Funny and funny tattoos: 70 photos of boring drawings

Of course, tattooing is a very responsible and important process. And before you choose a drawing, you should think carefully. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about the meaning and importance of the tattoo before its implementation. And that is why very often masters of tattoo have to face with an unusual sense of humor, which the client puts into the sketch of the drawing for the body. Such people think that their idea will seem funny, atypical and interesting to everyone around them. Let's look together at some of the features and types of funny tattoos.

Meaning and meaning of funny tattoos

Funny and unusual tattoos are most often performed on the body by creative and extraordinary people, with a good sense of humor, having no complexes and shyness. Very often such tattoos are perceived as a way of self-expression or a way to stand out from the crowd. They are carried out only in order to add to the life of joy, fun, cheerfulness and to raise the spirits of others. Very often funny tattoos have absolutely no meaning or significance. These can be drawings consisting of details that are completely unrelated. A good sense of humor, of course, is very much appreciated, but still do not forget that you have to wear the selected drawing for life.

General information on creating funny and original tattoos

Unusualness of the tattoo can only hide behind what the owner of the naked picture conceived, so the only limitation that there is for this category of images is the imagination of the customer. Funny tattoos are bold and funny decisions. In most cases, choose quite usual for everyday life things that are not usual for tattoos. For example, you can put a tattoo on the original area of the body or score something bright and cheerful, combine not combinable.

When choosing a picture in front of the customer there are no restrictions, however, the selected tattoo sketch should cause a smile and sincere laughter, with the important sense of humor of the future owner of the tattoo. Masters do not recommend to apply on the body tattoos with primitive humor, aimed at a narrow circle of people or mockery of someone or something specific. Humiliating someone else's values is unlikely to cause laughter and joy, but creating a conflict situation is easy.

In order for a cool tattoo to be bright and funny you need to give preference to not particularly provocative, rather neutral images and objects. The advantage of such tattoos is that they do not have a specific meaning, but simply draw attention to their owner, raising the spirits of others.

Funny drawings for tattoos: the nature of funny nail compositions

Funny tattoos are most often found in young girls and guys who are drawing for the first time, and they basically do not care what they will be. Their main goal is to show independence. So very often the chosen drawing has no semantic meaning and is chosen in the style of youth funny directions, such as memes, headshots.

Places to apply funny tattoos

The place of application of tattoos can be very different. Here it all depends on personal preferences and desires. This can be the traditional forearm, collarbone, neck, abdomen, lower back and so on. In the choice of the part of the body completely rely on your wishes. The tattoo can be a single element, and often entire stories or pictures with funny characters are applied. In most cases, funny tattoos are performed in a bright and colorful appearance. They are designed to give a cheerful mood and positive emotions not only to the owner, but also to those around him. Ideally, a funny tattoo combines humor and simplicity. At the same time it should not look ridiculous and stupid, cross the line of common sense and adequate thinking of people.

Collections, styles and colors for tattoos

Separating tattoos by theme, semantic message and character, a man should definitely decide on the choice of style and color scheme. These parameters can also affect the meaning and perception of the tattoo. Most often the following styles are used:

Biomechanics - Suitable for tattoo patterns;

old school - Old school motifs;

thrash polka - bold and colorful tattoos;

realism - volumetric realistic drawings;

minimalism - Restrained and laconic sketches.

The color scheme of tattoos largely depends on the sketch itself and the style of execution. If it is a thrash polka, old skool, realism or biomechanics, the master will use bright contrasting colors. In the case of minimalism, the black and white gamut is appropriate.

Important! After you have decided on the style of tattoo and color palette, the first thing to do is to test for allergies.

The most popular variants of funny tattoos

Funny and unusual funny tattoos give their owner a lot of positive emotions. The coloring of the picture uniquely depends only on the client and his taste. The main subjects of funny tattoos are the following types:

  • Heroes from cartoons - such drawings are suitable for both guys and girls. I would like to point out that this theme is quite popular among young people;
  • flirty bows in different styles of execution;
  • excerpts of songs with a cheerful meaning, proverbs or appealing inscriptions of a cheerful nature;
  • New-school style drawings, considered the most popular for images of a funny nature;
  • S. Dali's famous mustache, printed on the index finger so that it can be applied over the lips;
  • faces with funny expressions or smiley faces.

Bright and funny tattoos

Because cool funny tattoos bring joy and fun to the owner and those around him, those should be natural. The client himself chooses the colors, as well as the motif of the compositions. Funny tattoos usually have images of cartoon characters, they are suitable for both men and women.

