Tattoo the sign of infinity: what the symbol means, on the wrist, on the finger, with an inscription, heart, snake, for girls and men: meaning + 75 PHOTO

Simple, but at the same time original infinity symbol is a very popular tattoo among today's youth. The infinity tattoo conceals a kind of magic that came from the cosmos and represents the unified beginning, passing to the end of the cycle.

Indian treatises say that two identical circles moving in different directions represent harmonious unity and fusion of solar and lunar energies. According to the famous Greek thinker Aristotle, the meaning of the symbol that closes the ring is the impossibility of knowing the system of the universe from within.

Historical Background

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Many people who want to put infinity on the skin, believe that it is a common mathematical sign, beautiful and original looking on the body. But the symbol appeared in human history much earlier than mathematics.

The earliest image, called Ouroboroswas found on rock engravings in Tibet. It symbolized a snake swallowing its own tail. The mystical symbol is mentioned in the most ancient legends, it is not possible to establish the place and time of its origin. According to the legends, the snake tried to swallow its own tail, but it kept growing, and the eating process continued indefinitely. Ouroboros - a figure, showing that the end is always followed by a new beginning. May reflect the cyclical nature of natural phenomena.


There is another version of the origin of the symbol. Indian philosophers portrayed with such a sign the plexus of male and female beginnings. The sign is formed from 2 circles: one is directed in a clockwise direction, the second - against. This shows the harmonious coexistence and eternal confluence of male and female energy flows (sun and moon).

In mathematics, the described sign was introduced in the 17th century by the British scientist John Wallis. He studied infinite magnitudes, depicting them in the course of writing the work "On conic sections" in the form of a 90° inclined figure of eight. The mathematician did not bother to explain his choice of such a symbol. It is assumed that he either simplified the lettering of the number 1000 with Roman signs (with ɔ) or interpreted the Greek letter omega (ω).

Philosophers The symbol was interpreted by Aristotle as a limited cognition of temporal and spatial phenomena. Aristotle called the sign a representation of eternity, something immutable. The philosopher interpreted the figure as follows: "For any number there is always a greater number. The implication is that any creation is followed by a more perfect creation.

Tattoo with the sign of infinity

The ancient Greeks withAncient Greeks read infinity as a representation of something imperfect, incomplete, chaotic, treated the symbol negatively. The philosopher Democritus believed that the sign symbolized the infinite universe, which was not completed by the number of atoms in a closed space.

The ancient Chinese believed that good luck awaited the bearer of a tattoo with the infinity symbol. In feng shui, the closed figure-of-eight line enhances the positive effects of amulets and talismans on wealth and good luck.

Examples of infinity tattoos

Infinity tattoos are printed on different parts of the body: arms, legs, back, stomach, neck, head. The choice of location depends on the planned size of the image, the desire to show or hide it, etc.

On hands and feet

One of the most popular locations for a tattoo with this symbol is on the hands (wrists, hands or forearms). Sometimes the tattoo is placed on the finger, but in this case there is a risk that the pattern will quickly lose clarity due to constant friction.

On the legs

Placement on the feet is popular: ankle, foot, back of the thigh, etc.

On the body

The abdomen, lower back, shoulder blades, and other areas of the torso are suitable locations for an image if the wearer needs to hide it from prying eyes. Some people choose intimate areas such as the pubis, buttocks, etc.

On the neck and head

Girls (less often young men) often put an image on the neck.

This arrangement allows you to both hide the tattoo and show it off.

General meaning

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From ancient times to the present, the described sign, wherever it is depicted, has an unambiguous common interpretation: the incomprehensibility of life and the universe.

VIDEO: Meaning of infinity tattoo - variants of drawings of ready tattoos on pics

Tattoo infinity - tattooing options ready-made tattoos on photo

The meaning of tattoo infinity - versions of drawings of ready tattoos on photo

If earlier tattoos and infinity drawings, decorating temples and tombs, had occult meaning, illustrated reincarnation, transition from one life to another, the multiplicity of universes, then today tattoos with the sign of the inverted figure of eight have a simpler philosophical meaning:

  • the pursuit of a free life;
  • liberation from restrictions and social frameworks;
  • The uncertainty of the future, thoughts of changing the present;
  • being in a state of great love.

Infinity - is an optimistic and life-affirming sign, suitable for idealists, personalities engaged in self-improvement. By tattooing this sign, the idealistic person shows his desire to push the boundaries, to improve the world around him, to constantly move towards their goals, to grow morally and spiritually.

