Tattoo on the hip in girls: bright ideas - 2021 on photo

What girl does not want to emphasize her irresistible beauty and individual image? To this end, everyone uses all kinds of ways. Some choose stylish and exclusive clothing, while others do original and unusual tattoos. On a woman's body there are a lot of possible places where the tattoo will look attractive, including on the thigh. By the way, a woman's thigh is one of the most common parts of the body where a body tattoo is made. And it should look catchy and bright.

Tattoos on the hip in color variants

Someone considers the hip area to be less painful, but just imagine that a big job requires a lot of time and effort, which will accordingly deliver more painful sensations. Few people get a miniature tattoo in such a place, especially since today we are not talking about them, but about the most striking tattoos on the thigh. Men's opinion about tattoos on girls' thighs boils down to one thing: "It's sexy!" Colorful tattoos on the thigh look amazing.


Sometimes other unusual details are included in the company of flowers. The sketch of a flower tattoo on the hip is often supplemented with ribbons and bows, feathers and hearts, sugar skulls and dream catchers.

Flowers on the hip tattoo photo

Very cute look birds, animals and butterflies, surrounded by colorful flowers. A great idea to give the sketch personality and emphasize the style - add lace, chains or beads.

Black tattoos on the thigh

The hip is not the smallest part of the body and therefore tattoos in this area are also quite large. A large area gives ample room for the flight of fancy, and, in fact, the tattoo is almost always hidden from public view. Very unusual and bright can look and black tattoos on the hip. The black openwork tattoos became the most actual and popular among young women. Something in their appearance they resemble the temporary tattoos of mehendi.

Tattoo of briar

Tattoos Roses

One of the most frequently used colors in tattoos, undoubtedly, are roses. Roses symbolize beauty and strength In one flower. They are usually many people's favorite flowers for their grandeur and elegance. That is why they are often chosen for delicate and feminine tattoos. In these cases, they are usually reflected by the stem, thorns and leaves to show that it is the less delicate part of the rose. The hip area is wide, so you can shoot a rose in different sizes, large or small.

Floral motifs: popular designs for girls in 2018

Floral motif on the thigh is a common tattoo in girls. Such tattoos use topical shades that symbolize femininity and romantic nature. The choice of drawing is based only on their own preferences. Very often in practice girls choose bright, saturated colors that emphasize their creative personality. Tattoo on the hip looks favorably on shapely, sexy girls. It further emphasizes attractive body parts and slimness. Roses and peonies are the favorite body art on the hip. They characterize the owner as a refined and gentle nature. Usually girls with a tattoo in the form of a floral composition on the hip have life principles and goals. Especially for you we have selected the brightest and most modern images of girls with floral tattoos on the thigh in the photo.

Tattoos of representatives of the animal world on the thigh

Before going to the tattoo parlor a girl should clearly understand what she wants from the master. By the way, the visual silhouette also depends on the choice of tattoo. Some tattoos on the hip can stretch even more the length of the legs, and there is such a form of tattoo, which outwardly hides extra pounds. The scale of the thigh surface that the tattoo is applied to is very large. A popular theme of tattoos on the thigh - representatives of the animal world. This is exactly what is needed for this scale. It would seem that the tiger is a male version of the tattoo, but also among girls the drawing of the predator is particularly popular. Most girls prefer to avoid images of unruly predators. An elephant is a great choice for a thigh nudge. He symbolizes seriousness. But the fox tattoo on the thigh means freedom and lively character. Birds, too, were no exception for their image on a woman's thigh. Canaries, swans and many other beautiful species of birds adorn the female body.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tattoo on the leg

The main positive point ladies note the fact that naked pictures, applied to this part of the body, emphasize the advantages of the figure and perfectly disguise its imperfections. With the help of tattoos can camouflage stretch marks, scars and other defects.

Tattoo on Girls Thigh

The undoubted advantage of the application of tattoos on the leg is a vast skin, allowing the realization of the most daring ideas: from small characters to colorful realistic artistic paintings.

Tattoo on Girls Thigh

It is worth noting that the thighs have a sufficient layer of fat, which significantly reduces the pain during the session.

Tattoo on girls thigh

The disadvantages of applying tattoos on the legs can include the high cost of the master's work and deformation of the image when changing the parameters of the figure.

Portraits on the hip: original tattoo options for girls

When choosing a sketch on the zone of the hip, take into account the possible modifications of the physique. Girls with age tend to get better, and therefore the tattoo on the hip will not look attractive in a stretched form. Portraits are distorted most of all. To avoid such a ridiculous unpleasantness, make a bright tattoo on the outer side. On the back or front side of the thigh should apply a tattoo only to those individuals who are 100% sure of the fact that their figure will not change, because they lead a fairly athletic lifestyle and plan to lead it to the ultimate age.

Tattoo of a lotus flower

Tattooed Lotus Flower

Los lotus flower tattoo They are very popular because it is a flower associated with the Hindu world and meditation. It is usually used in tattoos accompanied by mandalas or unaloms, symbols of the same culture. In this case, we see a flower in the shape of a mandala, as well as another in color and with an ethnic connotation.

Popular tattoos on the hip: inhabitants of the water world

Suitable in meaning and character tattoo on the thigh - the main requirement of girls. Very often on the beaches of seaside resorts you can see girls with a tattoo on the thigh in the form of fish scales. Immediately there are thoughts that in front of you a wonderful mermaid from a fairy tale, which, incidentally, also like to portray. Girls with tattoos of fish are very cheerful and endowed with a gentle nature. We offer you sketches of tattoos on the hip on the theme of the inhabitants of the water world.

Realistic compositions in the female tattoo on the hip

Girls very often fill the tattoo on the hip with a secret meaning. In the professional hands of a tattoo artist on the thigh of girls can be born mind-blowing works of art, in which an unusual storyline unfolds. The subject matter of realistic compositions can be diverse. Having made up her mind to take such a courageous step, a girl should understand that the chosen sketch should bring joy not only to its owner, but also to those around her. Depending on the color scheme for the chosen figure on the hip, you can feel a subtle hint of playfulness and character.

Tattoo on the thigh in girls is always perceived positively, because it looks bright and believable. Not for nothing that a lot of fans of tattoos choose the zone of the thighs for this natal masterpiece. Applying the original sketch on the hip area, girls underline their individuality and uniqueness, thus giving themselves the opportunity to feel confident for a long time. The protruding part of the body is the real symbol of sexuality and grace, and therefore the thigh is trying to decorate the real stylish fashionistas.

The tattoo on the thigh area is a stylish and interesting direction of modern body art. And what sketch on the photo for the thigh area seemed to you the most relevant? We are waiting for answers in the comments!


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