Beautiful tattoos with the names of children, girls, men

Tattoo on the hip

On the right thigh is the largest tattoo on the girl's body. This tattoo of Ivleyeva is an image of a girl. However, instead of a face she has a skull. More precisely, the image of Lady Katrina. For all its creepiness, the image is attractive, even beautiful.

The prototype is a symbol of the worship of the dead. This holiday takes place in Mexico and is dedicated to them.

Want a name tattoo? 80 Best Designs for Men and Women

A name tattoo is a great way to honor and show respect to those close to you as a person or who you care about. However, it is important to note that having a name tattoo is easy, but removing the tattoo can be a difficult task given the pain that comes with it. Therefore, it is ideal that extreme caution is taken before deciding to get a name tattoo, especially if you decide to paint the name of a romantic lover, as any change in the relationship can leave you even more devastated with a name tattoo stuck with you.

When it comes to getting a tattoo that uses names and inscriptions, every little detail can make or break your ink job. In fact, name tattoo designs are probably one of the most in-demand designs that take the longest to figure out which one fits the ink lover. This is mainly because the type of lettering you use can make the name less or more legible to read, some types of fonts may work better for specific names, while others may make the name completely different and difficult to understand.

Interesting Name Tattoo Ideas

Name tattoos continue to gain popularity, and many tattoo enthusiasts choose to ink their loved ones' names as a way to pay homage or identify with those they care about. Tattooing a name definitely doesn't make it more popular, but instead carries some special meaning that only you can relate to.

There are different ways and styles that can be used to write your preferred name, so it is important that you choose the right style that best fits your interests. Mixing tattoos with colors adds That great look to the design.

Before you ink a name tattoo, it is important that you take the time to make sure that you are comfortable wearing the name on yourself so that you are not upset in case something happens between you and the person whose name you inked. Removing a tattoo after it is fixed is quite a process, and it is important that you are sure of the name before you ink it.

Most name tattoo enthusiasts tend to ink the names of their loved ones, such as spouses, best friends, parents of children, or even the names of those who have passed away as a sign of respect for them. Tattooing is a painful experience, and inking the name of a boyfriend you've known for three months may not be a good idea, as the first thing you'll want to remove is the tattoo in the event of a breakup.

The name you decide to ink shouldn't be something you might regret later. Using the names of spouses, parents, children can be ideal because they tend to have some element of permanence. The name tattoo design below looks spectacular with elements included in the design, making the tattoo more appealing.

The name tattoo design below looks quite simple and elegant. The tattoo is also well designed and looks spectacular on the arm where it is worn.

Name tattoos can be done on items such as feathers, books and indifferent shapes and sizes. The design of the name tattoo below is quite unique, and the color used blends well with the color of the wearer's face. The name tattoo fonts used also enhance the overall look of the design.

Name tattoos can be inked on various parts of the body such as the wrists, arm or even incorporated into larger tattoos. The name tattoo design below looks cool with the fonts used, making it totally fabulous.

One thing that makes name tattoos perfect is the fact that they can be inked in a very small space if it is not included in larger tattoos. The name fonts used in the design below look cool too, each with a unique font.

Before you consider getting a name tattoo, you may want to consider the following factors:

The type of font you are going to use, and any other elements you can incorporate those fonts with. You may want to consider the location where you are going to be inked, and if that location is appropriate for the desired name. The name tattoo design below looks good with the color used, matching the design quite well.

Andy is perfectly designed in the leg and placed in a place where not everyone can see. The choice of name font and color of the tattoo also goes well with the person wearing it.

The inclusion of a name tattoo with lipstick can be perceived as carrying memories that the wearer may associate with the name tattoo. The font of the name and the design used look spectacular and stunning on the shoulder where it is worn.

Lance and Autumn are beautiful name tattoos that are artistically designed and greatly enhance the complexion and overall appearance of the wearer. Name tattoos can take any shape or form depending on what the wearer finds interesting.

Incorporating colors and other elements into the tattoo design below looks cool, and the colors greatly enhance the wearer's overall appearance.

The inclusion of the feather with the name looks pretty spectacular, and the color of the feather makes the whole design more fabulous and appealing.

The name tattoo below looks stunning, and the place where the name is written demonstrates that the wearer has a deep connection to the person who identifies with that name. The color combination blends well, resulting in such a visually appealing design.

Incorporating name tattoos with other designs has a way of enhancing the overall appearance of the tattoo just as shown in the picture below.

The name tattoo design below looks spectacular with a bird element that blends quite well with the name tattoo. The name font also blends well with the entire design.

The name tattoo below is a combination of different elements that make the whole design look stunning. The colors used in the design also match the color of the wearer's face quite well.

The use of bold name tattoo fonts with distinctive styles, as in the design below, looks fantastic and visually appealing. The combination of blue and black also goes together quite well.

