Tattoo a lighthouse - sketches, tattoo meanings for men and girls, where to apply (on the arm, leg), inspiring photos

The first lighthouses began to be installed as early as the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians. As soon as people dared to go to the open sea and start exploring, exploring new lands, so immediately began to think about navigation and the possibility of securing themselves. Just to understand the historical scale: the oldest still operating lighthouse was established in the second century AD. And it is a lighthouse that is still in operation today.

The lighthouse of Alexandria, known not as a functioning means of navigation, but as a historical monument, was erected in the third century B.C.

The function of a lighthouse has always been to orient ships in the sea (identification lighthouses) or to help a ship to enter a harbor without getting broken up (trunk lighthouses, i.e. paired ones, forming a kind of gate). No wonder that so ancient and meaningful phenomenon tightly embedded a symbol in all kinds of art, and in the art of tattooing in the first ranks. About this in more detail.

The history of the symbol

Lighthouse structures appeared before our era, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. They were erected by the Phoenicians, the ancient Greeks who were actively exploring the surrounding coasts and went into the open sea, mastered the unknown land. For convenience and safe navigation it was necessary to illuminate dangerous areas from the towers of fortresses or from high cliffs, from where signals were given.

But the first real lighthouse was installed in the second century AD. The famous lighthouse at Alexandria did not actually serve a navigational function - it served as a monument. These designs then spread to various littoral states, including northern European territories.

There were lighthouses in Russia as well, but real professional lighthouse services appeared only after a special system of lenses and light supply was developed in the 19th century. Interestingly, a great contribution to the development of lighthouse work was made by the ancestor of the writer Robert Lewis Stevenson, who was also prescribed to continue the dynasty. But the lighthouse business did not appeal to him, for which the future popular novelist was much criticized by his kin.

The function of lighthouses was to orient seagoing vessels in space near the coast, to help them enter the harbor without devastating consequences.

As is well known in marine science, the most dangerous for ships was just approaching the shore during storms and strong winds, rather than staying in the expanse of the sea. Often the life-saving flash of fire atop the lighthouse gave hope to desperate fishermen and lost travelers.


Tattoos are divided into types, styles, and directions. It is also necessary to remember that all tattoo masters work in some particular technique. And in order to choose correctly not only the tattoo-master, but also the tattoo itself, it is necessary to understand, to what style more suitable this or that sketch, and define, what size you want to have a tattoo.

Styles and trends are very different from each other. It is like the difference between paintings that are painted in different techniques.

The most popular styles for tattooing are considered to be the following.

  • Old skool. A classic among the sketches. Its relevance this technique does not lose from its origins, that is, as early as the XVIII century. It is characterized by bright colors, clear contours, originality. The progenitors of this technique are considered to be the sailors who in their voyages made the first tattoos from the natives. Most often they depicted the masts of ships, the ship itself and the waves. And only after some time a lighthouse was added to all this. Later they started to invent small inscriptions - messages. An example is the same sailors with their slogan "Away from the rocks" or "Away from the rocks".

  • New Skool. The exact opposite of the old style. The movement originated in America in the 70's as a kind of alternative, which would not be a framework. And indeed, this style is not inherent in the clear lines or any restrictions. The main feature of such tattoos can be considered a flight of fancy, humor and abstraction. But what unites these two directions is bright colors, a wide outline and necessarily subject filling of the picture. In this style you can find lighthouses with a compass and a ship as some kind of plot action.

  • Minimalism. Surprisingly, this style emerged almost simultaneously with the new skull style, though 10 years earlier. In the 60s, minimalism as a style began to gain momentum, so tattoo artists were also interested in it. Small, half-empty tattoos could be concealed somewhere under clothing, preventing the world from seeing the design. Minimalism is simplicity bordering on aesthetics. Popularization of this style occurred precisely because it had almost no colors except black. It is now possible to find a tattoo master who works in the power of minimalism, using only two or three colors. This is the whole distinctive feature of this direction.

  • Realism as a style originated relatively recently. It is characterized by realistic forms and volume, as well as the imposition of shadows. There are no color restrictions.

Who chooses the tattoo of a lighthouse.

Stuffed tattoos with lighthouses most often the following people:

  • sailors, yachtsmen, military;
  • travelers and philosophers;
  • oddly enough, lighthouse workers, in some cases;
  • romantic, seekers of nature;
  • lovers of the unusual;
  • courageous and sincere people willing to help;
  • believers;
  • artists and designers.

The idea of the lighthouse combines a desire to return - to the shores, to family, to home. But it is also a belief in new opportunities, a way out of a crisis, the success of a project or a life concept. A belief in God or in his principles of goodness and love is often embodied in this form. In any case, a lighthouse tattoo is a new, better life waiting for someone who is on the road or striving to get back.

Lighthouse Facts

A lighthouse is a major landmark for ships to determine the approach of land. This architectural structure must have sufficient height and strong light signals to be visible in all weathers. By the way, in many countries lighthouses are ranked as ancient monuments of architecture and are objects of cultural heritage.

Since ancient times, representatives of maritime professions associated the lighthouse with hope, help, and a successful return home. For sailors and fishermen its body image served as a kind of amulet and protected from trouble and danger during travel. These men applied lighthouse tattoos as a sign of confidence that they would definitely find their way home. Disrespecting this structure boded ill fortune on the voyage, not just for one sailor, but for the entire crew. A tattoo with a lighthouse on the forearm or shoulder was usually made with a four-masted ship and decorated with the inscription "Away from the rocks". Such a picture symbolized security and reliability.

two angles

Variants of values tattoo lighthouse

It is important to pay attention to the color scheme and mood of the picture. It can be, a bright, bright, sun-drenched landscape. Lighthouse indicates the right direction, it is a real salvation among the raging waves.

