Beautiful inscriptions for tattoos about parents with translation

Tattoos in Latin are some of the most popular body inscriptions among girls and guys, because each phrase, applied to the body, serves not only as a beautiful decoration, but also carries deep meaning. In this article, let's look at beautiful words, popular Latin quotes and aphorisms that can be used as tattoos.

Latin phrases with translation

Tattoo Inscriptions

Inscriptions are one of the most popular themes for tattoos. So why are they so beloved by guys and girls? There are many reasons for this:

  • An opportunity to express oneself.
  • To tell others a thought or information about yourself
  • Together with the image "immortalize" someone or something

And often these inscriptions are dedicated to the family. A tattoo about family or a tattoo about parents is a great way to say to the world, "I love, respect and appreciate my family. People may not approve of tattoos, but they can't help but appreciate such a sign of attention to those closest to them.

What are epitaphs for?

Any inscription carries some kind of meaning. So the epitaphs on the monument are applied in order to express with words their feelings and thoughts. To say what is not told, to express the special importance of the deceased. In them lies the whole life of the person. They reflect the personality of the deceased, the features of his character, showing all the grief and pain of his loss. Epitaphs on graves help to keep a good and bright memory of the deceased.

The text of the inscription can be very diverse - from simple and short one line, to artistic and poetic poem. The company offers only samples of the best epitaphs on the monument. You can choose a ready-made version or provide a text of your own composition. We will put an inscription of any length on your relative's tombstone.

  • Epitaphs on the monument
  • Epitaph in verses
  • Epitaph to father husband
  • Epitaph to wife to mother
  • Epitaph to parents
  • Epitaph to a daughter
  • Epitaph to his son
  • Epitaphs

Choosing an epitaph is a very responsible thing. It has to be in full accordance with the personality of the deceased, his age and sex. All these criteria are taken into consideration in the texts of our epitaphs that are presented in our catalog. Thus, you can see examples of epitaphs to mom, dad, husband, grandmother, brother, sister, children and other relatives. In addition, you can pick up an inscription on the grave of a military man, a veteran, friends. There are sayings reflecting the professional activities of the deceased and other aspects.

Tattoo inscriptions about the family

Sometimes we don't have the words to express our feelings. Sometimes we don't have the time or the courage to do so. And although our loved ones know that we love them, it is never too much to say it again. And in order to do this, there are many different ways, including tattoos.

And the popularity of such confessions is increasing from year to year. Because for many people the family and parents are a reliable stronghold, these are people who are ready to help and support even in the most difficult moments of life, these are the ones who deserve love like no other.

Sample epitaphs

  • Eternal memory
  • Heard the future call...
  • As long as we live, we remember
  • Remember, love, mourn...
  • It's like the wind blew out the fire
  • All hopes and dreams are gone
  • He's sleeping his last night's sleep...
  • Love and life you took with you
  • The days of our lives are numbered not by us.
  • Life is in the content, not in the vessel.
  • And the heart hurts and the grief has no end.
  • Life is eternity, death is only a moment...
  • Having lived your life with dignity, rest in peace!
  • Life is an island of meaning in the ocean of existence.
  • With warmth and light it warmed. But... The candle burned out.
  • Leaves, don't make a fuss, Don't wake our mother.

Christian epitaphs:

  • O Lord, trusting in you, I rest here until the Day of Resurrection.
  • In Thy resting place. O Lord, or all your saints rest in peace, rest the soul of your servant also, for you alone are the love of men.
  • Accept, O Lord, my sinful soul.
  • And those who have done good shall cry out for the Resurrection of life.
  • Thy help, O Lord!
  • Those who walk in the straight path shall rest in their beds! (LVII.2).
  • I close my mouth and shut the gates of the senses of worldly life with kindness and humility, for I believe holy and devoutly!
  • Blessed are these servants, whose coming the Lord will find those who watch!
  • Hear the prayer of the dead and their sons who have sinned against you; and remember not our fathers' trespasses.
  • Thy mercy and thy truth, O Lord, protect me without ceasing. (XXXIX.12).
  • May the Lord do mercy and truth with you!
  • I hope in Your help, O Lord!
  • The Lord protects all who love Him! (CXLIV.20).
  • In your light, O Lord, we see light! (XXXV.10).
  • He ended his life relying entirely on the Lord! (II Chron. VII.40).
  • Thou, O Lord, art my help, and in the shadow of Thy wings I shall rejoice! (LXII.8).
  • The King of Peace will raise us who have died for his laws to eternal life! (II Chron. VII.9).

epitaph on a monument

Ideas for "family" tattoos

Do you also want to tell about your feelings, to say thank you to your parents with a tattoo? There are many options and ideas for this.

