Tattoo of a lotus: Meaning, sketches, techniques with examples of photos

Before you decide to do a lotus tattoo, you should know a little about what this beautiful flower symbolizes. It is the one that has many mysteries. Most people consider it the embodiment of eternity, harmony and the constant development of the soul. People for many centuries have admired not only the beauty of this flower, but also the ability of the plant to keep itself clean amidst muddy lakes and swamps. This is where all the appeal and originality of the delicate lotus comes in. Of course, for each person in this life, a lotus tattoo can mean something special, such as a significant event, a person or some belief. But in today's post we take the meanings that the culture and traditions of different peoples offer us.

Lotus tattoo: general meaning

The lotus is currently one of the most popular, universal and well-known symbols of the culture of the Far East. This flower of perfection means peace and tranquility, fertility and purity, death and life, happiness and struggle, the pursuit of truth and rebirth, immortality and divinity. The lotus has a rich and varied meaning. Each culture has managed to see the meaning of this flower and endowed it with its own unique national spirit. India has defined such a flower as a symbol of fertility and femininity, which is why it is depicted in the form of a bowl.

How to finish the work and what to add to the flower

When the flower itself is painted, sometimes it is necessary to complement the artwork with details. In this case, the following options may be appropriate:

  • Water glaze.
  • The leaves and buds of the lotus.
  • Ducks, swans and other waterfowl.
  • A frog sitting on a lotus leaf.
  • Abstract patterns.
  • Relevant decorative elements.
  • Symbols from Buddhist culture.

Having decided on the choice of details and background, it is necessary to carefully complement the main image. When the pencil sketch is completely ready, you can begin coloring. It is important to keep in mind that lotus flowers come in different shades:

  • soft pink;
  • white;
  • creamy;
  • light yellow;
  • vanilla
  • bright pink.

The leaves of this plant are usually light or deep green shades. Water is depicted, as a rule, in blue or blue. All other elements are executed in the color that most suits the overall color scheme of the artwork.

So, we have detailed how to draw a lotus quickly and beautifully. The finished work can be framed and presented to a loved one. Gifts made with their own hands with soul, especially expensive and valuable.

The meaning of the tattoo for girls

The type of a natal symbol in the form of a lotus is one of the most neutral and comfortable for a girl. He represents the combination of opposites, which are peculiar to gentle creatures:

  • The ability to be energetic, but at the same time calm and passionate;
  • the chastity and fertility of the female mother;
  • the strength of the feminine species and femininity itself.

The lotus is also a symbol of seductiveness. It helps a young and modest girl to confess her feelings with such a drawing. In mythology, the lotus is considered a symbol of the desire to attract the attention of men.

The meaning of the lotus tattoo for guys

The lotus tattoo for guys will mean intelligence and judgment, a willingness to take responsibility for his life and his own actions. Some sources say that the lotus makes a man much more confident. A long time ago, the lotus tattoo was exclusively done by monks. This symbol was an indication that they had taken a vow. It is a constant reminder to yourself of what you have to do in life. There is no belief in divine powers in Buddhism. According to them, anyone is capable of reaching any peak.

Drawing Lessons. Lesson 2: The Lotus

This task is more complicated, but also more interesting. We will master composition, construction, the relationship of objects, complex shapes. We will make mistakes, analyze and correct them. Here is such a brief announcement. Now the lotus:

A reminder. The lesson is intended for people who "don't know how to draw" We will need watercolor pencils, watercolor paper and a comp with a lotus:

1. We are going to draw the main characters of our story. According to the law of the golden ratio this law of harmony in everything. Much has been written about it. So, we mark it out:

I'm marking the volume with these elipses. To see the "spot" occupied by the flower. There are different ways to do this. 2. We break up the volume into petals (normally you should just roughly chop them smaller, but this will take too long. In general, you can just start drawing the outline of the flower. At least that's what I did, when Oleg asked me to draw a flower for him. It took less than a minute, I will show you later. So choose what is more convenient)

taaaaac.... the upper lines of the construction can be removed something wrong...

aha! The proportions are off . Do not be surprised. Of course, you should have built in a good way, not a quick way. But nothing, as said one of my colleagues, who was not discouraged, even if the drive with months of work suddenly formatted, the SECOND time FASTER . So, we take the bottom part and move it down. Yes, it happens, we learn from our mistakes Perfect! We draw the middle, the stamens.

Okay, we've got one.

3. the rest of the participants. We look at the picture and draw the leaves

now the right side

Pay attention to the fact that the edge with curves turned out, well, good. Of such simple actions are complex compositions. We mark the bud and the leaf on the top left

mark out the middle of it.

