Tattoo of cannabis (marijuana): the leaf of the most recognizable herb as a symbol

Hemp tattoo on the hip, watercolor
Tattoo of cannabis, watercolor

Hemp. Most people perceive hemp as a symbol of Rastaman and hippie culture. It is a symbol of relaxed trance and meditative perception of life. The leaf of the plant has decorative qualities.

The serrated edge and five ray structure of the plate looks attractive. This is why the hemp leaf is attractive not only for its philosophy, but also for its artistic possibilities.

What is this Jha culture?

The culture of the followers of the god Jha - aka Rastamanic - implies:

  • Freedom of action and choice;
  • independence from the opinions of others;
  • a disruption of the fabric of life;
  • a high level of spiritual development.

Also, Rastamans can be easily identified by their appearance: they wear loose, not constraining the movements, clothing in these colors:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • green.

Their image is invariably accompanied by dreadlocks, reggae music and characteristic tattoos - for example, a tattoo of cannabis (cannabis).

cannabis tattoo

The meaning of the cannabis leaf

The cannabis tattoo has several directions of decoding. Some came with the rasta culture. Within this religion, the hemp leaf was considered a sacred gift of Jha, speaking to the followers through visions.

Hemp Tattoo on the Breast
Chest tattoo, photo by:

Most of the meanings were composed and introduced into tattoo culture with the hippie movement, as classical Rastafarianism prohibits tattooing.

The meaning of the cannabis tattoo:

  • Love and respect for humanity;
  • desire to defend one's freedom by peaceful means;
  • life without hatred, envy, deceit;
  • all men are brothers;
  • peace in the world;
  • love of life;
  • enjoyment of creation;
  • a soul singing with happiness, etc.

The tattoo can be aggressive in nature only in addition to other elements: skull, guns, knives. But in this case, the interpretation is made by the owner himself and is not generally accepted. For connoisseurs of tattoo traditions cannabis is an expression of love and a peaceful view of things.

The meaning of tattoos for girls

On the female body tattoo marijuana is associated with a meditative perception of the world. It is worn by girls who prefer freedom in all its manifestations. In this regard, the meaning of the marijuana tattoo is deciphered as "total freedom", "my body is my business" and "life in love".

Hemp Tattoo on forearm
Tattoo on the forearm, photo by:

Tattoos are worn by women who oppose militarism. They adhere to peaceful forms of protest against the unequal use of nature. Approximately 50% of cannabis wearers are active animal rights advocates.

The girls are actively engaged in public activities to save wild animals. Advocate for the rejection of cruel forms of slaughter of industrial livestock.

Meaning of tattoos for men

On the body of men, a cannabis leaf means that the owner consumes weed. More often than not, the figure is present in the collection of tattoos of musicians and entertainers. The owner may preach Rastamanian views on life.

These are philosophically-minded creative individuals who do not engage in propaganda of their views.

Significance on men's bodies:

  • Life should not be vanity;
  • peace in the soul - Peace all around;
  • yesterday's mistakes will do us good tomorrow;
  • ideals are not eternal;
  • find people worth your love;
  • money can't buy life;
  • ♪ there's no loneliness ♪
  • say no to racism, hatred, and evil;
  • brave and sincere;
  • life in harmony.

Tattoo cannabis on hand
Tattoo on the hand, photo by:

The tattoo is suitable for holistic personalities who have no doubts about their life path. The drawing is performed in a realistic or allegorical manner. The tattoo has a humorous or deep meaning. Whatever the initial desire to get a tattoo, it is always correct in terms of real rasta.

How do you camouflage a tattoo?

If you decide on a cannabis leaf tattoo, you'll need to consider whether it's worth disguising it in any way. There are several ways to do this:

  • stylization;
  • Incorporating a small or inconspicuous cannabis design into a larger composition of other images;
  • Painting it on hidden areas of the body.

Let's look at each in detail.

Cannabis leaf disguised as pineapple leaf

Who is close to the meaning of the cannabis tattoo

In tattoo tradition, the hemp leaf is considered a symbol of peacefulness, relaxed state and philosophical attitude towards life. The herbal leaf is considered a symbol of Rastamanian culture, coming out of the Rastafarian religion. The meaning of the tattoo was partially adopted from this spiritual current.

