Funny and funny tattoos: ideas and photos of bold solutions

Tattoos - the original and interesting way to decorate your body, which originated many millennia before our era. Since ancient times tattoos have been used to emphasize one's status in society, protect oneself from evil forces and spirits by covering as many exposed areas of the skin as possible, and even to draw wealth and luck. By this period of time, however, appeared a large variety of materials and variations of tattoo, which allows you to embody on your body almost any idea. Tattoos can have both a deep meaning for their owner, and carry only an aesthetic nature. The peculiarity of the tattoo pattern is that the picture can contain absolutely any motifs and can be applied to any part of the body.

Tattoo patterns for girls

Tattoos with patterns are very popular with girls, thanks to their unobtrusiveness and versatility of shape, size and place of application. The most popular places for tattoos for girls are the hands and fingers. On the fingers tattoos can be performed on the phalanges, on the inside and in the form of rings, it can be clear lines and unobtrusive simple designs. Also in demand and tattoos on the neck, waist, shoulders and hips. Patterns girls choose softer, simple and delicate, natural motifs and drawings of flowers.

Embellishment of the female body

Statistics show that among the clients of tattoo salons 90% are women. Popular tattoo designs for girls - small butterflies, cranes, zodiac signs. Many women believe in the sacred meaning of the picture, which affects the girl's fate.

Women color tattoo on back in aqua style

Hearts, spiders, dolphins are often considered to be used. Applied panther, tiger, cat for women carries sexual meaning. Black style tattoos are common among young girls of 20-30 years. On the brush they prefer to apply uncomplicated patterns-bracelets, inscriptions, hieroglyphs.

Practice shows that women for tattooing choose the abdomen, buttocks, lower back, neck, hips, breasts. Today popular includes the image of the sun around the navel. The choice of themes directly depends on the age of the representative of the fair sex.

Tattoo patterns for men

Men are in demand for tattoos with ancient tribal motifs and rough, crisp lines. Usually the stronger sex chooses larger tattoos on exposed parts of the body such as the forearm, neck and lower leg. The most popular are tattoos on the arms. Interesting can be placed tattoo sleeves, originating on the chest, and smoothly flowing to the shoulder and forearm.

Surrealistic subjects by Salvador Dali

Bright, spectacular tattoos are obtained based on the paintings of the famous Spaniard.

The photo depicts the flowing time.

Hand tattoo: soft Dali watch

This is one of the favorite subjects for people who support the idea of the transience of life. Due to the anatomical features of the body, this tattoo looks especially attractive on the shoulder:

Tattoo based on the picture Permanent memory

The use of body relief enhances the visual effect of flowing time.

Tattoo on the arm

The advantages of arm tattoos over others is that such tattoos have many locations. Both the size and the image can be very different, and it is also one of the least painful areas of tattooing. Most often men choose tattoos with ethnic motifs, which are symbolic images that have special meaning and significance for their master. For girls masters offer tattoos with floral images, Indian and Slavic motifs.

General view of funny lightweight tattoos

It should not be forgotten that in funny tattoos, drawings should not cross the line of reasonableness. If you do not take this into account, you can forever be a laughing stock. And in order not to get into such a situation, it is better to contact a specialist of his business.

You can be shown funny tattoo selections of videos and pictures. In the choice of color, as we have already noted you can act confidently. Also, it does not matter the part of the body under the tattoo. The important thing is that you should take care of the application site to make it look spectacular.

Tattoos on the leg

Tattoos on the leg - a great option for people whose activity requires a dress code. Such a pattern can not only be easily concealed, but also advantageously emphasize in warm weather through the choice of open clothing. Choosing the location of the future image is not an easy task. For men the choice falls most often on the hips, thighs and calves: tattoos in these places advantageously emphasize the muscles, looking beneficial and organic. Girls prefer to choose such zones as ankles, lower legs and back thighs. Tattoos on these places look feminine and interesting, and on the back of the thighs even intriguing.

