Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meanings. Photo

Phrases and quotes for tattoos

With the help of a tattoo drawing it is not always possible to fully express a particular thought, your emotions, your life position. For these purposes phrases and quotations are best suited, and they can be both in Russian and in other languages - Latin, English, Spanish, French, etc.

Inscriptions in Russian

For tattoos with meaning in recent years girls are increasingly choosing words and phrases in Russian. It is rich in beautiful and succinct words, witty phrases and proverbs, and wise aphorisms of the classics.

Examples of popular sayings in Russian for tattoos:

  • better a scary ending than endless fear;
  • dreams come true;
  • save and save;
  • family is above all;
  • thank your mother for life;
  • what doesn't kill us makes us stronger;
  • a mother's smile is dearer to each and every one of you;
  • everything is in us;
  • the best is inevitable.

Tattoo inscriptions in Latin with translation

Despite the fact that the Latin language is considered dead, many aphorisms and winged phrases in it have survived to this day. They are full of wisdom and deep meaning, while their meaning is not always obvious to others.

Latin inscriptions are a great tattoo option for thinking and deep thinking girls.

Phrases about love:

  • Amor vincit omnia. Love conquers all;
  • Amor et honor. Love and honor;
  • Magna res est amor. Love is a great cause;
  • Amor caecus. Love is blind;
  • Amor gignit amorem. Love gives birth to love.

Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

Philosophical sayings:

  • Per aspera ad astra. Through thorns to the stars;
  • Malo mori quam foedari. Dishonor is worse than death;
  • Tempus neminem manet. Time will not wait for anyone;
  • Primum non nocere. The main thing is to do no harm;
  • Educa te ipsum. Educate yourself.

Sayings about God and faith:

  • Deus concervant jmnia. God preserves all things;
  • Fidem habe. I have faith;
  • Via sacre. The holy way.

Inscriptions in English with translation

Girls quite often for tattoos with meaning choose inscriptions in English. This can be succinct short phrases, whole quotes from works and movies, winged expressions, etc.

Short symbolic phrases:

  • Love. Love;
  • Be yourself. Be yourself;
  • Independent. Independent;
  • Serendipity. Acumen;
  • Free. Freedom.

Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

Sayings about love:

  • While I'm breathing - I love and believe. While I'm breathing - I love and believe;
  • You and I belong. You and I are one;
  • Love never dies. Love never dies;
  • Make love not war. Make love, not war;
  • Love is anguish. Love is pain.

About life:

  • A life is a moment. Life is a moment;
  • Live without regrets. Have no regrets;
  • To be or not to be? To be or not to be;
  • Fortune favors the bold. Fortune favors the bold.

Paired tattoos on the collarbone

Such tattoos can be a duplication of one figure, or performed in a single theme, to symbolize any event, action, to reflect the feelings of a person. Most often the decision to do tattoo girls take when in a state of love.

Popular couples tattoos, inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in 2021:

  • lock and key to it;
  • arrow and hearts in love;
  • "yin" and "yang", symbols of masculine, feminine beginning;
  • an image of two birds;
  • commemorative date of acquaintance and a symbol of love on the other shoulder;
  • butterflies of different sizes;
  • abstract images;
  • love inscriptions in different languages;
  • watercolor tattoos are at the peak of popularity.

Of course, this is not a complete list of sketches of paired tattoos, which the master will offer.

Tattoos with animals and their meaning

Since ancient times, people have made on their bodies tattoos with the image of various animals, in the belief that in this way they endow themselves with certain qualities and qualities.