Images do not always manage to fully and accurately convey the full range of feelings and emotions we experience. And that's when words come to the rescue. On this page you can find a lot of ideas for tattoos dedicated to parents. But this is only a small fraction of what is possible to apply. Your family tattoo can be:

  • In the form of an inscription expressing an expression in your own words
  • In the form of an aphorism that best reveals feelings, attitudes, emotions
  • Phrase in any language (the most popular ones are English and Latin)
  • With a picture and an inscription

The inscription is convenient because you can put it in any place. If you do not want your confession to be seen by all, you can make a tattoo on the body in the place that is usually hidden by clothing. Or, on the contrary, open it to all, tell everyone what you are experiencing.

Tattoos about family are a manifestation of your personal initiative. Create and fantasize! And this post will just help you, push you to some original idea.

Friends! For a quick search of the necessary inscription for a tattoo use the key combination: CTRL+F


  • Believe in yourself - tibimet
  • Be faithful to the one who is faithful to you - Fac fideli sis fidelis
  • Be who you really are Esto quod es
  • Look up to heaven while standing on earth - Pedes in terra ad sidera visus
  • Live to live. - Vive ut vivas
  • Life without liberty is nothing - Vita sine libertate nihil
  • To live is to fight - Vivere militare est
  • Vivere, dimicāre, nunquam cēdĕre
  • For his angels will command about you-guard you in all your ways.(Psalm 90:11) - Quia angelis suis mandabit de te ut custodiant te in omnibus viis tuis
  • It is known that love is blind-notum est amoremcaecum esse
  • Either win or die. - AUT VINCERE, AUT MORI
  • Only a mother is worthy of love. - Solum mater digna amatu
  • Love is above all things. Amor omnia vincit
  • My angel is always with me - Angelus meus semper mecum est
  • My children are my life - liberi mei vita mihi sunt
  • My daughter is my life - Mea filia vita mea
  • My daughter is my love - Mea filia caritas mea
  • My son is my life - Meus filius vita mea
  • My family is my fortress - Familia mea fortitudo mea est.
  • Never give up! - Nunquam cede
  • An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - Oculum pro oculo dentem pro dente
  • He who overcomes himself wins - Vincit qui se vincit
  • Under the wing of an angel - Sub alis angeli
  • Know thyself - Temet nosce
  • As long as I breathe, I love and believe -dum spiro, amo atque credo
  • # Truth is my light Veritas lux mea #
  • Pater dimitte mihi quoniam peccavi
  • Vale et me ama
  • Born to be happy - Nata sum ut felix sim
  • Born to be happy - Natus sum ut felix sim
  • I will make you remember me! - Faciam ut mei memineris
  • Family above all things - familia omnibus praestat
  • The words disappear, the letters remain. -Verba volant, scripta manent
  • Thank you mother for my life - Gratias mātre pro mea vītā ago
  • Thanks to my parents for my life. - Gratias parentibus pro vita mea ago
  • You're forever in my heart - Semper in corde meo
  • I'm not a follower, I'm a leader -Non ducor duco
  • I will either find the way or I will make it on my own. - Aut inveniam viam aut faciam