Tips for choosing a tattoo design

Choosing a tattoo is not an easy procedure, especially for your first drawing. Of course, there are no exact recommendations, but it is worth heeding these tips:

  1. Before you go to a tattoo artist, determine exactly what you want to see on your body. After all, overlapping a bad tattoo is much more difficult than thinking everything through in advance. Consider several options, print out the images and show them to a specialist.
  2. It is not necessary to apply ready-made picture. The image you like is the base for your future illustration. The master will help finalize the design according to your wishes.
  3. Choice of size. If you want to depict a small picture, it should be characterized by fine lines, simplicity, elegance. For a large-sized image is characterized by the presence of small details, combined with large elements. Here it is important to combine them perfectly, complementing them to create a unified image.
  4. Decision on the place of illustration. The points described above depend on this.
  5. The use of frames and lines. After some time, the picture will lose its clarity, pristine beauty. In order to preserve the quality of the body art, it is worth remembering that black paints retain their properties better. Color tattoo sketches are performed only with watercolor.

Contact the tattoo parlor "Anatomy" for a consultation on the design from the masters. We will help you decide on the choice of tattoo and provide our recommendations.

Tattoos on the back and neck

Tattoos on the back are some of the most practical and convenient to apply. Drawings in such a place with the right choice of clothing can hide or, conversely, emphasize. In the spine area, there is enough good skin tension, as well as a large surface area to work on, which allows you to perform many types of tattoos of different sizes and content. Sketches are usually placed in the lower third of the back, in the middle and in the upper third of the back.

Tattoos on the neck, on the other hand, never go unnoticed. Decorate your body in such a place - a bold decision, because despite the fact that modern society is quite relaxed about the tattoo, even with a great desire or need to hide it will be almost impossible.

Where can the tattoo be located?

Tattoo picture, the sketches of which are presented in the article, can decorate any part of the body. True, it is important to consider a number of important aspects:

  • The detail of the image. If the picture contains a lot of details, the master will need space in order to bring your idea to life. Large tattoos can be done on your back, ribs or hips. In addition, a picture can be a great sketch for a sleeve. You should not ask the master to greatly reduce the image. First, to make such a tattoo will be extremely difficult, and secondly, over time, small tattoos lose their original appearance, blurring and turning into a colored spot;
  • the theme of the picture. It is better to place provocative images in places that can easily be hidden under clothing if necessary;
  • Pain sensitivity. Tattooing is quite a painful process, which, in addition, can last for several hours. For people with a low pain threshold, a tattoo session can be a real ordeal. It is important to remember that the closer the bone protrusions are to the tattoo site, the more painful the tattooing process will be. If you hardly tolerate pain, ask the master to use special ointments with anesthetics. However, after the action of the ointment stops, you will still experience pain, though it will not be as intense as when the tattoo machine is applied to the skin.

Tattoo in the form of a lion with multicolored feathers
Tattoo in the form of a picture of a lion with multicolored feathers

Celtic Patterns

Celtic symbols are an incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing combination of many cultures: Irish, German, French, and Pagan. They are a multitude of entanglements and intricate knots, spirals and loops. These incredible patterns are attributed to the activities of the ancient Celtic druids and magic. In the "knots," each intertwining reflects a person's life and destiny; in the intricate "labyrinths," they represent the spiritual concentration and connection of all things in the world and the universe as a whole. The Celtic cross symbolizes the union of heavenly and earthly forces, the feminine and masculine. The Trickel is a symbol of balance, peace and the elements of earth, sky and water. Trefoil - symbol of heaven, fire and earth, bringing good luck and favor of the Gods. These are some of the most common Celtic symbols. Of course there are a huge number of them, but from that this culture and the application of such tattoos only get more meaning and cause more interest.

Funny Men's Tattoos

Funny tattoos are clearly a priority for the male gender. They often sculpt on the body bright cartoon characters, inscriptions or sayings, anecdotal situations.


