Men's tattoos on the arm: inscriptions with translation, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches

Phrases have always existed in the world of tattoos and are extremely popular among men and women of all ages who choose different phrases to tattoo on their bodies. People have many different reasons for wanting a phrase on their body, and they choose to design phrases that touch their hearts and symbolize something special to them. Here on this blog, we leave you with a collection of some of the best tattoo phrases that might inspire you to create a wonderful phrase tattoo on your body. So if you are interested in creating a special phrase tattoo design, here are some ideas.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

English tattoo phrase ideas

Phrases in English are very fashionable, and more and more men and women are choosing to say them anywhere on their bodies. Here we want to give you special English phrase ideas for those who are in the mood to get a tattoo of the phrase on their body.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

I love you...

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

For the eyes of the Lord are turned to the righteous and His ears are open ...

Take care of the feeling, and the sounds will take care of themselves.

Even angels fall.

My life is my art, My art is my life.

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Live by faith, not by vision.

Love me as I am.

Too wild to live, too rare to die.

We accept the love we think we deserve.

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

What a sweet sound.

Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal. Love keeps a memory that no one can steal.

should have been a pair of tattered claws rushing along the bottom of the silent sea.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

As in the beginning there was one love, so there will be one heart at the end.

When you left me behind, you set me free.

She said, lose your eyes and free your mind, you are free to fly.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

The hearing in my heart has changed. It really goes.

Life's harshest storms prove the power of our anchors.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Flutter like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Dream as if you were living forever. Live as if you will die today.

We must all face a choice between what is right and what is easy.

Have faith.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Family is like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions.

Sketches of inscriptions in the languages of the world with translation for men

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm (male versions assume the presence of a minimum number of words in the natal image), composed with the help of foreign letters are more popular than those that are composed in Russian. This is due to the fact that with the help of foreign words to men can more easily encrypt the meaning of the surrounding people put into the tattoo.

The development of such designs implies a close cooperation with the native speakers of the chosen language or translators who are fluent not only in writing, but also speak the skills of the particular dialect.

In English

Most often for tattoos on the hands of men use English phrases:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with a translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

Tattoo variant in EnglishTranslation from
It is useful sometimes to recall your past in order to better appreciate your present."It is sometimes useful to recall moments from the past in order to begin to appreciate what you have now."
Success doesn't come to you. You go to it."Success doesn't come to someone who does nothing. You must achieve it.
I shall not live in vain."Live my life in such a way as to leave a mark" (descriptive translation; literally, "I shall not waste my life.)
Everyone sees the world in one's own way."Everyone has a different view of the world."

In French

French phrases appropriate to look on the hands of members of the stronger half of mankind:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variant of the tattoo in FrenchTranslation from
Sois honnêt avec toi-même."The only one with whom you must be as honest as possible is yourself.
Il n`est jamais tard d`être celui qu`on veut. Exécute les rêves."There is always a chance to change for the better. Execute your dreams."
L'homme porte en lui la semence de tout bonheur et de tout malheur."Every man is a bearer of sorrow and joy at the same time."
Cache ta vie."Happiness loves silence." (descriptive translation; literal: "Hide your life from outsiders").

In Italian

Italian phrases chosen as a tattoo, despite the melodiousness of the pronunciation of the language, can emphasize the inner strength and masculinity of the wearer of the nail design:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variation on the Italian language tattooTranslation from
Anche quando hai tute le carte in mano, la vita inaspettatamente può cominciare a giocare a scacchi."It is only when you are sure that you have all the cards in hand that fate begins to play a sharp game of chess with you."
Otterrò tutto ciò che voglio."I'll get everything I want."
E' meglio bruciare in fretta che spegnersi lentamente."I would rather burn to the ground than one day just fade away."
Non arrenderti mai perché quando pensi che sia tutto finito, è il momento in cui tutto ha inizio!"Don't even think of giving up! The moment you think it's over, it's just going to start."