The central top remember that the lotus petals themselves have their own shape, with the edges wrapped up.

4. Colored outline. Yes, this is more complicated than the apple, here we make a "horse move". Let's take out the pencil. Or rather make all the pencil outlines colored. What's that for? It's watercolor, my friends. It can't stand dirt. And a smudged plain pencil is a sad sight. So get ready to draw again the SECOND FASTER . It's simple - erase carefully pencil, not all the way to the pale. And outline this outline (which is clearly visible) with a matching color. Erased the stamens and partially the petals. From light - watercolor rule. We're already doing color. That's about it. You see, you don't have to erase at all, just gradually replace it. Without a simple pencil, it is very difficult to use a colored one, it is much more difficult to erase it than a simple one, but if you are sure of yourself - use the colored one!

I go on replacing the yellow stamens can be shaded at once.

Pink flower . Yes! Don't forget to outline the reflection! We take the lower left sheet. Erase pencil, replace the green (color outline - the lightest of the shades of outlined object, darken always have time and accents put the last turn, now lettuce outline).

5. Let's paint! This I have changed the color rendering. I wish I hadn't done it.

Shading the petals. Pink

and see which one's shadow falls on which one. We squint, don't forget, darker and lighter.

We take a cooler and darker, lilac, and we add shadows like this.

warm scarlet in the center aha, not just in class="aligncenter" width="600″ height="400″[/img] darkish middle came out, but that's fixable. The eraser is our friend. The outermost petals borrowed the green

The leaves we start with light. Almost yellow.

Bud. Light oh, just caught a flower, which I drew immediately with a colored pencil, without any construction, for 15 seconds, because Oleg had to urgently. Look, maybe you too will be easier to continue to fill the color I took a darker green, the main leaf is not flat, it has a wavy surface, we emphasize it with color/light

the right one is more complicated, in addition to its own shadow there is also a falling shadow that is always thicker and colder

but these shadows make the surface and objects look alive

I thought the upper leaves have a warm hue (you might have a different view).

Let's go over the reflections. Actually, the reflections are cooler (!) But I have warm ones here.

The shadow on the top sheets Let's start shading the water. This is the crucial moment. Because in the picture the water is very much darker than the lotus. And pencils are a material that will not allow us to achieve this contrast. So in general we are moving towards decorativeness. And we are aware of that (it's a graphic, not a painting, it's a genre).

Here, with the blue and azure, let's go to purple.

you have to make the water as dark as possible bud from the reflection is separated by a thin dark band

I think something blue/purple will show up on the leaves

and on the petals. All objects share colors. Not always explicit, but we clearly show it stamens worked out. Eraser went over the lightest places (we squint and see where all the shadow). The picture is complete.

Actually you can leave it just like that. The colored pencils are pretty much done. But since we took watercolor pencils..... begin the transformation (nothing depends on us here anymore) The final stage. We start with the bright spots

The flower is filled with water. Now the leaves. From the light.

Water. This is exciting again. After all, it occupies the largest spot, has the most weight. I don't recommend getting carried away with black pencil. With other colors and especially watercolor, it gives dirt. It is better to make the water blue, dark blue. To lie, that is to make up, in drawing is very much encouraged! here water fills the sheet. And we already see all the decorativeness of the picture Well, that's it.... The lotus is ready. The lesson is over. Long, huh? But immediately a big exercise . The composition is very useful. The same rules apply to photography. If you use pastel and dark blue paper you get a completely different lotus. Much closer to the picture in terms of light spot. And if you do oil/acrylic... there could be a copy. I think pencils are also very entertaining. Just like you, I don't know until the very end what will happen. I don't know if it will. Especially when you touch the water and it's impossible to turn back. Good luck to all of you!

Color tattoos with a lotus flower

Most often, the colored lotus body drawings are made by representatives of the countries of India or China. They are more realistic and made in a psychedelic style. Today, aqua tattoos are popular. This type allows you to depict a picture, though not quite realistic, but very beautiful and delicate. The only disadvantage of aqua-tattoo is the high cost of high-quality paint, but in order to create a superb tattoo, it is not worth sparing money. Otherwise, the watercolor drawing will lose its expressiveness, and the picture will simply be "lost".

Mini lotus flower tattoos in the photo

If you are a fan of small and discreet tattoos, the mini tattoo option is perfect for you. The best solution for applying a symmetrical little lotus would be the back of the neck or the wrist. Also very nice and neat this stunning flower will look on the ankle or the top of the foot. Elongated tattoo ideas look very harmonious on the forearm, shin or ribs, but round shaped tattoo - on the shoulder, thigh or chest.