Similar images in the world of tattoos to this day are endowed with special symbolism and meaning:

  1. The snake is a symbol of wisdom, temptation, life and death, femininity.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

  2. The Viper symbolizes power, wisdom, strength and cunning.
  3. Lizard associated with agility, wit, rebirth.
  4. The spider symbolizes wealth, wit, fear and modesty.
  5. The wolf is one of the most popular images for tattoos, has meanings: nobility, strength, loyalty, power.
  6. Bear is a symbol of strength, power, rebirth, courage.
  7. The image of the fox indicates wit, cunning, wit, and is also a symbol of sexuality and longevity.
  8. The panda is a light image symbolizing kindness, friendship, peacefulness, tranquility.
  9. The cat symbolizes independence, beauty and agility.
  10. Tattoo in the form of a dog means loyalty and faithfulness, courage and bravery.
  11. The tiger is associated with strength, passion, power, fury, anger.
  12. Panther simultaneously symbolizes femininity and courage, beauty and power, fury and cunning.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

  13. Leo symbolizes courage, strength, pride, nobility, fury.
  14. Scorpion is a dangerous animal, whose image means respect, justice, pain, loneliness.
  15. The image of the turtle is associated with reliability, tranquility, wisdom, protection.
  16. A butterfly is the embodiment of beauty, soul, femininity and tenderness, refinement and grace.
  17. A dragonfly symbolizes speed, lightness, courage, endurance.

Flowers and plants and their meanings

Tattoos with meaning for girls in the form of flowers and plants look especially feminine, graceful, gentle.

However, when choosing a suitable sketch, it is worth being guided not only by the aesthetics of the image, but also by its symbolic meaning.

What they mean:

  1. The rose is a symbol of pure primordial love. The same flower with thorns indicates loss and pain.
  2. Lily white or pink indicates purity and chastity, red flower speaks of passion, orange - freedom and self-sufficiency.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo
    Tattoos with meaning for girls can be large or small, depicted by a drawing or inscription.

  3. The lotus is associated with Eastern wisdom, and also means the two sides of the universe - light and darkness, good and evil.
  4. A red tulip symbolizes passion and emotion, and a yellow one symbolizes loss and bitterness.
  5. The image of the sakura is associated with the idea of Japanese philosophy of the transience of time, youth and love.
  6. The chrysanthemum represents nobility, respect, happiness, love of life.
  7. A tattoo in the form of a dandelion suggests playfulness and coquetry. A flower with flying seeds symbolizes the fleetingness of time.
  8. In the East, the orchid is considered a symbol of heroic beginning, as well as an amulet for happiness and good luck.
  9. The poppy was thought of in Russia as a symbol of youth and beauty, but in other cultures it also has other meanings - sleep, death, memory.
  10. Clover - trefoil symbolizes the unity of body, soul and spirit. Four-leaf clover - amulet for good luck.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

  11. Maple leaf - universally recognized as a symbol of goodness and peace. It also indicates the strength and indestructibility of the spirit.

Effects on karma

The big impact is not the drawing you are going to apply, but the artist you choose for this purpose. If the tattooist is physically or mentally abnormal, there is a high probability that he will pass his negative to you through his work.

As a consequence, there are health problems or a change from a white streak to a black one. Confirmation of this theory can be found in Vedic culture. As noted, earlier this work was entrusted to a sage who left a positive imprint on the karma of his client.

Consequently, it is necessary to choose a tattooist responsibly.

Religious tattoos

Tattoos on the human body used to be a sign of his belonging to a certain tribe, class, faith. Despite the fact that now the tattoo has become more aesthetic in nature, many people put in the selected drawing or inscription a deeper meaning, demonstrate their values, including religious.


  1. Christianity. Orthodox and Catholic churches do not welcome the application of tattoos on the body, despite this, in recent years the popularity of tattoos on Christian themes is growing. The embodiment of faith is the image of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and the cross, and they are most often chosen for the application of religious tattoos. In addition, the body is applied to the faces and other saints, as well as quotations from the Bible.
  2. Islam. Muslims are forbidden to draw pictures on the body, but this does not stop everyone. Popularly used are phrases from the Koran in Arabic script.
  3. Buddhism. One of the most popular images is the Buddha, he symbolizes the strength of spirit and character, the beauty of the soul. Most often for tattoos choose a laughing or dancing Buddha, or his symbolic images: for a girl - a lotus flower, and for a man - the image of a lion.

Recommendations of tattoo specialists

If you decide to get a tattoo, choose one that matches your character and image. Do not try with the help of a sign on the body to appear to be something that you are not. But the right tattoo will help a person to fight against disadvantages, and can even help to develop strengths.

