannot be returned. The tattoo evokes sadness and reminds one of the frailty of existence. Nevertheless, the passage of time provides an invaluable experience, which is also reminded by the clock on the skin.

Among those wishing to make such a tattoo there are many who wish to emphasize their constant activity, being in motion. Such a person does not sit in place and uses the time sensibly. For him it is important to do everything in time.

Are there any recommendations for getting a tattoo with a clock?

Before going to the tattoo parlor, a man should prepare himself and follow a few simple tips. Namely:

  • Make a sketch in advanceDo not take someone else's work, bring your own ideas into the drawing;
  • Decide on the place on the body Under the chosen sketch, assess the sensitivity, physiological, anatomical and aesthetic features of the area;
  • Decide on the size of the tattooDecide on the size of the tattoo, its style and color scheme;
  • Compare the meaning and emotional message of the tattoo With their own character, image and lifestyle;
  • Supplement the design with other symbols or charactersIf you want to interpret the meaning of the tattoo differently;
  • Learn about the rules of preparation before the work and after the work is done;
  • Know the price of the job in advanceBe prepared for the cost of the work in advance;
  • Consider whether you will need to hide the tattoo under clothing In certain circumstances, with this in mind, choose a site on the body.

Important! Remember that a tattoo with a clock has a philosophical meaning and significance. If you on the character and disposition are not inclined to philosophizing and reasoning, choose other variant of a tattoo.

How to choose the sketch of a tattoo in relation to a place on a body?

To pick up a sketch to a place on the body, a man needs to consider several important factors:

  • The proportionality of the sketch to the area of the site;
  • aesthetic preferences;
  • Individual anatomical features;
  • A man's lifestyle.

If they are large-scale drawings with additional symbols and characters, they are applied to the arms, chest, back and sides. Moderate in complexity and size sketches will look harmoniously on the shoulders, shoulder blades and hips. And small minimalistic designs will be suitable for the hands, wrists, palms, fingers and neck.

Would you like to get a tattoo of a clock?


Tips for sketches

The sketch of a tattoo is made according to the canons of the chosen style. Not unimportant for the composition and drawing semantic load. If the picture should emphasize the tragedy and fate, it is done in dark tones. The joy of contemplation of the passage of time is expressed in transparent watercolor colors.

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Even a thrash polka dot can look peaceful if you balance the gamut. Pay attention to the place for the design of the tattoo, so that it corresponds to the desired size of the sketch. Otherwise, the master will prompt possible techniques to correct your idea.

Styles and colors that are popular for a clock tattoo

More often than not, men see a tattoo with a clock as something austere and restrained, without excessive colors, decor and details. Expressive, young and creative guys can choose colorful and motley styles. In general, however, several styles will fit to sketches with such an item:

Thrash polka dots - A drawing in such a fatalistic performance;

watercolor - motley and positive drawing with different colors and blurred outlines;

realism - volumetric sketches with a three-dimensional image;

newskool - a new way of looking at familiar things;

biomechanics - A harsh and aggressive way of depicting mechanisms.

Most often such a mechanism in the form of a body drawing in men is depicted in black and white color scheme. But some styles accept the use of contrasting different colors - blue, brown, red, green and yellow.

Skull and cross

Most of all the others are close to the grave and funerary themes. This image is favored by representatives of the gothic subculture and people who are interested in the mysterious manifestations of the otherworldly.

Symbols with which the "clock" tattoo can be combined

You can complement the tattoos with different symbols and different characters. From this can significantly redirect and change the meaning of the tattoo. Most often the following symbols are supplemented:

flowers - brings romantic overtones;

patterns - decorative element;

key - a symbol of loyalty and devotion;

raven - association with the dark forces and death;

Yin-Yang - a symbol of balance and harmony.

Meaning of a prison tattoo

In the library of prison tattoos there are also sketches with clocks. For example:

  • On the hand. - The time that a man spends in prison;
  • with hands. - the time a man has left to spend in prison;
  • with a strap - is a frequent guest in the penitentiary;
  • left hand - symbol of a thief;
  • on the right hand - the owner came to the zone from the police children's room.

Based on the above prison tattoos, we can say that the same tattoo can be perceived differently in freedom and in the zone.


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