Women's tattoos in black and white - the best ideas! (68 photos)

Take a closer look at what you see. There are thousands of tattoo options walking around, and none of them deserve your attention. Do you know why? Because the right tattoo is still in the mind of the master and you. If you want to score tattoo black and white photo of such tattoos, presented on the Internet, will help you to understand what exactly you want to get in the end.

Multiple sketches offer to create something unusual and extremely unique. What to do when it is difficult to decide? Perhaps it is worth asking for help?

black and white tattoo photo

Features of black and white tattoos

Black and white tattoos appeared very long ago, since the time of ancient Egypt. Since then, black and white tattoos have been in high demand, both among women and men. In the monochrome version you can perform absolutely any tattoo in size as well as theme.

Monochrome tattoos are no less noticeable than colored ones. They will attract as much attention as their colored counterparts. So if you don't like an abundance of colors, then feel free to pick up a monochrome version of the tattoo, and you will definitely not go wrong.

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Black and white tattoos: how it all began

Did you know that the history of tattoos goes back more than 6,000 years?
According to historians, the art of tattooing originated in the times of primitive communal system. At that time, body art had a magical meaning and could also indicate belonging to a certain clan (tribe) or social status of its bearer.

  • The most ancient tattoos appeared in Egypt. During excavations scientists discovered mummies presumably more than four thousand years old, but the drawings on the well-preserved skin are still distinguishable. Black and white tattoos among the ancient Egyptians were the privilege of a higher person.

  • In the Mayan tribes tattoos were applied only to those who deserved special respect (leaders, warriors, priests). The more pictures were on the skin, the higher was the social status of the tattooed person.

  • African peoples have long worn marks on the body, such tattoos told about their owner literally everything. To put it simply, the tattoo served as an official identity document.

  • In ancient Rome, slaves were tattooed to prevent them from escaping and hiding their social status. In Japanese culture, permanent patterns were used on the faces of criminals.

  • During the Middle Ages, only traitors and witches were marked. In those dark times, religious principles forbade traumatizing and coloring the skin. By the way, even today the attitude towards tattooing in Christian denominations remains negative. And the Islamic faith prohibits wearing permanent pictures at all.

Advantages of black and white tattoos

  • Black and white tattoos have been proven to be much more durable than colored tattoos.
  • The black dye pigment is favorable to the sun, household chemicals, as well as salt water.
  • Black and white tattoos must be renewed not earlier than 15 years after application. Whereas a colored one once every 5 years.
  • Black pigment is safer than the color variants.
  • Cheap price compared to the color version.

Cons of black and white tattoos

  • If you pick a non professional tattoo artist who will use cheap dye pigment, that black tattoo will eventually turn blue.
  • Monochrome tattoos look much more austere and less "lively" compared to colored options.
  • Black and white tattoos will not look as bright as colored ones.

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Reasons for application and features of monochrome tattoos

Black and white tattoos on girls look very stylish

More and more often fans of body painting give preference to black and white drawings. First, small monochrome pictures will not be knocked out even of the restrained business style. Secondly, black and white images look very effective and presentable on a woman's body. And monochrome patterns can give incredible charm to any girl's image.

Here are the main advantages of black and white tattoos:

  • Not all tattoo artists know how to work with color. But you will be offered a huge selection of monochrome designs in literally any style.
  • Body art requires correction, but black ink is less vulnerable to the negative influence of external factors. A quality monochrome tattoo can retain clear contours and contrast for more than 10 years.
  • Images can always be supplemented with colored details.

  • As a rule, the cost is slightly lower.
  • Suitable for those women who are afraid to look vulgar.
  • Contour pictures will bring a minimum of pain during the session.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • Will not suit fans of catchy, eye-catching pictures.

  • They can look too gloomy if you overdo the black pigment, size, or miscalculate with the place of application.
  • Black and white tattoos in some styles, such as geometric, will require a special talent and great experience from the master.

Ideas for black and white tattoos


Black and white bracelets are the perfect way to accentuate a woman's hand without using too big and flashy designs.


Quite original and bold drawings of snakes, will be able to amaze everyone around you. They can be big or small. And you can also depict two reptiles that are intertwined together at once.


The dream catcher is a common symbol that depicts a web, with feathers, as well as other elements.


You can depict jellyfish, dragonflies, squids, dolphins, tigers, and more on your body. They can be placed on any part of your body.


Many girls pick up inscriptions exactly in black and white version. Because in a monochrome version, they look more aesthetic and modern.


Black and white swallows, magpies, crows, eagles, hawks are especially beautiful in a monochrome version.


Floral patterns look very beautiful in black and white, quite as beautiful as in color. They can be large and adorn almost half of your body.


Patterns are most often done in monochrome. But be careful, do not do tattoos with a great abundance of details and elements, because from afar such a tattoo might look like a solid black spot.


Black and white tattoos can be performed in any theme, so feel free to perform any idea in a monochrome version.


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