But do not rush immediately to run to the tattoo parlor. Think about whether you will regret tomorrow about his ill-considered decision?

Here are some tips on the choice of image:

  1. Avoid writing your loved ones' names and tattooing their photos. You may fall out of love with the person, then the picture will annoy you.
  2. Choose a tattooist with whom you feel comfortable communicating. Tattooing a sketch is a long procedure, and if the master makes a tattoo with a bad mood, then the image will absorb all the negative. Then this negative charge will spoil your life.
  3. Choose a neutral or universal sketch.
  4. Avoid tattooing a hieroglyph or a sign whose meaning you do not know. You can distort your destiny that way.
  5. Do not tattoo skulls, images of devils or witches, so as not to activate their destructive energy.
  6. Images of pentacles can lead to disastrous results.
  7. Be sure to consult with your family, and whether it is worth spoiling your body.

Memory tattoos

Tattoo with meaning for girls can symbolize an important, significant event in her life:

  1. The birth of a child. The tattoo is most often performed in the form of a symbolic image, for example, the palm of the baby in combination with the date of birth.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

  2. Graduation from college. In this case, symbolic attributes and dates are chosen for the tattoo.
  3. Death of a loved one. In memory of a loved one, most often choose a tattoo in the form of a portrait or name with the dates of life.
  4. Travel. In memory of travel stick up geographical coordinates, the outlines of countries and continents.
  5. Love and parting. Often express their feelings with the help of tattoos. The tattoos in the form of a name, quotes about love, and portraits of lovers can speak of love. The traditional symbol of a painful breakup is a broken heart.

In this matter there are no certain rules, because each person decides for himself what event was significant for him.

Material well-being and tattoos

Money plays an important role in today's world. To be rich means to be successful. But how to increase your financial standing with the help of a tattoo? It's easy! The main thing is to competently choose a suitable symbol. Here are examples of suitable inscriptions to attract money.

The horseshoe

The symbol of the horseshoe carries a powerful energy of prosperity. This sign is chosen to attract the blessing of fortune and to improve your financial situation without any effort. This is justified, because the image of a horseshoe on the body will help to gain financial independence and to move up the career ladder.

The figure is printed on the body in classic gray tones: steel, metallic gray and silver will do. The place where you can score a horseshoe tattoo depends on the intended size of the symbol. Feng Shui experts advise to apply the image on the shoulder blades. If the drawing is quite small, the area behind the ear is suitable.


In this world, there is one symbol that means power and wealth: money, of course. The image of money bills on the body is a great choice for those who dream to acquire and retain wealth. Money tattoos will help establish a financial flow and open up a money channel.

Such tattoos are not only suitable for businessmen, but also for everyone who wants to strengthen their financial situation. The image of money can be done from a photo or from a real bill. Many choose foreign currency: dollars or euros. Performed a drawing in color, in accordance with the original bill. Apply such tattoos on the chest, hand or shoulders.

Mythical tattoos

Our distant ancestors believed in the existence of mythological beings and gods, they prayed and sacrificed to them. Their images were placed on the body and were considered a kind of protection and amulet. Despite the fact that in our days such characters are considered fictitious, some of them have become bright symbols of certain qualities, intentions, life stance.

Mythical tattoos not only have an original, bizarre appearance, but also carry a hidden, deep meaning:

  1. Dragon - a mythological creature, indicating strength, wisdom, loyalty and power.
  2. The phoenix is an image representing the power of the sun and fire, immortality and rebirth.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

  3. The image of the unicorn symbolizes strength, purity and innocence, courage and bravery.
  4. Cerberus is the symbol of toughness and physical strength.
  5. Chimera symbolizes aggression, mysticism, faith in destiny.
  6. The dream catcher indicates a desire for self-discovery and spiritual development.
  7. The gryphon symbolizes strength, courage, vigilance.
  8. The image of Pegasus is associated with inspiration and the pursuit of all that is beautiful.
  9. Salamander is a symbol of chastity, courage, resilience.

