Tattoo of a feather - a symbol of good luck, flight and patronage of Higher Powers

The symbolism is based on the weightlessness of feathers, the ability of birds to fly and the spiritual qualities with which birds were endowed. In a broader sense, the feathers worn by shamans, priests, or rulers represented a magical connection with the spirit world or divine power and patronage.

Corresponding to the element of air, the kingdom of birds (Curl-48). For the same reason, in cultures dominated by myths about the air, feathers are used as personal adornment.

They find their use in symbolism due to the characteristics assigned to them by popular beliefs, according to which their incredible lightness as if in itself lifts birds into the air (in many legends feather clothing "gives" the ability to fly).

Feathers are also a widespread emblem of uplifting prayer;

Basic meanings:

  • Ascension.


In the hieroglyphic system, the feather as a determinative sign is included in such words as "emptiness", "dryness", "light", "height", "flight". The sign of the feather denotes "the creator of the forms of all things"[1].

The ostrich feather is an attribute and headdress of Maat, the goddess of justice, truth and world order. With its help the hearts of the dead were weighed in the afterlife court. put on one side of the scale, the heart of the deceased - on the other. The dead person was considered justified, "maati", and was sent to the kingdom of Osiris if the scales were balanced.

Attribute of several sky gods. Symbol of the wind of the creator gods:

  • Pta,
  • Hathor,
  • Osiris,
  • Amon[2].

Four feathers decorate the headdress of Onuris, the god of hunting and war (the center of the cult in the upper Egyptian city of Tinis).

The tiara of feathers depicts Bez scaring away evil spirits.

The view that white feathers are a symbol of cowardice originated in cockfights: such feathers in the tail of a rooster were considered a sign that the bird was devoid of the aggressiveness inherent in purebred fighting roosters.

Tattoo of a Feather for Girls

Girls choose the feather tattoo because of its interpretation, small size and aesthetic appearance. A small, romantic feather on the leg or wrist may be the first tattoo a girl decides to get.

This small but meaningful This small but meaningful symbol functions as both an adornment and a talisman.

North America

The feathered sun, a disk with feathers pointing both inward and outward, serves as an emblem of the Cosmos and the Center among the Plains Indians.

As a symbol of offered prayer, feathers are present on feathery wands of Pueblo Indians used in rituals to invoke rain at the solstice.

Feathers adorned the heads and headdresses of Native American chiefs symbolized their spiritual authority. Each feather in the headdress indicated the (martial) deeds of its wearer. Such a feathered headdress closely connected the chief with the bird-demiurge, equated with the Great Spirit, with the power of the gods of air, fire and thunderstorms.

Popular Feather Tattoo Combinations

  • Tattoo with a Feather and an Arrow - Symbolizes purposefulness.

Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather Meaning

  • Tattoo with Quill and Bird - Symbolizes flight and elevation, freedom.
  • Tattoo with Quill and Inscription - Interpretation depends on the content of the inscription.

Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather Meaning

  • Tattoo with Feather and Indian - Headpieces and other Indian talismans have the properties of talismans and amulets. They protect their wearer and make them stronger.

Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather Indian

  • Tattoo with Pen and Inkwell - The writing pen represents creativity, flight of thought. Such a tattoo would suit writers, journalists, poets and other creative professions.

Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather Ink


Truth to rise; lightness, dryness, Heaven, height, speed, spaciousness, flight to other areas of the world, soul, the element of wind and air. Feathers or plumed hair - sign of taking on the power (mana) of a bird. Allows the wearer to touch the knowledge of birds ("the little bird told me"), their transcendent and instinctive knowledge and magical power. Two feathers are light and air, two poles, resurrection. Three is the badge of the Prince of Wales, associated with the lily (see fler-de-lis). The white feather symbolizes clouds, sea foam, and cowardice: white feathers (feathers) in the tail of a fighting rooster were considered a sign of bad breed and timidity. The feathered crown represents the rays of the sun. In American Indians eagle feathers represent the Thunderbird, the Great Spirit of the universe, as well as the rays of light (see feathered sun). Decorated with feathers capes Celtic priests, represented the way to the other world. Fairies wear dresses decorated with feathers. With Christians feather means contemplation and faith. Do the Egyptians - the supreme power, truth, flight, weightlessness, dryness, height; emblem of the goddess Maat as Truth. Deities whose attributes are feathers also include the solar Amon-Ra and Anheru, Osiris, Gor, Shu, Hathor, Apis, Mentu, Nefertium. In Amenti Osiris weighs the soul, throwing the feathers of truth on the other side of the scale. With the Scandinavians, Freya possessed a magical cloak of feathers that allowed her to fly through the air. Feathered garments of shamans give the ability to fly to other worlds and travel to acquire knowledge. In Taoism, the feather is an attribute of the priest, the "feathery sage" or "feathery visitor," a communication with that world. In Toltec culture, plumed sticks represent prayer and contemplation.

Fig. 139 An ornament with plumage, grain and tree motifs combines opposing concepts: lightness and loftiness, symbolized by plumage, and earthly life force, the growth of the tree, the seed of which is a prototype of life itself. (Chinese glazed goblet, XIII century.)

