"My son's tattoo broke my heart." Mom talks about how difficult it was for her to accept her child's new image






When Anna's son came home with a tattoo, she was literally heartbroken. She knows he has the right to decide for himself (he is already 21 years old), but after this act, their relationship soured.

I was very happy that my student son came home for the weekend and the family was back together. After dinner and washing the dishes, the youngest went into the living room to watch TV. And then my son says, "Do you want to see my tattoo?"

I interjected: "You've got to be kidding me."

He said no. But I still didn't believe him. He laughed and said: "You should see your face right now."

It was a family joke that he would get a tattoo. He had been a very quiet and intelligent boy as a child and may have thought that the tattoo would balance this image of him as a quiet boy.

His father asked: "Where did you get it?"

My son points to his biceps. We fell silent.

"I didn't think it would upset you in any way," he added. - It's not just some fad. I thought about it and went to a professional. It cost me a decent amount of money."

We remained silent.

"It's just a tattoo," he exclaimed when the silence became too long. - And you're reacting as if I came to you and told you that my girlfriend is pregnant.

I just fell into a stupor. And my husband asked: "Well, does it hurt?"

I decided to interrupt this act of male solidarity and stated: "Yes, it hurts me personally."

Throughout his entire vacation, I couldn't talk to him. Honestly, I could barely look at him. I solve the problem the best way I can - I don't say anything. After all, if I start talking, I'll snap. Anyway, I'm not even sure exactly what I want to say. He did the very thing I asked him never to do. I told him many times that it would upset me. And now it's happened, and I have nothing to say.

I know that parents can't control what their children do. And you don't have to. After all, you don't want to pass on your pattern of behavior to your children, your imperfections. You hope that the next generation will be better, stronger and nobler. All you can do is pack their bags and curb your feelings. And watch your children leave their ancestral home.

So instead of figuring things out, I cried. I had a lump in my throat, I couldn't eat. I felt as if someone had died inside me. My roommate reassured me: "Come on! A lot of teenagers do that. I looked at pictures of David Beckham with his colored "sleeves" and at Angelina Jolie's doodles. It doesn't make sense to me. Tattoos are everywhere. They are perceived today as simply as piercings. But I don't understand anything. Are people with those blue spots on their skin role models?

"My niece has doves tattooed on her chest," says a friend. - "Her father told her that in a few years they would be vultures.

The fact that you can't get rid of this drawing makes me cry. It's as if your adolescent fascination was nailed to your forehead with a stapler. The British Association of Dermatologists recently surveyed 600 patients with tattoos. One-third of them regretted the drawings.

I've looked into laser tattoo removal before. It's possible, but my son doesn't want a tattoo removed.

After a couple of days, my husband asked me, "Did you look at his tattoo?"

I shook my head. Like a child, I hoped that if I kept my eyes tightly closed, it would all disappear.

My husband gently interrupted my thoughts, "It's his body and his choice."

I asked: "What if he wants to be a lawyer or an attorney or an accountant?"

"He'll wear a suit and no one will ever know about his tattoos. And he doesn't want to be any of them, by the way."

I know. I know.

Discussing this topic with a colleague at lunch.: "He knew how much it hurt me," I say, tears streaming down my face. - For years I asked him not to do it. After all, it would stay with you forever, even if he stopped liking it. It could hurt him at work. It might turn the people around him against him, even though he won't even have time to open his mouth."

A colleague advises me, "Tell him how you feel."

But I can't. For the sake of fairness, I realize that I am being completely irrational. This level of grief from a tattoo is completely absurd. He's not dying, he hasn't killed anyone, he hasn't become a world dictator. But I feel like it's just not acceptable to me.

I get very angry at myself. It's not snobbery, it's just anxiety. I know that people associate tattoos with prison and aggression and other negative things. Maybe only retired women think that way, and I'm wrong.

Tattoos used to be the prerogative of criminals and sailors. In the 1850s, the corpses of sailors were dumped on the coast, and only the blue initials could identify the drowned man. Sailors and pirates also decorated themselves with anchors, flowers or religious symbols for good luck. Such tattoos had a practical meaning - like the branding on animals. In addition, it was possible to immediately assess what profession the person belongs to. A little later, the aristocracy also flirted with tattoos. According to the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich (these scholars know about tattoos, Edward VII had a cross tattooed on his arm and his sons (Duke Clarence and George V) had dragons tattooed on their bodies. Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill's mother, had a snake tattooed on her wrist. Yes, you can do anything if you're rich.