Adherents of esotericism interpret the tattoo differently. For them, the oblique figure of eight - The slanted figure of eight is an image of infinite space and endlessly flowing time. In the broader esoteric sense, infinity is a symbol is a symbol of the knowledge of life.

Religiously, infinity is a symbol of the unceasing to the pursuit of knowledge of the divine. It is impossible to know God, which means an endless process of knowledge.

Another meaning is... Eternal love. A tattoo with the symbol can often be seen on the body of a person in love.

Many couples get the same infinity tattoo, in which case the symbol becomes an analogue of wedding rings, a confirmation of the partners' serious intentions and willingness to go through life together. A couple tattoo is a wonderful option for demonstrating that the heart is forever engaged, if the relationship is unofficial and there are no wedding rings.

What the infinity sign means as a permanent eternity

In many ancient cultures, the occult drawing that adorned tombs, as well as carved on rocks and caves in the form of infinity, had approximately the same interpretation and could symbolize reincarnation from one life to another or the incomprehensibility of the universe.

Nowadays, tattoos in the form of the sign of intertwined loops are endowed with a philosophical meaning:

  • The desire to live freely;
  • The denial of any boundaries;
  • An occasion to reflect on the present;
  • The wearer experiences great love.

Many idealists by nature demonstrate to others their desire for self-improvement by the sign of infinity.

People who study esotericism are most tattooed with the infinity sign, which denotes endless space and time. To summarize, the infinity tattoo defines the cognition of the meaning of being.

Interested in this topic seriously, it is initially necessary to pick up a drawing of infinity sketch. In the studios of tattooing there are a lot of ready variations of infinity tattoo, and this is not only sketches in the form of outlines on paper, but also photos of already completed tattoo.

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Among the abundance of images, everyone will be able to look for a tattoo with the sign of infinity, which he had dreamed of before.

Tattoo of infinity in a girl: places and meanings

Tattoo sign of infinity can be applied on any part of the body. But often in beautiful ladies the figure eight is painted on the wrist. For girls who have an infinity sign tattooed on the wrist, the sign of the horizontal figure eight is a symbol of eternal love and strong affection for their chosen one.

As for single ladies, then for them tattoo infinity - it is mostly just a romantic with erotic overtones sign, which not only looks spectacular on the body, but also to protect against the evil eye.

Infinity Tattoo Meaning for Guys

When a guy has a tattoo on his body, no matter where, in the form of a sign inverted at a 90 degree angle of the number eight, it can denote a desire to develop in terms of career or creativity as an individual.

Beautiful, concise and versatile infinity tattoos that look like self-eating snakes or dragons express the owner's philosophy of life. Also the meaning of the tattoo speaks of the rich inner content of the person that is positively attuned to the world around him.

The meaning of double infinity: what is it about

If you score a double infinity tattoo, such a drawing denotes the power of mutual feelings that pierced through the heart. This kind of "family" tattoo exists in two identical variations and replaces the traditional wedding rings.

The idea of duplicating a symbolic sign parallel to each other is very interesting and distinguishes it from other tattoos.

Popular places for the application of body art

The most common place of application of the sign of infinity is the wrist, that is, the inner side of the hand closer to the hand. Fidelity of feelings has a manifestation and on the chest in the heart area.

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A miniature tattoo of the infinity sign can be seen on the finger, namely its side. The territory for the location of the universal sign can also be the area on the neck, the navel area, the lumbar and ankle of the leg, where the unusual artwork is hidden from prying eyes.

What does the tattoo, combined with other images mean

Looking through magazines with tattoos, or studying specialized Internet sites, you can observe a number of quite original combinations and among them:

  • Infinity with a feather in harmony woven with a letter inscription (name, one word or a famous quote) symbolize a consciously accepted life stimulus, and if with several colored feathers, it is freedom and giving the sign an aesthetic beauty;
  • The infinity sign tattoo, which is placed on the ring or middle finger as a ring , is a symbol of fidelity and love;
  • Often there is a tattoo of infinity, which permeates the heart - the image expresses the dependence on the passion, mastered the mind;
  • Tattoo sketch of a cardiac line (pulse), combined with infinity, speaks for itself without further ado;

  • Infinity and sea anchor strengthen the belief in infinite existence and give hope for salvation and revival of the soul;

  • The combination of a bird that flies out of the sign, associated with human immortality and endless wandering soul;
  • What does the rose with spikes , depicted in the form of an inverted figure eight, guessing is not necessary - the beauty will save the world!

