Tattoos on the Clavicle for Girls - the Most Gentle and Stylish Female Tattoo

Beautiful, neat tattoos have long been considered vulgar or ridiculous. Today such works can be called a real art and another way of self-expression. For example, tattoos on the collarbone often have an aesthetic function and at the same time have their own meaning for everyone. In addition, concise drawings emphasize the slimness and fragility of the girl. Therefore, it is these options are gaining more and more popularity.

Advantages and disadvantages of tattoos on the collarbone

Despite the fact that the popularity of the tattoo on the collarbone is rapidly growing, many are still afraid of the painfulness of the procedure. Of course, the process itself is not very pleasant, especially if you do the tattoo directly on the bone. The fact is that this area has a very low fat layer. So often girls do a tattoo under or over the clavicle. But do not forget that everyone has a different pain threshold.

Of course, the picture in this area looks incredibly beautiful and delicate. It is this nuance that is one of the main advantages for many girls. But at the same time in the warm season it will be quite difficult to protect the picture from the sunlight and burnout. In addition, the tattoo on the collarbone is not suitable for those girls who plan to work in an office with a strict dress code. It should be noted that the collarbone does not deform over time, which means that the tattoo will always look attractive.

As you can see, there are not only advantages, but also disadvantages of such a solution. Therefore, before you go to the master, it is recommended to weigh everything carefully. Only so you can make the right decision and will not regret it.

Painting with henna instead of a tattoo

Since the collarbones are still considered a painful place, not every girl can dare to get a real tattoo. For those who madly like a certain figure and part of the body, but did not venture yet to the application of tattoos - there is a way out, this picture henna. Such a picture of the master will perform, taking into account any wishes, and the fairer sex does not have to endure painful feelings.

Painting henna - a purely feminine alternative to tattoos. Using the henna, many girls also prefer to think and imagine how it will look this or that tattoo, as well as whether it is necessary for the hostess of the future drawing.

So, the henna drawings also have a place, and they are quite popular nowadays. After all, unlike a real tattoo, the images can be changed as the design is washed out.

Tattoo inscription on the collarbone

Among the most popular tattoos on the collarbone are various inscriptions in a foreign language. Most often used is English, French, Spanish, Chinese or Latin, Hebrew. And it does not matter if it is a single word or a whole phrase. The main thing is that the text should be fully consistent with your inner world and feelings.

Those who like this particular version of the tattoo, we recommend to pay special attention to the choice of font. The size of the inscription and its overall attractiveness depends on this. Remember that the font should reflect the mood of the chosen phrase. For example, for assertive and vital phrases it is better to use angular letters. In turn, for words about love and feelings are more suitable rounded or ornate letters. If you wish, you can supplement the phrase with a small drawing. Due to this, the tattoo always looks even more interesting and unusual.

What font to choose

There are many online sites where you can enter a phrase, slogan for the tattoo, see how it will look in different fonts, choose a language of writing. Next, you need to consult with the tattoo master. Each person has individual anatomical features. The same font will look differently, for example, on the hand of a woman and a man. The master will make adjustments for a specific person, advise where it is better to localize the inscription on the clavicle.

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Tattoo flowers on the collarbone

Tattoos with the image of flowers have always had a special popularity. And they choose for themselves not only women, but also men. Nevertheless, there is a huge variety of options. Therefore, each person without problems will pick up a suitable option for themselves.

As for the tattoo on the collarbone, the floral design is most often done in a laconic style. It looks neat, gentle and does not cause contradictory feelings in others. More daring girls choose quite large flowers for the tattoo. It looks no less attractive. But still try to take into account that such drawings will be difficult to hide in the warm season.

Also, when choosing be sure to study the meaning of each flower individually. Moreover, different details can make adjustments and give the image a completely different meaning.

Color or B/W?

This is a matter of taste. Color tattoos look brighter, but black and white drawings can also be very profound. An experienced master will play with b/w shadows and you'll get a rich, three-dimensional pattern. Quality ink does not blacken, does not turn green, and looks attractive over time.

Looking for interesting tattoo ideas, want to choose the variant that will become a decoration of your body? Do not save on the services of a master - after all, a tattoo is made for many years. Be sure to look at examples of work - each tattooist has his own style, which some like and some do not.

