Tattoo of a lion - the meaning for men and girls, where to apply, thumbnails, photo ideas on the arm, shoulder, chest, leg, back, thigh

lion tattoo shoulder
Tattoo on the shoulder of a lion
A lion. Tattoos have long ceased to be perceived as something near criminal. In the society there is an interest in symbolism, different national styles, directions in art, which are applied in tattoos.

Modern trends have no specific vectors, but animalistic remains a constant classic (wolves, dragons, foxes, birds).

Meaning in men

In the male population, the drawing often speaks of strong character, power, perseverance, courage. African and Asian chiefs tattooed a lion, hoping that the strength of spirit and wisdom of the mighty animal would pass on to them. Such a drawing is chosen by a man who has the traits of a leader.

  1. A lion with a grin is a warning. It is worth to be careful with a man who wears the image of a grinning lion. The drawing speaks of fierceness and aggression of the owner of the tattoo.
  2. Lion with a crown - symbolizes power. The most popular tattoo in the individuals of the stronger sex. The man has leadership traits, qualities of leadership and power.
  3. The image of a calm lion means impregnability.
  4. A lion biting an enemy is a symbol of victory.
  5. A lion and a lioness together indicates a man's ability to protect his other half or family.
  6. Tattoo of an attacking lion tells of a man's fiery temper. He is ready to fight at any moment for justice and will never give himself in offense.
  7. Colorful picture of the beast will talk about the moral stability of men.

In ancient times, a man had to match the character traits of the animal in order to wear his picture on the body. But the lion tattoo is preferred not only by the male half.

The symbolism of the lion tattoo

Since ancient times, the tattoo with a lion was intended to symbolize its power, majestic energy with the power it was supposed to fill its owner. As a rule, this majestic animal was chosen by hunters and warriors.

Representing the personification of wisdom and obedience, the lion tattoo commanded respect. Tattoo lion and to this day enjoys great popularity. As a rule, it stopped at him powerful men who are trying to emphasize once again his power, as well as invincible force and will. The greatness of this animal is also mentioned by astrologers, because the patron saint of lions is the daytime star.

A tattoo with a lion belongs to the category of iconic. Therefore, when choosing it, you can't go wrong. Lion is a symbol of solar power, which means that the meaning of this tattoo is associated with power, victory, courage, power and nobility. There is a widespread belief that the owner of the tattoo will be able to manifest those qualities and the tattoo will protect him.

There are different interesting versions for the lion tattoo. You can pick up what you need in a catalog offered by the master, or to find an acceptable version on the Internet.

You can portray a majestic beast on his torso in all its beauty with a chic mane, which flutters in the wind. Another popular version of the image is the king of beasts, which lies on a hill.

Meaning in girls

The image of a lion on a woman's body means the same strength and power. Basically, the tattoo represents wisdom.

  1. Tattoo of a lioness in the pride prefers a strong and daring girl. The image is a reflection of essence and character.
  2. A lioness with a lion and lion cubs says that there is a strong union in the family and the girl has the care of loved ones as a priority.
  3. The tranquil lion tells of strength of mind and care for those around her.
  4. A lion with a crown symbolizes a tough character and a free spirit.
  5. The grinning lioness can tell about the power of the person, she will always be able to defend the decision taken. Not often you can meet a girl with such a tattoo.

Basically, girls refuse to apply aggressive images of a lion or a lioness. Prefer quiet drawings. But sometimes photos from different resources tell a different story. Specimens of the fair sex sometimes put a lion as a talisman or as their zodiac sign.

Male and female lion - the nuances of the drawing

Tattoos have an unspoken division into male and female. The representatives of the stronger sex have more aggressive images, formidable, militant, often supplemented by purely masculine attributes. Girls prefer colorful animals, surrounded by flowers, openwork additions or with a royal crown.

Before applying you need to check how the lion tattoo on the calf will look, the sketch master offers to choose on their own or do individually based on the preferences of the client. As well as help to decide on the choice of place of application, color palette, individual style.

Meaning of the tattoo by the peculiarities of the sketch, technique and place of application

The image is interpreted depending on what style of tattoo is chosen. A calmly seated lion signifies a person's confidence and his inner power. The bared lion is chosen by people who are ready to fight for justice and to fight back the enemy.

