Tattoo bull - a full description, meaning for men and girls, location (on the shoulder, arm, leg, chest, back), sketches, impressive photos

Every year the popularity of tattoos only increases. This is due to the fact that more and more people seek to express themselves in this way. In addition, tattoos are often chosen in the form of a particular animal, which is a symbol and talisman for a particular person.

As for the image of the bull, he chooses mainly men. This is not surprising, because this animal reflects the power and strength, which is particularly peculiar to each representative of the stronger sex. Nevertheless, some girls also prefer to draw a bull on their bodies. However, in this case, it is most often complemented by softer details, such as flowers.

Tattoo bull: current meanings

As already mentioned above, most often the image of the bull is chosen by men. This is due to the fact that the picture maximally reflects the strength, masculinity and endurance of each representative of the strong sex. Moreover, some peoples' meaning of the symbol is directly related to the gods. In general, we can say that the bull combines the forces of nature, royalty and vitality.

It is impossible not to note that different peoples put different meanings in the image of the bull. For example, in Egypt and India, this animal is sacred, it is respected and worshipped. In ancient Rome, the blood of the bull was considered the flow of life. Also note that in Buddhism, such an image is a personification of personality, and in the Celts - the power.

In turn, the image of the black bull means the fiery beginning, death, dark forces and everything that can be associated with demons. Therefore, such a variation can be seen not so often. By the way, in the zodiacal sense, the bull is a Taurus. Representatives of this sign often believe that the image will give them strength and protect them from enemies.

The bull in the bullfight is a saddled bull. Therefore, the meaning of such a tattoo is simple and clear - the taming of the male and animal beginning. No less popular is the image of a man with a bull's head. The tattoo is a special amulet against evil forces and gives its owner vital energy, the desire for achievement.

The most common symbols of Polynesian tattoos

Turtle. The shell of the turtle is hard, nepodvlastnymi destruction, so the animal represents protection from the dark forces. And at the same time helps the owner to get good health, many years and a good family.

Sun .. Bright and warm, it illuminates the mind so you can achieve what you want. Helps to find happiness, to surround yourself with goodness and light.

Stingray. Powerful talisman that protects from negativity and bad energy. Brings mental ease, as well as making the wearer more attractive in the eyes of others.

Shark. Like this animal, tattoo gives courage and strength, takes from the shark power, perseverance and protects from intrigues and intrigues of enemies.

Lizard variations. The symbol of an iguana, varan, gecko, etc. presents the wearer with a talent for seeing the future, helping to obtain or enhance supernatural abilities.

On the islands of Polynesia, tattoos are still personified with amulets, giving them great meaning and putting their hopes of protection on them. Do you want to be convinced of the validity of the Polynesian observations? Apply the appropriate tattoo to your body!

One of the oldest trends in tattooing is the Polynesian style. The large-sized drawings are characterized by complex ornamentation and look very effective. In addition, tattoos in the style of Polynesia have a deep meaning and emphasize the originality of the owner.

Tattoo bull for men and women

Many people know that the bull is rightly considered the personification of masculinity and strength. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is often chosen for the tattoo of young men and older men. After all, it allows you to show others how strong the representative of the stronger sex is, which can be a reliable shield for their loved ones and loved ones.

Another, no less popular meaning of such a tattoo is sexual energy and fertility. A man who chooses the image of a bull, considers himself a true male. If the tattoo depicts two animals fighting each other, then it has a slightly different meaning. The owner of such a drawing struggles to be a leader in every sphere of his life.

Often the image of a bull is interpreted as an indicator of the desire to control everything, as well as stubbornness and emotional maturity. In many ways, this demonstrates to others the basic character traits of the person who chose to have such a tattoo.

Women much less often choose the image of a bull for a tattoo. The fact is that such a drawing is too aggressive for the fair sex. Nevertheless, some people simply like this animal. Also, it can be chosen by those women who consider it their duty to fight for equality of the sexes. In this case, activity and even a certain demonstration of strength with the help of tattoos may be appropriate.

In places of detention, the tattoo of a bull is popular. Its bearer is considered a real fighter, who can arrange a physical reprisal. Therefore, many of the inmates choose to have such an image. By the way, mostly tattoos do not have an artistic appeal.

Popular Tattoo Styles

The effectiveness of the tattoo is largely determined not by the selected figure, but by the style of its application. Therefore, before you sign up for a master, we recommend carefully studying each of them. Thanks to such approach you will definitely save time and pick up for yourself a perfect solution that fully reflects your vision of art.

Realism is considered one of the most difficult styles. The fact is that in this case, you need to have an artistic talent, which will allow you to apply the drawing as naturally as possible. Be prepared for the fact that such work will definitely have a high cost and it is justified. Choosing realism for yourself, be sure to look for an experienced master, who will work out all the details and accents of the drawing.

Very unusual look tattoos in the style of new-school. For example, an image of a furious bull in dark colors will definitely set the right emotions. Additional accents in this case can be burning eyes, earth flying from under the hooves or steam from the nostrils. All of this puts the emphasis on the bull's rage and aggression.

Well, and, of course, there is a minimalist style. In this case, it is not used often. But the silhouette of a bull with a small drawing looks very unusual.

The originality of the pattern

Polynesian tattoo designs consist of complex ornaments and intricate forms. The lines of the pattern wiggle or are drawn straight, thus forming a separate composition or image. These may be geometric shapes, elements, animals, cosmic bodies, and others. Each element of such a picture has its own meaning.


Only the priests had the right to draw pictures on the human body. Because the process was not merely a body adornment, but a mysterious rite that could be identified with an act of initiation.

Polynesian-style arm bracelet

Where to make a tattoo of a bull?

If there are no questions with the choice of the image, it is often difficult to determine the place of application. First of all, it is worth to be guided by personal preferences. But at the same time, do not forget about the desired size of the tattoo and your own pain threshold. Only with these nuances in mind, you can choose the best option.

Because the bull is a symbol of strength and masculinity, most often men want to make a tattoo of large size. For this it is best suited to the back or chest. After all, in such a space it is much easier to realize the idea and carefully work out all the details.

Fans of small images should do tattoos on the wrist, forearm, neck or shoulder blade. It is believed that these are the best options not only for men, but also for women.

Do not think that a tattoo with a drawing of a bull must necessarily have an aggressive and active meaning. After all, the main thing is that it reflects your vision of the art of body painting.


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