Chest Tattoos for Men - Inspiring Tattoos for the Bold

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Tattoos on the chest - a traditional solution for men who want to look spectacular and original. Tattoo under the breast is a new trend among the fair sex. Drawing makes the image more sexy, emphasizes individuality. In our salon you can perform a tattoo under the breast, choosing an exclusive drawing.

Popular subjects for tattoos on the chest for men

On this area you can stuff images in almost any style - realism, new skool, old-school, abstraction, graphics, lettering. The most popular are:

  • Inscriptions. On the chest guys usually apply motivational and life-affirming tattoo phrases and mottos. Inscriptions perform rounded or strict cipher, as well as in the style of lettering, which implies the original drawing of letters and numbers. The inscriptions can be executed against a background of large images or combined with small drawings.
  • Abstraction. These can be decorative compositions or subjects with a hidden meaning.
  • Plots with animals and birds. Men usually choose predatory representatives of fauna - tigers, lions, eagles, symbolizing courage, strength, nobility, leadership qualities of the owner.
  • Zodiac signs. An animal totem or zodiac constellation placed near the heart acts as an amulet. They are designed to enhance the positive qualities and talents of the owner of the tattoo.
  • A ship with sails. Symbolizes success and good luck in life's journey, changing lives for the better.

Tattoo on the chest for men

Meanings of images

The tradition of tattooing came from the sailors. They flaunted with sailboats, swallows and sea waves on the chest.

In the Soviet years, the tattoo was a sign of the criminal and contradictory past. In those days, portraits of Soviet leaders were flaunted on the chest. The calculation was that the Chekists would not shoot the painted union leaders.

Modern images have their own symbolism. Drawing reflects the character of the owner, his philosophy and interests.

Different trends are characterized by their own fashionable tattoo trends. Interesting is the "hard rock tattoo", where every detail has its own meaning.


The cross on the chest symbolizes a commitment to knightly values - strength, courage, honesty. Most often, the tattoo is done on the left side closer to the heart muscle.

Male Chest Tattoo 3

In ancient times, the picture was considered a talisman against a spear blow.


The tiger is a symbol of natural strength and controlled aggression. A dragon and tiger were drawn together, indicating a masculine partnership.

Male tattoos on chest 4

The tiger's grin warns of a quick reaction of the owner and that he does not forgive offenders.


Any representative of this species - panda, grizzly, white or brown bear - can be flaunted in the drawing. Each has its own meaning:

  • White - the desire to survive, the lonely way (often used by northern nations);
  • grizzly - determination and determination to cope with any problem;
  • Koala/Panda - symbol of optimism;
  • Brown - power and strength.

Men's tattoos on the chest 5

In some cultures, the bear symbolizes mystical power.


The image of the king of beasts is one of the most ancient. It symbolizes the royal power.

Tattoo attributes its owner quality lion - the nobility, strength, pride, courage, cunning, victory.

Men's tattoos on the sternum 6

Most often depict pictures from the daily life of the animal - hunting, rest, mane waving, etc.


A popular pattern among today's young people. The main value - endurance, courage, loyalty, independence, conviction of loneliness.

For the windy individuals such a tattoo is not suitable. Often it makes the adherents of monogamous relations.

Men's tattoos on the sternum 7

Dragons .

A majestic and beautiful image in different variations. There are many interpretations, because this mythical creature is revered in different countries.

Traditionally, the dragon is a symbol of longevity, rebirth, wisdom, fearlessness, and patronage.

Men's tattoos on the sternum 8

The wings of the dragon are both in solitude and in company with maidens, other strange creatures, and animals.


The symbolic meaning depends on the type of wings (bird's or angel's) and their position (folded, spread out). Indicates love of freedom and speed, commitment to the air element.

Traditionally, angelic wings symbolize purity and divine origin. Wings are also padded as a sign of longing for loved ones, especially those who have passed away.

Men's tattoos on the sternum 9

A winged heart symbolizes eternal love union based on trust. Wings with a skull symbolize victory over death.

Before getting a tattoo, you should understand the symbolism. After all, the image will carry a secret meaning not only for the wearer, but also for society. To get rid of the "tattoo" then problematic, it is worth to think carefully about this step.

For the result to live up to expectations - apply to the professional tattoo salons, which will help to understand all the subtleties of the question.

Styles and colors for tattoos

Tattoo on the chest (male sketches on this part of the body are presented in a variety of styles, black and white or color) should be chosen, guided by your own taste or in consultation with an experienced tattoo-master.

Sketches of male tattoos can be made in a brutal and strict format or represent a concise and simple drawing, it all depends on the taste of the client.

Most often tattoos on the chest are made in the following techniques:

  • Blackwork. A type of tattoo where only black toner is used in high concentration. The desired skin area is completely filled with paint, which looks very stylish. However, when choosing a sketch in this style, it is important to choose a good and attentive craftsman. If you miss a small area of skin, it will be noticeable. Fresh blackwork tattoos look saturated, but gradually as the pattern heals, it becomes dark gray.
  • Dotwork. A tattooing technique that is done by dotting. Only professionals work in this style. The contrast of the pattern depends on the density of the dots. In this technique also work with the red color. Performed most often geometric and ethnic elements.