Paired tattoos

Quite unusual, but at the same time especially beautiful and gentle look paired tattoos. Moreover, it does not matter if the composition is quite complicated or concise images. The main thing is that the picture was exactly the same and thus located as symmetrically as possible on the collarbone. Due to this tattoo always attracts the attention of others.

The emergence of the heart symbol - where to look for the origins of its meaning?

Where the sign of the heart appeared, no scientist knows. It is not tied to any country, culture or religion.

However, there are several hypotheses of the origin of this symbol:

  1. The base of the heart is a square, inverted and "standing" on a corner. When a rhombus was made, a semicircle was placed on the top two sides. This figure in ancient times meant the earth, fertility, abundance, femininity, family, home. In addition, the figure was a symbol of light, divine protection.
  2. The second interpretation is based on faithful, loving birds - swans. The sign is associated with two birds sailing towards each other, and when they meet, touch each other and get the shape of a heart. The red hue of the heart is also justified - the swans are sailing against the background of a scarlet sunset. Thus the symbol of the heart began to represent love and fidelity.
  3. Another hypothesis is based on ancient times. The goddesses Demeter and Aphrodite, which symbolized the feminine, were worshipped in Ancient Greece. In addition, the Greeks appreciated the forms of their goddesses, they liked them, compared the heart with the beautiful part of the human body - the pelvic region. Of course, in those days the sign was not pointed to the bottom. But over time, the sign began to be depicted as we know it, and also began to be called exactly "heart".

In the cultures of the peoples of the ancient world. the heart was associated with positive concepts.

It meant:

  • Desires, feelings. In ancient Egypt.
  • The manifestation of sexuality and desire. in ancient Rome.
  • The place that allows a person to breathe, to live - in India.
  • Safety, protection, care for the family - in European countries.
  • Faith, divinity, spirituality - in Russia.
  • In addition, Christians believe that the symbol of the heart means Christ, who accepted death for the sins of others.

Over time, the meaning of the symbol changed and began to represent romance, love, falling in love, passion.

In its astrological aspects. this sign reflects the cosmic vibrations of evolution and degradation.

And in mysticism. the heart means the receptacle of the human spirit.

Small tattoos on the collarbone

Fans of miniature tattoos quite often do them exactly on the collarbone. It looks incredibly cute and gentle. More often you can see a small sprig of lavender or other flower in a laconic style. Exactly such images are especially popular with the fair sex. After all, a seemingly simple pattern, but it is one that emphasizes fragility and grace.

Small hearts, various abstract drawings and constellations are not less popular. They are chosen by those girls, who prefer to put on their bodies something special, small and close to the heart. Therefore, often such tattoos have deep meaning and special significance for their owners.

How to choose a tattoo design

First it is necessary to decide for yourself with what purpose is done tattoo, as a decor of the body, for memory. Determine with the semantic load, according to the content to pick up symbols.

Symbols also have sacred meaning, which is why it is not recommended to choose plots, inscriptions with negative connotations.

When you have decided on the semantic load, you can view the sketches on the Internet, select those that correspond to aesthetic tastes, the semantic load. Visit several stores, look through catalogs, consult with the masters. Show sketches you picked up yourself.

Discuss with the master about the location of the tattoo. The location partially determines the size of the body art. On a large area of the body will be disadvantageous to look a small tattoo, and vice versa.

Discuss the sketch with the master, it may be necessary to make adjustments in color, to make some changes. Discuss the cost of the procedure.

Most often tattoos are done:

  • As a fixation of individual dates, events;
  • As a decoration;
  • Portrait tattoos;
  • as a symbol of love, tender feelings.

A similar algorithm of actions should accompany the decision to make a tattoo.

Tattoo on the collarbone photo

Sometimes, among all the variety of drawings it is difficult to choose something worthy and something that suits you. After all, each picture has its own meaning, and it depends on many details. Therefore it is recommended to study thoroughly each element in order to be confident in your own choice.