In German

The most common among German sayings men get tattooed on their arms:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variant of the tattoo in GermanTranslation from
Glück ist immer mit mir."Luck will not leave me."
Nur Gott sei mein Richter."No one but God has the right to judge my actions."
Vertraue nur an sich selbst."One can only rely completely on oneself in life."
Sei in sich selbst sicher und gib nicht nach."Put aside your doubts. Be confident in your own abilities, no matter what."
Alles, was passiert, ist zu Gutem!"Whatever happens in life is for the best.
Die Welt gehört demjenigen, der sich darüber freut."The world belongs to those who rejoice in every day they live, regardless of the events that occur in it."

In Spanish

With tattoos in Spanish, men demonstrate their life values and the emotions experienced within:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variation of the tattoo in SpanishTranslation from
No hay nada impossible."Nothing is impossible in this life.
Aunque no tengas nada, tienes la vida, dónde lo hay todo."And even if it seems that you have nothing, remember, you have a life that has everything a priori.
Cuando una puerta se cierra, otra se abre."Don't be sad if a door closes in front of you. It just means that another one will soon open.
La felicidad y el amor me llevan de la mano en la vida."Walking through life hand in hand with love and happiness.

In Portuguese

Portuguese phrases used by men as tattoo designs:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, sketches, meanings

A variant of the tattoo in PortugueseTranslation from
No lamento nada. No tengo miedo de nada."I do not regret a single thing in my life. I am not afraid of the future."
Un corazón es una riqueza que no se vende ni se compra, pero que se regala"A person's heart is the one value that cannot be sold or bought for money. The truest treasure can only be given as a gift.
La distancia no importa si te llevo en mi corazón."If you are in my heart, the distance between us means nothing.
Mis allegados siempre están en mi corazón."The closest ones are forever in my heart."

In Brazilian

Given that Brazilian is considered a dialect of Portuguese, tattoo inscriptions made using Brazilian words visually resemble Portuguese text:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with a translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

Brazilian language version of the tattooTranslation from
A vingança é um prato que se serve frio."When you take revenge, be cool in your thoughts."
Passo a passo até o sonho."Step by step I am getting closer and closer to my dream.
Quem não tem vergonha, todo o mundo é seu."The world belongs to unscrupulous people."
Você pode tudo, se ao lado há uma pessoa que confia em você."Nothing is impossible in life if you are surrounded by people who sincerely believe in your strength."

In Latin

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm (male sketches in the vast majority of cases look conservative) are also made using Latin words:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variant of the tattoo in LatinTranslation
A NULLo diligitur, qui neminem diligit."If you want to be loved, first love yourself."
Alis volat propriis!"Parry on your own wings!"
Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero."Live in the present, never be deceived by the future."
Feci quod potui, faciant meliora potentes."Always do my best. You can do better, show me."
Omnia homini,dum vivit, speranda sunt."As long as you live, hope and believe."

In Arabic

Quotations in Arabic should not be read as we are used to from the left side, but the other way around:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variant of the Arabic tattooTranslation from
في بعض الأحيان، آسف جداً عن ذلك، قال الناس كلمات غالية رخيصة"Sometimes circumstances are such that you have to regret that meaningful words were spoken to the wrong people."
القارئ اليوم، وغدا زعيما"Today you are the second, and tomorrow you are the first." (descriptive translation)
الجمال ليس عصفور في قفص"Love is a free-loving bird that cannot be kept in a cage."
كل شئ ممكن اذا تمنيت بشدة"Everything is doable with a sincere desire."
قطرة المطر تحفر في الصخر ، ليس بالعنف و لكن بالتكرار"Water sharpens stone not by the force of its effect, but by the frequency with which its flow touches it."

In Hebrew.

Despite the fact that Hebrew is considered a dead language, the vast majority of the winged expressions composed with it captivate tattoo lovers with their profound content:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variation of the Hebrew nudgeMeaning
דמיון חזק מוליד את האירוע"Limitless imagination provokes active action."
תהילה טוב הוא טוב יותר עושר"Let me be better known as a good man than to be rich and lonely." (descriptive translation).
את דרכו פזורים ורדים"My path of life is strewn with roses."
כאשר הנשמה מואר, ערפל ממושך אפילו השמיים מקרינה אור נעים"If you are happy, even a rainy sky will seem beautiful and welcoming to you."
סמוך על לבך"Listen only to your heart. It is always right."

