Tattoo Cupid (74 photos): meaning, sketches of tattoos with Cupid for girls and men

Cupid is a symbol of the inevitability of love, the blindness of passion, the predominance of emotions over reason. The image of a golden-blond young man or a plump baby is often found blindfolded, showing the randomness and unpredictability of the appearance of unrestrained desires. In art and culture, the ancient Roman god of love was a messenger of Aphrodite, helping her to kindle the fire of passion between people so that the human race would not be interrupted. In the modern world, a tattoo with Cupid is a sign of crazy, strong love, passionate attraction, life after death, the endless cycle of existence.

Cupid General Meaning

In Latin, the name "Cupid" translates as "desire, lust." This is the main difference between Cupid and Cupid, who subjugates people not to blind passion, but to romantic feelings.

The traditional attributes of the little god of love - a quiver of arrows and bow, it is these weapons Cupid uses, sending people a passionate longing. In some occasions the pretty little fellow was depicted with the torch lowered and extinguished - it signified satiety in sexual pleasures, excessive sinful lust, leading to emotional burnout.

The Romans depicted Cupid not only as a playful winged messenger of lust, but also as a symbol of life after death - that is why fluttering plump babies are so often found in ancient sarcophagi. Born of Venus (the goddess of carnal love), Cupid could influence both mere mortals and the gods, making all equally easy to go mad with lust. In Roman mythology, the winged messenger of love is represented by a young man who married a simple earthly girl Psyche. Venus was not happy with her son's marriage and she put all sorts of obstacles in the way, separating the young people. But the power of love helped Psyche and Cupid to reunite, and realizing the strength of the girl's feelings, the celestials turned her into a goddess.

Greek and Christian culture

In the ancient Greeks, the boy in the angelic image embodied lofty and romantic feelings. In mythology, the little boy was a squire for the goddess of hunting Artemis, diligently carried a bow and arrows for the beautiful huntress. When the winged helper got tired of his boring duties, he amused himself by shooting arrows in different directions. Cupid's arrows accidentally struck a man and ignited a love excitement. Eros, a prototype of Cupid, was sung in literature and art, being present in paintings and bas-reliefs as a character alluding to the presence of a love story in the work. According to legend, Eros could not grow up until he gained a friend capable of loving him unselfishly--Antheros.

In Christian culture, Cupid was transformed into a small winged angel - a cherub. The creature was considered as a messenger of God, carrying his voice to the earth. In iconography, cherubs were depicted in azure, emphasizing their heavenly essence. Images of winged infants often decorated the walls and ceilings of temples.

In today's world, the image of a chubby infant about to shoot an arrow means surprise and suddenness of love's passion. A baby arrow with an eye patch denotes "blindness" of lovers who do not want to objectively assess the object of their passion, to notice its flaws.


Tattoo salons offer sketches of different variants of the image of Cupid:


In this image Cupid symbolizes blind love. The owners of such a tattoo as if trying not to forget that love can be blind and catches up with anyone regardless of sanity, expediency and personal beliefs.

With a torch

The image of Cupid with a torch in his hand means sacrificial unearthly love. A tattoo with such symbolism elevates such a great feeling over an earthly essence.

Hides the torch

If the angel of love hides the torch, such an image will mean that the possessor feels contempt for the one for whom he previously had great feelings.

With a heart

The tattoo of a small winged angel holding a heart symbolizes mutual love. The wearer shows that he is happy in a marriage where love and understanding reigns.

Couple tattoo

Any depiction of Cupid has to do with love. The paired symbol is very common among lovers. Such a tattoo denotes happiness and trust in a relationship.

The meaning of tattoos for girls

Girls with a tattoo with Cupid show their state of being in love, trying to perpetuate strong feelings for a partner. Colorful and bright drawings on the body show how positive and joyful the owner looks at the world. Watercolor technique of translucent shades in the tattoo is a sign of a romantic character, a thin, sensitive nature. The bright red heart in the tattoo plot denotes a passionate feeling of love, strong cordial affection, a tendency to an ardent display of emotions in relationships. Many people add to the naked picture mottos and phrases about love, the names of lovers.

Girls who are not connected in a serious relationship, do Cupid tattoo to attract true love in their lives. Tattoo-talisman can be small, made in one shade, in a secluded place on the body, which in normal life is covered by clothes. The owners of the tattoo are usually modest and shy girls who dream to meet their mate and experience the action of the powerful energy of true love passions.

The meaning of tattoos for men

Unsuccessful love experience, defeats on the personal front can inspire to decorate the body with a tattoo in which Cupid's eyes are closed with a bandage. Such a drawing can reflect both unpleasant memories associated with unhappy love stories and the wearer's own experiences and fears. The accidental and unpredictable appearance of a passionate attachment to someone can knock out the rut, and the bearer of this tattoo is a little afraid, and therefore tries to trust the mind, not the senses.

A tattoo of a sleeping Cupid, laying down his arms, denotes numerous disappointments in love, a sad experience in a relationship. Perhaps the wearer experienced indifference on the part of his beloved, was not appreciated by his partner. A strong but unrequited love remains in the memory for a long time, so the tattoo with a tired Cupid is a sign of such a sad story.

A bright tattoo in an animated manner speaks of the owner's great sense of humor, who often personifies the character of the funny tattoo with himself. Drawing on the body with a smirking, mischievous cupid characterizes the owner as an experienced womanizer, able to drive crazy and conquer any girl. These guys are easy to achieve women's affections and are always in the spotlight. Numerous love affairs and passionate romances do not bore the owner of the tattoo, new acquaintances and strong feelings inspire him.

Tips for sketches

Your perfect sketch will appear if you take a thorough approach to the meaning of the image. Think about what associations are born when you look at the line. Will it be a vector of life aspirations or the Rose of the Winds.

The subject has a very simple structure. For this reason, it is recommended to dilute the composition with additional elements. Beautiful and advantageous look tattoos in geometric style and lin vork.

For the master to fully realize your expectations, tell him about your desires and aspirations. With this approach you are guaranteed a colorful and original tattoo.


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