Tattoo clover - the value for girls and men, location (on the wrist, hand, foot), popular tattoo designs, photos and video ideas

Everyone knows about the popularity of tattoo drawings with animals, flowers, birds, other elements and objects. And one of the most relevant tattoos is considered the image of the plant clover. This flower is widely known throughout the world. As the legend says: the one who finds a plant with four leaves instead of the traditional three-leafed plant, he will be successful and lucky all his life. Many people doubt its existence, but clover is mentioned in many myths and legends. Therefore, in order not to look for a four-leafed plant, girls and men have decided to favor good luck and success by putting a marvelous flower on the body in the form of a tattoo.

The hidden meaning of the clover tattoo

Tattoo in the form of a clover with three leaves carries a special meaning. Each of its leaves has its own meaning. As a rule, it is hope, faith and, of course, love. Such a tattoo can combine all the necessary qualities that a person needs for a happy life.

Tattoo with a four-leaf clover means great luck. After all, as we know, the plant with four leaves is very rare. But the one who does find it, in the near future is very lucky. This is why four-leaf clover is considered a sign of good luck, rare good fortune and good fortune. Often there are drawings with the image of a clover with a rosebud - this denotes eternal love and devotion to a partner.

Symbol of the gods.

  • The earliest mentions of clover date back to the history of ancient Egypt. In some texts it is mentioned as a symbol that adorned the royal crowns of the first gods - Osiris and Isis.
  • Buddhists consider the clover a spiritual power capable of uniting flesh and soul.
  • Hindus consider the leaves to be signs of the four-leaf clover.
  • The Chinese believed it symbolized summer, and the Druids believed it had magical powers and heralded the vernal equinox.
  • Three-leaf clovers are often compared to triskel, which in ancient times originally stood for the movement of the solar disk across the sky.
  • Clover is also reflected in Christian belief, where it is identified with the Holy Trinity.
  • The Celts had a special relationship with the clover. A sprig of this plant decorated the emblem of St. Patrick, who preached on Irish territory. Patrick used the example of clover leaves to explain early Christian teachings to the hardy northerners. The Irish still venerate Patrick, and the clover has become a key figure in many Celtic images.

The color scheme of the clover tattoo

When choosing colors to perform a tattoo with the image of a clover, masters advise to pay attention to the green, gold or silver color. They are considered traditional for this image. In such colors, the picture will look natural and beautiful.

In the prison world.

A completely different meaning of the clover tattoo in the prison world.

Here such a tattoo is deciphered as "lucky thief" or says that its owner belongs to the lowest caste of prisoners.

In either case, the tattoo is discarded in a hurry, as it has become a symbol of shame in prison circles. Whatever it is, remember that by visiting a tattoo parlor, you will become the owner of a drawing on your body for life.

What will be a tattoo: big or small, black and white or multi-colored, and in what place it will adorn - only you decide. But in order to avoid removal or overlapping, over time annoying tattoo, consult with the master and be sure to view his work and drawings.

Actual Places for Tattooing Clover

Places for a tattoo with a clover absolutely do not affect its meaning, so you can safely choose, depending on your desires and painful sensations in the drawing. Often the stronger sex stuffs tattoos with the image of clover on the shoulder, back, chest or wrist. And the beautiful female half prefers the drawings on the lower back, side, neck or lower abdomen. Girls who are not afraid of pain do the drawing on the ribs.

Tattoo placement locations

Locations on the body are chosen based on the size of the tattoo. It is impossible to fully display the beauty of the Graphic style by padding a small tattoo on the Adam's apple. At the same time, minimalism will not be minimalism if you score a silhouette of a clover in the whole wide back.

To the aspect of the choice of the body part for the tattoo it is better to approach after consultation with the master. It is especially important for girls, because painful sensations sometimes scare clients. And unpleasant feelings are stronger there, where the skin is closer to the bones. It's one thing to beat the tatas on a fleshy shoulder, and quite another to do it on a skinny woman's palm.