Images of tattoos with phrases on hands

If you want to get a phrase tattoo on your body, here we leave you with some great ideas. You can choose one of these best tattoo phrases for inspiration. Just print out the tattoo ideas you like and take them to your tattoo artist friend so they can create a spectacular design. Any good tattoo artist knows how to recreate the right phrase in a personalized tattoo design. Tattoo phrases can have different fonts depending on the style you want to give to your tattoo. Here we leave you with some great phrase tattoo ideas with different fonts.

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Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Don't worry...

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

In the previous image you can see a wonderful tattoo design that is widely used by couples to unite and forever express their eternal love.

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Enjoy the silence...

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

A beautiful phrase for a tattoo on your body that says: Nothing is luckier than the one you do ...

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Phrases in English are some of the most popular for tattoos on your arms and on any part of your body.

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

There's a voice that doesn't say words, listen ...

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

More wolf than woman ...

Styles and colors that are popular for tattoos on the collarbone

After the above steps: choosing a sketch, pros and cons are discussed. The next step is the stylistics. Possible options are:

  • linework;
  • Dotwork;
  • blackwork;
  • realism;
  • minimalism;
  • gothic;
  • old skool;
  • new skool;
  • watercolor.

It is worth noting, lin-, black-, minimalism, gothic are performed in the black color scheme. Everyone else in the various.

Images of tattoos with phrases on the chest

The chest is one of the places on the body that men most often choose to get a tattoo that they like best. The art of tattooing has become one of the most popular forms of self-expression because tattoos are used to subtly express the wearer's attitudes and feelings. This is the reason why text and letters are increasingly being used in this form of body decoration, as they do much more than just look great. Quotation tattoos can help you express your ideas and thoughts, and quotes from great men are the perfect choice in this regard. A tattoo phrase can be very interesting to onlookers, regardless of whether they are in a simple or artistic font.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

A spectacular English phrase tattoo design done on a man's chest.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Live like it was the last day ...

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

The combination of words and images is a great idea for a wonderful tattoo that will surprise everyone. The image shows a spectacular design that can be imitated.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

This is my life, this life is my diamond.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

In the previous image you can see a spectacular chest tattoo design that combines an image and a very special phrase.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

This tattoo design is impressive, and if you want to have it done, you can take it to your professional tattoo artist to have it done on your skin.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Family is the compass that guides ...

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Tatuaje de frase: Strength and my weakness. Through them I rise, and through them alone I fall.

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

over 120 tattoo phrases for men

The choice of birth is death.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Original tattoo design with letters, phrases and very creative colors.

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Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Inscriptions you shouldn't do

Still You shouldn't immortalize the names of women you don't know and buddies you don't know. Very often, even with full confidence in the sincerity of feelings for the person, whether they are love or friendship, relationships can deteriorate and break, coming to naught, and the tattoo will remain.

If there is no clear-cut understanding that even having stopped the communication with the person, there won't be a feeling of regret about the made tattoo, there's no need to hurry to make an appointment with the master. It is not necessary to do a tattoo in an unknown language, without a possibility to address to the knowledgeable person.

It is not necessary to do a tattoo in an unknown language, without the possibility to address to the knowledgeable person.

You should never be in a hurry to get a tattoo, despite a strong desire to get the image on your body as soon as possible. Also It is worth thoughtfully to do tattoos in a prominent place, such as on the arms. Men often have serious positions that prohibit peeking lettering and images from under their shirt sleeves.

To summarize:

  • you need to check the accuracy of the translation, if it's in a foreign language;
  • Decide what font is appropriate for the tattoo;
  • Choose a place for the tattoo;
  • To find a good master.

Men's arm tattoos: inscriptions with translation, their meaning, beautiful with meaning, Celtic pattern, small, full arm, sketches
Finally, as an example of a famous fact: American actress Angelina Jolie already got rid of a tattoo with the name of her former lover Billy Bob Thornton. But Angelina did not learn anything from this lesson, and she again dedicated the tattoo, already a new spouse, Brad Pitt. After her recent divorce, Jolie plans to get rid of this tattoo as well. Nothing lasts forever, don't forget that.

