Tattoo of McGregor: meaning, history and photos of drawings on the body of the star Conor

An amazing fighter who has millions of fans around the world is Conor McGregor. The UFC lightweight champion not long ago decided to change his image. The first actions on the way to fulfill this goal were in the form of tattoos. He started with small drawings, but it seems that now he simply can't stop.

conor mcgregor tattoo

Back in 2013, his body skin was pristine. And over the past four years, the Irish fighter has done a lot of incredibly interesting drawings.

What does the Arabic writing on McGregor's leg mean?

Conor has an Arabic inscription on the back of his left foot in the heel area, but insists he doesn't know what it says.

Arabic inscription on Conor McGregor's left leg

"I got this tattoo when I was drunk...It doesn't mean anything. The inscription is in Arabic. There was a time when I thought having a tattoo like that was cool," the UFC champion said. - They drew it for me in Ayia Napa. I was young and relaxed. The tattoo cost me 20 dollars.

Reporters of The Sun contacted experts in Arabic and learned that the inscription on his left leg means "Cancer. McGregor was born on July 14, that is, his zodiac sign - Cancer (from June 20 to July 22 - approx. It's hard to speculate on whether or not Conor was telling the truth when he said he didn't understand the meaning of the Arabic script on his foot, but now he knows for sure thanks to the media.

What Conor McGregor's chest tattoo hides

The crowned gorilla on his chest greedily eats his heart. For Conor McGregor this tattoo has no meaning, he just liked it and got it. In an interview with the press, the fighter shared that the process of getting the tattoo took away his strength, making him experience unbearable pain.

In fact, this tattoo of McGregor can be interpreted as a symbolism of J. Kavanaugh's gym, where the athlete trains. Specialists assign a special meaning to this sign: the sketch demonstrates ambition, playfulness. Buddhists, on the other hand, interpret the image as the symbol of insensitivity. Christians interpret it as an expression of laziness, sin, vanity of character.

A gorilla with a crown on McGregor's chest

McGregor has a gray gorilla on his chest with a crown on his head and a heart in his mouth. Notorius claims that this tattoo is related to the worst pain he has felt in his life. It's literally about the pain he felt either during or after the drawing. According to the UFC champion, the gorilla is irrelevant.

It's just a scared gorilla.

"People often say they get tattoos and put certain meanings into it. But I just like the way it looks. I'd like to say it's a tattoo that has meaning," he told the press.

Conor McGregor's tattoo on his back - meaning

From the seventh cervical vertebra all the way down Conor McGregor's tailbone, a crucifix-shaped tattoo, designed with wings, runs down along it. The main tattoo is printed on the neck, with a spiral-shaped thread of thorns depicted along the back. Such a sign denotes true faith in the Higher Mind.

People with such a tattoo are considered to be kind, capable of sympathy. They are trying to escape from the everyday temporality of life. For the owner of the picture has a meaning, Conor McGregor puts a hope in it as a talisman. Spikes can mean different things: confrontation in the soul, protection of personal space, aggressive notes.

Tattoo on McGregor's arm

Now we know Notorius' favorite flowers.

The front of Conor's left forearm is decorated with a rose bush and a clock showing the time - 3 hours and 35 minutes (it is unknown if this time has any significance). There is also a long dagger, the point of which is pointed directly at the center of the rose. A gentleman wearing a tall hat is tattooed on the back of his forearm. Next to the rose is a figure of a boxing man. And above the rose there is an inscription in English "slow is smooth, smooth is fast". A saying that is common in the elite military formations, particularly in the Navy Seals. Literally it means "slow is smooth and smooth is fast."

Knives are banned in the UFC, but McGregor can also inflict great damage on his opponents with his fists

McGregor always dresses well, and this gentleman makes it even more stylish

If that slogan works for the Navy SEALs, it's good enough for McGregor


The monkey on his chest is not the only living thing on Conor's body. On the Irishman's stomach you can see a drawing of a tiger. McGregor is an ardent fan of animals and he really enjoys watching them while hunting. However, look for some hidden meaning in this tattoo is not necessary - the man pecked it quite spontaneously.

Above and below the beast of prey are the words "McGregor" and "Notorius. And if everything is clear with the first inscription (it's the fighter's last name), the meaning of the second one is known only to Conor's fans. "Notorius" is a nickname in the ring, the translation of which means "infamous".

Tattoo on McGregor's stomach

According to Conor, he decided to draw a tiger on his belly while on vacation in Venice:

"I said, hell, I want to make myself a tiger. I think it's a very brave animal.

Before that, however, he noted that he was fascinated by the way animals move and tried to use their methods in training, learning how they hunt their prey.

And a tiger might step aside if he sees McGregor in the wild


Just below the back of his head, Conor has stabbed himself with a modest, but very expressive, winged crucifix. Many fans attribute this action to the fighter's religiosity, but in fact, he is an atheist. The tattoo was made after a solemn event, at which McGregor spoke sharply about religion and said that he would never be a believer.

A little below the crucifix, ...on his spine..., a menacing spiral with spikes is printed on his spine. What does the tattoo on the back - It's hard to say, especially since Conor himself prefers not to talk about it.