The meaning of the double tattoo

The original version of the tattoo is a double infinity. It is a love tattoo, but stronger in meaning than the single one. The wearer of the image shows that his feelings for his partner are so strong that they occupy all thoughts and burn through the heart.

This variant of the paired tattoo perfectly replaces wedding rings for lovers in an unofficial relationship.

A double version of the infinity line

Tattoo of infinity on the arm

Often the infinity tattoo on the arm is stylized as a heartbeat line, shown by cardio machines. Initially the usual zigzag is drawn. But it ends not with a straight line, but with an inverted figure of eight. The picture shows that death is only the beginning, not the end.

Places of application

The figure is applied anywhere, to:

  • The back or side of the neck;
  • the area near the navel;
  • lower back;
  • ankle;
  • forearm.

The location determines the size of the image. The largest figures are made on the side of the chest on the side of the heart, showing the eternal attachment of the heart to one person, and on the outer side of the forearm. Miniature tattoos are done on the fingers.

The most common place to place an infinity tattoo is on the wrist.

It is popular to place the drawing on the finger

What is compatible with the infinity tattoo?

The infinity symbol is universal. It can be stuffed onto any area of the skin, and it will look appropriate and aesthetically pleasing. The turned figure of eight combines well with a host of additional elements such as heart shapes, lettering, heart line, numbers, dates, patterns, flowers, feathers, birds and other designs. Beautifully combined large and extensive infinity tattoo with floral compositions.

The meaning of tattoos on the wrist

It is popular among young people to stuff the philosophical sign on the wrist, forearm and fingers.

Tattoo artists do not advise clients to choose fingers to place any tattoo. The skin on the palms and fingers is rapidly abraded, constantly updated, because of this skin pattern is gradually faded, some parts of it disappear, resulting in a distortion of the meaning of the image.

On the wrist tattoo itself do Young guys and girls. On this part of the body image looks advantageous. Young people with a tattoo most often demonstrate their emotions and love experiences, and the wrist is the most visible place to demonstrate eternal love or boundless loneliness.

A person who is not burdened with love feelings, looking at his ornamented wrist, always remembers that life is finite, it is not worth wasting it on vanity and useless rushes, and it is necessary to think about the futureAnd he should think about the future and set really important goals.

Guys often get a tattoo with the sign of infinity On the shoulder in the triceps area or on the outer side of the forearm. On these parts of the body, a drawing with the right style looks advantageous, emphasizes the image of a manly, faithful and sensual guy. And if you want, a guy can Hide the tattoo under a sleeve of clothing.

Most often the wrist is decorated with

Tattoo infinity: sketches and photos of finished works

If the symbol is determined, it remains to choose a sketch and make a tattoo. It is worth noting that there are many variations of the infinity symbol, so let's consider only the most popular sketches:

  • The infinity symbol, whose right loop is shaped like a heart.
  • Part of the loop consists of the letters of the name of the other half or the word Love (love).
  • The heart or heart pulse with infinity sign.
  • A loop that consists of a rope, chains, letters or words.
  • An hourglass lying on its side.
  • An infinity with a feather, birds, butterflies, flowers or hearts.
  • A snake biting its own tail.
  • A cat or lizard taking an appropriate pose.

Combining infinity with other symbols

By itself, the infinity sign on the body can look boring, too simple, especially if the size of the image is large. Therefore, tattoo artists offer sketches that combine the slanted figure eight with inscriptions, commemorative dates and original images.

The table below shows the meanings of popular tattoos, in which the main figure is combined with certain symbols.

with a heartmutual love
with a meaningful inscriptionsomething important that one always wants to remember (a loved one's name, a memorable date, a life- or character-defining word) is inscribed
with a pulse lineVariety and happiness of life, inner energy, motion, thirst for adventure, adventurism, victory of life over death.
with a featherendless flow of life, rebirth, belief in reincarnation
flock of birdsimmortality of the soul
with a flowerthe salvation of the world in beauty
with the anchorsalvation of the soul

With a feather

With anchor With birds

With a flower

With a pulse line

With phrases

The sign of infinity and an anchor

The sign of infinity and an anchor on the body is an unusual composition. In fact, the meaning of such a tattoo can vary greatly. In this context, it will be appropriate to believe that the anchor represents the cross, which, in turn, may symbolize salvation and rebirth. To reinforce a belief in eternal existence, the two symbols are often depicted together.

