Tattoo on scars: how to choose the right sketch, photo before and after

Tattoo - a modern type of body art, with which men and women decorate their bodies, express their individuality and originality. However, there are people who use tattoos not only as a decor for their body, but also as the only way out of the situation. Tattoos on scars are often an option that saves the former attractiveness after injuries or scars. To hide the scars and make a beautiful tattoo, you need to properly select the sketch of the figure, as well as learn whether you can apply tattoos in principle.

Tattoo on scars: general information

As statistics show, almost every second person has at least one skin defect on the body, which can be noticed. There are many reasons for this: burns, surgical scars, trauma, or the scar from a cesarean section (for some people who have given birth). The modern and popular art of tattooing allows you to disguise the irregularities of the body, hiding them behind tattoos, the sketches of which can be chosen for any shape and size of the scar.

At the moment, most often try to disguise the scar from surgery to remove appendicitis. In order to hide the visible skin trace in the first place you need a sketch of the future tattoo, you can do this even before coming to the master. To hide the scars is best done with floristics, ornaments or tattoos in the animalistic genre. Men, unlike girls, do not always want to cover the scar, so they choose pictures that emphasize the scar as a symbol of courage. To see how the future work will look like, you can ask the master for his portfolio, where there are photos of finished works.

Men's tattoos biomechanics

As you know, tattoos in the style of biomechanics have no hidden meaning or special significance, and are used as a symbol of the supernatural metal force and invincibility. Men with such tattoos look more brutal and manly, their image becomes bold and attention is accentuated on the greater physical capabilities of the owner of the tattoo. Choosing the right design can visually increase the amount of muscle and accentuate them.

Biomechanics is a particular style that requires a large size in order to achieve the desired effect and to draw all the details qualitatively. Often men use the legs, particularly the calves, as a canvas. An important element of the painting will be the look of the skin, it may be absent, or the effect is created as if the body is cut or burned to fit the steel mechanisms. The skin may hang down, bend, have bleeding wounds, or be pulled down by a steel rod. Spokes or other sharp objects that tear through the skin and stick out of it look just as beautiful.

Also a beautiful option would be a biomechanics tattoo on the forearm or shoulder, where the muscles are replaced by metal plates or complex mechanisms, among which can be levers, springs, springs, etc.

Tattoos on cesarean scars, appendicitis: which scars can be tattooed on

Skin injuries, visible defects and irregularities very often create psychological discomfort, against which girls and men have complexes. In order to do a tattoo on the scar it is necessary to observe the main rule - the scar must be in the final stage of healing. That is, the tattoo can not be applied to fresh scars, the period from their appearance before padding should be about one year.

The type of scars and the possibility of creating a tattoo on their surface:
  • Atrophic - externally, this is a whitish area of skin that is slightly deeper than the general skin level. Such scars can be a consequence of minor burns, cuts or acne. Also referred to atrophic scars are stretch marks after weight loss or childbirth. Tattooing on atrophic scars is allowed and easily hides the visible defect.
  • Normotrophic - appear as a result of small wounds, are located at a general level, do not have swelling and are characterized by a whitish color. Tattoos on such scars are easy to make, skin defects are completely hidden.
  • Hypertrophic - scars that form after serious surgical intervention. Externally, these are dark scars with a convex texture, it is possible to hide them, but it is difficult and expensive to do so.
  • Keloid scars - appear on the body in a couple of months after surgery, they can proliferate, it is forbidden to apply tattoos to this type of scars.
  • Papillomas or birthmarks. As you know, blood capillaries are hidden under these bumps, so tattoos on them are strictly forbidden. Any interference in this area can provoke the growth of cancer cells, so the only permissible solution is a tattoo that bypasses these areas or includes them as part of the picture.

Peculiarities of performance and types of tattoos with blood and wounds - what to complement such a tattoo?

Now, having understood with the meanings of blood tattoos, it is worth to determine how all the same it is better and more advantageous to depict blood and wounds on the body.

Of course if you have ideas and thoughts about the sketch you can share with the master and visit tattoo salons (St. Petersburg).

So, what features to pay attention to when creating a sketch of a tattoo with blood and wounds?

Location of tattoos with blood or wounds

Usually tattoos with blood and wounds do young people. Girls and guys are not afraid that the tattoo will be exposed. Many even specifically "stuff" such tattoos (St. Petersburg) on open areas of the body.

Tattoo with blood or wounds will look good:

  • On the hands, exactly on the wrist.
  • On the collarbone or chest.
  • On the neck, just below behind the ear.
  • On the elbow area.
  • On the side, on the ribs.
  • Under the heart.
  • On the palm of the hand.
  • On the face.
  • On the back.

The choice of location depends on what will be depicted. For example, wounds in the form of stitches can be moved to the back, on the side, and the flowing blood - under the heart.

The size of the tattoo with blood and wounds

Artistic tattoo "Panther". Master Eugene Chemist
Such tattoos (St. Petersburg) are usually Average or not very small size.

The drawings look very beautiful and cute - even in spite of their intimidating meaning.

On the other hand The large scale of the image looks intimidating.

Blood Tattoo Style

Tattoos in the form of blood, wounds, scratches are performed, as a rule, in a color variantBut with mandatory use of black or gray ink. They are necessary for drawing the contour of the tattoo (St. Petersburg).

