Magical tattoos Sak Yant in Thailand: where and how to do

Sak Yant is considered a magical tattoo, which is particularly sacred. They are made mainly in Thailand. If you want to do a tattoo on the body, you should keep in mind that the Sac Yant is not just a drawing on the body. This tattoo is endowed with magical powers. Before getting one, it's worth thinking a few times: do you really want it? This is not a simple tattoo that any master can do. The Sac Yant can turn the fate of its wearer for good, or, conversely, for bad. About everything in detail in our article.

History of the tattoo

Sac Yant tattoos: history, meaning, technology, masters

Time does not stand still, but the Thais sacredly believe in the mystical power of the Sac Yant. Rituals that were especially relevant in ancient times play an important role for them to this day. In particular, the ritual of applying the above-mentioned tattoo is a very responsible matter. And both for the one who applies it, and for the one who is the direct carrier.

In Asia since ancient times made Sak Yant warriors who wanted to protect themselves from mortal wounds. The drawing was spelled by a shaman, who was a master. He also bestowed the drawing with magic, which was to help the wearer save his life. Since you are planning to get this tattoo, we recommend you to read the article: to Thailand by yourself and How to get from Bangkok to Pangan or Samui.

General Information

Monks believe that each such tattoo carries with it a magical meaning, so it is very important to determine the purpose before imposing it, it is this magical power and influences the people who are the bearers of the tattoo. To say that it does not hurt at all to apply a tattoo is impossible, but the pain is not of such a nature as to make you cry from it. Some people cry for less than a minute, for others the effect is stronger and this effect can last from 10 minutes or more. At first you don't even realize what happened to you, a monk in Thailand gave you a tattoo and now you have decided on it and it is on your body.

Tourists noted that many had never even had the desire to get such a tattoo before, and even in another country, but this is how Thailand especially acts on those who visit the country. Even those who travel for the first time and want to immerse themselves a little more in this special culture can get a similar tattoo. Travel changes people and makes adjustments to the direction of thinking and the dictates of the heart.

So why get a Sac Yant tattoo?

It is done by those tourists for whom Thailand has special memories, as a rule do those who come here several times or just stay here for a while. In order to leave yourself some kind of memory of the country and made such tattoos. Tattooattoo parlors, where you can do this in Thailand are a lot, you can do in every city, but in Chiang Mai a special spirit. Tattoos here do exactly the monks and they say that thanks to them, these images take on a special meaning.

Usually tourists do not even know what will be depicted on the tattoo until the very beginning of the session, they come at the dictate of the heart and because others have great reviews about these tattoos. It is in Chiang Mai that magical tattoos are done, it is said to have a special power because it tells a very unusual story. It is Chiang Mai that has the most positive reviews of such images.

Meaning of Sak Yant tattoos

The name itself also has a special meaning underneath. So the first part of the word means the word jab from the local language. And the second part of the word is a magical meaning. They are also called local yantra tattoos. It is done literally by hand with a special metal rod. A special machine is not used. Such a tattoo is each considered unique, it is made strictly by hand and carries with it a certain individuality in each of the drawings.
Monks, who inflict such drawings on the body and have special skills in art called a special word "Ajan". From the local Thai language, this word means master or teacher. Only the most talented masters work in Chiang Mai, the experience of passing on this skill goes from generation to generation. As a rule, the experience of each master is very long, from 10 years and above. Most of the initial experience is gained only during training, and training takes very many years. Each master makes the drawing individual and they are done at high speed so as not to cause much discomfort to the person who decided to put the image on the body. First, a few lines are made and from them are further spread pattern, each different from each other, the real work of the master is when you apply these drawings in a flight of fancy.

The meaning of the Sac Yant.

Sak Yant tattoos: history, meaning, technology, masters

Sac Yant drawings can be seen on the body of a large number of Thais. They deeply believe that tattoos help with various troubles and misfortunes, illnesses, can keep away from the enemy. Tourists have long begun to look at the Sak Yant. It is believed that such a tattoo can make the person who wears it happy and enriched.