The style and design of the name tattoo below looks impressive with the type of font used and the artistic colors used to create the design to shine in a way that enhances the overall appearance of the wearer.

Incorporating colors with the name tattoo, as in the design below, is one way to make the name design to be prominent and elegant. The color choices and fonts used in the name tattoo match perfectly.

The meaning of wearing name tattoos varies from one person to another. For some, a tattoo of a loved one's name can signify a strong bond between the wearer and the person identifying with that name. The name tattoo design below looks spectacular with a dark background color that blends quite well with the color of the lettering.

The name tattoo design below looks well designed using colors that blend quite well. The inclusion of features and the combination of different colors makes the design more attractive and elegant.

The name tattoo design below looks beautiful with the name tattoo well fixed on the body of the wearer . The design looks cool, and the name font and date reflect deep meaning to the wearer.

The inclusion of a name tattoo with other features, such as a feather and flying birds, reflects the meaning that the wearer can associate with the design. The gray and dark colors used in the design also blend well with the wearer's complexion.

The name tattoo below is a beautiful work of art with large fonts used to enhance the overall look of the design. The inclusion of the flower in the design also makes the whole design look spectacular.

The use of unique features along with names for the tattoo, as in the name tattoo design below, creates this element of uniqueness and variety. One thing that sets the name tattoo apart from other tattoos is the fact that the owner can easily customize the design according to their preferences.

The lettering and font size are some of the key features to consider when getting a name tattoo. The lettering used in the tattoo below looks great with the spacing and font used quite well.

The design of the name tattoo below looks quite spectacular, the name font and flowers surrounding the names greatly enhance the overall look of the design. The dark color used blends very well with the color of the wearer's face.

The name tattoo design below looks spectacular with the floral elements greatly improving the overall look of the design. The use of black and red also adds beauty and is visually appealing.

The name tattoo below covers the upper back of the wearer, which is quite visually appealing with the use of different colors that blend well with the wearer's complexion.

The size of the name tattoo design varies depending on what the wearer finds interesting. The design below looks spectacular. It is simple, small and elegant, and the white of the wearer's face greatly enhances the color of the design.

Having a name tattoo on the face, as in the design below, is such a bold move and a sign that the name carries deep meaning for the wearer. The face is the first place to look when identifying a person, and a name tattoo inked on the face creates such a stunning look on the face.

The place where the name tattoo is worn also matters, especially if the owner is not bold enough to make the design visible to everyone, then he or she can have it in places that are easy to hide, like the foot in the design below.

There are many tattoo lovers who are afraid of name tattoos simply because of the superstitions associated with name tattoos, especially for a lover or someone with whom you are involved in a romantic relationship. It is commonly said that inking a lovers name can lead to a breakup, although this may not be true, as there are even famous couples who have inked there lovers names and they are still romantically involved with each other.

The name of the Tattoo design below looks cool, especially where it is worn. The large fonts and lettering style also look awesome.

A name tattoo in the belly area is also a cool way to honor those you fondly love. The abdominal area is a special area, and having a tattoo with a name on it gives it some special meaning and appeal to the wearer.

The use of bold ink on name tattoos, as in the design below, looks quite appealing. The dark bold colors create such an attractive and gorgeous look.

The name tattoo design has floral elements included in it, which is quite stunning for the complexion of the wearer, making the whole design more appealing.

The use of different types of letters and fonts is also appropriate for the name tattoo design, as in the name tattoo design below. The color combination and included elements also work quite well together.

The combination of other elements with the name tattoos, as shown below, makes the whole design quite striking and eye-catching. It also enhances the overall appearance of the wearer.

The name tattoo design below is so pretty designed and blends well on both legs. The combination of letters and colors also enhances the complexity of the design, which is pretty cool.

Here are some more amazing ways you can present your name tattoo design to the world in a unique and honorable way!

The name tattoo design below is presented in a way that is quite visually appealing and elegant. The letter patterns used in the design look great and blend well with the color of the wearer's face.

Wearing a name tattoo on your arm is also a great way to always remind yourself of the person who identifies with that name. This is because the arm is something that the wearer will see from time to time, unlike other parts of the body.

The name of the Tattoo design below looks quite bold and elegant. The name font is large enough to be easily seen with the features included in the design, making the design very striking.

The name tattoo design below looks great in the white colors used with the lettering, which blends well with the color of the wearer's face.

When choosing the right design for a name tattoo, it seems that names that are shorter tend to look more appealing when designed in an attractive way, as opposed to longer ones.

The name tattoo design below is artistically designed with colorful elements that go well with the entire design. The name tattoo is designed in a floral style that makes it fabulous and completely stunning.

The name tattoo design below is a unique work of art with colorful bold name tattoo fonts that make the whole design stunning. The red and black colors used in the design go together quite well.