Meaning for the girl

Infinity tattoo for girls is usually a way to show their feelings.

And the feelings can be both positive and negative:

  • happiness in love;
  • desire to be together forever;
  • loneliness;
  • the pain of betrayal;
  • unbearable longing;
  • a thirst for revenge on the betrayer.

A suitable option for the girl

Sketches (templates) for tattoos with the infinity symbol

Sketches of tattoos are most often made by the master for the client individually.

However, if you need to choose a ready-made template or just be inspired by ideas of similar images, you can explore sites that offer many interesting tattoo options, such as Pinterest, Sketch Tattoo, Tatufoto, etc.

Meaning for a guy

Many people consider the figure of infinity because of the roundness of the contours as a female symbol. But a tattoo with the right style looks good on a guy.

Nakolka infinity suits the guy, responsible, striving for perfection, stubbornly moving towards the goal, serious about the other half. Many men perceive the horizontal figure eight as a sign of success in the chosen sphere of life, inner strength, masculinity, purposefulness.

A suitable option for men

Tattoo infinity in guys

For guys, the sign of infinity means a constant striving on the way to career growth, continuous movement and boundless masculine power. Men, doing the infinity tattoo, are trying to show courage, the desire for accomplishments, invincibility of spirit and willingness to achieve their goals.

Who suits

The infinity tattoo is unique in that each wearer can put their own meaning into it. For a religious person, the image symbolizes one thing, for a lover - another, for an esoteric - a third.

The great advantage of the tattoo is versatility. The philosophical symbol looks good on the body and the girl, and the young man, and the elderly. Most often the image is small, so it looks aesthetically and organically, does not attract unnecessary glances.

There are categories of people for whom the infinity sign is the ideal option for decorating the body with a tattoo:

1Scientists. Mathematicians, chemists, philosophers - for these people the infinity sign is a reflection of their life, profession, way of thinking. A chemist may complement the image with alchemical formulas, a historian or philosopher with Roman, Greek or Latin inscriptions reflecting the worldview.

2Lovers. Couples with an original view of things consider it boring to wear the same rings as a confirmation of reciprocity and strength of feelings. A good option for the originalists in love is a tattoo with the infinity symbol. The image can be complemented by the date of acquaintance, engagement or marriage registration, hearts, love phrases, the name of the partner.

3Singles. The owners of the tattoo can be not only broken relationships, disappointed in love, betrayed, but also hermits and individualists in life.

4Perfectionists. The endless figure symbolizes the pursuit of the ideal, the achievement of perfection in the chosen sphere. The tattoo is suitable for individuals self-improving, not tolerating negligence in any matter.

5Friends. The tattoo can show a connection not only in love, but also in friendship. Friends adorn the body as a confirmation that the friendship affection will not disappear, that betrayal is impossible.

Tattoo option for lovers

Meaning in prison

In prison, tattoos, or as they are called tattoos, are given special meanings. Often innocuous at first glance drawings mean contempt from the cons. To avoid embarrassing and sometimes dangerous situations, before you score a tattoo advice to check the meaning of tattoos in the zone.

Tattoo Infinity in white ink

Fortunately in the case of the infinity tattoo, there is no danger of being misunderstood by people who have served time in prison. Because, there is no prison sense in the infinity symbol.

The Palette

Tattoos in most cases are small, so they are performed in black. This color helps to emphasize the small image on the pale background of the skin. Still the blackness of the lines does not distract from thinking about the meaning of the drawing.

Rarely, a printed image includes several colors: red, blue, gray. If the main symbol is complemented by secondary, it is possible to use a variety of colors.

Multicolor image

The color scheme of the infinity tattoo on the photo

Due to the fact that most often the size of the sketch is small, it looks best in the classic black color. In addition, this coloring well emphasizes the deep meaning of the tattoo. If you parsed a lot of pictures of infinity tattoo in different people, you can notice that it is in this coloring, as a rule, stuffed this picture. Rarely the infinity sign is represented in gray, blue or red shades. When combined with inscriptions or other elements, various bright colors can be chosen.

Tattoo Styles

Infinity tattoo usually does not belong to a particular style. In the classic version - it is the usual graphic black sign.

But if the symbol is combined with other images, it is possible to create a tattoo in several styles:

  • realism;
  • Dotwork (dot technique);
  • watercolor.

The infinity figure looks good in both realistic and original styles. It can be included as a detail in complex large tattoos.