The feathers with which Native American chiefs adorned their heads and headdresses symbolized their spiritual authority.

Tattoo Feather Meaning - Subtlety of Feather Tattoos

In Native Americans of North America, the feather meant the patronage of spirits. A person who wore feathers, such as the feathers of an eagle, absorbed the power of that bird. Also, bird feathers were used to create amulets, such as a dream catcher. For military purposes, feathers were used to create arrows. It is not uncommon to see a tattoo that combines several similarly themed attributes, such as a feather and an arrow.

The feather is directly related to the bird and is a similar concept in meaning. This is why the feather can be interpreted as a symbol of flight, soaring, lightness, sublimity.

The feather of mythical birds such as the phoenix or the Firebird is a symbol:

  • good luck
  • rebirth
  • magical powers
  • Fortune

The feather of the peacock

means luxury and wealth. Peacocks have the most magnificent plumage among all birds, these noble creatures are sometimes considered the descendants of the mythological phoenixes and the Firebirds and are endowed with the ability to bring good luck and wealth.

Tattoo blue feather

- A symbol of happiness, luck and dreams. The legend of the bluebird tells us that as long as there is at least one person on earth who knows how to dream, believe in the best and look for their happiness, the bluebird will help all people.

People of creative professions can choose a tattoo with a feather as a symbol of creative flight.

In many cultures, the feather is associated with dreams. It is light and weightless, so it flies freely wherever the wind blows. It was believed that if you dreamt a white feather

It was believed that if you dreamed of a white feather, it would herald a new spiritual period in your life.
A red feather
symbolized passion and love.
A yellow or orange feather
As you read this article, the yellow feather is a sign of great mental abilities.

Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Peacock Feather

Where to Buy a Raven's Feather Pendant?

More and more often modern people make purchases in online stores, because it is faster and more convenient than the traditional way. On our site there is a photo of the pendant, where you can see it in detail. In order to buy the thing, you need only to leave an order on the appropriate page and wait a bit. In a few minutes our manager will call you by the phone indicated in the application form and he will clarify terms of delivery and payment. You will be satisfied with our products and service!

What is the usefulness of the magic pendant in the form of a feather?

A small, graceful piece of jewelry is capable of endowing its owner with:

  • wisdom;
  • intuition;
  • the ability to penetrate deeply into the essence of things and phenomena;
  • good luck in business;
  • fortitude;
  • a consistently good mood;
  • health;
  • enviable longevity.

In addition, a feather made of silver metal with noble black just looks beautiful and is able to complement the outfit in ethnic style. In order for the amulet to work in full force, it is necessary that the gift was given by a person who treats well the giftee. Even if the pendant is bought for personal use, it is still better to observe the ritual: wear a purchase around his neck better to trust a friend or relative, in whose good attitude you can be sure. It doesn't matter if a person believes in mysticism and magic: good thoughts are always beneficial.

Tattoo Feather Sketches

You can score a feather tattoo of any bird you like. There are tales and beliefs about many birds in different traditions. If you like the graceful heron or swan, you can search online for pictures of their feathers and stylize them as a tattoo. By combining the classic meaning of the feather with the specific meaning of the bird you can get a unique, interesting and non-trivial sketch.

Omen: to find a feather of a bird in the street

Omen are interpreted differently. For example, when the feather flew into the house itself, it means one thing, but when you found it on the road - another. For the entrepreneur, who has trouble in business, omens explain the feather of a bird as good luck. The positive interpretation applies not only to those feathers found, but also to those that actually fell from the sky. When your baby found a feather in the street, he will grow up to be a healthy and wholesome person. For elderly people, such a sign in terms of health also bodes well.

Magicians use feathers as a valuable magical attribute. If a feather of a bird (and even more than one) is found by an experienced or novice magician, he can make from it a strong amulet.

If you are not able to take a feather found, then thank the higher powers in your mind for their support. In this case, in your mind, thank divine forces for support and till the end of the day pour at least a handful of millet or crumbs in a place where birds live. Say three times silently or by yourself the following words: "Give a feather to a bird and good luck to me (your full name) in all affairs. Let it be so.


If you have found a feather of a bird in first three days of a new moon, give it power of a talisman by carrying out an appropriate ritual. For this purpose, take a wax candle, a handkerchief, certainly a new one, and a pinch of salt from Thursday. For this, it is necessary to put a feather on a handkerchief, light a candle and wait until it will burn a quarter of it. If you want to get a good grip on a mirror, you must choose a new candle: "I unlock all locks with the fire, I open paths for good luck. If you have a good luck, you will be able to get a good fortune. A bird flew in the sky, a feather dropped. I (your name) for good, I (your name) for prosperity. My word is strong. All is true". Then leave the candle in a candlestick to burn. Wrap the obtained magic attribute in a shawl and put it under a pillow. In 24 hours, it is already possible to hide it, and the handkerchief should be used according to its purposes.

