Save and Save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what they mean, sketches

Traditional Abrahamic type religions are extremely negatively related to any pictures on the human body, considering it a blasphemous act against the Creator. Since humanity entered the era of materialism, this requirement of religion began to be forgotten, tattoos began to be popularized. And since the early 1990s, the tattoo "Save and Preserve" has appeared, although its first bearers were usually prisoners.

Save and Save a tattoo on your arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what they mean, sketches

Save and Save, as a popular tattoo on the arm, chest, back appeared later, and has recently become widespread among men and the fair sex - girls.

The meaning of the tattoo "Save and Preserve

"Save and Save" (tattoo) on the arm, forearm, chest or back nowadays has more magical and protective meaning than religious. It is believed that it can protect against spoilage or the evil eye, to act as a talisman. It is this that has attracted the attention of not only believers, but also atheists, to this drawing.

Save and save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches

Common meanings

"Save and Preserve" tattoo on the hand, written in different styles and with different kinds of attributes, is not perceived as a simple decoration. The appeal on the hand of salvation is associated with a request for protection, the desire to protect the soul from temptation and sinful thoughts.

Save and save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos that mean thumbnails

Atheists take the phrase as a magical spell protecting them from mistakes, wrong choices, an explosion of emotions, dubious temptations and excitement. The motivation for applying such tattoos is different: with the content of the secret meaning, trusting in the judgment of God, or its owner is a pious person.

In Prison

The tattoo "Save and Preserve" - the ancestor of prison tattoos, it was this phrase that marked the beginning of the art of tattooing in places of detention. Initially, prisoners put these words on their bodies to demonstrate their faith in God. Using a Slavic-church style, the inscription was inscribed on the image of a cross or a cathedral.

Save and Save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches

The most popular place for its placement was the waist, as well as the tattoo was applied in the chest or on the arm. For the wearer, the inscription had a purely protective function. The tattoo "Save and Preserve" was popular among people associated with the world of crime, when the punishment could be the death penalty. There was a camp code, according to which such an inscription could have "served" more than once.

Tattoo angel for men: options for the best designs

Tattoo with angels can symbolize for men the willingness to protect loved ones, acting for them in the role of a kind of guardian. However, the tattoo of an angel praying can act as a talisman for himself, protecting him from the influence of dark forces and evil thoughts.

Generally, the male tattoo is located on the back, side of the abdomen and shoulder. The large area of these places allows the master to make a tattoo of angels a real work of art.

As a rule, guys choose strict sketches and stuff them in a realistic style. Often, angels are depicted with a sword, cross, key or lock.

Particularly popular with the male sex are sketches of the angel of death tattoo in the hood, which are placed on the chest or shoulder.

Tattoo angel and demon, symbolizing the struggle between good and evil, looks great on the hand, so this sketch is often applied to the body of men who advocate for justice in the world.

Who gets a prayer tattoo?

It should be noted that tattoos with the text of prayers are in demand among young people and people whose professions are associated with constant risk to life. "Save and preserve" tattoo on the arm choose for themselves professional military, rescue workers, mountain climbers, pop stars and representatives of law enforcement agencies.

Save and save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches

Sailors fill up this phrase, adding various attributes for a stronger semantic load of the sketch, as they consider the water element to be changeable.

Girls apply a prayer tattoo if there are problems with procreation and in order to protect against the effects of negative energy. Women need to feel the patronage of the heavenly powers. People try in this way to ward off misfortune and believe that the prayer will fulfill its purpose.

Tattoos with the inscription can be seen on the bodies of famous people - soccer players, athletes racing drivers, pop stars. Young people, imitating the idols, apply the same tattoos, without thinking about the meaning enclosed in this phrase.

For taste and color, there are no comrades.

Choosing a quote, you can, of course, use the preferences of celebrities, but a more correct option would be to listen to yourself, and not just copy other people's lines. There are universal options for tattoos that are equally good for both men and women. But there are some expressions that are still more chosen by the stronger half of humanity. Examples include such tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men as:

  • Caesarem decet stantem mori (Caesar must die standing).
  • Cogitations poenam nemo patitur (no judge for thoughts).
  • Credo, quia verum (I believed because it is true).
  • Igni et ferro (fire and steel).
  • Alea jacta est (the lot is cast).
  • Memento mori (think of death).
  • Natus ut primus sim (born to be first).
  • Ad astra (straight to the stars).
  • Ex oriente lux (the sun rises in the east).