  • Gone to the store (in front of the finger);
  • A gas carrier in places with lush vegetation;
  • Bowling ball on a bald head;
  • Scars with continuing funny pictures;
  • Lighters on fingers;
  • Hungry stomachs on the belly; and others.

It's really fun.

Plant patterns and natural motifs

Most often such tattoos are in demand among the fair sex, but such patterns look just as good on the male body. Vegetal patterns can represent an interweaving of all kinds of leaves, flowers, twigs and plants. They can be supplemented with both geometric lines and smooth uncomplicated patterns, as well as perform in a variety of techniques: from brutal and stylish blackwork and ending with bright, juicy colors.

The main stylistic trends

Tattoo paintings, photos of which are presented in the article, can be made in different styles. For example, you can ask the master to fully reproduce your favorite painting. However, this is not the only way to decorate your body.

Popular and well-known paintings can be modified according to your taste preferences. For example, the famous Giaconda, created by Leonardo da Vinci, can be done in an old-school or new-school style. Such a tattoo will look really original.

The picture can be taken as the basis of a tattoo in the style of thrash polka. Thresh-polka involves a combination of realism with geometric patterns, inscriptions and symbols from popular culture. Usually the tattoo is performed in black and red shades, however, if necessary, for a better realization of the creative idea, the master can use other colors. A tattoo with a thrash polka dot painting would be a great example of postmodern culture.

Tattoo picture of a girl and a city
Tattoo picture in the form of a city and girls

Comparatively recently, the so-called engraving style has come into vogue. You can choose classic prints of the great masters, such as Dürer, or enigmatic paintings by Escher, and make interesting tattoos based on them. Almost any canvas can be redrawn in the form of an engraving, and the tattoo will be quite succinct and restrained, but at the same time attractive.

Very interesting looking tattoo, stylized ancient paintings. On such tattoos can be depicted by your favorite movie or cartoon characters, heroes of popular culture or contemporary historical figures.

Tattoo in the form of a picture with a dolphin and nature on his background
Tattoo in the form of a picture with a dolphin and nature on its background

Minimalist patterns: sketches

Tattoos in the style of minimalism are popular with both women and men. They look stylish and simple, but even in spite of their simplicity, can carry a large semantic load for its owner, perform exclusively aesthetic functions or even overlap the small frames and flaws of the skin. It can be not only geometric patterns, but also all kinds of simplified drawings, as well as such recently popular - unique tattoos based on photos. Original look and tattoos, made with "one line".

Tattoo patterns - an excellent choice for people who do not want to put on your body heavy fancy drawings, preferring them intricate patterns, however comprising a lot of meaning.

We advise you to approach the choice of tattooing responsibly and in a balanced way. Remember about the risks and carefully look through a portfolio of masters in your chosen salon, look at their work and study the reviews. Don't be afraid to stand out and be bright and memorable!


Of course, in today's tattoo world tattoos have lost their sacred meaning and usually do not carry deep meaning. However, a tattoo picture, the meaning of which may be important only to its bearer, still serves as an expression of some ideas or even worldview.

Tattoo-painting can have many meanings:

  • A love of art. Such tattoos can do not only professional artists, but also people who love painting and adore visiting art galleries;
  • Love for nature. Landscape decorating the body can express admiration for the beauty of nature;
  • respect for a historical figure. A portrait of a ruler or other significant person may express admiration for the politician's contribution to world civilization;
  • an unconventional view of life. A surrealist tattoo can appeal to people who do not like stereotypes and seek to demonstrate their originality and unlike others. For the basis of the tattoo creative, creative people can take the works of Salvador Dali, Escher or René Magritte.

Tattoo picture of a wolf in the skull
Tattoo of a painting of a wolf in a skull

Finally, a person can make a tattoo depicting his favorite painting. Such a tattoo will look original, however, in order for the idea to be embodied properly, will have to spend a lot of time searching for an experienced tattoo artist.

Tattoo picture in black and white
Tattoo picture in black and white


For women

For men