Clean your house from negative energy and family quarrels with feathers of a bird found in days when the moon is waning. Collect three white feathers, tie them with a thread of white or beige color, and with this wreath walk around a perimeter of a bedroom of the spouses - from the entrance door clockwise. Imagine that you sweep out of a bedroom all negative energy, making cross motions with this whisk. After the ritual, burn the "broom" in the street, as far as possible from your house. In any case, you must not turn around until you enter the house. And in any case, do not tell anybody about the performed ritual.

You can protect yourself from dark energy with the help of folk beliefs. If you find a black feather of a raven on your way home from work, it is a sign of approaching misfortune. So with such a find, be sure to carry out a cleansing ritual.

Before you pick up a feather on the road, think about whether you are not acting against your own beliefs or the beliefs of your family. If your family knows that a black feather - to trouble, it is unlikely you will succeed to change their minds and use the feather as a magical attribute. And even then you will think about whether you made the right decision. The main purpose of the magical ritual is to bring a person to a situation when he or she can act as a manipulative person. When omens about feathers coincide with your considerations, then boldly use them as magical helpers.


On the same theme.

Newfoundland's Loss, Pain, and Memory

In August, 1914, the entire British Empire was burning with patriotic fire. Hundreds of thousands of young people stormed army recruitment points from Canada to Australia, creating huge lines and even problems for the military, which was unable to handle such a flood of applicants.

But there were those who couldn't get enough of it. On August 30, 1914, in Folkestone, at a rally agitating for war and enlistment, retired Admiral Charles Fitzgerald "instructed thirty women to distribute white feathers to all men who were not yet in uniform. The admiral himself considered such to be "deaf or indifferent to the needs of the country" and therefore requiring public humiliation. This, in the admiral's opinion, was "more dangerous than anything they might encounter in war."

The idea was quickly picked up, and soon groups of young women in the surrounding seaside towns were handing white feathers to men who were strolling along the promenades and lying on the beaches.

Four quills to the front-line soldiers: how the British rebuked the dodgers

Not a couple of weeks later, similar things began to happen all over the country, and the women were joined by patriotically anxious men as well.

Not surprisingly, all of this quickly led to numerous excesses.

Tattoo of a Feather for Men.

Men tend to be closer to the classic interpretation of the feather tattoo, which was adhered to by the American Indians. The feather for men is a symbol of patronage of higher forces, reaching the goal, direction and right vector of life. Men often get a tattoo with a feather in tandem with an arrow tattoo, because they are very close in content and have the same roots complementing each other in meaning.

A pendant in the form of a magic bird's feather - the key to ancient magic

A wise raven has long been a faithful companion of witches and shamans. Trained in certain words of human speech, crows foretold the fate of kings and generals. Tamed by shamans, large black birds served as liaisons between the spirit world and the world of living humans, and could negotiate with the gods for the extension of a particular human life.

The black color of the raven's plumage made it a herald of death. Ancient Scandinavian warriors believed that ravens escorted the souls of brave fighters to Valhalla. This bird is a long-liver: in captivity lives up to 75 years, and legends tell of their ability to live up to 300 years. That is why modern psychics, who possess the secret knowledge, have created the silver feather pendant, which absorbed all the magic of the legendary birds. They copied a feather from a raven's wing and embodied it in silver.

Omen related to feathers

To enhance magical protection, incantations or runic symbols, esotericists recommend writing with a raven or eagle feather.

If such an object is found on a balcony, a person's problem will quickly find its solution.
From time immemorial, the following omens have been associated with migrating and domestic birds, which, according to practitioners, are justified:

  • If fluff is found on a sweater or jacket, it means that some unexpected money will soon appear.
  • A feather flew near your face - expect troubles.
  • A small feather found at your feet says that you'll soon receive news, and a large feather means big changes - getting married, moving or buying real estate.
  • A black feather caught in the house warns of the arrival of unwanted guests.
  • The feathering of a dove near a window or on a balcony says that a problem situation will soon be resolved in the best possible way.
  • Near cooing birds lie feathers, it means that someone wants to meet and missed.
  • Two stork feathers found by a woman indicate a soon marriage. If not to lose a gift of a bird, family relations will be happy and healthy children will appear.

The right choice of a bird's feather is the right one.

Practitioners recommend to pay attention to feathers of different feathers when choosing a basis for a talisman. The basic are presented in the table:

BirdMagical effect
SwanStrengthening of relations between partners
Finding happiness of motherhood
Clearing of excessive jealousy and resentment
SparrowStrengthening of health
KingfisherAttraction of fortune
OwlIncrease of attractiveness
Healing of depression
Protection against Lures and Pimps
Attraction of new emotions in life
RavenInhibition of a certain process
Development of the gift of clairvoyance in dreams
Protection from otherworldly entities
ParrotReceiving answers in dreams
Development of intuition
Guard against liars and deceivers
DoveReceiving good news
Strengthening of family ties
CrimsonFulfillment of a single dream
SeagullLuck and protection in travel
A protection against losing the right path
TitGood luck in trade
Conclusion of a profitable deal


For women

For men