Styles and techniques of performing a black lotus tattoo

One of the popular styles for a monochrome lotus tattoo is considered a graphic. What makes this style unique is the use of shading instead of shadows and gradients. Many people mistakenly refer to works done in the black style as graphics, but this is not the case. The whole highlight in this style is in the shading. You can not get past the original technology in the style of dotwork. Translated from the English language, the name of this tattoo art translates to "dotwork". Its uniqueness is that the entire picture consists of dots, performed at a certain interval. The number of these elements make up a perfect picture. Tattoos with lotus in this technique looks great on any part of the body. It all depends on the size of the desired tattoo.

Instructions how to draw a lotus

By following this guide step by step, you will make the drawing the first time.

  1. We start by marking the proportions of the flower.
  2. Mark the middle and draw the central petal.
  3. Add two petals to the first central petal (one on each side).
  4. Dorisivyvayuschim another one petal on each side, so that the total of 5 elements. This is the outer layer of petals.
  5. Continuing to add petals, draw them so that they are symmetrically arranged in three rows to form a kind of cap. The uppermost (inner) petals have volume - they have visible outer and lateral parts, they surround the middle of the flower.
  6. Add three sepals (green leaves, located at the base of the flower).
  7. If desired, you can add a stem and leaves at the end.

how to draw a lotus in drawings

So, now it becomes clear even to a novice artist how to draw a lotus with a pencil. The outline made with a simple pencil can be shaded, giving volume - you get a full-fledged graphic work. If desired, the sketch can be colored with watercolor or colored pencils.

Temporary Tattoo Lotus

For those who want to temporarily decorate your body enchanting lotus flower, you can use henna. Such a tattoo is completely harmless and safe. The image erases with time, but you can draw the picture as many times as you like. Such a temporary tattoo can last on your body from a week to a month, depending on the care of the tattoo, the properties of the skin and, of course, the quality of the paint. A temporary tattoo can also be done with chemical and biological paints. A lotus done with henna will look natural. You will be able to feel all the beauty and power of this symbol, albeit temporarily.

Features of the lotus structure: flower and leaves

Before you draw the lotus, it is worth taking a close look at it and getting to know the structure of its flower. Lotus is an aquatic plant that grows mainly in hot countries. In many cultures it is considered sacred, symbolizing purity and spirituality.

In its structure, the lotus is similar to the lily. Its petals are arranged in a circle and overlapping in several layers. The leaves, as a rule, have a large area and are placed on the surface of the water. The stems of the plant go under the water, so in the drawings, they are most often invisible.

Sketches of tattoos with the lotus flower

Geometric tattoos "Indian lotus" are not a small success. Black paint is applied a monochrome image. This tattoo looks the most bright and beautiful, and it looks spectacular on the skin of any race. You can choose even a simple sketch of a lotus tattoo. Much harder to portray a plot tattoo, but it is worth it. Judging by the sketches, they can be different sizes: small or occupy a large area on your body. Very popular subjects are, for example, a lost elephant in lotus flowers or Buddha with a flower. The lotus in the middle of the lake and the enchantment in the triangle will also look great.

It is very important to know that the meaning of the lotus tattoo is diverse. It combines tenderness and fragility, however, with a certain firmness of spirit. We offer very beautiful photos of the lotus tattoo to be convinced once again of the elegance of this fragile plant.

Tattoo Lotus - Popular Lotus Tattoo Plots

Lotus and Buddha Tattoo

According to legend, it rained a lotus on the day the Buddha was born. In the Buddhist tradition, the lotus is an attribute of enlightenment, it passes through dark water and blossoms in the sun.

Lotus Tattoo - Lotus and Buddha Tattoo - Lotus and Buddha Tattoo

Lotus Mandala Tattoo

The mandala depicts the structure of the world, and since the world according to some theories arose from the lotus, these symbols are very close in meaning. Such a tattoo would symbolize victory over chaos, knowledge, and the pursuit of enlightenment.

Tattoo Lotus - Tattoo Lotus Mandala - Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Black and White Lotus Tattoo

Fans of blackwork can choose as small tattoos that will convey the symbolism and aesthetics of the lotus, but will not be too bright accent on the body.

Tattoo Lotus - Black and White Lotus Tattoo

Little Lotus Tattoo

Due to the regular geometric shape of the flower, the lotus can easily be depicted schematically. This makes it possible to realize even the tiniest sketches with the sacred flower.

Lotus Dotwork Tattoo

The technique of depicting with the help of dots is suitable for small lotus tattoos or for fragments of a large drawing. Dotwork helps to convey the airiness and lightness of the lotus.

Tattoo Lotus - Tattoo Lotus Dotwerk - Tattoo Lotus Dotwerk


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