The attacking animal indicates that its owner will stand up to any situation. If the image of a lion is accompanied by other animals on the body, it can mean a desire to live in peace.

The owner of the lion tattoo is restrained and clever, if the picture is made in a concise "geometric" style. The performance in the "realism" speaks of the strength of character, it is a courageous and noble man. The lion in the style of "blackwork" speaks of a stern character and steadfastness.

The king of beasts, performed in a delicate style of "watercolor" is preferred by girls, they want to emphasize their femininity. The lion in the "old-school" style is chosen by a determined and resolute man.

Most men choose a shoulder, forearm or chest, for the application of the tattoo of the king of beasts. A lion with a crown on such a place speaks of the egoism and self-centeredness of man. Girls tend to apply a drawing of a lion on the back or hips to emphasize their grace.

People who tattoo a lion not only possess positive traits like intelligence and valor, but can be arrogant and vain individuals.

Deciphering the symbol

Many lion drawings have their own special meaning. The main ones are:

  1. Pictured seated, with a nonchalant look, speaks of a person's confidence in his powers, which he can take full advantage of.
  2. The assailant says that the owner can defend himself, his loved ones. Men choose such pictures to accentuate courage, boldness.
  3. A picture depicting a growling animal indicates benevolence, calmness of the owner, but it is better not to provoke him, not to make him angry, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences of communication.
  4. The battle of the lion will tell of the readiness of the person at any time to engage in a fight for everything that he loves, believes and holds dear.
  5. The image next to the weaker animal will tell you that one prefers peace, harmony, and tranquility.
  6. The embodiment of motherhood and protection will be the lioness with lion cubs.
  7. A depiction of the zodiacal sign, the constellation Leo, suggests intelligence, strength and generosity.

lion on the calf

Significance in religion

A lion was a companion of Greek heroes and gods. Predator is also found in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism.

In ancient Egypt, the lioness - a prototype Sekhmet, which punished the traitors and enemies, sizzling rays of the sun. The lion beside her acted as a protector and guard. The Romans believed the mighty animal was the triumph of light over darkness. The animal is depicted in the Bible near the apostle-evangelist Mark. Buddhists symbolize the sign of the lion with endurance and justice.

But the image of the lion is not always unambiguous. African tribes believed that the lion was not only a creator but also a destroyer. Jews present him as a cruel and ruthless animal.

A tattoo of a lion with a lioness.

Carries a family meaning. The choice in favor of such a tattoo will make a family man, loving and appreciating the home, able to take care of it and protect it. After all, lions take care of each member of their pride and protect their offspring.

If two lions are depicted back to back, then this tattoo will mean balance and equilibrium, a sign of stability.

Tattoo lion sign of the zodiac

The image is very common among African and Oriental peoples. The tattoo symbolizes power, greatness and divine power. The lion is associated with the element of fire and the power of the sun. Some religions portray a god in the form of a lion.

Who was born under this sign, can safely apply the tattoo of a lion on the body. It is believed that he will be able not only to characterize the person, but also to endow with positive qualities, to give strength.

It should not be forgotten that the meaning of the lion indicates sovereign power and impregnability. The heart of the lion is fearless. Deciding to tattoo this animal, a person must have the appropriate character traits and be a strong personality.

Tattoo of a lion with a crown.

Symbolizes power. Its possessor must have a leadership streak and qualities of a real leader.

How to choose a tattoo sketch in relation to the place on the hand?

To make the tattoo looked beautiful and harmonious, it is necessary to correctly match the sketch and the place on the hand, where a man wants to put it. It is necessary to pay attention to the proportionality of these parameters, namely:

  • Large-scale drawings, compositions, artistic art sketches or several animals at once beat on a large space of the skin, for example, in the format of the sleeve;
  • Moderate tattoos with minimal detail are suitable for elbows, shoulders and hands;
  • small sketches, the image only of a lion's muzzle, his eyes or grin, the symbolism of everything is depicted on the fingers, wrists.

Do you think a lion is the strongest animal for a tattoo?


If this is the part of the hand, which at the right time can be hidden from the attention, here you can apply a brightly colored pattern. On the open areas beat mostly restrained and discreet sketches.


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