Tattoos on the wrist for women with meaning. Pictures for girls

We propose to understand the meaning of the tattoo stone. Since ancient times, it was considered the keeper of the most important information and even a symbol of the center of the world. The symbol of the center of the world. Interestingly, the ancient Aztecs associated a tattoo in the form of a stone with the sacrificial table. The sacrifices to the Sun god were performed on it.

Sometimes such a pattern was chosen as a kind of talisman. Even our ancestors thought that the stone could have a protective function. So the ancient Greeks and Romans put a lot of different protective structures made of stone. And the Italians, in fact, were saved from the evil eye by different amulets. It turns out that once upon a time, stones were even used as food. In this way, it was supposedly possible to improve one's health and even achieve material prosperity.

For the Indians, the stone was a symbol of destruction. The fact is that it was used when they made weapons. In addition, for them it symbolized the power of the cosmos. To the Egyptians, a sliver of hard rock represented unbelief. They even looked upon a hewn stone as the manifestation of an evil being and of evil spirits. In today's world, many stones used in the making of jewelry are considered amulets. These include diamond, sapphire, jasper, and many others.

Special meanings today

The interpretation of the image of a stone in a tattoo picture depends on what it is:

  • A diamond can testify to the inviolability of the marriage union;
  • It speaks of moral purity, of unwavering honesty and loyalty of a person;
  • On the other hand, which is quite logical, the diamond symbolizes the material prosperity and good luck of its owner, the intention to protect against evil forces.

The theory of tattooing says nothing about where exactly to stuff a diamond to women and where to guys; it only emphasizes that, depending on the size of the tattoo sketch, the photo beats on:

  • back;
  • foot;
  • ankle;
  • chest;
  • shoulder.

The meaning of the tattoo stone for men

It is not uncommon for members of the stronger sex to choose a tattoo depicting a stone. The most popular among men is the tattoo with stone patterns.

Such a body drawing looks especially beautiful on the athletic male body. A tattoo with a stone for men means:

  • stability
  • fidelity to his words
  • integrity of nature
  • determination

If you have a soft character, this nudge is unlikely to suit you. The image will be a great option for determined, decisive men with a strong character.

Such representatives of the strong sex always keep their word and you can be sure of their serious intentions.

What has changed and how it looks

Stoning on the body these days rarely implies these objects themselves, much more often there are inscriptions or other symbols, as if placed on the surface of the stone. Complex compositions can be used, each element of which says a lot. Girls are mostly attracted by the sparkling, shimmering in the rays of light precious minerals, even if they are small. Depending on what exactly the chosen stone is, the meaning of the whole image may change. For example, sapphires are a hint of modesty of the wearer, of his just character and wisdom. Nightshades are worn by those who love and strive for truth in all things. The topaz characterizes its owner as a balanced person who is not prone to adventurism and who knows how to be a friend.

The symbolism of the diamond implies that it should not be hidden, by the way, from prying eyes - that's why it is beaten on the hands, back, chest or shoulders. Predominantly decorated in pink, lilac or blue tones. Only the most skilled craftsmen can embody all the charm of the most enduring mineral, all its extraordinary attractive power and strength. For girls, a diamond underscores their unsurpassed beauty, the presence of a certain mystery and purity of thought.

Features and benefits of tattoos on the wrist

The art of tattooing appeared in antiquity. Over time, the popularity of this trend did not surrender its positions. Thanks to this, in the XXI century, the application of drawings on the body has turned into a real industry.

Tattoos on the wrist of women began to gain popularity after famous people decorated their hands with drawings. Actresses, singers, public figures did not hesitate to display such jewelry. Jessica Alba, Gisele Bündchen, Carey Mulligan - they are all united by a tattoo on the wrist.

Tattoos on the wrist for women with meaning. Pictures for girls
Tattoos on the wrist for women

The popularity of this particular area on the arm is easy to explain. A limb in this place has the smallest girth. Here, a priori, can not fit a large pattern. Have to be limited to a small size. Due to this, the tattoo-image turns out a small, neat and elegant.