Popular styles for performing clover tattoos in photos

A beautiful shamrock tattoo can be done in almost any style and look original and fashionable in doing so. Among the most popular clover leaf tattoo techniques are hyper-realism, old skool, minimalism, watercolor and trash polka dot.

Tattoo clover - a symbol of success on the body of girls

Girls with the image of a four-leaf clover beckon the attention of men. They never complain about bad suitors, and always get happily married. Often the symbol of success is depicted in tandem with a beautiful rose as a sign of sincere love for her chosen one. But the image of a clover with a violet means endless mourning for the man. Incredibly beautiful and gentle tattoo looks on a woman's leg, making it more elegant. Also a good option for girls is the image on the shoulder blades. In this place, the picture looks very unusual, and most importantly - the process of application is almost painless.

The meaning of the tattoo clover for men

For men tat clover with four leaves has a special meaning because it symbolizes success and good luck. A man with such a tattoo is considered unique and special. Guys apply such a lucky tattoo on the calves of their legs, which contributes to their visual enlargement. Very original looks four-leaf clover on the back all over the spine.

The symbolism of the plant

Tattoo clover has become popular since the mid-90s. One of the myths about the introduction of this four-leafed plant to the culture of the CIS was the FIFA World Cup, in which the Irish team participated.

In 1990, Ireland competed on its own for the first time, not as part of Great Britain. The fans used the four-leaf clover as a symbol of freedom. The image impressed so much that it became fashionable.

Within the UK, the meaning of the clover tattoo has several meanings. It is considered a symbol of rebirth and decline. It is a sign of easy luck, which at any moment can evaporate.

Most of the interpretations come from Wales and Northern Ireland. The image was originally considered a male symbol.

The tattoo was inscribed:

  • on the shoulder;
  • forearm;
  • hand;
  • feet;
  • shins;
  • area below the navel;
  • Between the shoulder blades;
  • the neck.

Gradually the pattern transformed, becoming masculine and feminine. The difference is the meaning, which depends on the layout of the image.

Tattoo of a clover with a cute ladybug

Tattoo clover with a companion is very popular in a variation with a ladybug sitting on top of a leaf or next to it, especially if the plant has four leaves. Such a combination further strengthens the positive meaning of tattoo, symbolizes success, attracts its owner luck. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women.

What additional elements can be made in the sketch?

If the main aim of the tattoo is to find femininity, harmony and love, then the girls are advised to put an image of violets, peonies, roses or orchids next to the trefoil. Such flowers will strengthen the feminine energy and add softness to the mistress. Men, on the other hand, in order not to bring too much Yin energy, it is better to choose more rigid and aggressive images - Celtic and Scandinavian deities, sword, shield or wire.

For people who seek spirituality and want to unlock magical potential, a mandala would be a good addition. If you want to attract luck and wealth, then work well with trefoil image of gold coins or the crown. Do not use overly powerful drawings, such as a golden dragon, because they will suppress trefoil and come to the fore. It is important that the plant remains the center of the plot. The color scheme of additional elements should be colorful, the only exception is black Celtic patterns.

Tattoo clover with a horseshoe for good luck

No less common is the combination of horseshoes with clover. This is done in order to fix the fortune on his side, and to be always with her. There are many variations of the tattoo: there can be an emphasis on the horseshoe, around which the clover is winding, or on the contrary, the horseshoe can be placed behind the leaves, so that only its end is visible. Very popular variants of the location of the horseshoe horns to the left or top. In the first case, it resembles a waxing moon, which increases the prosperity of its owner. And in the second case, the horseshoe resembles a bowl of abundance, filled with great prosperity.

Clover with the sign of infinity: interesting tattoo options

The combination of clover and the sign of infinity looks very simple, but carries a deep philosophical meaning. As you know, the traditional clover expresses a symbol of good luck and good fortune, and the graceful smooth figure eight means infinity. In general, this combination is a lucky amulet for infinite luck. It is preferred by both girls and men, because everyone wants to position happiness in their direction.