Just as no two people are alike, one does not often see identical body art. This case is strictly individual. Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men are often more militant than for girls, who choose more feminine and sensual phrases.

Where to place the tattoo?

Men's tattoos are often stuffed on the chest and back: these areas allow you to perform a sketch of a large size, supplementing it with various attributes. On the shoulder also put the text of the prayer words, as a sign that the bearer needs to be protected. Previously, such a tattoo was a strictly male privilege. Now women are not inferior to the stronger sex and also apply tattoos with these words.

Save and save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches

For girls, the favorite place is the forearm, where there is ample space to place various patterns or ornaments. An additional motivation is that the sketch is visible to the people around them. Popularly inscribed on the top of the chest in the heart area, which is associated as a powerful amulet, protecting against risk and danger. Also, the place of placement of the figure girls choose shoulder blades, the rib of the palm, fingers and wrists.

Tattoo of Denis Nikiforov

One of the most popular tattoos of the actor, who played the boxer Kolchin, was performed by him on a wave of joy. It is an image in honor of his children. It is noteworthy that in the beginning of filming in the popular TV series "Youth", the actor learned that he would become a father, and in the end - he really became one. As a result, new tattoos appeared on his hands, which represent the names of the twins. The inscription is made from the wrist to the elbow.

Once signs engraved into the skin signaled tribal affiliation, group affiliation, and even differences with others. The current tattoos were brought to Europe by European sailors from Polynesia. From "tatau" or Haitian "tattoo" then in England "tattoo." Once the area of sailors, later prisoners or soldiers or motorcycle gear, tattoos became more and more attractive in the rock and pop scene.

Signs of awareness.

Hofmeister considers it a social phenomenon that the trend toward self-improvement is now quite reasonably becoming a social phenomenon. Research has shown that about a quarter of young people under the age of 25 are tattooed. Soccer players are in the public eye and can be trendsetters.

Artem Kolchin with tattoos in the ring is another option

Another image the actor dedicated to his hobby, skydiving. The tattoo, which is quite complex in its description, has the inscription

Options and styles of the amulet

Tattoo "Save and Preserve" is often accompanied by drawings with religious attributes - crosses, the faces of angels or saints. The thought enclosed in the text contains a request directed to the Lord and is associated with the expectation of protection and preservation of not only the body, but also the soul.

Save and save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches
Tattoo Save and Preserve in Latin

Used for the text font is usually Church Slavonic, but encountered inscriptions in the Latin, Celtic and even graffiti style. Girls like ornate script with thin lines. Men prefer the gothic style with bold letters.

Fonts are the most common:

  • Calligraphic - the best of all styles, it is appreciated for its external beauty, when the letters are deduced with special care, curls are used. Patterns and ornaments are beautifully combined with it.
  • Gothic is reminiscent of the writings of the early Middle Ages. It is not easy to read the text in this design.
  • Printed characters - the fashion for such a design of inscriptions has been established recently. The execution resembles a typewriter font, sometimes individual letters are made specially "flawed".
  • Handwritten font - created with the use of curls and the style of writing "by hand".

Tattoos on the stomach for men and their meaning


- We have already talked about the symbol "snake", but the cobra should be mentioned separately. In ancient Egyptian mythology, it was called
"the all-seeing eye of the god Ra."
. The Buddhist religion regarded the cobra
...the protector, the patroness...
. It evokes fear and admiration at the same time. It is a snake with an inflated hood and an open mouth.
a sign that one must always be on guard.
The bear

- ...was a symbol...
fearlessness, wisdom, strength, justice, ferocity to some and kindness to others.
The Indians gave this beast special properties, believing that it controls the elements of nature.

The tiger is a tattoo of a tiger that has a strong and enduring character.

The tiger

- is associated with
Determinedness, fierceness, strength, passion, power, dignity, sensuality, anger
. The animal has been depicted on Indian warrior emblems for centuries, and in China the deity of risk and excitement sat on the tiger.

What's more, the Chinese were convinced that the predator had the power to ward off evil spirits.

. According to the Chinese horoscope, people who are under the patronage of a tiger are rather
emotional, but also broad-minded.