Interesting facts about Conor McGregor and his tattoos

The media does not spare anyone, so the drawings on the body of the famous fighter did not go unnoticed. Conor's dramatic transformation occurred in 2013. That's when he signed in the UFC.

Conor McGregor tattoo on the back photo

Many believe that the gorilla tattoo and beard was the idea of the promoters. The drastic change in appearance was necessary to get a masculine look. There are also rumors that McGregor simply stole the style from a Canadian model. The fighter has his own stylist David August, who is the best in the world. Therefore, McGregor always looks flawless.

Meaning of the tattoo cylinder

Cylinder is called a male headdress invented in Europe. It is a tall hard hat with small fields and a flat top. The cylinder, although it had a more decorative function, like any other hat, was intended to protect the head and hair from rain, sun and wind. Therefore, the image of the cylinder symbolizes protection and a certain protection from the outside world.

Cylinder tattoo

In addition, the history of the appearance of hats testifies that this headwear was endowed with magical properties from ancient times. As a kind of head double, carrying a person's energy, a hat can tell a lot about this person. The same refers to the cylinder tattoo, it is enough to look at the details of the drawing to unravel the meaning invested by its owner.

Cylinder Tattoo

The hat itself has many meanings. In everyday life, the symbolism of hats is as follows: for young and young men this headdress symbolizes simplicity, and for the elderly - the accumulated experience, wisdom, confidence in their beliefs. In family matters, on the contrary, the hat can mean doubt and uncertainty between partners. Another meaning of the image of hats - freedom and independence from others, independence from the public.

Cylinder Tattoo

As at all times such headwear as a hat indicated the social status of its owner, the tattoo with the image of a cylinder can tell about the desire of the person to rank himself in high society, his aristocratism, as in the early 19th century cylinders were worn only by aristocrats. The cylinder in the composition with the revolver and gloves, as a symbol of a duel, could mean the willingness of men to defend their honor and dignity to the end.

Cylinder Tattoo

According to another version, the cylinder and hat depicted on the body in a general sense may indicate the secrecy of its owner, the presence of secrets.

The cylinder also serves as an integral part of the image of illusionists and magicians, who use it as an attribute of their performances. In such a characteristic circus composition, a tattoo with a cylinder can symbolize deception and the illusory nature of the events taking place. It is as if a person can warn others that they need to keep their eyes open and remind themselves that they can be deceived at any moment. A tattoo with a rabbit in a cylinder can also serve as an unpretentious talisman against deception by others.

Cylinder Tattoo

Often the cylinder in the art of tattooing is drawn on the head of a cat, which embodies good luck and caution. This is a characteristic thief tattoo, which means a lifelong connection with the criminal world, the propensity to steal in various forms, the risks of theft. If such a cat is depicted on the shoulder, it speaks of a long sentence and symbolizes prison as a home, if on the legs - the convict is serving a sentence for robbery.

Cylinder Tattoo

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McGregor's style

Conor McGregor tattoo on hand
Conor McGregor has been in the media a lot, not only because he is known for his superior professional achievements, but also because of his bold demeanor and flashy image. Fans admire his versatility in combat, his ability to deliver a crushing blow to his opponent with any hand or even foot.
At the beginning of his career, the man was very different. Now his distinctive features are: a tattoo of Conor McGregor on his chest and a brutal beard. Some believe that they are a way of PR, which the UFC promoters offered the fighter. Others are inclined to believe that the star's personal stylist decided to make Conor look like Josh Mario John, a model from Canada. In any case, such a style suits the fighter from Ireland very well.

The most famous tattoos of the Irish fighter

Conor McGregor's tattoo on his chest depicts a gorilla. The famous fighter admits that its application on the skin was not easy for the man. He was in a lot of pain, but he didn't stop halfway through. The owner does not give any philosophical meaning to the drawing.

On the belly of the athlete is a beautiful wild cat - a tiger. Fans of the Irish fighter saw it after their idol returned from a vacation, which he spent in the beautiful Venice. At first, fans thought the tattoo was temporary because it didn't look particularly impressive. But McGregor stated that the drawing is real and complete. The man liked the masculinity and gracefulness of the tiger, so he put the cat's face on his stomach.

These drawings serve as a kind of business card for the fighter.


Conor got the tattoo on his leg while intoxicated. The fighter admitted that before he put himself in the hands of the master, he had not even seen the sketch of the tattoo. It was in Cyprus - where the fighter paid 20 bucks for the Arabic inscription, whose meaning he still does not understand. Nevertheless, McGregor has no regrets about what he did.

It is difficult to say whether Conor McGregor will continue to decorate his pumped-up body with tattoos. The fighter himself is trying to keep silent when asked questions by journalists, so fans can only guess what surprises their idol will give them in the future. However, such people as Conor have always been distinguished by impulsiveness and unpredictability of actions, which means that any stunt can be expected from the athlete.

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In my opinion, the most defiant tattoo is the face of a black gorilla with a crown on and devouring a human heart. It is the logo of the Irish martial arts gym, Straight Blast, in McGregor's hometown. The black primate is the fighter's first conscious tattoo, and as he himself says in an interview, it has no special meaning. He just likes the picture itself.

"When I was typing it, I experienced the worst pain of my life" - admits the boxer.


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