Pavel Prilunny scandals: what, besides roles, made the "Major" star famous?

Pair of rings

Tattoo of a priest on the neck is not in a major

Two years ago, the marriage of Prilunny and actress Agata Mutseniece was beating in death convulsions. But then the guys coped with the scandals, and in August they sealed their relationship with another pair of rings. This time, painted ones.

Mutseniece saw a secret meaning in the engagement tattoos. She hoped that in the next quarrel, Pashtet would not be able to throw the rings around. And Priluchny did not see the meaning: he just compared himself and his wife to "16-year-old idiots."

No neck tattoo in a major

And rightly so. Because now, after the separation, Mutseniece broke her ring and turned it into a sketchy wolf face. The fate of the second copy is still unknown, but it is unlikely to have a more pleasant fate.

Biography of the actor: childhood, hobbies

The future actor was born in 1987 near Novosibirsk. The boy grew up a versatile child: he was fond of dancing, music and sports. He dreamed of entering a choreographic school, but, fortunately for the large army of his fans, did not do so.

The guy reached great heights in boxing, often putting his skills into practice. In the small town of Berdsk people fought just for fun, and the irascible Pavel did not know how to talk to the boors and immediately joined the fight. However, at the age of 14 he stopped all training, carried away by acting.

After school he entered the Novosibirsk Theater School, and his artistic debut was at the local theater, where he worked for two years.

Legendary Barcode

No neck tattoo in a major

Every sane person has wondered at least once in their life, "Why did Prilucny put a bar code on his neck?" Usually two possibilities come to mind: either Pasha was cosplaying Hitman, or he passed out at a hangout.

But the truth is different. The tattoo is related to the actor's first major film project, the sci-fi action film On the Game. The barcode with the inscription "doc" - a distinctive feature of the hero Prilunny, Ruslan "Doctor" Avdeev.

No neck tattoo in a major

The filmmakers did not expect this approach. The guys hoped for a temporary tattoo, but Pasha apparently did not know about their existence. And since then, the bar code became a chip of the actor.

The role that made him famous

In 2010, Priluchny graduates from the GITIS and starred in low-profile episodes. However, the main role in the youth series about gamers "At Play" made him a truly famous actor. Director Pavel Sanayev, seeing the textured artist, immediately offered him the role of computer genius Doc.

Pavel Radishniy Tattoo on Neck What Does It Mean

Priluchny went to cyber competitions, watching the incredible excitement of gamers, and engaged in professional training with riot policemen. He felt that this role would become a landmark in his biography. After learning that the director was looking for some kind of highlight in the player's image, Paul decides to get a tattoo.

"Keep it Balanced."

Tattoo on the neck no Major

The filming of "Closed School" turned out to be another tattoo. Looks like Pavel has always been an aggressive guy, so he stuck a reminder just below his stomach - "teneri nutu suo." Keep your balance, Priluchny, and take stressful situations a little easier.

It's a shame the amulet didn't work. The actor became famous as a scandalist and professional dishwasher. In addition, Pasha is sometimes called a lover of different-sex domestic sparring. But only one woman knows the truth - Agata Mutseniece.

Peculiarities of choosing a place for tattoos

Specialists tattooing notes that an important aspect in determining the characters of its owners is the selection of places on the body.

1. neck is chosen by people who are not afraid of publicity, without complexes. Such a tattoo is always in full view, and you need to be prepared for the constant attention of others. For insecure guys, this tattoo is not suitable. You should not confuse confidence with boorishness and disregard for others, despite their opinions.

2. In the area of the shoulders choose tattoo men, standing firmly on his feet, able to stand up for their loved ones, protecting the family and their own principles.

3. A symbolic area for a tattoo is considered and the wrist. This area is associated with the heart rhythm, is in close contact with the soul. The desire for spiritual peace, perfection of views is the main reason for ordering a picture on the wrist in the salon.

Pavel Priluchny - a person in all senses extraordinary. He is able to present himself in society, gallant with women, dignified to the family, putting it at the center of his principles. At the same time, Pavel is an example for many young people who know how to achieve success in life independently. Not without reason, this simple Kazakh boy managed to break through to the heights of fame in the film industry and can afford Prilushny any tattoo in the style of his character.

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The barcode wasn't enough, and in 2021, Priluchny got another controversial tattoo. This time, in the form of a cardiogram on his chest. Pavel talked about this drawing on "Evening Urgant". There, he also admitted that he got the tattoo as a reminder of his recent health problems. The actor had a troubled heart.

Tattoo of the drug means no neck tattoo in a major

Priluchny did not focus on specific diagnoses, and the story was quickly forgotten. Now Pavel does not complain about his heart. In any case, they do not talk about it on TV.

Pavel Prilunny has a tattoo on his neck in the form of the three letters DOC, which is an acronym. American prisoners wear robes, on the back of which these letters are written. Now Paul admits that he got the tattoo a long time ago, but now he considers it idiotic. He says that it suddenly occurred to him, so he did it.

