Is it possible to wax on a tattoo: expert advice

What can stop a person who decided to get a tattoo? Certainly not the concern about how he will remove hairs from this area of skin in case of need. This question arises later and requires a detailed answer.

Here we will not talk about methods of depilation with razors, sugar paste or wax. They can be used if you do not count on the long-term effect. Let's talk about the only method that is guaranteed to remove excess vegetation - laser hair removal - and its effect on tattoos.

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How to remove unwanted hair on the tattooed area of the body not to harm the skin and not to spoil the image? Can I wax a tattoo?

A tattoo is a cluster of pigment particles in the surface layer of the epidermis. By means of a needle, the dye is injected into the intercellular space, filling it. Contrary to myths, it has no effect on the growth of unwanted hair and its structure. As soon as the skin adapts to the foreign particles and restores its natural functions, tattoo owners have a question: "can I do hair removal on a tattoo"?

Does hair grow on the place where the tattoo is done?

Yes, some people do. I have a tattoo myself. After 4 months since the drawing was done, small hairs started growing on and around the tattoo.
Yes, some people do. I have a tattoo myself. After 4 months since the drawing was done, little hair started growing on and around the tattoo.

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They grow just like they did before the tattoo. Sometimes more abundant. When you get a tattoo, they shave (or otherwise remove) the hair on the part of your body where your design will be. It doesn't have to be whether you see hair there or not. They are there and a good craftsman knows it. Even the smallest hair can get under the needle and break the contour of the drawing. And then there's the handyman. But I'm getting a little carried away. And it's no secret that hair grows faster if you shave it more often.

Epilation and tattooing: contraindications

After drawing on the body, it is necessary to endure a period of rehabilitation. The skin during this time should completely renew and regenerate. Only after that it is possible to carry out any cosmetic manipulations on this area. For hair removal in this case, methods that do not cause structural changes in the cells of the epidermis are suitable. In fact, epilation and tattooing are not compatible. To remove hairs completely, it is necessary to act on them with a laser or photoflash. In the tattooing situation, exposure to light (laser) beams on the painted skin area can lead to a deep thermal burn and subsequent scarring. The pigment particles will be attracted to the light energy, heating the surrounding cells. Therefore in answer to patient's question: "is it possible to wax on tattoo?" in professional cosmetology clinic doctor will give unambiguous negative answer. An alternative in such cases will be electroepilation or depilation. By means of vaxing or shugaring it is possible to get rid of hairs, but only for a while, but these methods are safe for the skin with a tattoo.

Features of the procedure

Trichopigmentation is a procedure that helps to hide alopecia. It masks the affected areas of the scalp. The problem of hair loss can affect both women and men, so permanent tattooing has become popular among both sexes.

The imitation hair is obtained by injecting a special dye pigment under the skin. The master manually "draws" each hair to achieve maximum naturalness. High-quality pigment lasts at least 1 year, then correction is necessary.

Head tattoo is performed with special dyes. Their composition is different from those used for the conventional tattoo. The reason is the greasiness of the scalp. Permanent makeup of the lips or eyes do only on the dry skin, to achieve the same dryness on the bald spot is impossible, so the composition has been changed.

Take it into account, going to the procedure, because the added components can cause allergies even to those who tolerate the classic tattoo.

Safe tattoo removal is possible.

The owners of small tattoos should seek help from professionals. In the clinic "Epilik" is possible to wax the area around the tattoo with a laser under certain conditions. The main one is a consultation with a professional dermatocosmetologist. After examining the place of tattooing, determining the depth of the pigment and the volume of the image, the doctor will help you to choose a gentle method of hair removal.

With small images, experts recommend using the LightSheer DUET laser device. Thanks to a special ET head with a spot size of 9 x 9 mm and a contact cooling system it is possible to effectively and safely treat even areas with volumetric images. Small details and the contour of large drawings are retouched with a special white opaque pencil. Waxing a tattoo in this case is not performed. The area surrounding the image is waxed. After the treatment it is necessary to avoid staying in the sun and necessarily use a protective cream.

When it is possible to shave legs after a tattoo

Gone are the days when tattoos on the body caused amazement. Tattoos today are a very popular means of self-expression and a way to decorate your body. For people who proudly wear intricate tattoo patterns on their bodies, the issue of getting rid of unwanted hair is particularly acute. Let's find out if depilation and tattoos are compatible.