  • If the structure shines through the darkness, against a background of clouds and windy weather, squalling sea waves - clearly one wants salvation from the frightening elements. This person wants to have a guiding star, to see hope in the midst of darkness.
  • From a psychological point of view, the lighthouse can mean clarification of a situation, choice of path and understanding of events, which happened in different periods of life.
  • Sailors often stuffed a three-masted ship (it was considered a symbol of good luck) and a lighthouse on the horizon or nearby, on the shore. It was a figurative expression: "Away from the rocks!" Such a body talisman could protect from shipwreck, help to return to the family.
  • Interpretation of a lighthouse for a pair of lovers stands apart. Sometimes, the man would have a ship and the woman a lighthouse, which meant support and connection, fidelity, faith in a joint future.

About the image as such

This plot (or rather, plots) is almost exclusively male; it can be female only when the concept is very carefully thought out, so that there is no dissonance. A lighthouse can be perceived as a guiding star and a source of knowledge and wisdom. Experienced masters make it very beautiful and graceful, few other objects can compare with it.

Another interesting variant is the one you can see in the photo below, which is an old, abandoned, but still mighty lighthouse. In addition to the above qualities, it can symbolize mystery and mystery, romance. People who fill up lighthouses thereby signal to others about their reliability, responsibility, readiness to come to the rescue in any situation. What else it means - you can decide for yourself.

Men's and women's lighthouse tattoos

Originally, of course, such a tattoo was worn mainly by men who served in the Navy, sailed. The lighthouse protected them from trouble and distress, reminding them of their return home. For men the symbolism of the lighthouse tattoo, in fact, did not change. The meaning of the drawing is light in a dark hopeless time, faith in the future, romanticism. In this case, darker colors and gloomy, harsh subjects prevail.

Girls prefer lighter, more joyful colors. It all depends on the size of the lighthouse tattoo, because in a small sketch it is difficult to convey a large set of hues. Often such pictures are stuffed with girls who lived or were born near the sea. And in general, it is a hope to find a solution and an image of a bright future.

It happens that images are painted in a prominent area, but the meaning is not revealed by everyone. Distracted by the beauty of the picture, you want to consider the details and inscriptions, but the true meaning escapes and remains behind the soul of the owner.

Where to "stuff" a tattoo?

Today, especially in big cities of our country a huge number of tattoo parlors operate. All of them allow the possibility of applying the image on the client's body in the form of a lighthouse. At the same time it is not always possible to encounter with the professionalism of the person who does the work. In order to remain completely satisfied with the tattoo, it is recommended to use the services of proven professionals who have experience. They are well aware of exactly how such a tattoo should look like and will be happy to provide recommendations in this matter. Turning to professionals, the work will be done very qualitatively.

Stylistics of images

Today, masters in the salons can score a lighthouse tattoo in a variety of styles: old-school, new-school, traditional, minimalist, thrash-polka, even in graphics and realism.

Perhaps one of the most successful options can be called the direction of the old-school. Here there is an abundance of shading, wide contours, richness of colors. Additions make the picture individual and exclusive.

Place pictures of the lighthouse tattoo on the arms, shoulders, forearms, back, and if the sketch is oblong, then select the shin. Very well looks a lighthouse tattoo on the scapula.

We advise to look at different options on the photo and choose a salon that you like, based on the work of the masters of this studio.

It is impossible not to know

Before choosing among the pictures of the lighthouse, it is important to be aware of its meaning among criminals. In this milieu, it implies:

  • The path to gaining freedom;
  • the expectation of it;
  • the expectation of a successful life after release;
  • the deliverance from previous mistakes, the shedding of the burdens associated with them.

Certainly, it is a much larger number of well-meaning people who decide to stuff the lighthouse. Therefore, it is not necessary to fear everyone with such a tattoo or to be afraid to do it.

Places to apply

There are simply no restrictions in choosing where to apply the tattoo. The body is a kind of canvas, so it is worth choosing a site, taking into account how big the sketch is and how high the pain threshold of the person is.

  • Most often, the lighthouse is placed on the hand in the area of the forearm. This is due to the fact that in the place from the elbow to the hand, the skin is not stretched as much, so the pattern over time can not change so much.

  • On the leg. Usually it is the lower leg, as there the tattoo can be hidden under clothing, the pain of the pricks on the leg is much easier to bear.

  • On the chest or ribs. These are two places with a low pain threshold, which is also worth considering, especially if the tattoo will be large.

  • Wrist. Because of the small area there stuffed with small tattoos, most often in the style of minimalism. This is one of the most prominent places, so it is worth thinking about whether this tattoo does not violate the work dress code.

Beautiful examples

Usually the sketches are developed by the tattoo artist himself together with the client's wishes, but you can also find your own options that you want to implement.

  • An excellent example of a sketch of a lighthouse tattoo in the new skool style. Bright colors, lined composition, no empty spaces.

  • Sketch of a tattoo in the style of realism. Visible volume and shadows, lined composition, realistic lines.

  • Example of a sketch in the style of old skool. Drifting ships can be seen in the background, a lighthouse lights the way. Done in a small frame.

  • A small sketch in the style of minimalism. Black color prevails.


For women

For men