Pavel studied at three institutes. First he graduated from a drama school in Novosibirsk. Then for three years he studied at the studio school of the Moscow Art Theatre, and then transferred to the director's faculty at GITIS and also studied there for only three years. Pavel admits that he himself does not know how he managed to become an artist.

Pavel tells us that his last four girlfriends were non-Russian. One was from Estonia, one from Latvia, one from America, and his wife Agata is also from Latvia. He wondered why he had it so, because he did not choose them on purpose. Finally Pavel realized that it was harder with Russian girls, they were insanely jealous. And he also said that they were "kind of loud. Paul admits that he himself has an explosive character, he is very hot-tempered. So Pavel needed a quiet girl who could dampen his temper. This did not work with Russian girls. On March 1, his wife Agatha was celebrating her birthday, and Pavel went to the store to buy groceries. When he left his apartment, he saw that the entire staircase from the ninth to the first floor was decorated, on each step were inscriptions: beautiful, intelligent, and so on. There was a poem written on each flight of stairs and confetti scattered everywhere. Paul says that their entire entryway was just "crap," but he also thinks it's a good thing.

Paul thinks that his wife Agatha is not jealous, at least there has been no evidence to the contrary yet. Regarding his role in "The Major," Pavel says that he once worked with producer Alexander Tsekalo and liked him. Tsekalo then jokingly swore that he would make a movie with Pavel, because he was capable of much. And then a year and a half later, Alexander Tsekalo called and said he had found an interesting script. Tsekalo sent Priluchnomu script written by a Russian author. Pavel admits that when he read it, he felt a real interest, so dashingly twisted was everything. Pavel called Tsekalo and said he would like to star, but Tsekalo said no at first. A week later, however, he called and invited me to a reading. At the audition a lot of candidates gathered, but approved Pavel Prilunny. Filming a half-year, Paul worked without a weekend. Pavel admits that this was one of the most dangerous films, in which he participated. In the fire scene, the house was really on fire, everything was collapsing and burning debris was falling, and the actors were smeared with a special ointment to keep them from getting burned. The fire was extinguished, then rekindled, then extinguished again, and so on several times. In the final scene of the fire, Paul had to run out of the burning house and it completely burst into flames. The camera was set in front of the door. The pyrotechnicians setting the house on fire overdid it so that the actor could not escape. Paul shouted to stop the fire, because he couldn't run out. And behind Paul, burning debris was already starting to fall. The actor had to kick down the door with his foot. Pavel almost lost his life. Pavel Priluchny admits that he does not dream of any special roles. He just wants him to have a constant demand in the movies. He can't stand downtime. He wants him to have any permanent job, and he will try to make it interesting. Pavel says that a man should not be out of work at all, it is a very difficult condition. Pavel recently purchased a plot of land thirty kilometers from Moscow, and there is gorgeous, fantastic nature there. There is a lake and a forest nearby. And Pavel is building a house there. It turned out to be not an easy job. The builders are overcharging. Paul travels to the construction site with his iPad to monitor prices and understand where he is being cheated. He searches the Internet for information about building houses, tries to learn it, and when he arrives, he starts checking. All in all, Paul drives the workers as hard as he can.

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Birth Dates.

No neck tattoo in a major

In 2013, Paul took on the heavy role of the calendar. First he had his son Timothy's date of birth stamped on his side, and then his daughter Mia's. But an ordinary date is trivial, so Priluchny used Roman numerals. The children are happy.

"Tima sees my tattoos and sometimes draws them on himself, too - he's a big fan of getting his markers dirty from head to toe.

And then Priluchny faced a dilemma: new kids have not yet had, but to hit some more numbers really want to. And Pasha solved the problem: added the date of birth of his wife to the already existing tattoos. It is a shame that now he will have to get his wife's birthdate removed.

Other tattoos on Pavel Prilunny's body

In the collection of tattoos of Priluchny there is also the date of birth of a son. The couple secretly married in 2011, two years later giving birth to a son, Timothy. Pavel was so happy that he immediately tattooed his birthday.

More recently, the tattoo on Pavel Priluchny's shoulder again became a cause for curiosity. Compass or clock - that is how fans interpret this unusual drawing. Tattoo in the form of a compass are nabbed by people who know what they want from life, this nature established spiritually and physically.

Personality, having harmony in the soul, also prefers the image of the compass. People like Pavel Priluchny are true to their decisions and principles and do not retreat from them. In human relations they adhere to the same. Plus they love to discover new countries, to give their free time to travel.

New body art

On the set of the equally popular mystery series "Closed School," Pavel complained of a bad dream, and it seemed to him that someone was watching him all the time. "I was very creepy. I did not believe in supernatural forces, but at home I started real horrors," the actor explained. He was advised to do a new drawing on his body that had magical powers.

Consisting of three words tattoo Pavel Prilucny hides under his clothes, so as not to lose the protective effect of the talisman. Not believing in mysticism, the actor admitted that he really ceased to be tormented by all fears.

Tattoo Pavel Radulloy

The third tattoo on the wrist, depicting a small cross, is a talisman of the artist, developing spiritually. The photo of Pavel Priluny with a barcode often appears on the pages of various magazines, but the rest of the natal drawings actor hides from public view.


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