The elements associated with the name tattoo design below greatly enhance the overall look of the design with a mix of different colors blending quite well.

The use of the crown design with the name tattoo, as in the design below, is a beautiful piece of artwork. The bold dark colors used in the design also make it quite outstanding and visually appealing.

Often you will come across a name tattoo that is not in the spotlight, no matter how big the name is. This is usually done by using basic, solid black letters in the font and shading to create the name in the center of a larger, usually colored piece. In a way, this makes both the name of the tattoo and the additional image elements stand out in their own way. Contrast between colors is especially important for these styles, as you don't want the pictures to distract from the name and vice versa.

Often, however, these types of tattoos, depending on the name presented, are hidden at some point in their lives. Usually this is not the case when a child's name is used, unless the design is drawn more, adding a new name, such as another child, or a better quality tattoo is done. However, in the case of girlfriends, wives and lovers - name tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos that require concealment at some point.

Having a bird design with a view of the name tattoo design is also a great way to ink a beautiful name tattoo. The style used in the tattoo design is unique and blends well with the other features of the design.

Fonts such as gypsy fonts, Google fonts and Old English lettering are some of the ways used to create name tattoos. The inclusion of butterflies and the different colors used also brings life and beauty to the design

The name tattoo design below is quite visually appealing and bold. The colors blend so well, however it is good to make your choice of name tattoo after analyzing the size of the name and the desired font, as not all names can fit well in a given space if the same space is used.

Using name fonts with dates also acts as a reminder of something special about the person and the dates. The fonts used and the style of lettering match the color of the wearer's face quite well.

Bird Owl

On the right forearm of Nastya Ivleeva there is a tattoo of an owl. It is depicted in a neotrad style. Almost always the bird is prescribed wisdom.

Just above the owl on the shoulder are tattooed miniature drawings of an airplane and a heart. Nastya explains the meaning of this tattoo by her love of travel. Each flight gives her the opportunity to learn new things and add to her knowledge.

The tattoo was made after she started hosting the TV show "Heads and Tails". Accordingly, it was this transmission that started her regular airplane flights, studying the everyday life of various countries and the people who live there.

Under the owl, the numbers 360 and the degree symbol are tattooed. Nastya does not comment on the meaning of the image, but makes it clear that it is related to her lover Eljay.

Tattoo names and their meanings

Names began to be given to people before our era. Evidence of this is the notes of Chrysippus. The ancient Greek philosopher singled out names as a separate group of words as early as 2,500 years ago.

There is no earlier evidence. But, scientists tend to believe that people began to call their neighbors back in Paleolithic times. They started to live in communities. Speech skills were developing. It was not always possible to come up, to pull the hand.


Voice helped out. We needed a name of our own so that it would be clear to whom we were addressing. At first, they relied on external resemblance. Redhead, then, was the Sun. Eyes always wet, so it was Dazh. In civilized society, they changed tactics. The main thing in the name was the quality they wanted to reward the child with.

Helen, for example, is enlightened in translation from the ancient Greek. The name is still a calling card of a person. No wonder so many people get tattoo names. About them and let's talk.

The meaning of name tattoos

In addition to the generally accepted meanings of names related to their etymology, history, there is also the individual meaning of tattoos. Usually, it has an emotional, sensual connotation. Some people tattoo A tattoo of a child's name.. Someone perpetuates the initials of a loved one on his body. There are tattoos with the names of parents, friends, idols. Most of them are evidence of warm feelings, respect, admiration.

Tattoo names-and-their meanings-2

Tattoo "The names of children on the arm. Can be complemented by their own initials. The latter, more often than not, indicate pride, contentment with their name. This is confirmed by Zemfira. Back in the 1990s, she tattooed "Z" near her right shoulder. The letter has become a symbol of two favorite names at once - my own and a musical group.

Esotericists say that The inscriptions of the names are tattoosThe lettering is a tattoo that can enhance a person's energy. We are talking about using your own initials for tattooing. Each letter carries a certain "charge. The more often the signs are used in a person's life, the stronger he is. Some physiologists even say that this is connected with the formation of the character.

Tattoo names-and-their meanings-3

Each sound affects certain parts of the brain. Repeating a name repeatedly all the time engages the same areas. They are more active, more developed. There you have the basic personality traits. A drawing is not an audio recording. But, the visual image in the form of a tattoo also evokes a characteristic sound.

If the name of the loved one is used for tattooing, it serves as a kind of oath of allegiance. Tattoo names of girls Talk about the seriousness of their feelings, confidence that they found the only one. Mariah Carey's husband, for example, put her name not only on his heart and passport, but also on his back.

Tattoo names-and their meanings-4

The tattoo is located horizontally near the shoulder blades. The initials of his beloved put on his body and the singer's husband Pink. Motorcycle racer Hart wears a tattoo of his name on his wrist., his abdomen, his back. All in all, his wife has five tattoos devoted to her. Pink displays the name of her lover on her body in no hurry. There are objective reasons for that. And here we come to them.