The meaning of the triquetra

Since time immemorial, the Celtic knot has seen the harmony of life, indivisibility and infinity of existence, the unity of the spiritual beginning and the material. The trefoil was considered a sign of the sun, symbolizing the path of the daylight on the firmament. Sunrise, zenith and sunset were compared with stages of human life. Since ancient times, the sun symbol has been used as a talisman. It was believed that A Celtic triangle was said to inspire determination, instill confidence, attract good luck and ward off the evil eye.
. This sign was applied to clothing and weapons, household items and jewelry. Amulet triquetra held in the heart - on the chest or neck.

Women saw the solar Triglavl as a symbol of hearth and eternal family. Embroidering it on their husbands' shirts, they made sure that the patterns were not broken anywhere. In the eyes of men, the Celtic triangle energized them with the power to repel evil forces, and served as a reliable shield in battles.

The Celtic triangle energized men, repelled evil forces and served as a reliable shield in battles. They relied on it when they wanted to run a successful business, have a good harvest, avoid serious illness or death in battle.

Bracelet with a tricket made of silver or gold from 800 rubles.

Black tattoo design with a clover

Black tattoo with the image of a clover looks very successful in the style of blackwork. And though such variant is a great rarity, but it looks very stylish and bold. Often in black they express the opposite meaning of the clover. Most want to show that good luck bypasses the owner side, in their life there is no hope, no love, and faith does not remain at all. Black clover depicts people who are gradually losing the joys of life.

Design ideas and its designation

Clover is a tattoo that, for the most part, is depicted in green. However, the choice of design has no limits: the leaf can be colored in black and white, from this it will not look worse.

Tattoo of a colored clover

In order to help you decide on the choice, we present the most popular and original photos of finished works, made in different styles.

Tattoo of a clover on a girl

Celtic tattoo with four clover leaves. This is supposedly the most common type of design. The tattoo may contain some features, such as a Celtic tree of life or a Celtic cross that surrounds the plant. Essentially, the tattoo has a distinctly Celtic theme and is done in the traditional color green.

Tattoo of a Clover with caption

The design is for gamblers. The clover tattoo is applied by some people for gambling luck. The tattoo can be combined with the inscription "Lady Luck", which literally translates to "Lady Luck". The shamrock tattoo can be accompanied by an image of money, cards, chips or dice.

Tattoo ladybug clover

The tribal design is also quite common. It is used to symbolize good luck with other hidden meanings. Therefore, it can contain signs and designs of different cultures.

Tattoo of a ladybird clover

Family tattoos can signify that relatives are a close-knit and friendly team. Also, that they have special good fortune in what they do (such as running a family business).

Tattoo of a shamrock on a girl's shoulder

The horseshoe and clover tattoo is the most popular sketch used by both guys and girls. This combination in the tattoo means special luck in life in all areas. It is a powerful talisman that brings the owner tremendous success.

Tattoo clover and horseshoe

White clover - a rare tattoo

Even with the main green color of the clover, there may be white spaces in the tattoo, which gives tenderness and originality. The white color always symbolizes the purity and modesty of the person. A very common version of the tattoo, when the clover is not completely painted in any color. You can just make a thin border, and the main color of the image to leave the tone of the skin.

Now you can safely choose the variant of the tattoo with a clover that you like on the photo and apply it to your body. Good luck, faith, hope and love will always accompany you after the right choice!

Popular compositions

It is possible to score a tattoo of any subject. More importantly, choose the right style, which will affect the very nature of the tattoo. For example, for a more serious sense, with notes of mysticism and gloominess more suitable image of the plant itself, in black tones, with the use of Graphics or even Blackwork.

For lovers of positive motifs choose Newschool or Watercolor. Here the subject will be more associated with natural motifs, filled with colors. For example, fallen clover green on the white or yellow sand of the seashore.


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