Dot Technique Realism

VIDEO: What does the infinity symbol mean

What does the infinity symbol mean

In this video You will learn what the infinity sign means

The meaning of infinity for girls and guys

A simple sign can have different meanings for both girls and guys. Despite the fact that in the world of tattoos are rarely divided by gender, there are still differences in semantic interpretation.

In the case of girls, they try to endow the tattoo with a sublime and beautiful meaning.

For the fair sex, infinity is not a limit, it is the embodiment of the fact that the impossible is possible: eternity of love, life, relationships, etc. Each girl is able to put her own meaning into this tattoo.

In the case of guys, it's not so simple. The double sign of infinity can be seen in guys, rather than in girls.

For men, the meaning of the tattoo is more philosophical, referring to his physical and spiritual development. For the stronger sex, such a tattoo can symbolize perpetual motion.

The double infinity symbol

Tattoo infinity on the wrist for girls

This symbol is quite unambiguous. Of course, he does not lose the main meaning, but most often it is used as a paired tattoo.

Places for its placement can be very different. It looks beautiful on the ankle, wrist, back of the neck. But its traditional place is on the couple's ring fingers. This tattoo can both replace wedding rings and complement them. If you complement the drawing with the initials of lovers, you get an individual and interesting tattoo.

Most often it is the double infinity is complemented by a heart and words about love.

Color solution

In the absolute majority of cases, infinity tattoos are printed in a black and white palette. This trend is due to the small size of the native image, most often printed on the wrist.

To make a decision on how the tattoo should look at the end should be as follows:

  • Determine the meaning and work through the idea that will be embedded in the future tattoo.
  • Create a sketch, supplementing the image with secondary objects if necessary.
  • Determine how appropriate it will be to expand the palette of pigments used to create a particular natal image.

Types and Design of Sketches

Laconic infinity sign choose only minimalists.

In this case, it is depicted monochrome, without bright color flecks.

But a tattoo in the form of a tucked on the side "figure of eight" can also be much more interesting. Among the options that are particularly popular are the following.

  • Double cross symbols of infinity. This incarnation is often used by religious people. It resembles a real cross, suitable for Christians.
  • With a star. This combination of symbols can denote hope, which occurs even with the most inevitable predestination. The figure is chosen by people who are desperate, looking for a new meaning in life. Often the tattoo is small, barely noticeable.
  • With a feather. This combination of symbols is chosen by people of creative professions, most often writers. For them, this combination symbolizes the craving for creativity and the search for freedom. Usually such a tattoo is complemented by a motto or other inscription, a quote.
  • With birds. The combination of such symbols in the pattern denotes that the person believes in rebirth, waiting for it for himself. The eternal cycle of life is chosen by philosophers, people prone to reflection.
  • With a heart. This tattoo represents eternal love. As a rule, it is made in pairs, gaining confidence that the parting with the partner is not in the plans.
  • With letters. Own initials in a tattoo on the wrist is a sign of self-confidence. People with such a tattoo can be quite selfish in relation to others. The initials of the beloved, on the contrary, give out a romantic personality prone to self-sacrifice.
  • With names and inscriptions. The most frequently used here is the word "love" or a declaration of romantic feelings. Also in the infinity sign rings can have the names of spouses, couples. Some people frame the name of their favorite pet with this symbol.
  • Double. An eight inscribed in another eight is a sign of great luck. It is applied by gambling people who often test their fate.
  • With flowers. The most common infinity symbol is depicted from the stems of thistles, roses, rose hips, twisting together. Such a version of the tattoo will adorn an elegant woman's wrist.

Color drawing or monochrome - everyone decides for himself. Complex ornaments are most often depicted in a colored version. Sometimes bright do only inserts: heart, name, feather. So the tattoo becomes three-dimensional, but remains graphic.

From the history of the symbol

The double infinity sign is a tattoo that is much less common than the classic inverted figure of eight. In double infinity, two signs can be depicted parallel to each other, as if crossed. Often there is a variant when one symbol overlaps the other. Depending on the location of these elements can change the meaning of the tattoo.

Double infinity is a rather rare symbol, which is essentially a combination of two such designs. However, it is not only a mathematical sign. The Hebrews consider the number eight a number of God himself, the Chinese a symbol of good luck, and Pythagoras compared infinity to stability and harmony. The sign of double infinity can be found in the ancient Indians. They symbolized the union of feminine and masculine, complete harmony.


For women

For men