After seeing the tattoo on Angelina Jolie's body, which is, in fact, Sac Yant, the popularity of this sacred drawing has grown at times. The famous actress made it for herself in order to attract success in her life. Who wants to be happy in life and successful in all affairs and undertakings? Of course, everyone. Only it's not that simple. When drawing, it is possible to bring not only happiness, but also misfortune.

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Before the procedure, you should discuss with the master the meaning of the tattoo, tell some details about your life, plans for the future and aspirations. The master must understand what kind of pattern is suitable for a certain person. Individual approach is extremely necessary in such a difficult craft. It is necessary to try to be as open as possible in communication, not to try to conceal even small details, otherwise the tattoo will play not in favor of its bearer.

Thai monks are the true masters of Sak Yant. Only they can make a truly mystical drawing with sacred symbolism. In addition to the fact that the monks put a pattern, they also read the Buddhist prayers and special formulas that are designed to bestow goodness. Some salons offer to do a tattoo - similar to the Sak Yant. But it is exactly a semblance, because the pattern will have absolutely no meaning. It is neither a talisman nor a protection. It is simply a picture on the body, which can make any master tattoo salon.

Tattoo of sacred meaning

According to the beliefs of the inhabitants of Asia, a magical tattoo changes a person's life. After the ancient ritual of the black master you will be under a powerful protection. Master Ajahn Dam was tested in a Buddhist monastery and is one of the best in his art. After the tattoo is applied, it is consecrated by a special monk in a temple.

Incredible opportunity to get a tattoo with sacred meaning in Thailand. It is very convenient to order a transfer directly from Pattaya. The price includes services of an interpreter. Experience the power of hidden knowledge encased between the lines!

The price includes: Transfer, interpreter services. Extra charge for offerings to the monk and the cost of the master.

What does the word "Sak Yant" mean?

Sac Yant tattoos: history, meaning, technology, masters

"Sak" translates to "padding," and "Yant" means sacred

A pattern created in accordance with geometric symbolism. Buddhist monks have the right to do such a tattoo exclusively to male persons. Masters of tattooing can apply the pattern on the body of a woman. But true monks are strictly forbidden to carry out such a procedure.

Those miraculous prayers that are applied when performing a drawing (Yant) are called Kata in Thai. These prayers have another name - mantra. More than two thousand years ago in Asian countries and in Thailand began to apply Yantas. This is an ancient custom. Masters have their secrets concerning the creation of the pattern and its conspiracy. The secrets are passed on from the master to his apprentices.

The cost of a tattoo from Ajahn Dam

Five lines of Ha Thaew.

The most popular female yant, applied to the left shoulder. As an example, the lucky owner of such Angelina Jolie. Each line has its own meaning. Luck, male attention, fame, success, money work.

The price of the work:

1500 baht.

Yang Kai

Gives protection, brings success in work, contributes to increased profits. Suitable for those working in public institutions.

Price of work:

1200 baht.

Magical Sak Yant tattoo

In the first fragment of the photo on the girl on the left - yant (five lines) №1 on the left shoulder blade, on the right №2 yant kai, in the center - sarika №3; in the middle fragment of the photo on the leg - male yant №4 ; in the fragment on the right palm - money yant №5.

Sarika .

This magical bird is applied to improve communication. You will be able to communicate easily and find common ground with people. Good luck in love affairs.

Price of work:

2500 baht.

Man's yant

Wishing will be lucky in love and add energy in the work.

Price of work:

2500 baht.

Money Yant

Contributes to the accumulation of money in the family. Localization on the palm.

Price of work:

600 baht.

Universal love

Gives the joy of motherhood, harmony and tranquility.

Price of work:

2,200 baht.

Buddhist flower

Symbol of purity and enlightenment. Revealing femininity.