Images of tattoos with phrases on the back

Back phrase tattoo designs are also a favorite of men who decide to get a tattoo on their bodies. The best part of wearing a phrase tattoo on the body is its ability to instantly attract attention, as they provide insight into the faith and philosophy of a great individual. Phrases have a positive and reassuring value that can bring phenomenal change to the life of the wearer and the many others who find inspiration in these phrase tattoos. A phrase tattoo can give you much more than just jewelry on your body, as it can add new meaning to your life and inspire you to live a better, happier and fuller life. Here we leave you with some tattoo ideas to imitate and find the perfect tattoo for you.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

The image above shows a spectacular back tattoo design that combines color, different shapes and phrases.

A super famous and widely used phrase for tattoos on any part of the body. It is the phrase Carpe Diem, meaning to seize the moment.

Tattooed image on the back of the phrase: Dream as if you live forever, live as if you would die today.

Over 120 tattoo phrases for men

Forget the risk and fall. If that's what you want, that's it.

Tattoos on men's collarbone. The trendiest options.

The very first step before tattooing is to draw up a sketch. What is in fashion and what options exist:

  1. Wings - freedom, mental purity, development, travel.
  2. Spider and web - the search for loved ones in spirit, friends and family above all.
  3. Inscription - the desire to speak to the world, to bring their thoughts to the people.
  4. Predator - the desire to become brave, strong and invincible, fearlessness, ready to defend against the enemy.
  5. Biomechanics - a modern, unusual movement of body art. Imitates the introduction of mechanisms in body parts. Designed for decoration only, there is no meaning.

Information about phrase tattoos

  • If you want to get a phrase tattoo, here we will tell you information that will be a great help to you when deciding to get a tattoo. Basically, you should know that there are two varieties of phrase tattoos: first, those that contain only phrases, and second, those that have some design elements along with them, which may include flowers, butterflies, tribal symbols, bees, musical instruments, phoenixes. , dove, swallow, dragonflies, ribbon, infinity sign, cross, dragon, lion, owl, elephant, wolf, stars, sun, moon, feathers, arrows, compass, trees, angel and wings, bows, ribbons and more. Phrase tattoos have a special meaning, and if we combine them with other elements, this meaning can change or increase. The variety of phrases is also very large and covers different topics such as religion, philosophy, world peace, love, friendship, family and more.
  • Another thing to keep in mind when getting a phrase tattoo is to choose the phrase very carefully and with great care, because you must know that the tattoo is for life, and you must be sure of the phrase you want to tattoo. While some phrases are stronger and more masculine, others are delicate and feminine, so you will find different phrases to suit all tastes and tastes.
  • The font, color and size of the tattoo phrase also matters to the visual appeal of the tattoo, so you should choose carefully. There are many font designs that you can use to write the phrase that you like so much, and through this font style you can create a different feel with your design. It is important to check the spelling and grammar of the phrase and compare the tattoo to the original quote before it is finally applied to your body. Once tattooed, it will forever be a part of you and it is almost impossible to get rid of it; Therefore, you should check the tattoo before making it a part of your body.
  • Another important aspect is the size of your tattoo, so you should be sure about the size and space of the tattoo, as the wrong choice can compromise the visual quality of the quote tattoo. Likewise, you should choose the font carefully, as too strong a font can look terrible with age.
  • Another important factor when getting a phrase tattoo is to place the tattoo in the right place on your body so that the phrase has the desired meaning and the design looks perfect on your body. There are many places on the body where phrases can be tattooed, and in this blog we have shown you some ideas of possible places for tattoos.

Don't forget to leave your feedback about the images in this blog and all the tattoo phrases we tell you here.

Popular Foreign Language Quotes with Meaning

Men's tattoo inscriptions placed on the arm should be designed together with a person who is well versed in the chosen foreign language.

Otherwise, the printed text on the body can not only lose the original meaning, but also acquire the opposite meaning.