Advantages of a tattoo on the arm for girls:

  • A small image or inscription is easy to hide if desired. You can use bijouterie or clothing with long sleeves.
  • It will not be annoying, because the size of the tattoo will be small.
  • Accentuates the beauty of the wrist lines.
  • If necessary, the drawing will be easier to remove than from the back, for example.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

On the wrist, tattoos are small, but of great importance to the person. For example, Jessica Alba has the word "lotus" written in Sanskrit in this place. Thus, the girl stresses her commitment to the ideas of Buddhism.

On the wrist you can apply tattoos in the form of:

  • Patterns.
  • Writings.
  • Space themes.
  • Animals.
  • Birds.
  • Plant elements.
  • Commemorative dates.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

Choose a variant that has a special meaning for the person. For example, a specific message would be encrypted in the picture. A memorable date would be a reminder of the most important event that occurred on that day. It is possible to make a tattoo and for the sake of aesthetics. In this case, choose floral themes or birds.

Choice of place for application

An ordinary tattoo on the wrist can carry different meanings. It all depends on the way the image is transmitted. For example, a rose looks feminine. But if the flower is wilted, it's a symbol of dead feelings or disappointment. Also, the meaning of the tattoo will be influenced by its location.

Left wrist

On the left wrist, apply the tattoo with information that reflects a person's success, his potential, inherent from birth. For example, in this place, something permanent that already exists in life can be depicted.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

For example, it can be the date of birth of a child or a meeting with a loved one. If the girl considers herself a winner in life, you can put an image of a small crown or tiara.

The wrist of the right hand

Tattoo on the right female wrist should reflect the achievements of the person, his life priorities. This is something that the girl has done for herself. In the fate of any person, there are situations that have become pivotal for life.

Tattoos on the wrist for women with meaning. Pictures for girls

This can be portrayed by means of a tattoo. For example, two intertwined rings symbolize a family. On the other hand, a steady heartbeat line indicates a calm and measured life. You can express the hardships you've gone through with a large hesitation on the dash.

Styles and colors

The modern art of tattooing describes more than 30 styles. Each of them has its own special features that allow it to stand out from the main mass. For a tattoo on the wrist you can choose any style you like. Relevant will be and minimalism, and linework.


For this style, the characteristic features are a minimal set of details in the picture and color pigments. The tattoo will be an excellent decoration of the wrist. All lines of the image do thin. Due to this, the tattoo turns out graceful and light.

Minimalism is a great choice for those girls who want to put a small, but beautiful tattoo on the hand. Drawing in this style is aesthetic. It will not lose its appeal because of its small size. Its advantage will be the rapid healing after applying the tattoo to the skin.


A popular genre gaining fans all over the world is the miniature. Tattoos in this style are notable for their small size. At the same time such an image will be a real work of art. All the details and features are carefully worked out. Laconic, at first sight, tattoo has a high level of complexity.

The standard size of miniature tattoos is a 5 ruble coin. Thanks to this, the drawings will look beautiful on the wrist. They will not stand out and come into contrast with the image. Such images become only an addition.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

In mini tattoos, you can not look for meaning. Most often they are done for the sake of aesthetics. If, however, you want to give the drawing a special meaning, you should try to do it with a minimum of detail. For example, wanderlust lovers can put a picture of an airplane on their wrist. Romanticism can be emphasized by a flower, hearts, constellations.

If a person does not accept the modern consumer market and refers his views to the non-conformists, then it is possible to express this with a drawing of a bar code. The traditional color of miniature tattoos is black. This allows the image to look contrasting. If you want to add colors, then colored pigments will help diversify the dark palette.


Tattoos in the style of Dotwork consist of a huge number of dots. They form real compositions. The color palette is black and its shades, red. This style is just beginning its development on the territory of the CIS.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

The drawings most often consist of patterns, ornamentation. They have no analogues, since each sketch is created for a person individually. It is very important to calculate the proportions of the desired tattoo and its future location on the body. The dot technique is complicated. Therefore, the master must be well qualified. Only in this case you can get a really beautiful and high quality body painting.


Lovers of straight lines will like the tattoo in the style of linework. The dashes are stacked with each other, forming certain drawings. This is a young direction in tattooing. It is suitable for people wishing to make a minimalist tattoo. Most often, tattoos in this style do black.