It should be noted that these varieties are fashionable among young guys:

  • Butterflies in different versions, inscriptions-known quotes;
  • proverbs, appeals designed in a funny style;
  • a drawing of a character with a long arm ending in a fist;
  • eyes drawn on the finger, presenting which to the face can cause laughter;
  • faces or made faces with funny expressions;

General view of funny lightweight tattoos

It is very important to remember that funny tattoos must have a facet of humor, in order for the drawing not to turn into a real laughing stock. So it is better to use the services of a real professional. Concerning the color scheme, as it was mentioned before, there is no restriction. The brighter the drawing, the more interest and positive emotions are shown. The choice of location for funny tattoos also has no restrictions. Know that the appearance of the selected tattoo will only depend on the care of it.

How to choose a tattoo sketch in relation to the place on the body?

If you have decided on the place on the body where the tattoo will be applied, be sure to adhere to the principle of proportionality and proportionality. The more spacious the area on the body for the tattoo, the more complex and large-scale can be the tattoo sketch. For example:

  • back, chest, sides, shoulders and forearms - In these places place large complex designs, such as characters of myths, religion, representatives of fauna;
  • shoulder blades, hips, legs. - in these places can be depicted moderate in size and complexity of sketches, for example, inscriptions, plants, different characters, as well as creatures representing the signs of the zodiac;
  • Brushes, wrists, palms, neck - A small area on the body allows you to depict small drawings, such as inscriptions, signs and symbols, constellations.

Expert Opinion
Viola Madison

Master Tattooist, 8 years experience

When choosing a place on the body and a tattoo sketch, take into account whether in a working and formal environment it is necessary to hide the body art from the gaze of the environment. In that case, it is better to choose hidden and inconspicuous places.

Funny Men's Tattoos

Tattoos of a funny nature are very often found in the male sex in the form of humorous inscriptions, fairy tale characters. Often there are images made in the technique of new-school. For example, unusual and funny looks a check from McDonald's with a detailed description of the product, or the image of suspenders on the chest. On the head with a bald spot funny looks goat, which allegedly pinches the hair and slowly eats it. Or a man with a lawnmower clipping his hair. And the hand of Bruce Lee, passing into the fist of its owner just can not leave indifferent surrounding. Judge for yourself, how not to smile.

Funny tattoos for girls

Not only men, but also girls often decide to take such a step. And it is not surprising to meet a girl, for example, with a picture of a camera on her hand or winking eyes on her postniece. A very bold decision and at the same time mocking will be to perform a tattoo on the back in the form of chicken wings. A very common option is the image of bows on the back or front of the legs. Such a drawing can be done in different styles, with or without additional elements.

Failed tattoos that look very funny

It is one thing when the tattoo causes laughter of others at the request of the client. But it is quite another when instead of a normal drawing due to the fault of the master something unimaginable turns out. Such cases very often occur in two cases:

  1. bad professionalism of the master;
  2. The inebriated state of the tattoo specialist.

So it comes out that the owner regrets very much about the deed, and those around him simply can't help themselves after seeing the drawing. In some cases, the drawing can be corrected and re-drawn to a more adequate one. But there are cases when even the most experienced master is powerless.

The most important thing when deciding to put a tattoo on your body is not to forget that it will remain for life. And even if you decide to withdraw the drawing, the scar in its place will definitely be, and it is unknown what is better: a big scar, or a funny tattoo. So think a hundred times before you go to the master for tattooing on the body. And especially if it is a tattoo with a funny meaning.

Popular ideas for funny tattoos

To create a unique, bright and attractive picture, causing laughter and joy, you need to properly approach the choice of the sketch. Among the popular objects for depiction are funny inscriptions and slogans, drawings located on the navel and entire comics, striking in their realism.

Very popular are drawings created by real improvising artists who have nothing to do with tattoos. The advantage of funny tattoos is their versatility, because they can be used by both girls and men of any age. Among the popular and modern ideas for funny tattoos are:

  • Drawings made in the style of old skool.
  • Images of comic book or cartoon characters.
  • Phrases applied to unusual areas of the body.
  • Half tattoos, such as those applied to the wrist or calves of the legs.
  • Comic books.
  • A glass of wine or a slice of pizza. In general, any image associated with food is supposed to be used.

First of all, you need to realize that a funny tattoo is a simple decoration of the human body, not hiding any special meaning or subtext behind it. The main task of funny tattoos is to demonstrate the unusualness and originality of its owner. The main drawback of such images is their popularity, which quickly fades.

The fact is that the catalog of sketches with similar drawings is constantly updated, so any selected image over time can lose its relevance. In this regard, you need to think about whether to apply a tattoo to your body, how to do it correctly and how to overlap it in case of emergency.


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