Women's tattoos on the back of the head: meaning, ideas, examples, sketches. Photo of tattoos on the back of the head in women, girls

Unusual geometric patterns, portraits, symbols and whole works of art - all about one of the most fashionable trends in hairdressing - about hair tatto technology. What is it, how to choose such a haircut correctly, taking into account individual features and desires?

What variations and techniques of execution exist today and are in greatest demand among the beautiful half of mankind, men and even small children? Let's explore the answers to all the questions together with renowned stylists.

Pros and cons of artistic haircuts

As soon as it comes to artistic hair cutting to create a simple pattern or a realistic masterpiece, all hairdressers will definitely agree that there are far more advantages than disadvantages to the haircut. In fact, the disadvantages, as such, are virtually non-existent. And so, let's make a general picture of a haircut with a tattoo, according to experts.

Tattoo inscription on the back of the head of a woman: photo, meaning

Many images are artistic tattoos and carry almost no meaning.

Tattoo inscription on the back of the head of a woman:

  • However, it is in the area of the back of the head most often not stuffed with tattoos for nothing.
  • After all, the zone is one of the chakras, so it has a sacred nature. Accordingly, in this area do tattoos that contain deep meaning.
  • Often there can be letters, poems or some Chinese characters.
  • Before applying the pattern, read the transcription of the words.


Inscription Tattoo

Advantages of hair tattoo

What are the strengths and advantages of such an unusual technique of execution of artistic haircuts?

  1. Of course, in the first place is its unusual and spectacular appearance. Seeing a person with such a picture on his voice - you will consciously or not, but certainly pay attention to him. And it is not surprising. After all, it really looks amazing.
  2. The procedure is completely painless. In contrast to the standard tattoo, which is imposed with the violation of the boundaries of some pain threshold, this artistic tattoo is created with your hair, a machine and the skillful hands of an experienced master.
  3. An opportunity to make a statement about yourself, your preferences, interests in life. Many men and teenagers use this technique to cut the logos of their favorite sports teams, the names of bands or portraits of idols. Relevant option also always remain cars.
  4. The brightness of the image as a whole. Such an addition to the hair will be a great option for those who want to attract the attention of others and are 100% confident in themselves.
  5. The possibility of changing the image. In the case that we are talking about a haircut in girls, it is performed, for the most part, on a certain area, and not on the entire surface of the head. Basically, for such work, the hairdresser can choose the temporal zone (one or both) or the occipital. The entire length of the hair in this case is preserved. And if you have a desire, a haircut can be shown by lifting the hair or arranging it in a certain way or dissolving the locks, hiding the hair element (relevant for those to whom the work dress code does not allow the presence of such bright accents.
  6. The possibility to disguise the imperfections and flaws. This option will be relevant for those who have scars, bald patches, scars. With the help of an artistic haircut, almost any cosmetic appearance defects can be concealed as much as possible and become more self-confident.
  7. Permanence. Artistic tattoo on curls is definitely not permanent. After 2-3 weeks, the hair will grow back long enough to change the chosen design or simply to remove it, adjusting the hair with a barber's machine or scissors. In this case, it is especially convenient, as the hairstyle can be made for a solemn occasion, and change after a short time. For example, to create a unique image for birthdays, New Year's holidays, graduations and other, important dates.

What are beautiful and popular tattoos on the back of the head for women?

Astrologers claim that people who get tattoos on the back of the head are quite brave and recover very quickly from defeat. These people have tremendous vitality and stamina. They are fearless and can rise up after many blows of fate.

What tattoos on the back of the head are beautiful and popular with women:

  • One of the most popular is the skull, or eye, tattoo. The beginning of the tattoo can be fixed in the back area and go up to the back of the head. Closed eyes are a symbol of immersion in themselves, as well as solitude, withdrawal from the outside world.
  • If in this area you notice brickwork, or rather its imitation, it indicates the hard-headedness and strength of the person. He is quite strong. If in this area you notice the tattoo in the form of a brain, in front of you a dreamer, a thinker, a person who never stops, is in constant search.
  • If in the back of the head there is a tattoo of microchips, some kind of cogs and gears, it indicates too little emotionality of the girl. She is guided only by common sense in making all decisions. Emotions are usually relegated to the background. This is not one of those girls who will give up absolutely everything for the sake of love. Among them are a lot of those who have not married for a long period of time, climbing the career ladder.

Custom photo
Unusual photo




How to choose a hair tattoo pattern?

To decide on a bright and bold haircut - that's not all. Now the choice is the most difficult - to decide what kind of pattern you would like to put on. Hieroglyphs, geometric shapes, unusual patterns, portraits. What to stop your choice and what can you rely on when choosing a particular image?

For girls

For the beautiful half of mankind there is great news - for them there are no restrictions in the choice, technique of performance and style of the image, because on a beautiful girl any picture of a haircut will look harmoniously, emphasizing her uniqueness and individual characteristics.

Synopsis. For owners of long curls, the optimal area for cutting the pattern will be the temporal part or the nape of the neck. Raising the hair or styling it in a certain way, she will be able to demonstrate the highlight of her image. Letting the hair loose will again be able to make the look more strict and restrained.