Themes can be different:

  • Characters from movies and cartoons.
  • Geometric shapes.
  • Flowers.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

Linear technique on the wrist will allow you to make an elegant and elegant drawing.

Ornamental .

This direction includes drawings of waves, spirals, knots, Celtic crosses. In addition, in the ornamental you can find symbols of the moon and the sun, a whimsical image of animals and birds.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

Choose tattoos in this style should be consciously. They must carry some kind of meaning. This is due to the roots of ornamental. It has separated from the old Polynesian tattoo. That is why it is very important to get a tattoo not according to the trend, but according to personal desire. In the drawing you can encrypt some kind of protective talisman, a parting message or describe a personal quality.


Ethnic tattoos reflect pagan symbols and ornaments that have survived into the 21st century.

These include:

  • Patterns.
  • Cowslips.
  • Dots.
  • Strokes.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

On the wrist, such patterns can form a bracelet. It is often a talisman for a person. Sometimes with the help of ancient Russian symbols, you can make a good luck charm.


Tattoos on the wrist of women in the style of watercolor are the embodiment of romance and elegance. The drawings will be suitable for expressive natures, dreamy girls. The sketches can be an artistic improvisation or a beautiful drawing.

The advantages of such tattoos are:

  • The ability to choose the size: miniature, medium or large.
  • Use any colors: yellow, orange, red, black.
  • Variety of designs.
  • Attractive appearance.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

It is worth taking into account that it is difficult to convey the full range of colors of the drawing on the body. Therefore, the master must be able to work with a color palette. Only with a competent distribution of shades, the sketch will acquire the necessary femininity and elegance.


If a person wants to choose a tattoo only for the sake of its aesthetic purpose, the sketch is not difficult to find. Focused on personal preferences. For fans of floral motifs will suit twigs, flowers. Girls who need love can choose something from the romantic category: hearts, angels.

If the tattoo must be given meaning, then the search criteria must be expanded. First, you should consider the meaning of each detail. Secondly, you can depart from the generally accepted canons of tattooing. This is relevant if a person wants to create his or her own unique, individual sketch.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

For example, one girl had a tattoo of a heartbeat on her wrist. In the middle of the line depicted a red heart. Simple, at first glance, the tattoo had a deep meaning: her child's organ surgery was a success. If you don't have your own artistic skills or your imagination can't pick out the right details, you turn to a master or an artist for help.

For creative people, it is enough to describe their wishes and the elements they would like to see in a drawing. Together, you can make a truly unique image.


Depicting flowers on the wrist, the girl thus emphasizes her romantic nature, but also, such tattoos will wear and other designation:

FlowerWhat does it mean
LilyDepends on the culture of the person. For devotees of the East, the lily signifies great joy. And it can be considered a lily of life. For Europeans, this flower is a symbol of sadness. For the Slavs it has become the embodiment of purity.
RoseLove, beauty - these are the main designations of the tattoo. If the flower is supplemented with sharp thorns, they will be a sign of warning or worry.
Red flowers.Passionate nature, strong love.
Pink flowersRomantic nature. Suitable for girls who like to dream and perceive the world through a pink prism.

Tattoos on the wrist for women with meaning. Pictures for girls

Very beautiful will look tattoos with flowers in the style of watercolor.

Space motifs

Space can be interpreted in different ways. People who make themselves an image with stars, planets,

Milky Way or comets can express in this way:

  • Their serenity.
  • The immortality of the soul.
  • The infinity of the cycle.
  • Integrity and harmony in life.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

The cosmos is always an order. Everything in it works according to laws unknown to man. At the same time, all mechanisms are fine-tuned and do not fail. At the same time, the universe is unexplored and remains a mystery to humans. Girls who make such tattoos join themselves to this infinite cycle. Space motifs look very beautiful and unusual on the wrist. It is not necessary to make a large drawing in this area. Sometimes 3 to 5 stars are enough.


Tattoos on the wrist of women in the form of bracelets are a symbol of infinity - a closed circle that has no beginning and end. He can denote some kind of bond. For example, a strong family ties. If the bracelet is completed with the name of the person, it will denote loyalty to him.