The Meaning and Power of Tattoo

For brave people, the tattoo "My life, my rules". These people know what they are talking about. Control what happens in destiny.

This expression is in all languages of the world. Tattoos are worn by millions of people. For many, it's an incentive to live as strong, powerful people. To adhere to principles.

For romantics in love, the words: "One life one love" are as suitable as possible. This indicates that the person is willing to serve one person. Dedicate themselves to their beloved, to their other half. These people are loyal, devoted. Characterized by devoted, tender feelings for the object of adoration.

Optimists choose the tattoo "Life is beautiful.". The bearer of this tattoo look at life with open eyes. That life is beautiful for them an axiom. Life Creed.

Slavic tattoos and runes

Slavic style - a special direction in the field of tattooing, with its help people are trying to emphasize their belonging to the ancient culture and its bearers.

Different images are chosen to be applied to the body, each endowed with its own symbolism and meaning:

  1. A tree with roots is a Slavic symbol of longevity and good health.
  2. Snake or lizard, pierced by an arrow - amulet for health and getting rid of disease.
  3. Veles - god of earth, the lord of wind and mystical force. Symbolizes strength of spirit, fortitude.
  4. Lada - the goddess of love and beauty, helps women to find family happiness.
  5. Svarog - god of Slavic pantheon, symbolizes power, strength and might.
  6. Yarilo - god of the sun, his image is associated with awakening, energy, strength.

The runes among the Slavs served as a written means of transmitting information. It was believed that each rune had a sacred meaning and magical power.

Their image gives tattoos a special meaning:

  1. The combination of the runes peace and Chernobog means harmony, peace, balance.
  2. Alatyr is the beginning of beginnings.
  3. Krada - the power of knowledge, purification.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

  4. Rainbow - achievement of the goal, exultation, the way.
  5. Treba - strength of spirit.
  6. Power - strength.
  7. Bereginya - natural force and protection.
  8. Necessity - taboo.
  9. Wind - transience, destruction.
  10. Lelya - youth, awakening of nature, beauty.
  11. Oud - love, blossom.
  12. Rock - destiny.
  13. Opor - the power of the gods and their protection.
  14. Dazhbog - wealth.
  15. Perun - justice, power.
  16. Istok - the beginning.
  17. Is - life.

Celtic Images

In the 9th century A.D. historians believe that the Celtic art style was formed. The unique feature of Celtic art is continuous, curved lines without beginning or end and forming a unique pattern. This way the Celts wanted to show the beauty of nature, chaos and harmony of the universe.

The island technique of Celtic ornaments in the art of tattooing allows you to create unique images, filled with deep meaning:

  1. The Celtic cross differs from the usual one we are accustomed to with a circle at the intersection, which symbolizes the fusion of Christian symbolism and the sign of the sun. This cross has a number of meanings: the sun, hope, love, faith in God, God's love for people.
  2. The Celtic knot is a symbol of love, the union of two hearts and souls.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

  3. The clover leaf represents the Celtic people. It is tattooed on the body of those who have Celtic roots or admire their culture.
  4. The butterfly symbolizes the beginning of a new life, a willingness to change.
  5. The Tree of Life is a symbol of the two worlds, the center of creation.

Men's life tattoos

In ancient times, men of different tribes drew different tattoos. Tattoos were such peculiar passports of men. In modern times, tattoos are more of an art than a necessity. A man expresses himself through a picture on his body.

Men's pain threshold allows for larger tattoos, with voluminous elements. Men, in principle, are more enduring and tolerant. For the padding of the symbol of life tattoo choose the back. It can be a whole composition or a single picture. For example, the muzzle of a deceased pet, home, which no longer exists, a portrait of deceased loved ones, and so on.

Inscriptions like to put on the hands, feet. Inscriptions express love for someone, the date of an important event. Children's birthdays, sometimes with portraits.

On some amateurs, you can read their entire life story. Just like a book.


Tattoos with meaning for girls in the form of hieroglyphs are especially popular, thanks to the interesting writing and hidden content, the meaning of which few people know except the owner of the tattoo. The Chinese writing system has about 50 000 hieroglyphs (tzu) and the Chinese use about 4000 tzu in everyday life.