Depilation before a tattoo session

Depilation procedure, whether it is wax or sugar, can be carried out no later than seven days before the tattooing session. Tattoo cannot be applied on traumatized skin, therefore we do not recommend shaving hair with a razor before tattooing. Razor blades can damage the skin, provoke ingrowth of hair, and this will affect the quality of the future tattoo. Depilation creams are also not recommended for use in this case. They are extremely toxic and can cause chemical burns, which is a serious contraindication to tattooing.

Depilation after tattooing

The presence of a long-healed tattoo on the depilatory area is not a contraindication for wax and sugar depilation. Carriers of fresh, not yet healed drawing on the body, have to arm themselves with patience. After applying the tattoo on the skin crust is formed, which in no case can not disturb, so as not to damage the picture. Some tattoo-masters say that after two months after tattoo healing it is possible to wax or shugaring. We still recommend to wait at least six months after applying the tattoo.

Waxing and tattoos

When combining waxing and tattoos, we advise against performing the procedure with hot wax. Warm wax is the best option for tattoo body depilation. Warm waxes are less traumatic to the skin during the procedure. Hot waxes, on the other hand, work like a peel and remove the top layer of epidermis along with the hair. Despite the fact that the tattoo ink is in much deeper layers of the skin, it is still better not to risk the beauty of the tattoo. Warm waxes have virtually no interaction with the skin, which means you can be one hundred percent sure that the quality, color, and shape of your body art will remain intact.

It is important!

All types of hair removal (laser, photo and electroepilation) in no case can be carried out on tattooed skin. Exposure to laser or photoflash on the dye in the skin will cause a serious burn!

To maintain the quality of the drawing on the body, it is very important to carefully care for the tattooed skin in between depilation procedures. Do not neglect regular moisturizing of the skin with the use of special moisturizing lotions and creams.

It is also important to know that areas of skin with tattoos become more sensitive and susceptible to pain.

Health and Beauty Studio "Depilux" are recognized professionals of depilation. We value each of our clients and take a responsible approach to the condition of our guests' skin. If you have tattoos on your skin and you have doubts about the expediency of depilation, we recommend you to address to our sensitive masters who can accurately advise you within the walls of the cozy studio "Depilux".

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  • Waxing and tattooing: prioritizing

    Wishing to decorate the body with a beautiful or extraordinary pattern, it is worth thinking beforehand about the consequences. When choosing a tattooing area, experts recommend that you first address the issue of hair removal. Optimal even for intimate areas is a method of laser hair removal LightSheer DUET, allowing for 4-6 sessions to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. It is guaranteed safe for the skin, which means that the subsequent application of a tattoo to this area will pass without problems. Thus, when choosing between waxing and tattooing, waxing comes first. It will help you to avoid many inconveniences in the future.


    Several micropigmentation techniques are used to eliminate the problem of baldness.

    This technique is divided into several techniques. The dot technique allows you to apply small dots on the scalp, which mimic hair follicles or regrown hairs. This option is suitable for men who want to hide a bald spot.

    The linear method is suitable for girls and women, it allows you to create the appearance of hair. The master draws each hair with a fine needle, trying to mask their absence on the head.

    The method of shading is used to camouflage scars and scars.


    Roller is a special device for micropigmentation, it is equipped with hundreds of needles placed in a certain order.

    It allows you to quickly color a large area of the skin. The smaller the hair, the more difficult it is for the technician to perfectly fill in the gaps, but with the roller, the work is several times easier. With severe alopecia use a roller together with a needle, it allows you to achieve a good result.

    The main types of epilation:

    1. Alexandrite. The device, whose wave depth is 755 nanometers, easily destroys dark hairs. The risk of burns and stain formation is minimal when used by specialists. Shots in the alexandrite system are individualized. The lights in alexandrite technology are converted into a beam and absorb melanin. The absorbed heat creates havoc in the follicles, stopping hair growth.
    2. Diode. This is a system that affects the bulbs a little deeper than other technologies because it contains a wavelength of 800-810 nanometers. Its ability to penetrate deeper increases the pain during the session. Therefore, an anesthetic gel is applied to reduce the feeling of pain.
    3. 3D laser hair removal, which is used in It is the most modern technology that combines three wavelengths (755nm, 810nm, 1064nm). It removes light and dark hair on a tanned and light-skinned skin. Thanks to the cooling system the procedure is painless.


    For women

    For men