There is no certain style for such tattoos, because there is no limit to fantasies.

"Blood" tattoo will definitely be With red, scarlet - as well as tattoos with wounds, scratches.

The color scheme of the image still depends on the additional symbols that will be in the tattoo.

Tattoos for men with blood and wounds

Guys "stuff" themselves with such tattoos often in open places. Prefer to "stab" bright, intimidating and clear tattoos, which are colorful and detailed.

By the way, men usually do medium tattoos (St. Petersburg), but there have also been cases of large images on the body.

It is worth noting that men, especially those who have been in the army or at the point of war, have Blood type and Rh factor tattoos. The purpose of such tattoos is to keep yourself safe and protected from accidents. When entering the hospital, the doctor will be able to see the tattoo - and, without wasting time looking up the patient's data, provide first aid.

Other common tattoos are. Scars, bleeding wounds with scarlet drops.

Tattoos for women with blood and wounds

Girls often draw small or medium drawings of wounds with blood, scratches on the body. They do not apply tattoos of blood type and Rh factor.

However, there are exceptions: some girls with health problems in order to protect themselves from risk, make such a tattoo as an identification mark for the medics.

Apply tattoos (St. Petersburg) girls on the body and in open and closed places. It all depends on the desire, work - and other reasons.

The most common tattoo - blood or wound in the form of a bracelet on the hand, on the wrist.

Representatives of the female sex are not afraid of bright colors, so they make tattoos bright and memorable. Such scarlet tattoos can convey a sensual, emotional inner state of the girl.

It can be both positive and negative feelings. For example, betrayal - or love, passion, friendship.

Tattoo on the scar of a girl or a man: recommendations

In order for the procedure of applying tattoos to problematic areas of the skin to be successful, it is necessary to adhere to some tips. First of all, it is worth remembering that the process of applying tattoos to the body is considered painful, so you need to take care of the elimination of painful sensations, for this you can use anesthetic gel and other medicines. After the tattoo is applied, it must be treated every day with a special antibacterial ointment.

Also in the process of healing of the skin may form a crust, which is undesirable to tear off, with time it will fall off on their own. Carry out the concealment of scars with a tattoo recommended in the summer, as the body is much less clothing and tattoo friction on various materials is significantly reduced.

Special tattoos to cover scars

In addition to tattoos that skillfully mask scars, overlap them or in some cases serve as a complement, and act as a decoration of these defects, popular tattoo designs that completely close the flaws on the body. They can be performed on any part of the body, and skillfully conceal not only postoperative scars, minor injuries, but also large areas of skin after a burn, for example, or other similar defects. Such drawings are distinguished by the size and subtlety of the master's work. Often performed according to individual sketches and look like a real work of art.

Tattoos on scars: features

Features of tattoos hiding skin defects:

  • The wound must fully heal, otherwise the application of the tattoo can get complications, the figure can "crawl".
  • When choosing a color scheme, preference should be given to bright tattoos, containing 4-5 colors in the sketch, monotonous tattoos are not desirable.
  • Masking irregularities can be done with shadows, highlights and halftones.
  • The scar has a disturbed skin structure, so it is able to absorb a layer of paint.
  • In order to check whether the tattoo is suitable, you can make a temporary tattoo, which lasts for about 3 weeks.

Tattoo on scars on the stomach, arm and other parts of the body

The choice of tattoo depends not only on the type of scar, but also on the part of the body on which the problematic area of skin is located:

  • The stomach - here to do a tattoo is painful, there may appear stretch marks, but when choosing a sketch, you can give preference to large drawings and full compositions. Scars on the abdomen are more common in girls, for example, after a caesarean, so the optimal sketches: a branch of sakura or roses, feathers or birds sitting on a branch.
  • Breast - usually here are the scars after severe cancer surgery, you can cover the scars with a salamander. If the scars are small, you can hide them with flowers or butterflies.
  • Arm - if the scars are extensive, you can make "sleeves", with small lesions there are no restrictions on the choice of sketches.
  • Wrist - to hide the defects, you can use the outlines of a bracelet, as well as small ornaments or flowers.
  • Spine - an image of branches, a corset (for girls), a drawn spine (for men).
  • The sides or legs - it is possible to hide visible defects with any tattoo, it can be as small as a small size, and completely cover the leg or ribs.

What moments to pay attention to in a tattoo parlor

In addition to the sketch of the figure, which would successfully play with the natural "pattern" of the scar, you need to ask the master about the color options. The fact is that the connective tissue takes the ink differently, compared to normal skin. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that not all ideas about the pattern can be realized.

Design picture, masking the scar, experienced craftsmen develop, taking into account the wishes of the client and show their own creative "handwriting", using the experience gained. From a specialist working with scars require more imagination and caution. These seemingly incompatible "poles" have to be combined. Only in this case, the tattoo will become a work of art, the subject of pride of the owner of the body drawing and the author-executor.

As mentioned above, tattoos on scars on the arm is the most popular service provided to clients with scars. Sometimes the master offers not to mask, but on the contrary, to enhance the effect of a skin tear, to "play up" it in color. Of course, this option is suitable for tough men.

Girls are offered to close the scars on the arm tattoo with other images:

  • flowers and leaves;
  • butterflies;
  • birds and other representatives of the animal world;
  • ornaments and symbols.

The drawing should overlap the scar, so long and wide scars will require the application of large images.


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