It is believed that hieroglyphs have a certain mystical meaning and can have an impact on human life and destiny, so most often for tattoos choose the appropriate signs.

Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

Here they are:

  • love;
  • courage;
  • family;
  • dragon;
  • destiny;
  • miracle;
  • luck;
  • power;
  • hope, etc.

Japanese characters with similar meanings are also used, they are simpler to write, but look no less spectacular.

Japanese tattoos

Japanese style in tattoos stands out for its distinctive style, the distinctive features of which are subjects related to national folklore, large size, bright colors, intricate patterns.

There are several key images:

  1. Japanese carp. Considered the king of freshwater fish, symbolizes courage and determination.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

  2. Dragon. Embodying wisdom, power, nobility, strength.
  3. Flowers. The combination of the peony flower and the image of the lion indicates the harmony of power and beauty, sakura and chrysanthemum symbolize fearlessness.
  4. Golden Boy (Kintaro). A folkloric character who personifies courage, fortitude, and fearlessness.
  5. Lion. A symbol of protection, good luck, prosperity.

Small tattoos on the finger of the hand - the meaning

Miniature tattoos on the fingers of hands in girls serve not only as an original decoration, but also carry a certain meaning:

  1. Dove, heart - love.
  2. A swan signifies fidelity.
  3. Clover leaf, horseshoe - good luck.
  4. An owl - solitude, knowledge.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

  5. A butterfly - beauty, femininity, rebirth.
  6. Animal faces (fox - cunning, sexuality, cat - independence, panda - goodness, etc.).
  7. Hieroglyphs meaning "love", "hope", "destiny", "faith", etc.
  8. Alphabetic inscriptions (names, character words).
  9. Flowers (rose - pure love, beauty, white lily - purity, red lily - passion).

The meaning of tattoos made on the neck

According to statistics, girls in 2 cases out of 10 for a tattoo choose the neck. On this part of the body images look the most interesting and mysterious, especially if part of the image hides hair.

The meaning of the tattoo on the neck is conditioned by the chosen sketches:

  1. Lotus - a symbol of wisdom, inner energy and harmony.
  2. Images of animals, snakes, insects represent strength, power, resilience.
  3. The butterfly symbolizes soul, lightness and femininity.

    Tattoos with meaning for girls - inscriptions with translation and their meaning. Photo

  4. The rose flower symbolizes love, separation and pain.
  5. The owl symbolizes wisdom and maturity.
  6. Swallow - symbol of hope, passion for travel.
  7. Stars represent fame and popularity.

For girls, a tattoo with meaning allows you to decorate your body, to emphasize your individuality. There is an opinion that the right choice of inscription or image will help to change the destiny, to bring luck, love, health into life.

The effect of the tattoo depending on the location

The impact of a tattoo on a person's destiny largely depends on the chosen place of its application.

If the image is located in plain sight, its effect will be strong and noticeable. If the image is hidden under clothing, it will have an effect on the wearer, but not as pronounced.

Placing a tattoo on the head leads to the emergence of previously hidden abilities. The problem is that the discovery of these abilities is spontaneous and completely out of a person's control.

Many people get tattoos on their arms, some even stuff the whole arm with them, making a kind of sleeve. Under their influence, a person becomes uncompromising, firm, decisive when making important decisions.

Tattoo on the arm
Tattoo on the arm

Placing it on the leg will help strengthen the character and improve financial health.

If you score a tattoo near the navel, it is possible to show feelings of jealousy and ruthlessness.

Place it in the neck area - means to become more restrained, to cope with excessive impulsiveness. In this regard, it is better not to apply the tattoo to overly quiet and calm individuals, who after its appearance may become even more inert and non-self.

Tattoo in the neck area
Tattoo in the neck area

The insecure will make the figure, printed on the buttocks. But its location in the heart area will make a person balanced and confident in his abilities.

The owners of pictures on the chest will prefer a more private way of life - after the procedure they close themselves and become unsociable. The same effect will be brought by a location on the abdomen.


For women

For men