      There are minutes that you can give months and years for. تتواجد لحظات, التي يمكن ان تعطيهاشهر وسنوات
  • Being busy is easy, but the hardest part is being productive. .ان تكون مشغولا - سهلا, لكن من الاكثر صعوبة ان تكون منتجا
  • Eternal love - حب أبدي
  • Time doesn't heal, it's the person who's around that heals... ...الزمن لايشفي, يشفي فقط الشخص الذيهو بجوارك
  • A girl should not hear how she is loved but feel......الفتاة لايجب ان تسمع كم يحبوها, بل ان تشعر ذلك
  • If you love, love without deception. If you believe, then believe to the end. If you hate it, say it straight. If you laugh, laugh in your eyes اذا كنت تحب فحب بدون خداع... واذا كنت تصدق فصدق حتى النهايه تكره فتكلم بذالك مباشرة . تضحك اضحك في الوجهدون خوف !
  • If you think well of yourself, why do you need someone else to think well of you? ان كنت تفكر حسنا في نفسك, لماذا اذا تحتاج ايضا من يفكر بك حسنا؟
  • If you leave and no one calls you back, you're going in the right direction. ان خرجت ولم ينادي عليك احدا ما, فهاذايعي انك تسير في الاتجاه الصحيح
  • Live today, forget about tomorrow - عِش اليوم وإنس الغد
  • Remember: never be jealous of me. If I chose you, then you are much dearer than everyone elseتذكر: لاتغار ابدا. ان كنت قد اخترتك, فهاذايعني انك اغلى بكثير . من الاخرين
  • From your dreams comes happiness ... من أحلامك تولد السعادة
  • Sometimes, a step back is just a run-up... في بعض الاحيان خطوة الى الوراء . هذا هو المدى فقط
  • When you go up, your friends will know who you are. When you fall, you find out who your friends are. عندما تعلو, اصدقائك يعرفوك, من انت. عندما تسقط, انت تعرف, من . اصدققائك
  • When I see you, my heart beats more often. .حين اراك, قلبي يدق اسرع
  • Only someone with a beautiful upbringing is beautiful. .جميل فقط من لديه تربية جميلة
  • Beauty - جمال.
  • Whoever wants to move the world, let him move himself first... من يريد تحريك العالم فليحرك نفسه اولا
  • It is better to have a broken heart than not to have one at all... ...افضل ان املك قلب مكسور, من ان لا يكون لي على الاطلاق
  • The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. .افضل شيء ممكن ان يقوم به الاب لابنائه - هو انيحب امهم
  • It is better to love yourself than to give your love to someone who doesn't need it. .ان تحب نفسك, افضل من ان تهدي حبك لمن لا حاجة له
  • Love brings even the proudest man to his knees..الحب تنحني له الركب حتى اكثر الناس تكبر
  • Love is not a bird that can be kept in a cage - الجمال ليس عصفور في قفص
  • Love - حب
  • My family - أهلي or عائلتي
  • My thoughts absorb the silence - الصمت يغرق في افكاري
  • You can close your eyes to what you see, but you can't close your heart to what you feel. بامكانك ان تغلق عينيك عما تراه, ولكن لايمكنك ان تغلق قلبكعما تشعر به It is never too late to set a new goal or find a new dream! !ابدا لاتاخر في وضع هدف جديد لحياتك! او في ايجاد حلم جديد
  • Trust no one - لا تثق بأحد
  • One of the secrets to a strong relationship is to respect each other's hobbies. .واحد من اسرار العلاقات القوية - احترام هوايات بعضنا البعض
  • It knows no fear جريء
  • From true love always comes the light. .من الحب الحقيقيدائما ياتي النور
  • Sometimes it seems that in this world, no one can be trusted. ااحيانا يبدوان في هذا العالم, لايمكن ان تثق في احد
  • Forgive me and always love me - سامحني و حبني دائماً
  • Parents are the best we have, appreciate them because only they will love and believe in you until the end... الوالدين - هم افضل ما لدينا, قدرهم لان هم فقط سوف يحبوك ويثقون .بك حتى النهاية
  • Today people are much cheaper than their clothes. .اليوم الناس اصبحت ارخص بكثير من ملابسها
  • Family -أهل or عائلة
  • Family is paradise in a heartless world - العائلة هي الملاذ في عالم لا قلب له
  • Manage to love one so that you can get past a thousand of the best and not look back. تعلم ان تحب واحد فقط, بحيث ان مر بقربك الاف افضل لاتراجع الى الوراء
  • There are no weak people, we are all strong by nature. What makes us weak are our thoughts. لايوجد اناس ضعفاء, كلنا اقوياء من طبيعتنا. لكن افكارناتعلنا ضعفاء
  • Follow your path and let people say anything! .امشي في طريقك, ودع الناس تتكلم ماتشتهي With a man should not be boring or fun. He should be warm, reliable and relaxed. مع الرجل لايجب ان يكون الملل او المتعة. معه يجب انيكون الدفئ, الامان, . والهدوء
  • Susanna - سوزانا.
  • He who knows how to smile every day knows how to live. .من يعرف ان يبتسم كل يوم, يعرف كيف يعيش
  • You can do anything, all you need is the desire. بامكانك ان تفعل كل شيء, ولكن يجب ان تكون الرغبة
  • The smart ones give each other happiness, the stupid ones expect to be made happy. الاذكياء يهدون بعضهم البعض السعادة, اما الاغبياء ينظرون الاخرين حتى يجعلوهم سعداء
  • The happiest people don't have the best of everything. But they make the best of what they have. لدى اسعد الناس ليس لديهم كل شيء جيد لكنهم دائما ينتزعون .الافضل ماه موجود
  • It's good to have people who encourage you to be better من الجيد ان يكون اشخاص تشجعك على ان تكون افضل
  • If you want something done well, do it yourself. You want to get things done on time - start now. You want to be happy - think of those to whom you've done good! تريد ان تفعل شيء ما جيد - افعل ذلك بنفسك. تريد ان تقوم كل شيء !بوقته - ابدا الان. تريدان تكون سعيد - فكر بمن فعلت معه خيرا
  • Appreciate people who come in those moments when it's not them but you. .قدر الناس, الذين ياتون في اللحظات التي تكون فيها انت لا هم سيء
  • Appreciate a person not for their appearance, but for their attitude towards you! .قدر الناس ليس بالمظهر, بل بعاملتهم معك
  • I will always love you- وسوف احبك الى الابد
  • I asked God for water, he gave me the sea. I asked God for grass, he gave me a field. I asked God for an angel, he gave me you.لَقَدْ طَلَبْتُ مِنَ الْخَالِقْ مَاءً فَوَهَبَنِي بَحْراً. وَ طَلَبْتُ مِنَ الْخَالَقْ عُشْباً فَوَهَبَنِي حَقْلاً وَ طَلَبْتُ مِنَ الْخَالَقْ مَلَكاً فََوَهَبَنِي أَنْتَ
  • Sayings of famous people translated into Italian.