Price of work:

1990 baht.


Gives animal strength and endurance.

Price of work:

3,490 baht.

Nine Towers.

Intangible benefits, protection for the whole family.

Price of work:

1,900 baht.

Magical Tattoo Sak Yant of Pattaya

Pictured left to right: #6 to #10 (the last fragment has two jantas: the top back is nine towers #9, the bottom is hanuman #10).


An ancient flying deity. Promotes career advancement. Protection in irregular situations.

Price of work:

3,500 baht.

Two tigers

Gives power over the people. Brings courage and endurance.

Price of work:

9000 baht.

Drawing technology

Sak Yant tattoos: history, meaning, technology, masters

Thus, several dozen generations have tried to preserve the established tradition. Nowadays, the technology of applying Jants is slightly different from those that were used before. The tattoo is applied to the body by means of a bamboo or steel stick. They are reusable. The tools are treated with alcohol. Other methods of disinfection are not used.

Each instrument is unique. Before it is used for the first time, prayers are recited over it in Sanskrit, as subsequently over the Sak Yant. Therefore, the wands are not disposable. The time of the master's performance ranges from 15 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the complexity of the drawing.

Precepts to be observed

Sac Yant tattoos: history, meaning, technology, masters

In the end, when everything is ready, the master asks the one, on whose body the tattoo is applied, to fulfill the main precepts: not to kill, not to steal, not to lie, not to commit adultery. These are the rules that play an important role for every Buddhist. If you do not fulfill the precepts, the magical power of San Yant will be lost. A master may ask, for example, not to wear a red shirt (this is rare). But still. If necessary, then it is necessary. The requirements and advice should be taken seriously.

Myths about Sak Yant

Sak Yant tattoos: history, meaning, technology, masters

With the advent of information about the Sak Yant, many rumors have emerged. Europe has been inundated with reports of monks mixing the ashes and blood of the deceased with ink. But in fact, this kind of information is unfounded. It is not known where such ridiculous rumors come from.

Some journalists managed to talk to the masters, who did not confirm them. The whole power of the mystical tattoo lies in the pattern itself and those inscriptions, which are applied during the performance. The inscriptions are unique. For each client they are chosen individually. During the performance, the master reads a mantra, which is not repeated for another person. It is worth knowing that at first glance absolutely identical tattoos have completely different meanings and act differently on their owners.

Common semantic load

The nature and characteristics of the pictures change their meaning. According to long-standing superstitions, they protect from danger, endow with eloquence, evoke respect or fear, and look:

  1. Five lines on the back or shoulder, where each appears as a spell attracting desired benefits.
  2. A crown with a spire on the back of the head, guaranteeing a successful outcome in battle.
  3. Nine or four-headed towers on the neck, protecting against evil spirits.
  4. Eight to ten dots in the spine, appearing as amulets.

The lettering is replaced or combined with the appearance of animals: a tiger (influence on society and life), a monkey (deviousness, cunning), a crocodile (dark inclinations), all of which convey their traits to the wearer. Often there is a figure of Buddha, dragon, sun, flame, lotus, to enhance the energy of the stuffing, acting as an emblem:

  • higher intelligence;
  • wisdom;
  • inner purity;
  • high moral standards;
  • enlightenment.

It is possible that a mysterious pattern can turn evil, awakening a source of low energies in a person, causing a loss of reason. A powerful talisman helps individuals with positive thoughts and intentions - selfish purpose is not allowed.

What color Sak Yant comes in

Sak Yant tattoos: history, meaning, technology, masters

Sak Yant is made in three colors: black, red and transparent. Basically everyone makes their choice in favor of black, rarely dare to red. Transparent tattoos are applied with oil children, civil servants and women. Such a tattoo can not be seen by anyone, while its power is preserved. The invisible Sac Yant is in no way inferior to black and red. Moreover, the transparent tattoo is considered more powerful in contrast to its counterparts.


For women

For men