Tattoo size

When the style and place of tattooing is chosen, it is necessary to determine the size of the future drawing. It is important to understand that the tattoo will become a part of the person, its continuation. Therefore, it is necessary to present the finished drawing on your body, and listen to the advice of the master, who will prompt what size will be suitable for the chosen sketch.

Save and save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches

Tips on choosing the size of the tattoo:

  • The sketch of the chosen tattoo will indicate the size.
  • The parameters should be proportional, chosen with the location of the figure to emphasize the advantages of the figure: from the beautiful curve of the body, muscle lines to the pumped torso.
  • The image of one large and high quality tattoo is better than several small ones. Over time, the external beauty of small drawings is lost.
  • Do not forget that the tattoo is not a transferable picture, which will disappear after some time. Therefore, the sketch should look aesthetically and proportionally.
  • You can independently determine the necessary parameters tattoo: measure with a centimeter the selected place vertically and horizontally, multiply the figures. For example, 15x10, you get the size of the drawing -150 square centimeters.

Tattoos on the side, on the ribs of men: inscriptions and others, their meaning


- amulet
For finding the right course
. Sailors interpreted it simply -
returning home,
but for other professions, such a construction could simply mean
choosing the right path in life.
A person with such a tattoo is no stranger to

- It is very convenient to place long texts. For example,
"Melius est nomen bonum quam magnae divitiae"
("A good name is better than great wealth"),
"Mea mihi conscientia pluris est quam omnium sermo"
("My conscience is more important to me than all the gossip"),
"Sua cuique fortuna in manu est"
("One's own fate is in one's hands").


- embodies
peace, hope, the human soul.
Despite being a predominantly feminine symbol, it can also suit men as a
a sign of forgiveness
someone or
A sign of a strong family
. It can also symbolize
atonement for sins.
The Crown

- as it is not difficult to guess, symbolizes
the desire of man for power.
In the Christian religion, it was associated with the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ. The Romans considered this object
as the embodiment of good fortune and success.

IMPORTANT: Perhaps you should pay attention to other elements that may be depicted in the same storyline with the crown. So, a lion means power and leadership, a turtle means a long and peaceful life, money - of course, well-being in financial terms.

A gryphon is a mythological creature, full of of majesty and mystery.

In equal measure. Our ancestors were sure that he masterfully finds gold and then hides it - truly
the symbol of merchants and moneylenders.
But the gryphon was also...
the patron saint of scientists and alchemists,
which speaks to its...
. He is
fearless, courageous, and vigilant,
The color scheme of the heraldry is a very important feature of the heraldic art.

Color solution

The color solution for the inscription is taken on the basis of the chosen style, font, skin tone of the future bearer of the tattoo. Black suits everyone and goes well with any font. Men tend to choose it.

On the dark skin of the girl, black is lost, and that is why swarthy girls are recommended colors:

  • white;
  • beige;
  • yellow;
  • dark green;
  • pistachio;
  • emerald.

Save and save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches
For light-skinned girls, it is better to opt for darker shades:

  • black;
  • gray;
  • brown;
  • dark blue;
  • purple.

Tattoos on the intimate parts of men and their meaning

As a rule, tattoos located in the groin, do not carry any meaning

After all, they are not intended for public viewing. Most often the image is built on
Repetition of the anatomical shape
male genitals. Thus, the most popular are tattoos in the form of
Pinocchio, elephant, snake.
As for the buttocks.

The choice is mainly due to the desire to extend a large tattoo. Predominantly such a choice is caused by the desire to prolong some big tattoo. Representatives of sexual minorities also give preference to tattoos on the buttocks.

Example of a male intimate tattoo in the form of Pinocchio

Symbols with which it can be combined

To enhance the protective functions of the "Save and Preserve" tattoo, the sketch is supplemented with elements of religious paraphernalia:

  • cross - protection from trouble and adversity;
  • angels with wings - aspiration to the sublime;
  • cherubs - the embodiment of purity, innocence, love and joy;
  • archangels - guardians and protectors;
  • countenances of Holy men - the image of the Guardian Angel;
  • Palms, folded in a gesture of prayer - the desire to be heard by Higher Powers.

Tattoos on the shoulder blade for men and their meanings

A lion .

