Tattoo Bee - Illustrations and meaning for girls and men, application sites (on the arm, wrist, shoulder), photos

Tattoo bee

Tattoo bee

Tattoo with a bee Often choose representatives of both sexes. Men and women often give preference to the original natal image in the style of oldskul and watercolor.

Tattoo bee

Tattoo bee

Tattoo bee

Tattoo of a bee

Tattoo of a bee and wreath

Tattoo of a bee and a wreath

This insect from ancient times was endowed with many good qualities. So the ancient Greeks and the inhabitants of Eastern countries believed that the bee appeared from the tears of the sun god. Greek legends tell about their ability to help the gods. Often even priestesses were called nothing less than bees.

Tattoo of a bee behind the ear

Tattoo of a bee behind the ear

Tattoo of a bee behind the ear

Tattoo of a bee behind the ear

Watercolor tattoo of a bee

Watercolor tattoo of a bee

Tattoo bee on lumbar area

Tattoo of a bee on his waist

Tattoo bee and flowers

Tattoo bee with flowers

Tattoo bee and wreath

Tattoo of a bee with a wreath

Interestingly, drawings with bees were often engraved on tombstones. And this was for a reason, because this action meant a temporary death. After all, even a beehive can fall asleep and seem dead, but in reality it is not.

Tattoo of a bee on his arm

Tattoo of a bee on your arm

Tattoo of a bee on your arm

Tattoo of a bee on your arm

Tattoo on collarbone with bee and flower

Tattoo on the collarbone with bees and a flower

Tattoo a bee under the chest

Tattoo of a bee under the breast

In all peoples, where a woman was considered the main one, the insect personified matriarchy.

Tattoo with a bee and honeycomb

Tattoo with a bee and honeycomb

Tattoo bee on hand - photo

Tattoo bee on your arm - photo

Tattoo of bee and caption

Tattoo bee and inscription

Tattooing with a bee

Tattoo with bee

Tattoo with bee - photo

Tattoo with a bee - photo

Sometimes banks and other major payment systems use just such an insect as a bee as their sign. It is often associated with frugality.

Tattoo bee

Tattoo of a bee

Tattoo a bee on collarbone

Tattoo a bee on his collarbone

Tattoo bee on wrist - photo

Tattoo a bee on your wrist - photo

For the inhabitants of Egypt, honey represented material prosperity, and the bees on the tomb were certain guardians.

The meaning in the myths and cultures of the peoples of the world

Any references are based on the qualities of the bee, because the tattoo of the bee always expresses the worthy traits of the human character. The insect is respected all over the planet in all eras for honey and pollination of fruit-bearing greenery.
The people of India identified the bee with Krishna, Vishnu, and Shiva, the divine beings of the Indian religion.

The Egyptians associate the bee with the sun. The Greeks depict the insect next to Artemis, the goddess of fertility. Her priestesses from various temples were called "bees." She denoted immortality.

The process of winter hibernation was perceived as death and awakening as resurrection. They believed that after the death of a man, his soul turns into a bee and flies away to another world. The rite of burial of the deceased was carried out through a design similar to a beehive to demonstrate the eternal cycle of life. Wild honey was perceived as the drink of the gods.

Many good poems related to the bee were created in ancient times. However, modern domestic and foreign poets have composed about 350 works related to the qualities of the insect. Its image can be found in any kindergarten.

In ancient times, the expression "honey speeches" appeared. Virgil compared the bee to "the breath of life."

What do Christians think of the bee? There are many references to bees in the Bible. Various parables are told about them. Because of their honey and sting, they symbolize Christ's suffering and express his grace. God is believed to have chosen her as his worker. She is associated with the soul leaving the body and going to heaven. Her diligence and wisdom are highly valued.

For this reason, the tattoo with a bee thanks to any sketch always denotes: self-sacrifice, efficiency, diligence. A person with this body image is characterized by hoarding, conscientiousness, and persistent character. And the sting demonstrates fearlessness and courageous resistance to any enemy. The bearer is distinguished by loyalty to the interests of the family and the ability to sacrifice his principles or life for the sake of it.