    In one hour of love is a whole life.Honoré de BalzacC'è tutta una vita in un'ora d'amore.Honoré de Balzac
    Better to burn than to fade.Kurt CobainE'meglio bruciare in fretta che spegnersi lentamente.Kurt Cobain

    Where Time ends, Eternity begins.ATMANRALì dove finisce il Tempo, inizia l'Eternità. We believe most strongly in what we know least about.Michel de MontaigneIn NULLa crediamo così fermamente quanto in ciò che meno conosciamo.Michel de Montaigne

    Better anxiety in doubt than reassurance in delusion.Alessandro ManzoniÈ men male l'agitarsi nel dubbio, che il riposar nell'errore.Alessandro Manzoni

    Death is the great peacemaker.Alessandro ManzoniLa morte è un grande pacificatore.Manzoni Alessandro

    In the necessary - unity, in the doubtful - freedom, in everything - love.Augustine AureliusUnità nelle cose fondamentali, libertà dove c'è il dubbio, carità in tutto.Sant'Agostino

    He who is full of love is filled with God himself.Augustine AureliusDi che cosa è pieno se non di Dio colui che è pieno d'amore? Sant'Agostino*Translator's note: St. Augustine's exact quote is expressed as a rhetorical question; lit. "By what, if not by God himself, is he filled with love?"

    He who has many vices has many lords.Francesco PetrarcaSee hai molti vizi, servi molti padroni.Francesco Petrarca

    Time heals love's longing.OvidIl tempo guarisce tutte le pene d'amore.Ovidio

    Women, like dreams, are never what you want them to be.Luigi PirandelloLe donne, come i sogni, non sono mai come tu le vorresti. Luigi Pirandello We reap in life what we sow: he who sows tears, reaps tears; he who betrays, is betrayed.Luigi Settembrini Nella vita si raccoglie quel che si semina: chi semina lacrime raccoglie lacrime; chi ha tradito sarà tradito.Luigi Settembrini

    Our life is what our thoughts turn it into.Cesare Marcus Aurelio Antonino AugustoLa nostra vita è il risultato dei nostri pensieri.Cesare Marco Aurelio Antonino Augusto

    Everyone sees what you seem, few feel what you are.Niccolò MachiavelliOgnuno vede quel che tu pari, pochi sentono quel che tu sei.Niccolò Machiavelli

    Conquer your friends not with empty laziness, but with sincere words of love.SocratesAnziché con il vano ozio, conquista i tuoi amici con sincere parole d'amore.*Socrate Translator's note: The translation into Italian is from the Russian version, not from the original.