Also, girdling the wrist jewelry can be done as a talisman or amulet. This option is suitable superstitious people who believe in mystical events. These tattoos are done more often in a dark tone, with the use of light and thin lines. Thanks to this, you can get a graceful pattern on your wrist without burdening your hand.


Gemstone themes are popular in tattooing. Minerals can be played around and depicted in different ways. For example, to put them in a setting, to create bracelets with multiple stones. Thus it is very important to observe one rule - it is necessary to do such tattoos in color. This will allow you to determine the category of the jewel. This is done for a reason. The stones have a sacred meaning.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

Therefore, before choosing a sketch, it is worth familiarizing yourself with its designation.

Stone .Its meaning
Agate .Acts as a talisman against bad dreams, gives vitality and energy.
AmazoniteCalms and soothes, takes away negative emotions.
AmethystImparts clear thinking and wisdom. Builds self-esteem and removes obsessions.
Blue topazA stone for creative people: intellectuals, writers, and artists. Allows one to develop one's thinking abilities.
CitrineAllows you to achieve prosperity and balance impatience.
DiamondStrengthens all the qualities of the wearer.
EmeraldEmpowers the wearer with physical strength. Helps to fight depression and insomnia. Helps to achieve patience and steadiness.
PomegranatePassionate devotion: family, beloved cause, partner, friends. Chooses the priority of the person himself.
Lapis LazuliBrings harmony to the relationship.
Black onyxCapable of suppressing all the bad in a man, his negativity. Also, protects the wearer from bad energy of strangers.
RubyHelps to protect the health of the wearer. Symbol of royal dignity.
TopazImproves man's state of mind. Helps to fight depression.
ZirconAllows to reach harmony with the world.

Tattoos with precious stones are sometimes applied for aesthetics, without thinking about their semantic meaning.


Tattoos on the wrist of women in the form of inscriptions contain a message that is important to the person. It is possible to use only one word that is decisive for the girl. For example, the English "Love" means love for everything - the world, yourself, family.

In the same way, you can put the words on your wrist:

  • Family.
  • Harmony.
  • Music.
  • Life.

Long phrases or word combinations can also be used. Choose them based on personal feelings. For some, the child's first word to her mother will be very important. And someone will want to put the initials of a loved one.

All that concerns tattoos with inscriptions are purely individual sketches. You can also take common options, but in this case, the individuality should be forgotten.

On the wrist very often do paired tattoos. This idea was extended to phrases as well. For example, one part is placed on the girl's hand and the rest on the guy's wrist. Sometimes the couple puts their names on this area. In this way, they show their affection for each other.

The natural world

Clouds, feathers, birds, animals - all these belong to natural motifs. Inspiration is sought in the surrounding world. Sometimes the sketch for a tattoo can be a swallow flying by or a rainbow that appeared in the sky after the rain. For someone meeting in the sea with a jellyfish will be such a vivid impression that in memory of this girl will make a tattoo depicting this inhabitant of the depths.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

Such drawings are diverse. They can be done both in color and in black and white. Everything will depend on the personal preferences of the person. The advantage of such tattoos is the possibility of imagination. For example, Emilia Clarke, who played a key role in the TV series "Game of Thrones", made a very unusual drawing on her wrist. In memory of her heroine, the Mother of Dragons, the figurines of 3 fantasy characters appeared on her arm: Viserion, Drogon and Rhaegal.


Fans of everything fantastic will suit tattoos in the form of fantasy. You can use your favorite characters from works of fiction, unrealistic landscapes. Come up with this theme sketch on their own or look for examples for inspiration among the already finished works.

An important condition for such drawings is their realism. The phoenix rising from the ashes looks spectacular. Some prefer an elf or a dwarf. Despite its small size, such images on the body will look stylish and unusual.

Tattoos on the wrist female meaning. Pictures for girls

If a girl wants to make a neat and beautiful tattoo on the body, the wrist will be a great place for a drawing. Sketches on female subjects are not limited to florets and hearts. Out of millions of drawings you can choose the most suitable, and if you want and have creative skills create it yourself.


For women

For men