If you are the owner of medium or short hair, pay attention to the Hair Tattoo, which can be performed on the temples (on one side or both).

Tattoo on the back of the head - the meaning in women

In India, they believe in the presence of chakras and points in man, which are designed to exchange energy with the cosmos. In the area of the back of the head is a kind of chakra, which connects a person with the otherworldly, the past world.

Tattoo on the back of the head - the meaning for women:

  • Accordingly, if this area is tattooed in the form of an eye, it can stimulate farsightedness, and awaken intuition. Such a person becomes more sensitive to changes in the weather, his intuition tells him how to act.
  • It is worth noting that all the tattoos on the back of the head are a kind of talismans. If you make a tattoo here, God can become a helper. Suitable is Kubera - the patron saint of businessmen, who is responsible for family prosperity.
  • In the Middle Ages, scorpions were depicted on the emblem of Africa, so for some people it is a love for the tropics, or the relationship to the zodiac sign Scorpio. It is also one way to emphasize a person's personality and character.

Tattoo on the back of a girl's head

Tattoo on the back of a girl's head

Cute tattoo
Nice tattoo

Technique of execution of the hair tattoo: step by step instructions

For those who are 100% confident in their abilities and still want to try to make an artistic haircut by themselves, we offer a step-by-step instruction that will help to perform the work more qualitatively and avoid common mistakes of beginners during the performance.

  1. Using a comb with a sharp end, separate exactly the part where the drawing on the hair is planned.
  2. Fix the remaining hair with hairdressing clips, pins or simple elastic bands.
  3. For men and boys, this step is skipped, provided the hair is short. Just separate the necessary area with a cosmetic pencil, so that the lines are more even and clear, and the pattern looks aesthetically pleasing and neat.
  4. Using a hairdressing machine, cut all the hair in the designated area for the drawing (suggested length from 0.6 cm to 1 cm, depending on the desired effect of the volume of the image).
  5. Remember that on blond hair the pattern will be less noticeable, here will be relevant a little longer (1 cm), so that the contours of the image will be clearly visible.
  6. Using a cosmetic pencil, draw the image that you plan to cut.
  7. Arm yourself with barber scissors, and make a clear outline along the drawn line. For better clarity and evenness, you should try not to take your hand off during cutting and make the contour in 1 time.
  8. Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove pencil and hair residue. Dry the hair and, if necessary, refine the image with scissors or a machine.
  9. To give volume to the drawing, trim the areas both outside the line and inside it.
  10. If you want to make the image colored and bright - use hair dyes, applying the color carefully and evenly with a thin brush. In order not to harm the hair and to get a bright color you can use direct pigments, which are in most professional lines of hair cosmetics.

Tattoo on the back of the head for girls: examples

Tattoo of a dandelion means a symbol of the transience of life. It is usually depicted in the form of a fluffy ball with flying umbrellas. Often such a tattoo is complemented by birds. The person is calm about the changes, and is not worried about the difficulties. Tattoo on the back of the head for girls, examples of which are below, usually do not carry deep meaning.

Tattoo on the back of the head

Tattoo on the back of the head

Tattoo on the back of the head

Hair care with a hair tattoo haircut

Basically, this haircut does not require any effort in terms of home care, but a few rules of care still exist, according to experts, these are:

  1. Regular visits to a hairdresser to update the pattern or change it to a new one. Only in the case of timely treatment to the master a haircut will look neat, effective and aesthetically pleasing. For the correction of the image on your hair you will need 2-3 visits to a specialist in a month. If you neglect this recommendation, hair will grow and tangle on the sides, while the picture will simply be blurred and not look as beautiful as it was originally intended.
  2. The right choice of hair care products. Even the most beautiful artistic portrait, made by the best professional will not look neat and beautiful on untidy, dirty, dry or split hair. Hair health is what will help emphasize the beauty of the technique in the first place. To select shampoos and masks rely not only on the quality of products and promotion of the brand, but also on its compliance with your hair type. In addition, pay attention to the composition. It should be as natural as possible, without perfumes, dyes, sulfates.
  3. If you have chosen a haircut with the application of coloring in bright colors, you will need a special professional shampoo for colored hair. Otherwise, you will be in for an unpleasant surprise - the first or second wash on the head the pattern can not only significantly fade, but also to blend colors and "slip off".
  4. Means for styling. This is a must for holders of long and medium hair, as well as for those who are endowed by nature with curly or curly locks. One of the best styling products according to the experts was named the gel for styling Matrix Curl Please Super Defrizzer. Also, it is useful for anyone who has thick hair or a haircut with elements of asymmetry. Just with its help you can arrange your hair quickly and easily, prolonging the fixation of hair for more than 12 hours.

As you have already realized, the haircut will be a great accent for the image of the brightest and boldest. Are you already ready to take a risk by getting a haircut?

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A little history

It is generally accepted that the fashion for haircuts-tattoos first appeared 9 years ago. The ancestor of the promising fashion trend was the stylist and hairdresser from France Thierry Gras. He attracted the attention of the entire hairdressing public, including the most conservative members of the profession, by creating several ornate shaped haircuts. No less famous is hairdresser Rob Ferrell. This master creates realistic portraits of celebrities on his clients' heads.

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