Very often girls choose the image of birds for a tattoo on the collarbone. Of course, they are associated with independence, special lightness and even freedom of spirit. This is indeed a correct interpretation. But it is still worth bearing in mind that it all depends on which bird you choose. After all, each has its own meaning.

If you want you can make your own drawing. For example, a picture of mountains, an airplane, or part of a map of the world. This option is ideal for real travelers who can't live a day without finding tickets and compiling interesting itineraries.

In addition, it is often possible to see different constellations, planets, solar system or signs of the zodiac. Everyone has the right to choose what he is really close to and really likes.

Despite the fact that many different tattoo designs have already been created, this does not mean that we should not come up with something of our own. On the contrary, always try something new, draw yourself and consult with an experienced master. Only then you will definitely get to make a stunning tattoo that will fully meet your expectations.

How did you choose your tattoo design? Share your stories in the comments.

Why Latin?

Latin is one of the few languages that has survived from antiquity. Today it is official in the Vatican and accepted by the Catholic Church, but it is considered dead because it is not used in spoken language. The greatest minds of mankind have mastered this language, so many aphorisms in Latin have survived to this day and are in demand and respected. In Russia it is applicable in rare cases, for example, in the designation of medical terms.

People wishing to score a tattoo, comprehend its meaning, so that over the years the image is not bored. Latin inscriptions are ideal for hiding the meaning of the tattoo from others.

"To fly on her wings."

"She walks in faith" "Seize the moment", "live in the present"

So what to do. Choose an inscription from the many that exist or come up with your own? What handwriting to use to make the tattoo look beautiful? What part of the body to apply to? There are answers to all these questions.

The meaning of the heart symbol in tattoos

Coming to the tattoo salons (St. Petersburg), you should decide what kind of tattoo you want to see on your body. In order not to make a mistake, you should pay attention to all the meanings of the characters that make up the tattoo.

The sign of the heart in the modern tattoos means:

  • Love.

  • Infatuation.
  • Affection.
  • Sensuality.
  • Sincerity.
  • Oneness.
  • The union of two souls.
  • Source of life, of the world, of the universe.
  • Warmth.
  • Kindness.
  • Charity, compassion.
  • Light, divinity.
  • Romance.
  • Vitality.
  • Courage.
  • Friendship.
  • Memory.
  • Protection as an amulet or talisman.
  • Suffering, pain.

Note that the symbol of the heart has only positive energy. That is why these tattoos (St. Petersburg) are in high demand. Scientists say that even the simple contemplation of this sign can greatly Improve the mood and cause a person to positive emotions.

But this applies only to the traditional heart shape. If other elements are added to the sketch, then The meaning of the tattoo will change..

When choosing a tattoo, you should take into account the meanings we wrote about above. In some cases, the heart represents pain, suffering. Of course, in such a sense, tattoos are rarely done.

Try to put into the drawing its meaning, which will know only you. You may even try to draw your own sketch.

If you can not, you will definitely help in this master tattoo studio "Maruha"..

Such unique tattoos bring happiness, joy and can even change the world for the better. Therefore, the choice should be taken seriously.

Heart tattoo on the leg: unique sketches for modern girls

Very often the heart tattoo becomes a body decoration of a girl's legs. On the hip, you can make a large-scale tattoo, within which the main figure will be a scarlet heart. The composition of the tattoo on the shin is eye-catching, and therefore suitable for a confident person who goes against the rules of society, but not for careerists. A small heart near the heel looks nice. Such a variant would be suitable for two halves. It can also be used as a symbol of friendship.

Spectacular broken heart tattoo

Broken heart on the body in the current fashion looks not quite broken. The modern elements in the image indicate broken love and loss. A broken heart symbolizes not only broken love, but also betrayal, disappointment, and unjustified hopes. It may be a heart with arrows, a torn heart, a bleeding heart, a heart sewn with rough threads. All of these details indicate the presence of depression. It is better to do the broken heart tattoo where only you will be able to see it. Life is fickle, and therefore you should not put a "cross" on yourself, let the tattoo of a broken heart will be your little secret and the memories of the past will, at least, upset only you. A hidden place for tattoos with a broken heart will save you from unnecessary uncomfortable questions from those around you, and even more so from barely familiar people.


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