- Lion is associated with such qualities as
Power, royalty, grace, majesty, nobility, wisdom, justice.
It is ideal for men who are characterized by power together with the ability to lead. If we talk about mythology, in almost every culture where the lion figures, it is associated with the sun.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to create a realistic tattoo when depicting this majestic animal. The fact is that a schematic image is unlikely to be able to evoke all of the emotions that should inspire the king of beasts.


- Contrary to popular belief, this animal is not a strictly feminine symbol. It embodies the
strength, independence, courage, perseverance, fearlessness, leadership, cunning, endurance.
The warriors preferred the image
...of the crouching panther...
...because it served...
as a reminder of the constant danger
The panther was a reminder of the ever-present danger that was always important to keep in mind.

Sketches of tattoos "Save and Protect

The simplest and the most popular sketch of a tattoo with the text "Save and Preserve", executed in handwritten type, is located on the forearm. The popularity of tattoos has led to the appearance of quite complex images using different fonts and color shades.

The sketches placed on various parts of the body were accompanied by drawings with magical symbolism. During perestroika, variants of the text were added: in Latin, Old Slavonic or English. The words "Save and Preserve" sound life-affirming, adding hope and faith, so a romantic style in the application of tattoos is appropriate here.

For men

An image of a tattoo with the text "Save and Preserve" is the choice of men who are not restricted by any prohibitions regarding the style, font or color of the inscription. Although the representatives of the stronger sex prefer black and its shades. Often the upper part of the back is used for the tattoo, where there is an opportunity to depict archangels with wings full-length, and on the sides - inscriptions. Such a tattoo is considered a symbol of rear protection in a time of dire need.

Save and Save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches

Soccer player Roman Pavlyuchenko has "Save and Preserve" tattooed along his forearm, around which there are 3 birthdates (of his daughter, wife and Roman himself). This sketch means: the value of family relationships, and the desire to protect the people dear to him. The famous actor Denis Nikiforov also has a tattoo "Save and Preserve" on the back of his right hand. This was the actor's first tattoo as a symbol of faith and gratitude, meaning "God is always in."

For women

Girls choose to apply the sketch to the wrist of the hands, around which the inscription lies like a bracelet and is a talisman and amulet for the bearer. On the edge of the palm and finger of the hand looks beautifully phrase in Latin, executed in handwritten or calligraphic script. Such an inscription means that the actions of the bearer are aimed only at the good and positive. More complex tattoos are applied to the upper part of the chest in the heart area.

Colors are chosen based on skin tone, but mostly it is black and its tones. Additional images are not practiced due to the lack of space to the inscriptions. An exception may be an inscription on the chest and forearm, supplemented with patterns or a rose, the symbol of the Virgin.

Save and save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches

The table shows the options, font, color, size and location of the tattoo "Save and Preserve" most popular for men and girls:

Shoulderwords, inscription with religious paraphernaliaChurch Slavonic, printed,black and its shadesmedium
Shoulderwords, inscription with patterns, Latin inscriptionwords, inscription in LatinChurch Slavonic, printed, graffiti, Gothichandwritten, calligraphicblack, redblackmediummedium, small
Back, shoulder bladeBack, shoulder blade:
words, inscription with religious attributes, inscription in Latin
Shovelhead: words, inscription with patterns, inscription in LatinChurch Slavonic, printed, graffiti, Gothichandwritten, calligraphicblack and shades of black, red, brownblack and shades of black, different colors if desired.largemedium
ChestWords, religious inscriptions, Latin inscriptions (prison tattoos)words, latin inscription, rose tattooingchurch Slavonic, printed, graffiti, gothic, calligraphichandwritten, calligraphicblackblack and shades of black, different colors if desiredlarge, full chestmedium, small
wristwords, Latin inscriptionhandwritten, calligraphicblack and its shadessmall
On the palm edgewords, Latin inscriptionhandwritten, calligraphicblack and its huessmall
fingerswords, Latin inscriptionhandwritten, calligraphicblack and its shadessmall

Tattoo with an inscription on the hand (with translation from Latin)

In addition to the most diverse drawings, phrases in a foreign language as a tattoo are also highly sought after. Having decided to write some beautiful foreign words on yourself, it is not unreasonable to know how they are translated. Here is a list of some Latin phrases with interesting meanings.