On the third day of my silence, I approached my son and offered to talk. We sat down at the coffee table. But instead of words came out of me sobbing, "You couldn't have done anything worse than this. Your tattoo is hurting me terribly." My son is cold and detached: "I think you need to reconsider your prejudices. I'm an adult. I paid for it with my own money. I spent the money I earned myself. If you don't want to see it either, that's fine. When I'm home, I'll wear long-sleeved shirts. Your house, your rules."

He added: "I'm upset that you were so offended by it. But I'm not going to apologize."

"I don't want you to apologize," I lied.

"I'm still the same person," he summed up our conversation.

So there I sit, looking at my 21-year-old son. I feel like I can't help but say, "No, that's not you. You're different now. I can never look at you the same way. You know that, I'm sure. All these years I took care of your body: I took you to the dentist, I made you drink milk, I put sunscreen on you, I fed you vegetables. And you let some stranger inject ink under your skin. To me, that's self-mutilation. If you lost an arm in an accident, I would understand that. It's desecration of your body. I hate it."

We look at each other, and we have nothing to say.

After this conversation, my son pretended that nothing had happened. I spoke to him cautiously, because I wasn't sure I understood him.

I realize that my suffering makes absolutely no sense. What I think about tattoos doesn't matter to him. Tattoos are fashionable. Perhaps they can even be beautiful. Just because I hate them doesn't mean I'm right. But my son broke my heart anyway, even though he probably didn't plan it at all. He made his own decision, and my opinion was totally irrelevant to him.

I am no longer his authority. And that's a serious cause for sadness, it seems to me.

Tattoos about children with translation. 100 beautiful phrases for tattoos in Latin

See also photos of tattoos on the theme of phrases in Latin.
The whole problem is a competent translation that reflects the meaning you put into the phrase. Online translators are not suitable for this, as they cannot convey the whole essence of the statement. Only a live person who speaks Latin well enough to translate and articulate your inscription can help. Keep this in mind when looking for an idea for your tattoo.

And to help you with your choice, we publish a selection of hundreds of beautiful phrases, among which may be the one you want to put on your body. We also recommend seeing another collection of Latin inscriptions with examples of tattoos.

How to choose a font?

It's not enough to choose an utterance filled with meaning for an image on your body. The tattoo must look beautiful and draw attention.

"I will bend, but I will not break."

"God feeds the ravens."

Ancient or modern font, print or lettering, pretentiousness and roundedness or severity and angularity - you decide

Latin fonts masters of tattoo offer in 2-3 times more, than Russian, because they more often are popular. Chooses tattooed: ancient or modern font, print or lettering, pretentiousness and rounded or severity and angularity, Gothic, Medieval and other fonts conquer variety.

Modern tattoo parlors on websites offer to choose a font for a tattoo in Latin online. To use the service, you need to enter an inscription in Latin into a special field. After that, a palette of fonts will appear, which you can try on the utterance.

If you decide to impose a tattoo in the salon, the site of which selects the font, the completed form can be immediately sent to the master. If there is another salon in town, just print the image for clarity.

Modern tattoo parlors on the sites offer to choose a font for the tattoo in Latin online

Each person is individual and can find a Latin winged expression to their liking

They look harmonious and full of meaning

Advice! Choose a font not less time than the inscription. For outsiders the form is more important than the content, so you need to make the tattoo look stylish and harmonious.

Tattoo inscriptions about mom with a translation. Tattoo inscriptions about mom

Tattoo inscriptions

Inscriptions are one of the most popular themes for tattoos. So why are they so beloved by guys and girls? There are many reasons:

And often these inscriptions are dedicated to family. A tattoo about family or a tattoo about your parents is a great way to say to the world, "I love, respect and appreciate my family." People may not approve of tattoos, but they will not be able not to appreciate such a sign of attention to the closest ones.

Tattoo inscriptions about family

Sometimes we do not have enough words to express our feelings. Sometimes we don't have enough time or courage to do so. And although our loved ones know that we love them, it is never too much to say it again. And in order to do this, there are many different ways, including tattoos.

And the popularity of such confessions is increasing from year to year. Because for many family and parents - it's a reliable pillar, these are people who are ready to help and support even in the most difficult moments of life, these are those who like no one else deserve love.

Ideas for "family" tattoos

You also want to tell about your feelings, to say thanks to your parents with the help of a tattoo? There are many options and ideas for this.

Images are not always able to fully and accurately convey the full range of feelings and emotions we experience. And that's when words come to the rescue. On this page you can find a lot of ideas for tattoos dedicated to parents. But this is only a small fraction of what is possible to apply. Your family tattoo can be:

The inscription is convenient in that it can be applied anywhere. If you do not want your confession to be visible to everyone, you can make a tattoo on the body in a place that is usually hidden by clothing. Or, on the contrary, to open it to everyone, to tell everyone what you are experiencing.