The hemp leaf tattoo is worn by artists, ethnic musicians (e.g., reggae). It can often be seen on the body of teenagers and young men who are fond of roller skating, skateboarding and cycling.

Tattoos are worn by people with a romantic character. Most often they are vegetarians or vegans. The plant is appreciated by people who know how to enjoy life. They love adventure, travel and creative expression.

Incorporating into a composition.

You only need to pick for yourself a sketch of a tattoo, in which the image of marijuana is not striking at once, but only when you look at it in detail. An example of such a sketch is a pineapple and a leaf on top. Where is the best place to place the drawing? It can be the forearm, the ankle, the back, the neck, the chest, the back of the palm. Beautifully looks colored tattoo.

cannabis leaf


The marijuana tattoo is very popular and at the moment there are a huge number of different sites with styles in which it can be depicted. But the most common style is considered old-school. Ask the master, you can offer him to complement the leaf cannabis with different symbols or patterns, such as: heart, skull, ribbons.

You can also try an engraving style - a reference to the botanical treatise of antiquity. Black and white tattoos can be varied with some spots of bright colors, such as yellow, green and red. These colors are just a reference to the Rastaman culture. Check out some ideas for dot-work style sketches.

Dot-work is a style of tattoo that involves applying an image in a dotted pattern. Great for lovers of concise tattoos.

You don't want to represent the cannabis leaf directly, then use its formula. Good for people who are into science.

You don't have to depict cannabis as it is. After all, Rastaman culture doesn't limit you to options. You can depict marijuana as a miracle animal or alien.


Jha culture is called Rastaman culture. Representatives are characterized by an unusual, peculiar view of the world. Rastamans believe that man should fight for freedom from the conventions accepted in our world. Participants in this culture have a huge inner world, can answer any question about politics or culture. But their opinions are often not perceived by society, because it is very different from others.

Rastamans prefer to dress differently, to "stand out from the crowd," so to speak. When choosing between black or yellow, they will choose yellow. Bright colors and spacious clothes are the hallmark of this cultural trend. The preference in music is reggae.

Interesting fact, but Rastamans do not have to smoke weed to be part of the culture. Hemp is a symbol of freedom, originality.

It is worth noting that cannabis, ganja, cannabis, marijuana are practically the same name.

Hemp in Latin sounds like cannabis. Cannabis is the name given to the variety of the plant. It is a psychotropic drug derived from the leaves of the cannabis plant. Ganja is the name of a variety of cannabis in India.

Aspects of the culture of the god Jha:

  • Colors: green, yellow, red.
  • Peculiar taste in music(reggae).
  • Distinctive clothing.
  • Non-typical views on life, consisting in freedom and the denial of the established conventions of our world.

Important! When employed by law enforcement or other government agencies you may be required to remove the tattoo or simply not hired. So before you get a tattoo with this type of drug, it's best to decide what your goals are.


  • Rastamation
  • Living by your own rules
  • The constant development and expansion of consciousness.
  • Finding your own way


A sketch with a cannabis leaf is often printed in color. A realistic tattoo is distinguished by its clear tracing and conformity with the original.

The original looks tattoo with a whole cannabis bush in a monochrome version. If you prefer such a sketch, ask the master if he works in the Dotwork style.

The original solution is a drawing in an authentic style, consisting of hidden symbols, spirals. The image of marijuana and a smoking man indicates that the owner is not against the use of pot.

Hilarious video on the subject

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The place of the tattoo

The most responsible point is the choice of the place of application of this tattoo. Most people at the sight of this tattoo are unlikely to be able to adequately assess its meaning. As stated above, the image is often associated with drug addiction and excessive use of pot, but in no way with those positive qualities listed in the corresponding section on meanings. Therefore, it may be wise to apply this tattoo in a place that can easily be hidden under clothing. It is highly discouraged to apply the hemp leaf on the fingers, hands, neck.

Best places to apply:

  • Shoulder
  • Forearm
  • Shin
  • Ankle
  • Clavicle
  • Scapula

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