    Tattoo on the chest in men. Sketches, photos, beautiful large and small
    Tattoo on the chest for men in the Dotwork style

  • Thrash Polka. Tattoos using black and colored pigment, performed in an aggressive manner.
  • Biomechanics Or cyberpunk. Sketches depict elements of the body being cut or torn by mechanical objects. Sometimes muscles or vessels can be depicted as mechanical elements. A drawing depicting ruptured skin is also replaced with armor in the form of wires.
  • 3D. Tattoos with the illusion of optical deception.
  • Chicano. Drawings in a gangster style. Most often such tattoos depict weapons, dice, money, girls, as well as pictures with a religious theme.
  • Old skool. Colorful pictures, relating stylistically to the last century.

Pros of a tattoo on the shoulder

  1. Dense skin on the shoulder allows you to survive the session without unpleasant pain.
  2. On the correct rounded shape of this part of the body, the tattoo looks aesthetic.
  3. There is an opportunity to continue the composition, passing from the shoulder to the back or chest.
  4. Take care of the first days of the tattoo is convenient.
  5. The image, if necessary, simply hide not only under a shirt with long sleeves, but also under a T-shirt.
  6. The drawing is more durable because the skin is elastic and supple.

Choosing the shoulder to get a tattoo has only positive aspects. For each wearer, it is important that the design remains as bright as possible for as long as possible after healing. Of no small importance is the virtually painless sensation. Fans of tattoo art can continue tattooing in any direction, because on this part of the body there is an opportunity to do so.


The meaning of a tattoo depicting wings can vary depending on who they belong to and in what state they are - loose or folded. The wings of an angel indicate a person's moral purity, as well as indicating a reference to divine themes.

It is not uncommon for a tattoo in the form of angel wings to be inscribed as a sign of the loss of a loved one. In a religious context, the image of wings indicates support from above.

The image of wings in combination with other elements can change its meaning:

  • Wings and Cross - has a religious meaning. It refers to a person's faith or as a token of memory of a loved one who has passed away.
  • Wings with a heart - A symbol of eternal freedom, or eternal love. Sometimes such a tattoo is combined with the name of the beloved or used as a paired tattoo.

    Tattoo on the sternum in men. Sketches, photos, beautiful large and small

  • The wing of an eagle. Denotes strength, wisdom and nobility.
  • The wings of the phoenix indicate the ability of this bird to rebirth, which means the tattoo owner is able to fight life's difficulties.
  • Butterfly wings indicate the ability to be reborn from caterpillar to winged creatures. The drawing denotes grace, mental capacity. It is worth considering the color used for the sketch, which can also change the meaning.

Inscriptions with meaning

Tattoos on the chest (male sketches are often in the form of an inscription or have an element of writing in addition to the main drawing) in the form of an inscription often serve as the beginning of the tattooing experience. Usually inscriptions are made in ancient languages - Hebrew, Latin or Arabic script.

Recently, tattoos in English, French as well as Italian or Spanish have become increasingly popular. The exception is the language of the country in which the client speaks the language of the tattoo master.

Sometimes phrases in a foreign language are chosen, but rely on automatic translation. In this case, the translation may not always be correct, so it is better to contact a specialist. Who will say exactly how the phrase will sound in the chosen language without distorting the meaning.

Tattoo on the chest for men. Sketches, photos, beautiful large and small

Usually a tattoo in the form of an inscription has the following meaning:

  • A hint of love feelings or heartfelt affection;
  • friendship;
  • A reference to family, children or other relatives;
  • phrases of famous people;
  • phrases with philosophical overtones;
  • important dates for a person;
  • phrases that give motivation;
  • religious overtones.

Also popular are paired tattoos, which are usually done by a guy and a girl. It can be the beginning of a phrase in one person and the end of a phrase in the other. Or they are identical tattoos from a couple. Also pay attention to the font of the text and its size.


A heart tattoo can have both general and more specific meanings, depending on how the sketch is depicted. In general, a sketch with a heart carries the meaning of love, courage and loyalty, but it can also have the opposite meaning - pain over loss, disappointment. Everything is influenced by certain details that can dramatically change the meaning of the tattoo.

  • A heart with a name denotes affection for that person.
  • A heart with a religious symbol ("HB", cross, Bible) indicates affiliation with a particular religion.
  • A heart with wings, since the days of bikers, for whom this image was popular, denotes heroism in the name of love or freedom.
  • The white heart is a symbol of helping those in need.

    Tattoo on the chest for men. Sketches, photos, beautiful large and small

  • A heart pierced by an arrow denotes that one is tempted by a girl.
  • A heart with a blackthorn suggests that love brings both joy and sorrow.
  • A heart with drops of blood indicates mental anguish.


Japanese writing symbols look aesthetically pleasing to many, so some people prefer to do tattoos not in the form of inscriptions, but with the use of hieroglyphs. An additional reason for choosing such an image on the body sometimes stands for the fact that the meaning may remain secret and understandable only to the owner of the tattoo.

A successful combination of hieroglyphs with elements of the image of animals or oriental landscapes. Most often give preference to words or phrases whose meaning is conveyed by hieroglyphs - about love, life, faith.


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