This pattern is used as a talisman. He betrays confidence in his strength. Helps to quickly learn from one's mistakes. Such a person is able to look truth in the eyes and choose only the right path to achieve the goal. Like a bee does during the search for flowers for pollination.

Who is suitable for the tattoo

The tattoo of a bee has the most positive meaning for girls. A tireless worker, the bee feeds the whole family, taking care of each of its members. It speaks of loyalty, kindness, care for loved ones, the incredible ability to love in women with this tattoo. This beautiful drawing will help its owner to find her happiness and create an ideal family with a loving husband and obedient children. Such a woman incredibly thrifty, economical and clean. A girl who has a tattoo with a bee, will be the center of any company. She is extremely eloquent, witty, has a beautiful "honey" voice and sexuality. The sting of the bee provides the owner of such a picture an opportunity to be brave and strong, always be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Tattoo in the form of a bee men use very rarely. This picture means courage, justice, the ability to rebuff all bullies. This tattoo emphasizes eloquence, frugality and diligence of the owner.

black insect

The art of tattooing is known to be very developed in the zone. Wearing a bee tattoo in prison has a slightly different meaning than when you are outside. Such a tattoo indicates a man's belonging to the passive representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation.

Meaning on the body of a girl

Based on the connection with motherhood and love for the family. Suitable for girls who cherish their offspring and the family as a whole. The owner has feminine qualities, but thanks to her hard work her opinion is highly valued by all family members. Such representatives of the fair sex use the on-body drawing of a bee along with a beehive.

When choosing a suitable image, they are guided by the photos provided by the master or offer their own image. However, the reviews of acquaintances also matter. Sometimes girlfriends intentionally use the same tattoo with a bee to highlight their closeness.

It is believed that a tattoo with a bee can favorably influence the search for marital happiness. The carrier demonstrates to the man that she will be a faithful spouse and the keeper of the home comfort. She is distinguished by kindness and cleanliness.

Such a woman is eloquent and can interest any man. She loves attention and cleverly uses "honey speeches" to attract the courtship of many guys. Possesses sexuality. If the bee is depicted with a sting, it means the girl is able to defend herself or rely on a respected father.

Recently, on the basis of various tattoo studios is gaining popularity permanent tattoo. Many girls are familiar with this kind of makeup, because they believe that the tattoo can be done for several months or years.

Unscrupulous tattoo artists promise to apply the tattoo is not deep under the skin without using the epidermis. Because after a while it will disappear by itself. In fact, over time, such a tattoo only fades. In order for the body painting to last, for about a month, and disappear itself, it is necessary to rely on the style of mehendi. However, the image will have to be carefully cared for, and its price is not affordable to everyone.

Tips for sketches

Familiarize yourself with all the meanings the bee carries. Understand what you want to say with the tattoo. Next, based on these factors, choose a style and execution options to convey your message accurately and correctly.

Find out what additional elements you can add to make the design look more impactful and intense. Consider whether you can include a drawing from another category that will help to fit several facts about you into one image.

Lastly, take enough time to find a master. He will help you choose the right sketch for you and further implement it on the body.

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Meaning for men

Men rarely visit a tattoo parlor for the purpose of applying an image of a bee. However, for men the bee means: courage and bravery. Such a representative of the stronger sex is always ready to protect the beloved, loved ones and his honor.

The owner stands out with a keen sense of justice. He is an excellent family man, he always remembers the address of his home and never stays away after work to visit a pub or a bar. But above all, he is distinguished by his industriousness and is able to provide for his family.

Technique of execution

The sketch for a tattoo with a bee very effectively looks in the technique of realism, especially if a beehive with honeycombs is depicted. Thanks to the detailing, rich colors, clear contours, the image is as close to the original and looks like a real photo. The large-scale composition will look beautiful on your arm, shoulder or back. Women of the fair sex usually choose the watercolor style. Such drawings are distinguished by airiness, lightness and fluidity of lines and look like a watercolor artist's painting.

Sketch for a tattoo in the style of newscool will appeal to young people. Usually it is a humorous image of an insect, so the composition often includes inscriptions. Fans of monochrome tattoos can consider the technique of dotwork, in which the image is applied using small dots. For the place of application of a small composition in the form of a single insect will suit the back of the neck, wrist, ankle.

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