Tattoos about family are a manifestation of your personal initiative. Create and fantasize! And this post will just help you, push you to some original idea.

Choosing a language

The most popular languages for body writing are considered foreign languages. The most popular ones:

Such inscriptions are often applied to hide the true meaning, less often just because it's pretty.

Whatever language is chosen, the main thing is the semantic load. There is an opinion that people decide to create tattoos in a moment of weakness, dejection and depression.

For girls, the appearance on the hand tattoo inscriptions are often associated with a sense of love, which they would like to talk about. In such cases, you should not rush, you should look through as many sketches, photos, learn the translation. Falling in love will pass, and the memory of it will be fresh, thanks to the tattoo.

Tattoo inscriptions about the family. A symbol of love and affection: tattoo inscriptions about the family

Tattoo inscriptions about parents

Tattoo inscriptions about the family

Among the most popular tattoos can be distinguished:

The location of such tattoos is almost impossible to categorize. It can be and drawings on the wrists, and on the forearms and shoulders, on the collarbones, on the shoulder blades, on the back and on any other parts of the body, convenient for the application of the tattoo.

You should not think of "family" tattoos as something pathos and inspired by fashion. First of all, they are a real family symbol, uniting relatives and once again reminding them of the connection within the family, inspiring in the hardest days and supporting even in places far away from the family. Such a tattoo can become a great talisman and a nice detail that stays on the body forever and is an invisible thread reaching out to relatives.

Touching family tattoos: sketches

Many people want to put on their bodies something nice, native to childhood. Such tattoos are especially popular with parents who have recently had babies, or on the contrary, children have already grown up. See sketches of touching family tattoos:

Touching Family Tattoo
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching family tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoo
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching family tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching family tattoos

Other close relatives, such as brothers or sisters, will also like these tattoos.

Tattoo inscriptions about life. Types of inscriptions

To make a tattoo in the form of an inscription, it is important to choose its meaning. It should reflect the inner world of a person, his desires, dreams or aspirations. It can be a motto, the name of a loved one or the words from a favorite song. The main thing to remember is that the applied text will remain forever. Therefore, you should approach the choice very responsibly.

Quotes can belong to any of the existing faiths.

They include different dates, numbers, symbols and names that have brought special meaning to a person's life.

They are words of gratitude or farewells.

Quotes from great men

The text represents a person's credo or his motto in life.

Wrist signs can have any shape, size or appearance. It all depends on a person's imagination.

Tattoo inscriptions about mom. Tattoo Mom. Meaning tattoo mother. Tattooattoo Mom photo

Tattoo Meaning of Mama

There are no pitfalls. Wax drawings dedicated to the mother are always an expression of love for parents.

Women pad images to let everyone around them know that they have children. In this case, the tattoos often include names or portraits of the offspring.

Keisha Holcomb took a different route. She used only native speech in her natal drawing.

The Colorado resident demonstrated her tattoos at the Hampton Roads convention.

It is a festival dedicated to tattoos. It is held annually in the U.S. state of Virginia.

A tattooed jury, the country's best masters of nail painting select among hundreds of contestants those who have the best patterns from an artistic point of view.

In drawings dedicated to matter, people express not only a love of matter, but also a personal stance on feeling in general.

A good example is the popular inscription "only mother is worthy of love.

Tattoos make it clear to everyone around you that you only have true feelings for your mother, and to take her place is unlikely to succeed.

Psychologists note that such marks on the body are often made by those who have been burned in relationships with the opposite sex.

Sometimes, the inscription directly reads "Thank you mom. Tattoo with such a message, usually express gratitude for the opportunity to live, the birth and care during life.

Decipher the meaning of the drawings on the mothers, often, is not difficult. The main thing is that in the tattoo about the mother the inscription was in a familiar language.

Most of the messages are imbued with love, sentimental. So, one of the popular texts reads: - "Mom can replace anyone, but no one can replace her."

Another top version of the tattoo: - "Mom gives life, which without it would not have been.

Those who don't want to be straightforward choose inscriptions in obscure, forgotten languages.

Where to get a tattoo of a mother?

Emphasizing the blood bond, about half of tattoos are done on vital arteries.

Girls are sentimental and do not hesitate to show their feelings in the form of a tattoo to those around them.

For the weaker sex are characterized by purely sensual drawings, which do not carry deep meaning, but only speak of the love of the daughter to her mother.

The stronger sex do not like to put their tender feelings on display, but want to have a secret inscription.

It can serve as a reminder of the need to take care of relatives, can be a tribute to the memory of the one who passed away.

The ancient Greek philosopher Sophocles said, - "Children are the anchors that hold mothers together in life."



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