About friendship

Expressions about friendship, depicted on men's hands, most often look like this:

Tattoo phrases on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

Friendship Tattoo VariantTranslation from
Verae amitititiae sempiternae sunt. (Latin.)"If this friendship is real, there will be no end to it."
Amicos res secundae parant, adversae probant. (Lat.)"Friends come into our lives at a time when we are experiencing happiness, life's difficulties weed out the insincere."
A friend is someone who gives you the strength to be yourself. (English.)"Friends are the people who help you be yourself, no matter what."

About Freedom

Phrases about freedom chosen as body art by men can be:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, sketches, meanings

A variation on a tattoo on the theme of no boundariesSync and corrected by dr.jackson for
Beyond fear lies freedom. (English.)"Behind every one of your fears lies the path to absolute freedom."
No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky. (No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.)"Absolutely independent people do not exist, given that even those who have wings are chained to the sky for life."
Free yourself. (English.)"Only you yourself can make yourself truly free."

About Love

Phrases about love that will look most harmoniously on men's hands:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with a translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variation on the love tattooSync and corrected by dr.jackson for
One lifelong love. (English.)"One lifelong feeling."
Il mio amore per te e come l'universo, infinito come le stelle ed i pensieri. (Italian)"My feelings for you are as deep as the galaxy, and as blazing as the stars and thoughts of a lover.
Liebe ist wie ein Krieg: leicht zu beginnen, schwer zu beenden. (German.)"A love relationship is like a war - it is easy to provoke its beginning, but almost impossible to put an end to it."
In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. (English)"Anything is possible in love relationships and in our dreams."

About family

Tattoo inscriptions on the upper extremities of men can be dedicated to warm feelings not only to their parents, but also to grandparents or sisters/brothers.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

Option of a tattoo with a family themeSync and corrected by dr.jackson for
عائلتي(Arabic)."My closest relatives are family."
Filiae renidentia est carior quis vestrum. (Latin.)"My daughter's happiness is far more valuable than anything else going on around her."
To marry means to reduce freedom and increase liability. But I did it, and don't regret. (English)"To bind myself by the bonds of marriage means to minimize freedom, and to maximize responsibility. But I did it, and I don't regret it.

About Religion and Faith

Tattoo inscriptions on the subject of religion and faith are rarely inked on men's arms because of conflicting public opinion:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variation on a tattoo about religion and faithSync and corrected by dr.jackson for
DEO JUVANTE (Latin)."I live with the help of God."
Homo proponit, sed deus disponit. (Latin.)"Men can only once, only God disposes."
In the mind of God. (English)."My life is in the sight of divine powers."

Motivational inscriptions

Tattoo inscriptions can not only become ornaments for the male body, but also effective motivators, looking at which, the owner of the body drawing will gain confidence in their own strength:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

Motivational inscription tattoo optionSync and corrected by dr.jackson for
Storms don't last. (English.)"Storms don't last. Trouble doesn't last forever.
Believe in yourself. (English)."Believe in yourself."
Stay strong, hope. (English)."Be resilient to the difficulties of life. Don't give up hope.
Sometimes you've gotta fall before you fly. ("Sometimes you've gotta fall before you fly.")"Sometimes you've got to fall low before you can fly high."

Philosophical sayings

As philosophical sayings, to represent them on the body, in the vast majority of cases, men use the stable aphorisms of ancient thinkers:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variant of the philosophical tattoo inscriptionTranslation from
Errare humanum est. (Latin.)"The characteristic trait of the human character is to be wrong an infinite number of times."
Cogito ergo sum. (Lat.)"I think - consequently, I live, not exist."
هناك اليوم فقط (Arabic)."I live for today without thinking about tomorrow."
Tempus neminem manet. (Latin.)"Time will not stop for any of us."

Original phrases

If a man doesn't want to tie his tattoo on his arm to a certain event in life or put a deep thought into it, Original phrases can be used as a body art such as:

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for men with translation. Photos, thumbnails, meaning

A variation of the original inscription tattooSync by honeybunny
生命力"Full of vitality." (from Chinese).
幸福"Happiness is always with me." (from Japanese).
أنا فقط نفسي (Arabic)"What I am today is my true gut.
I want you to stay. (English)"I want you to stay with me forever".