  • Vestis virum reddit (clothes make the man).
  • Alis grave nil (nothing is heavy for he who has wings).
  • Audax at fidelis (bold but faithful).
  • Auribus teneo lupum (holding a tiger by the tail, which means I am in danger, but I will not give up if I face it).
  • Dum vita est, spes est (while there is life, there is hope).
  • Ex nihilo nihil fit (nothing comes from nothing).
  • Faber est quisque fortunae suae (all men are artisans of their own happiness).
  • Felix culpa (a mistake made or a calamity that eventually leads to a happy ending).
  • Luceat lux vestra (let your light shine).
  • Luctor et emergo (I fight and I win).
  • Nil desperandum (never despair).
  • Non ducor duco (I am not led, I lead).
  • Qui audet adipiscitur (he who dares wins).
  • Semper ad meliora (always to better things).
  • Sic itur ad astra (you must go to the stars, this is the way to immortality).
  • Temet nosce (know thyself).
  • Verba volant, scripta manent (what is said flies away, what is written remains).
  • Veritas lux mea (veracity is my light).
  • Vincit qui se vincit (he who defeats himself).
  • Veni, vidi, vici (came, saw, conquered).

What variants of Save and Preserve should not be applied

Before you do a tattoo with the text "Save and Preserve", you should think it over carefully. It is necessary to consider the location of the tattoo, the method of application, including and color. It should not be forgotten that religious texts are disapproved by the church. Even if the inscription serves as a demonstration of faith, the clergy believes that it is proper to wear a body cross with the same inscription. In Latin, there is no such phrase as "Save and Preserve. There is a stereotypical translation: keep - servare, savior - salvator, save - salvare.

Save and save a tattoo on the arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches

The translated words are used in prayers and church Latin contexts:

  • "Salva et serva" is the only correct spelling.
  • "Custodi et serva" are the most used words, though literally translated "watch over and preserve." The words have no religious meaning, but rather are a phrase taken out of the context of a theological treatise.

A disjointed selection of words in Latin, "Nisi et salvum," "Nisi et protegam," is not recommended. If there is no exact certainty as to the correctness of the phrase to be translated, an unfamiliar language should not be used. To get the right translation in the chosen language, it is necessary to turn to professionals, rather than trusting Internet sources. By following these simple rules, the tattoo "Save and Preserve" will really become a talisman. The "Save and Preserve" tattoo on the arm can gain meaning through the faith of the wearer. The choice of this tattoo is an important and serious step that requires a considered decision.

Sun on the chest

The celebrity boxing tattoo, which primarily draws the attention of viewers, is located on the left side of the athlete's chest. It depicts a solar circle. This image can have many meanings:

  • First of all, it is a well-known Slavic symbol that depicts the essence of the Sun God . He was worshipped and revered. It was believed that tattoos, which are related to any of the pagan gods, can bring protection to their owner. Therefore, it is logical that a boxer also used such a tattoo as a talisman;
  • Energy Conservation. This image is used as an additional source of strength. According to legends, it is the sun that can help a person retain vitality, not to squander it in vain;
  • Just a sign of one's character. A person who chooses the sun as the basis for a tattoo can have quite an interesting character. He is, of course, quite bright by nature, does not wish others evil and misfortune. However, it can be difficult with him. If he falls into anger, he is able to fry his opponent. Such personalities are often irascible and stubborn. However, they cannot hurt someone on purpose, it is not in their character.

Tattoo of Artem Kolchin on his back

Tattoos on the spine of men and their meaning


Since they have no beginning or when, different peoples have drawn an analogy with
harmony, eternity, balance.
It is not for nothing that the sun and the moon have such a shape - so thought our ancestors. They also ascribed to this image
The hieroglyphs were also attributed the meaning of the uniform course of time, the unity of the beginning and the end.

The hieroglyphs

- look great drawn along the spine. Here are
A few meanings of hieroglyphs that will suit a man:

Tattoos on the lower back for men

Bird in flight

freedom, dreams, joy and great spiritual power.
Such an image is often found in the world's cultures as
connection with the sky, the desire for something greater.


- symbol. denoting
movement at speed, freedom, development.
Often such a tattoo choose racers and just lovers of drive.

IMPORTANT: A person who chose such a decoration, for sure, is distinguished by an independent disposition, tends often to show his taste.


For women

For men