The nuances of the application of tattoos with the names

Photo Celebrities, disappointed in the applied tattoos, is not uncommon. Mostly, the negativity is associated just with the names of loved ones. Today it seems that it is for life. Tomorrow, you have to go to the salon to remove the tattoo. This is what Angelina Jolie did.

Tattoo Names-and-Those Meaning-5

She got a tattoo on her arm. The name Billy Bob on her shoulder. Rocker became the second and, as she thought, the last husband of the actress. However, the marriage fell apart just a couple of years after the wedding. The large inscription began to annoy Jolie. That's what Pink is afraid of, too. Refusing to have her husband's name tattooed on her is a kind of a talisman for their marriage.

Disappointment doesn't usually come of tattoos with the names of children. Photo Such tattoos posted on the network, for example, David Beckham. Of Russian celebrities, we can point out Ksenia Borodina, Alena Vodonaeva, Katya Zhuzhu and Aiza Dolmatova. The ex-wife of the rapper Guf has a son named Sami.

Tattoo Names-and-Those Meaning-6

Aiza wears his name on her hand. Photo Borodina's tattoo, as well, shows the inscription on her hand. The anchorwoman's daughter is Marusya. Zhuzhi also has a daughter named Nicole. Vodonaeva placed the name of her son Bogdan on the elbow fold of her right hand.

Tattoo names for men and women's names are applied not only in their native language. For tattooing use any alphabets, even not used today. So, for example, you can emphasize the origin of the name. What if it is Latin? In the 21st century, only physicians, biologists and other scientists know a few words in this language. So, let's take a look at the alphabet options used for initials tattoos.

Beautiful tattoos with names in different languages

Let's continue the theme of Latin names. There are hundreds of them, for example, the name Maxim. Tattoo with it in the native language looks like this: - "Maximus". The meaning is related to the modern word "maximum" - the biggest. The same singer Zemfira has a Bashkir name. The artist chose the English "Z" for her tattoo. But the Bashkir inscription would more accurately reflect the girl's character.

Tattoo names-and-their meanings-7

Bashkir, Thai and Mongolian inscriptions are rare. Leading the way, though, Tattoo names in LatinEnglish, Japanese and Chinese. True, the use of Asian alphabets can distort the meaning of words. Tattoo characters "names" Names are chosen by their sound.

That is, the tattoo must read like the sound of the original. At the same time, Paul is no longer small, Alexander is not a winner, Elena is not bright. Often, the translation of the inscription does not contain even a hint of the name of the person, can be provocative, unpleasant. This is worth considering when reviewing Tattoo Sketches "Names"..

Tattoo names-and their meanings-8

Names written in Hebrew or Arabic script are gaining popularity. At the same time, not all initials are historically related to these languages. But often there is a commitment to a particular religion. For example, to display an English or Russian name in Hebrew is a desire of Judaism supporters, and in Arabic - of Islam.

In these languages, each letter does not have its own meaning, as hieroglyphs do. Therefore, there is no reason to worry about the deciphering of the tattoo. Only the sound of the name has a meaning. Even with a European origin, it may be in the list of eastern.

Tattoo names-and-their meanings-9

A striking example is Arthur. The origin is English. But, in Armenian there is a word combination, which sounds almost identical. It is translated as "given by God. Therefore, the name quickly caught on among the Orientals.

Tattoo names-and their meanings-11

Thai Sac Yant tattoo

The girl had the sacred writings in Bangkok. The show was also filmed there. The tattoo was made by a famous master, who was visited by many world celebrities. The tattoo is accompanied by a special ritual that attracts good luck.

Nastya had a tattoo on her back, on top of her ribs. The procedure is much more painful than the classical methods, as it is done with a thick needle. According to the girl's confession, it was the first and last time she cried during this tattoo.

Journey to Georgia

The journey to this sunny country resembles an inscription. It is printed in Georgian letters and translates as "bandits". This tattoo of Ivleyeva is located on the hand. More precisely, just above the elbow, on the outer surface of the right forearm. The word in the plural means that it is printed on several people in the company. In this case, it is Nastya herself and two of her friends.

Nastya is still very young and has many discoveries and hobbies ahead of her. Considering that she already has quite a few tattoos, we can expect them to increase in the future. May they continue to be filled with beauty and meaning.

Tattoo with a child's name

Every parent has boundless love for their child and sometimes this translates into the creation of a tattoo with his name.

Some people think it is impossible to get a tattoo with the child's name. Such speculations belong to the category of superstition and everyone decides for himself to believe it or not.

Look also photos of tattoos with the names of children.

Children also sometimes get tattoos dedicated to their parents. They usually do not include a name, but only include the words "mom" or "dad," or both.


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