Where to get "Letters" tattoo

Tattoo "The letter of the name", like other designs, can be transferred to any part of the body. This is the universality of the written signs. They are geometrically aligned and simple. Even calligraphically complicated hieroglyphs and petroglyphs are elementary in the eyes of an artist.

The pictures can be found on the ribs of fingers, palms, feet, on the tongue, behind the ears, near the ankles and collarbones. Often there are Tattoo letters on the wrist..

More difficult to expand the symbols to the scale of the back, abdomen, thighs. Here it is necessary to add an accompaniment. They can be any subjects for the letters. It can be tongues of flame, or waves of the sea.

It is not forbidden to put playing cards or a skull next to the written symbols. There is no need to do anything else. If you want to do only letters, while filling the vast "canvas," resort to the proposals.

Tattoo Letters Meaning of Tattoo Letters Sketches and Photos of Tattoo Letters-17

Some people put quotations of the greats on their bodies, and some put their own thoughts into material form. Reflect, by the way, does not interfere and the pain associated with applying the tattoo.

At different parts of the body, the work of the tattoo machine is perceived differently. The pain threshold is individual. But, to do a tattoo with a letter on your knee is always more painful than on your stomach.

The joints are bones covered in skin. The skeleton is not only close to the surface, but also not "beaten off" by a layer of fat. The needle with the dye will not reach the bones, entering only the upper layers of the skin.

However, it feels as if the metal is knocking against the joint. Similarly, consider applying tattoos to the elbows, ankles, collarbones, over the ribs, shoulder blades and spine.

The neck stands apart. In front and on the sides it is boneless. However, the skin, just like on the face, is thin and full of nerve endings. They transmit millions of disturbing impulses to the brain.

Even a small tattoo on the neck is a torment for someone with a low pain defect. Similar sensations can strike when the symbols are tattooed in intimate areas.

Tattoo Letters-Tattoo Letter-Signature Tattoo Sketches and Pictures of Tattoo Letters-39

The stomach, buttocks, thighs, calves, and arms stand in contrast to the problem areas for tattooing. The skin is dense, there are few neurons in the covering, there is a fat layer, and the bones are either removed or absent. Consequently, even sensitive natures can be stuffed with large-scale inscriptions, perhaps with artistic additions.

A separate conversation is the armpits. In terms of soreness, the area belongs to the medium. To see a tattoo in the armpit is something that very few people want. But, there are even fewer craftsmen who are willing to take on an order.

Here the question is not about the aesthetics of the chosen area, but about the complexity of the work. Under aggressive influence of a tattoo machine sweat is allocated. In addition to the unpleasant smell, the process is fraught with the blurring of the contours outlined by the master.

In other words, in the axillary hollows it is impossible to score on a template. The artist has to be an expert. In addition to the lack of the outlined lines of the pattern, one will have to struggle with the spreading of the dye in the skin.

The movements of the needle must be as fast and accurate as possible. However, the simplicity of the geometry of the letters can display them even in the armpit for an hour and a half.

Tattoo Letters-Tattoo Letter-Sketches and Pictures of Tattoo Letters-39

Take into account when choosing a place for the tattoo and demonstration of the figure. Some people are not allowed to wear tattoos in public view places, some people are restricted by religion.

Some people think the image is too personal, only for their own. Others, on the contrary, want to demonstrate a letter or set of characters to the whole world, are not constrained by circumstances.

Finally, weigh the possibility of correcting body flaws with a tattoo. If a single letter is planned, it can cover up a small scar or a pigmented spot. A large-scale tattoo can camouflage an unsuccessful tattoo from before, or a large scar left after surgery.

Tattoo Letters-Tattoo Letter-Signature Tattoo Sketches and Pictures of Tattoo Letters-24


The image of the dragon came to us from Eastern mythology and means nobility, loyalty, mystery, wisdom, magic and force.

Such a tattoo fits versatile and creative people.


For women

For Men