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Now we propose to understand the meaning of the tattoo in the form of a centaur. This creature came to us from ancient myths, and represents a half-man half-horse. The ancestors of centaurs are Zeus and the Magnesian mares. These creatures primarily represent the animal essence of man. It is they who are allowed to accompany the god Dionysus along with the satyrs. Centaurs emphasize his wildness and at the same time symbolize promiscuity.

In astrology, the centaur is generally considered the sign of Sagittarius. The centaur's main characteristics include duality of nature, savagery, rudeness, and a violent temper. All of this is combined with wisdom, determination, fearlessness, and even dexterity. All those fortunate enough to be born under this sign seem to have adopted all the best and at the same time the worst qualities of a warrior, a creature that is ready to commit the most incredible acts.

But there were exceptions among the Centaurs as well. Some of them were characterized by wisdom and virtue.

The image is best revealed in Greek mythology. At the very beginning, these creatures were considered as the embodiment of the mountain streams and various natural elements. Centaurs have an interesting symbolic meaning in Christianity. So in religion they are the embodiment of passion.

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A centaur is a wild mortal creature with the body of a horse with the head and torso of a man, the inhabitant of forest thickets and mountains. Of the centaurs, only Chiron, son of Phylira, daughter of Oceanus, and the titan Kronos, who married in secret from Rhea, was immortal. Caught in a moment of passion by his wife Rhea, Cronus took the form of a horse, and Chiron was born with the body and legs of a horse, but with a human head and hands.

The meaning of the tattoo for men

Young men stuff this kind of body art in order to express their spiritual and physical freedom. They are not dependent on others, openly express their opinion and can be too straightforward. Such men care little about the interests of others, they openly express their will and can act to the detriment of others. Owners of such a tattoo set their own rules and resolutely pursue the goal. If a person with this drawing occupies a senior position, he demands that his subordinates unconditional execution of his orders and never listens to them.

For men, the centaur represents unbridled passion and lust. These young people can have a lot of sexual relations and seduction of women are considered a personal victory. In the family, they flawlessly fulfill their obligations, but they are not faithful partners.

Interesting facts about the Centaur symbol

  • According to legend, the wisest of the centaurs, Zeiron, created the first model of the celestial sphere and left one place in the zodiac cycle for himself. But he was overtaken by the cunning centaur Krotos. Krotos took his place in the zodiacal cycle and became the symbol of Sagittarius, defending his place with a bow and arrow. However, poor Cairon did get on the model of the celestial sphere as the constellation Centaur.
  • Since the Greeks of the Homeric era did not ride, it is supposed that the first nomad they saw appeared to them to be something one with his horse; and as proof is given that the soldiers of Pizarro and Hernan Cortes also appeared to the Indians as centaurs. "One of those horsemen fell from his horse, and when the Indians, assured that it was one, saw the animal divided in two, their fear was so great, that they ran back with cries to their own, shouting that one had become two, and terrifying all; and there was some secret miracle in it, for, had it not been so, we may suppose that they would have killed all the Christians," reads one of the texts cited by Prescott.
  • There are two legends of the centaurs: according to one of them the centaurs were created by the Thessalian king Ixion and the cloud, which Zeus gave the appearance of Hera; according to the other legend they were spawned by Apollo.

Meaning of tattoos for girls

A headscarf with a centaur in a girl tells about her extraordinary passion and liberation in love. These women may be the first to make a step towards a man, but then become unapproachable temptress. The owners of such a tattoo is very attractive to the opposite sex. They maintain the interest of his partner during the relationship, so men are not looking for fun on the side.

In family relations the owners of such a tattoo are used to play a leading role and you can not argue with them. They have incredible discipline and organization and require the same from their housemates. Such women are used to power and command, so next to them men can feel insecure.

Technique of execution

Colorful and bright tattoos, which decorates the centaur (see photo in the gallery), prefer the fair sex. In this case, the style of realism or watercolor is suitable. If in the first variant the tattoo is as close to the original as possible, in the second the composition resembles the work of an artist in watercolors.

Engraving or Dotwork style will suit fans of monochrome images, who appreciate brevity and minimalism. A large tattoo will look beautiful on the back, arm, shoulder blade or shoulder.

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