    It is impossible to live better than to spend one's life striving to become more perfect.SocratesNon c'è modo migliore di trascorrere la vita che nell'aspirazione di diventare sempre più perfetto.*Socrate*The translation in Italian is from the Russian version, not from the original.

    From the first minute of life one must learn to be worthy of living.Jean-Jacques RousseauSin dal primo minuto della vita bisogna imparare ad essere degni di vivere.*Jean-Jacques Rousseau*The translation into Italian is from the Russian version, not from the original.

    Death is close enough that one need not fear life.Friedrich Nietzsche

    in the original:Man hat den Tod nahe genug, um sich nicht vor dem Leben fürchten zu müssen.Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheSi ha la morte abbastanza vicino per non dover temere la vita.*Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche* Italian translation - from the original German.

    Quote from Steve Jobs' famous speech to Stanford graduates, in the original English: Stay hungry. Stay foolish.Steve Jobs Translated into Russian:Stay hungry! Stay foolish! Translation into Italian: Restate affamati, restate folli.

    Beautiful phrases translated from Italian into Russian.

    Smetterò di amarti solo quando un pittore sordo riuscirà a dipingere il rumore di un petalo di rosa cadere su un pavimento di cristallo di un castello mai esistito. I will only stop loving you when a deaf artist manages to depict the sound of a falling rose petal on the crystal floor of a castle that never existed.

    Se tu fossi una lacrima, io non piangerei per paura di perderti. If you were a tear, I would not cry in fear of losing you.

    Non accontentarti dell'orizzonte...cerca l'infinito. Don't settle for the horizon... seek infinity.

    L'essenziale è invisibile agli occhi. "Il piccolo principe" by Antoine de Saint-ExupéryThe most important thing is what you can't see with your eyes. "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


    Beautiful epitaphs

    Such epitaphs have a greater volume of text and are usually a quatrain of this or that subject. They are euphonious and subtle, so they are a good addition to a women's or children's tombstone.

    Examples of beautiful epitaphs:

    I stand, bending over your grave, watering the flowers with bitter tears. I do not want to believe, my beloved, that in this grave you are. *** In radiant and joyful peace, At the throne of the eternal creator, With a smile he looks into earthly exile, Blessing his mother and praying for his father. *** Death will not wound, with the weapon of years and the excess of days, the beauty that rests here, that she may return to the heavens unscathed. *** You should yet live and live... It's a pity it's not possible. We shall love you, remember you, and mourn you, To make our peace with your loss so hard to measure... *** How hard it is to find the words To measure our pain with. We can't believe you're dead, You'll be with us forever *** Words can hardly describe our grief, No strength in the world to lift you, Not even our words can fit in the sea, How cruel the fate that took you away. *** We kiss your eyes, Clinging to your beloved portrait. A tear is streaming down your cheek, There is no end to the grief... *** The day your eyes went out and your heart stopped beating Was the worst day for us, You'll never get over it! *** How to bear this pain When your heart is torn to pieces?! There's no coming back, no forgetting, It's the pain that we have to live with.

    I can never get back, never forget, The voice that sings in your night is hushed forever And candlelight burns down the years... *** Shirts were torn to shreds, Fighting like fish on ice. Looking for ourselves in a series of dots, Falling as if we had taken off. *** The light shone on my sick soul *** The earth was empty without you *** By name Death, by life a scythe, by blood a crystal, by fate a streak, by faith Love, by religion a cross, by essence Heaven's oprichnik. *** Life was a cruel and cruel joke, I'm not sorry to part with it *** I was someone's life when I was alive, Since I'm dust, a jealous friend waits to die, Fearful that someone will not see him off. *** Let it be written on my pedestal: He sinned a lot, but he was read *** The earthly way is short, the memory is eternal. *** You left us so early, We mourn and remember in love, Dear grandmother and mother, It's so hard to live without you. *** Let your Guardian Angel descend from the wondrous heavenly shade, Kneeling down, Praying to God for you!

    epitaph (inscription on the monument)


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